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    1. Another two guys were drinking, too, and a third was manning the charcoal barbecue they had set up for the occasion

    2. Gathering of poets on the occasion of Holi and other family ceremonies are common

    3. They also had sex in the bedroom on occasion

    4. The funny thing was that when on the odd occasion I did sit and day-dream a

    5. I sit watching him for several minutes, remembering that other occasion when his temper got the better of him … and how he found it virtually impossible to rescue the situation

    6. ‘I remember one occasion when Jack and I had to put everything in store while we moved house … there was some problem so we couldn’t just move out of one place and into another … can’t remember what it was now … but anyway, we ended up renting a furnished place for a month

    7. And how many of them were there on this occasion?"

    8. Speaking amongst themselves was forbidden on a formal occasion like this for the ranks of most of the crew

    9. The night was long and we were young and this was an occasion for a special bottle or two, for the saved and revered whisky, a drink that I had slowly grown accustomed to during my residence, and one that always left me feeling as though I had spent the night with my head next to a camel’s rump

    10. ’ He said deliberately seriously understating the case, ‘In the summer, I tend to get my breakfast and bring it up to eat in bed, and, on the odd occasion when I’ve been ill, it has been a great comfort to be able to see that lot from the bed

    11. occasion that if it was an “inference" the word necessary is not necessary

    12. "I think they have interpreted some old sci-fi movies as historical documents on more than one occasion

    13. you, but on this occasion, the only two people in sight, were a

    14. the special occasion, while Nilesh was sent to bring

    15. We don’t have much of it left, so we save it for just such an occasion

    16. Tears streamed down her face at the memory of this momentous occasion

    17. The warehouse was huge; it held anything one could want for any occasion

    18. It’s a special occasion this time”

    19. It was a momentous occasion

    20. The annual village festival would be held in five days time and I just wasn't in the mood but if that wasn't enough, there was a special event in the afternoon of the day after next, an annual occasion usually organised every year by father as a kind of reunion for those born in the villagers and all those who had returned to their roots for the festival

    21. with an expressive card for the occasion – extol the virtues of your loved one and what you find

    22. During the telephone call the businessman decided not to remark on the fact that he had seen the fisherman sitting on the beach with his rods and his lines on more than one occasion during his recent trips down to the south coast to seal the deal on his new factory with the local council planning authorities

    23. Jo going to dinner with Alastair’s wife, whatever her name is – now that would be a terrifying occasion … and to think I had been nervous about going to the vicarage for dinner with Simon!

    24. All around the princess the ladies of the court sang and celebrated the occasion as the great and the good of the England’s green and pleasant land, the celebrities and the superstars, assembled to celebrate the marriage

    25. It’s even been pawned on occasion, our diamond engagement ring, but its only glass and nine carat gold

    26. We want a fairly intimate occasion

    27. particular occasion where I’m ashamed to say that

    28. We’ve not met properly before though our paths have crossed, of course, both at school and at Jo’s house on one occasion

    29. He wondered how Ava would enjoy her new found freedom on this first important social occasion since the separation was official and all accounts settled

    30. I have never seen an occasion where a trapped emotion

    31. either of them for a while and wondered on occasion

    32. his rods and his lines on more than one occasion during his recent

    33. On one occasion, I had been using the Emotion Code

    34. Pyjamas would be sensible, I have a pair I only keep for this sort of occasion

    35. celebrated the occasion as the great and the good of the England’s

    36. On one occasion, Tom

    37. It was on one such occasion during this last mentioned avocation, that two visiting gentlemen who had arrived only that morning, accompanied by a third---one of the bachelors staying at the Lodges---happened into Hasting's Equipment Store to peruse his stock of angling tackle

    38. yet, on this occasion you refused

    39. On this occasion, the entire intake had been transported in trucks

    40. Grange was never very large, and on this occasion only a few dozen

    41. On this occasion, in the springtime a few months before

    42. You have to stay in the game to be a winner, but on this occasion the underdog is exactly that and Shaun has the padlock key in his hand

    43. and behind Roman the smartest person in the class, but on this occasion she was as

    44. affair than on the previous occasion Tom had lunched there, even

    45. But unusually, on this occasion, the

    46. lightning on more than one occasion, but of that I have no proof, except for his

    47. Although, if the girls remained absolutely still and perfectly quiet, a rare occasion at best, even he couldn't tell them apart

    48. It looked as though she got a boob job for the occasion, with those heaping

    49. pained him on occasion

    50. one occasion, he explained that there had been considerable

    1. Notwithstanding the great increase occasioned by such early marriages, there is a continual complaint of the scarcity of hands in North America

    2. Almost every class of artificers is subject to some peculiar infirmity occasioned by excessive application to their peculiar species of work

    3. enhancement of price occasioned by both is everywhere finally paid by the landlords, farmers,

    4. With regard to the supposed scarcity of corn occasioned by the multiplication of vineyards, corn is nowhere in France more carefully cultivated than in the wine provinces, where the land is fit for producing it: as in Burgundy, Guienne, and the Upper Languedoc

    5. In so valuable a produce, the loss occasioned by negligence is so great, as to force even the most careless to attention

    6. But, in the course of these sixty-four years, there happened two events, which must have produced a much greater scarcity of corn than what the course of the season is would otherwise have occasioned, and which, therefore, without supposing any further reduction in the value of silver, will much more than account for this very small enhancement of price

    7. The first of these events was the civil war, which, by discouraging tillage and interrupting commerce, must have raised the price of corn much above what the course of the seasons would otherwise have occasioned

    8. These, however, though the highest, are by no means the only high prices which seem to have been occasioned by the civil wars

    9. The bounty, it has been thought by many people, by encouraging tillage, may, in a long course of years, have occasioned a greater abundance, and, consequently, a greater cheapness of corn in the home market, than what would otherwise have taken place there

    10. There was a third event which occurred in the course of the same period, and which, though it could not occasion any scarcity of corn, nor, perhaps, any augmentation in the real quantity of silver which was usually paid for it, must necessarily have occasioned some augmetation in the nominal sum

    11. Before the scarcity occasioned by the late extraordinary course of bad seasons, it was, I have been assured, the ordinary contract price in all common years

    12. The high price of corn during these ten or twelve years past, indeed, has occasioned a suspicion that the real value of silver still continues to fall in the European market

    13. The famines which they are said to have occasioned almost wherever they went, in countries, too, which at the same time are represented as very populous and well cultivated, sufficiently demonstrate that the story of this populousness and high cultivation is in a great measure fabulous

    14. What occasioned the extravagance of those high prices was, not so much the abundance of silver, as the abundance of labour and subsistence, of which those Romans had the disposal, beyond what was necessary for their own use

    15. The poorness of the pasture had, in his opinion, occasioned the degradation of their cattle, which degenerated sensibly from me generation to another

    16. There may, however, have been some small improvements in both, which may have occasioned some reduction of price

    17. Whatever coin, therefore, was wanted to support this excessive circulation both of Scotch and English paper money, whatever vacuities this excessive circulation occasioned in the necessary coin of the kingdom, the Bank of England was obliged to supply them

    18. } During the great re-coinage of the silver, which was going on at this time, the bank had thought proper to discontinue the payment of its notes, which necessarily occasioned their discredit

    19. Those unproductive hands who should be maintained by a part only of the spare revenue of the people, may consume so great a share of their whole revenue, and thereby oblige so great a number to encroach upon their capitals, upon the funds destined for the maintenance of productive labour, that all the frugality and good conduct of individuals may not be able to compensate the waste and degradation of produce occasioned by this violent and forced encroachment

    20. In the course of the four French wars, the nation has contracted more than £145,000,000 of debt, over and above all the other extraordinary annual expense which they occasioned ; so that the whole cannot be computed at less than £200,000,000

    21. The true is that enjoy, occasioned by

    22. The town, indeed, may not always derive its whole subsistence from the country in its neighbourhood, or even from the territory to which it belongs, but from very distant countries; and this, though it forms no exception from the general rule, has occasioned considerable variations in the progress of opulence in different ages and nations

    23. The crusades, too, though, by the great waste of stock and destruction of inhabitants which they occasioned, they must necessarily have retarded the progress of the greater part of Europe, were extremely favourable to that of some Italian cities

    24. That which arises from the more solid improvements of agriculture is much more durable, and cannot be destroyed but by those more violent convulsions occasioned by the depredations of hostile and barbarous nations continued for a century or two together ; such as those that happened for some time before and after the fall of the Roman empire in the western provinces of Europe

    25. unfavourable balance of trade, or occasioned the exportation of a greater quantity of gold and silver

    26. But to make any sudden change in the price of gold and silver, so as to raise or lower at once, sensibly and remarkably, the money price of all other commodities, requires such a revolution in commerce as that occasioned by the discovery of America

    27. This occasioned, what it always occasions, a general over-trading in all the ports of Great Britain; and this again occasioned the usual complaint of the scarcity of money, which always follows over-trading

    28. The war of 1672 seems to have been in part occasioned by this commercial dispute

    29. Every merchant, in consequence of this regulation, was obliged to keep an account with the bank, in order to pay his foreign bills of exchange, which necessarily occasioned a certain demand for bank money

    30. Amidst all the revolutions which faction has ever occasioned in the government of Amsterdam, the prevailing party has at no time accused their predecessors of infidelity in the administration of the bank

    31. But the very same circumstances which would have rendered an open and free commerce between the two countries so advantageous to both, have occasioned the principal obstructions to that commerce

    32. All those duties, however, except the additional duty and impost 1692, being paid down in ready money upon importation, the interest of so large a sum occasioned an expense, which made it unreasonable to expect any profitable carrying trade in this article

    33. I answer, that whatever extension of the foreign market can be occasioned by the bounty must, in every particular year, be altogether at the expense of the home market ; as every bushel of corn, which is exported by means of the bounty, and which would not have been exported without the bounty, would have remained in the home market to increase the consumption, and to lower the price of that commodity

    34. The extraordinary exportation of corn, therefore occasioned by the bounty, not only in every particular year diminishes the home, just as much as it extends the foreign market and consumption, but, by restraining the population and industry of the country, its final tendency is to stint and restrain the gradual extension of the home market ; and thereby, in the long-run, rather to diminish than to augment the whole market and consumption of corn

    35. In years of plenty, the bounty necessarily occasioned a greater exportation than would otherwise have taken place ; and by hindering the plenty of the one year from relieving the scarcity of another, it occasioned in years of scarcity a greater importation than would otherwise have been necessary

    36. Whoever examines, with attention, the history of the dearths and famines which have afflicted any part of Europe during either the course of the present or that of the two preceding centuries, of several of which we have pretty exact accounts, will find, I believe, that a dearth never has arisen from any combination among the inland dealers in corn, nor from any other cause but a real scarcity, occasioned sometimes, perhaps, and in some particular places, by the waste of war, but in by far the greatest number of cases by the fault of the seasons; and that a famine has never arisen from any other cause but the violence of government attempting, by improper means, to remedy the inconveniencies of a dearth

    37. In an extensive corn country, between all the different parts of which there is a free commerce and communication, the scarcity occasioned by the most unfavourable seasons can never be so great as to produce a famine ; and the scantiest crop, if managed with frugality and economy, will maintain, through the year, the same number of people that are commonly fed in a more affluent manner by one of moderate plenty

    38. The drought in Bengal, a few years ago, might probably have occasioned a very great dearth

    39. The loss of the Portugal trade would, no doubt, have occasioned a considerable embarrassment to the merchants at that time engaged in it, who might not, perhaps, have found out, for a year or two, any other equally advantageous method of employing their capitals; and in this would probably have consisted all the inconveniency which England could have suffered from this notable piece of commercial policy

    40. Mr Snickerty was interrupted by a sharp rap at the door, which occasioned sufficient surprise to very nearly cause him to jump from his chair

    41. The interest which occasioned the first settlement of the different European colonies in America and the West Indies, was not altogether so plain and distinct as that which directed the establishment of those of ancient Greece and Rome

    42. The rigorous exaction of it, accordingly, first occasioned, it is said, the total abandoning of the mines of St

    43. The military force has never yet been sufficient for their own defence; and in the different wars in which the mother countries have been engaged, the defence of their colonies has generally occasioned a very considerable distraction of the military force of those countries

    44. In consequence of the monopoly, the increase of the colony trade has not so much occasioned an addition to the trade which Great Britain had before, as a total change in its direction

    45. How great, therefore, would be the disorder and confusion, it was thought, which must necessarily be occasioned by a sudden and entire stop in the employment of so great a proportion of our principal

    46. First, those colonies, in preparing themselves for their non-importation agreement, drained Great Britain completely of all the commodities which were fit for their market ; secondly, the extra ordinary demand of the Spanish flota has, this year, drained Germany and the north of many commodities, linen in particular, which used to come into competition, even in the British market, with the manufactures of Great Britain; thirdly, the peace between Russia and Turkey has occasioned an extraordinary demand from the Turkey market, which, during the distress of the country, and while a Russian fleet was cruizing in the Archipelago, had been very poorly supplied ; fourthly, the demand of the north of Europe for the manufactures of Great Britain has been increasing from year to year, for some time past; and, fifthly, the late partition, and consequential pacification of Poland, by opening the market of that great country, have, this year, added an extraordinary demand from thence to the increasing demand of the north

    47. No nation ever voluntarily gave up the dominion of any province, how troublesome soever it might be to govern it, and how small soever the revenue which it afforded might be in proportion to the expense which it occasioned

    48. To the natives, however, both of the East and West Indies, all the commercial benefits which can have resulted from those events have been sunk and lost in the dreadful misfortunes which they have occasioned

    49. The commerce of the Turkey company first occasioned the establishment of an ordinary ambassador at Constantinople

    50. The constant interference with those interests, necessarily occasioned between the subjects of the different states of Europe, has probably introduced the custom of keeping, in all neighbouring countries, ambassadors or ministers constantly resident, even in the time of peace

    1. That employment, however, by occasioning a new demand, and by diminishing the quantity which could be employed in any other way, may have afterwards contributed to keep up or increase their value

    2. In plentiful years, the bounty, by occasioning an extraordinary exportation, necessarily raises the price of corn above what it otherwise would be in those years

    3. When by a more proper direction, however, it can be diminished without occasioning any diminution of produce, the gross rent remains at least the same as before, and the neat rent is necessarily augmented

    4. This expense, it may be said, indeed, not being in foreign goods, and not occasioning any exportation of gold and silver, the same quantity of money would remain in the country as before

    5. Every such regulation introduces some degree of real disorder into the constitution of the state, which it will be difficult afterwards to cure without occasioning another disorder

    6. In years of plenty, it has already been observed, the bounty, by occasioning an extraordinary exportation, necessarily keeps up the price of corn in the home market above what it would naturally fall to

    7. The blood, of which the circulation is stopt in some of the smaller vessels, easily disgorges itself into the greater, without occasioning any dangerous disorder; but, when it is stopt in any of the greater vessels, convulsions, apoplexy, or death, are the immediate and unavoidable consequences

    8. They not only introduce very dangerous disorders into the state of the body politic, but disorders which it is often difficult to remedy, without occasioning, for a time at least, still greater

    9. Those fees, without occasioning any considerable increase in the expense of a law-suit, might be rendered fully sufficient for defraying the whole expense of justice

    10. The revolutions which the turbulence of the Greek clergy was continually occasioning at Constantinople, as long as the eastern empire subsisted; the convulsions which, during the course of several centuries, the turbulence of the Roman clergy was continually occasioning in every part of Europe, sufficiently demonstrate how precarious and insecure must always be the situation of the sovereign, who has no proper means of influencing the clergy of the established and governing religion of his country

    11. Ours is a generation that nourishes a morbid and irrational fear of growing old…and death, perhaps; thereby occasioning (a) need to retain its youthful appearance(s) at whatever cost; inconsonant with age, at the expense of its (own) dignity, ―eternally young,‖ ―young as one feels,‖ (youthful) fashions and lifestyles, (adolescent) designs, the accomplices of artificial youth, pining for what is no longer 73

    12. It is axiomatic that every individual who properly enjoys life, gives (reflective) pause to all that is meaningful and of certain value; held motionless by uncertain forms that have yet to take shape however aroused by such notions that (necessarily) compel he or she to probe deeper into their essential nature notwithstanding how they (may) oftentimes exceed the capacious limits of that individual‘s (private) understanding that nevertheless continues to intrigue inquiring minds cognizant of intuitive impressions part real / part imaginary yet real in the real sense of being One in All; (however separated) whose underlying presence, however, conveys a (higher) spiritual or moral standing…that the young, conditioned by the expectancies of youth united with the old seeking redemption for unfulfilled promises or missed opportunities; each converging toward the same starting/ending point, the one embarking on life and the other approaching its end, in some manner, however, occasioning a (new) beginning, a jubilee, an extension of life which becomes younger (while growing older), brought together, youth/age, childlike in all its manly/womanly innocence while the middle years patiently bide their appointed time

    13. In 586 BC the Kingdom of Judah was defeated, occasioning the first destruction of the Temple that had been built during Solomon’s reign

    14. The difference once more seems to be in an expansion of usage occasioning modifications to that structure

    15. Thus, neither is kama nor is artha capable of occasioning that quality of life, which makes it joyous

    16. Nevertheless, the phenomenon of the relatively stronger qunams in a given plunamic organism feeding on their weaker cousins would have continued thus occasioning the perennial parting of ways

    17. Bridges also have souls, and pigs (formerly, humans) are sacrificed at ceremonies to feed the spirit of a newly-built bridge so that it won’t take human victims (take the souls of people passing over it by occasioning their fall)

    18. I had heard of such things as a cramp seizing on even the best swimmers, and occasioning their being drowned; and imagining this so sudden eclipse to be owing to it, the inconceivable fondness this unknown lad had given birth to, distracted me with the most killing terrors; insomuch, that my concern giving the wings, I flew to the door, opened it, ran down to the canal, guided thither by the madness of my fears for him, and the intense desire of being an instrument to save him, though I was ignorant how, or by what means to effect it: but was it for fears, and a passion so sudden as mine, to reason! All this took up scarce the space of a few moments

    19. I said nothing: I was afraid of occasioning some

    20. Innocent and quiet as you sit here, you cannot have an idea of the sensation that you will be occasioning, of the curiosity there will be to see you, of the endless questions I shall have to answer! Poor Margaret Fraser will be at me forever about your eyes and your teeth, and how you do your hair, and who makes your shoes

    21. Innocent and quiet as you sit here, you cannot have an idea of the sensation that you will be occasioning, of the curiosity there will be to see you, of the endless questions I shall have to answer! Poor Margaret Fraser will be at me for ever about your eyes and your teeth, and how you do your hair, and who makes your shoes

    22. Others again, connecting the greatest failure of water with the concurring dearth of rain, conceived that the fact might be explained by the droughts occasioning a deficiency in the river-water, and thus cutting off the supply which they supposed had heretofore percolated from the margin of the river into the wells

    23. This was redissolved in a small quantity of pure rain water, and prussiate of potash added to it, without occasioning any precipitate

    1. While we grow old and even if we live an independent life, there are occasions when somebody else has to look after our needs

    2. He would deal directly with the debt collectors himself and re-negotiate the deal as he had done on many occasions

    3. On top of that, I spent most of yesterday keeping within reach of the phone and, on the two occasions I had to go out of earshot into the garden to deal with the washing, I had checked to see if anyone had called while I was out there as soon as I got back inside … but Stephen didn’t call

    4. ’ I replied, remembering the many occasions I had visited the woman with Dan; I’d not thought about her up until now

    5. Although I waited with baited breath every morning, there were only two further occasions when I found a note stuffed under the sink

    6. On occasions I still smouldered with that inner anger, but I came to see through Menachem’s observations that we all, captives and guards, felt a similar sense of outrage and impotent fury

    7. Kara smiled at the tone – she’d never met either of these two socially, but had heard much of their talents – particularly from Joris who had worked with both on various occasions when it suited his role

    8. that is Joe and I have been their saviour on a few occasions

    9. One of the few occasions I had been permitted to set foot outside the villa and I had been carefully cloaked so as not to reveal anything to anyone watching, I suppose … I’d rebelled at that, argued as only a stroppy teenager can but Wiesse had got his way in the end

    10. What to do in those occasions

    11. Ever since then the head chef insisted on ordering fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables for banquets and special occasions through old Ted’s niece, and all the while the unsuspecting Ted had been convinced that his niece was strangely obsessed by fresh fruit and vegetables

    12. More often than not he just got annoyed with these younger conquests because after sex, and even before it on some occasions, there was nothing that he wanted to say to them

    13. She wasn't even in the kitchen, though she dialed out all her meals but social occasions

    14. On those occasions when the music filtered through the vapours that she drew around herself, she sunk her long, splintered fingernails into the woodchip wallpaper, ripping huge tears in the outer fabric of her bedroom walls

    15. On one of these occasions Karen was there in the crowd

    16. As for the dress … oh, well, we’ll have a look and see what there is … don’t want a ‘wedding dress’ as such … more something special which I can wear for other occasions as well perhaps

    17. the merits of voting on one or two occasions, but on this matter

    18. I have seen this phenomenon on countless occasions,

    19. She is a fighter and a very formidable one I might add; I have fought by her side on many occasions

    20. You would not like it – it is very noisy and the traffic never seems to stop except on those occasions when, for some reason I cannot fathom, they raise the automatic bollards in the middle of the road and divert the traffic, making the street a pedestrian area

    21. are a few occasions when they should not be used,

    22. On rare occasions, (with more severe trapped emotions,

    23. that we call homesickness on a number of occasions,

    24. On rare occasions, I have discovered trapped emotions

    25. vegetables for banquets and special occasions through old Ted’s

    26. occasions, there was nothing that he wanted to say to them

    27. It still surfaces on occasions

    28. On those occasions when the music

    29. Dave launches into a story about one of the occasions when he got stuck on the motorway

    30. attentions of the official censor on at least two separate occasions

    31. was a story that the older man had told on many previous occasions

    32. They were still planting and arranging beds when a few of the guests returned to their quarters preparing to freshen up for the evening's dining occasions

    33. “Surely there have been other occasions when boats have tried to

    34. several recent occasions, was situated closer to the causeway itself

    35. the habit of dropping into the mess on odd occasions

    36. Visited our world on several other occasions, and certainly had no

    37. having travelled all of them on numerous occasions

    38. On several occasions throughout the day while he was preparing the meal,

    39. The stairs cracked and creaked on a couple of occasions

    40. There had been so many occasions of both through the years, it was hard to

    41. was sleepwalking on several occasions

    42. There were also serious occasions over that summer as well, and the local young hooligans previously implicated were the instigating players in those dramas

    43. conceived it might be on occasions

    44. flannel, the attire he seemed to wear in all seasons and for all occasions

    45. ” White Feathers agreed, and recalled a few of those occasions to mind

    46. informed on numerous occasions at the Tavern that the only one hundred percent

    47. Before dinner, as they divested their luggage of the presents prepared for the upcoming occasions, they each found opportunity to secretly sneak them beneath the lovely decorated tree in the Drawing Room

    48. My son is brilliant at everything he touches, however he can be as dense as two thick planks on those rare occasions when his own heart is in play

    49. Titania, Hipolyta and Jameson had been the only constant resource for the infrequent, though necessary cuing of the rest of the cast on the occasions of a dropped line, and were acclaimed by the cast and crew as the saviors of the show

    50. A section of the seating area in the new cafe would serve the school's students as a lunchroom, for their special occasions and always for breakfasts

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