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Frasi con predate (in inglese)

  1. They predate the Balance by several thousand years.
  2. Gnostic principles predate Christianity by thousands of years.
  3. There are some at the Kassikan who predate the Instinct, Jorma told him.
  4. An acre of sweaty, smelly bodies push, pull, and press various shaped lumps of steel or mechanical contraptions whose designs even predate the domes.
  5. They include enumerations of Lykanthros, firbolgs and beholders that ran astray from the regimented Forces of Tiamat and yet predate my outlying farms and trade houses.

  6. Sam wondered if incandescence was a heritable trait; if the weird way people in this town treated her didn’t predate her delinquency, her funky new haircut, her tattoo.
  7. It appears that Genesis, its first book, largely came from older literary or oral history sources that appear to predate the Hebrew understanding by centuries, if not ages.
  8. What did Kulai know of his involvement with Tdeshi other than what Ava had told him? There are some at the Kassikan who predate the Instinct, Jorma said, trying to continue the polite conversation while he wondered what Ava had told him.
  1. They wanted to be off predating.
  2. Or can they answer another question: What was in place of time at the time predating.
  3. Like the wild hog, Florida wild cattle descended from domestic stock gone astray, their history of wildness predating that of the wild pigs.
  4. However, some evidence of flat or inverted curves predicting recessions go back to the mid-19th century, predating the Fed’s inception in 1913.
  5. The story Dad tells of an ancient priesthood, predating Christ, locked in constant struggle with the Necros, battling for control of a sacred item known only to the Keeper.
  6. But that was predated by everything in a Universe that started the Big Bang and from which everything predating the Big Bang inspired everything the post dated the Big Bang.
  7. It remains one of the great construction feats of all time, and along with similar Egyptian work, was unparalleled at the time, predating the less impressive Coliseum in Rome by 2500 years.
  1. This symbolism predated.
  2. One area of investigation that predated these concerns has been the.
  3. Others believe that he may have predated the Chinese Confucius by a half century or so.
  4. It is therefore undeniable that it remained a mystery to them because it predated all.
  5. We have explored the real meaning of the cross within the ancient symbologies that long predated.
  6. With the fall of Napoleon, the various disparate legal systems that predated the Code were reinstated.
  7. And the practice of placing worldly goods with the bodies of the deceased apparently predated written records.
  8. But while McCarthy was an extremist who ruined hundreds of lives, the Cold War predated his campaign by half a decade.
  9. This symbolism predated ancient Egypt and is clearly embodied by the Sphinx, which is a lion facing the way of the rising sun.
  10. It was strange, he’d always thought: this pocket of untenanted land walled in by buildings, as if it predated the rest of the city.
  11. Revenue Cutter Service that predated the Coast Guard, was present in the Milwaukee area as early as 1855 and operated North Point Lighthouse.
  12. How did she tell him that their sign language probably predated any language that was currently used above water? She sighed and rubbed her temples.
  13. Having survived the Holocaust could not have failed to shape his life, although to what extent his personality structure predated the Holocaust can never be determined.
  14. But that was predated by everything in a Universe that started the Big Bang and from which everything predating the Big Bang inspired everything the post dated the Big Bang.
  15. It could have been shattered in the 1980s by a Russian rocket, or even decades before that in one of the tribal conflicts that predated either of Afghanistan’s most recent invaders.
  16. The hospital, which predated the surrounding buildings by at least a hundred years, stood out from the turn-of-the-century warehouses and it's once sparkling granite facade was dulled by decades of grime.
  17. Paul Simon’s ‘50 Ways to Leave Your Lover’ predated social media, so the lyrics don’t refer to exiting a relationship via SMS, iMessage, BBM, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or any of the myriad others.
  18. As he was contemplating the hopelessness of those odds, he noticed that the fact that Tdeshi was taken, meant that as he feared, those who predated the Instinct could be free of it and set up deeds like that.
  19. However, this method of deciding which chain to trust works only if a malicious peer cannot create a second ledger, immediately add 10 (or more) blocks to it, and make it seem as though the second ledger predated the first.
  20. Even Colonialism, which predated modern ideologies, was inclusive and sought to "improve" the Natives" and "bring them to the White Man's level" by assimilating or incorporating them in the culture and society of the colonial power.
  21. And he wanted so badly to tell this face what had happened to him—and to ask it, What happened to you? But what if he did? The little kit with its needle and spoon, still vivid against the white of the interrogation room in his mind, seemed tied by invisible threads to all the private pain that predated Mercer, the stuff William didn’t ever talk about, the secretive slipping away he, Mercer, had pretended not to see.
  1. It predates all other books of.
  2. It predates the crucifix of Christianity.
  3. Lab predates Stallman's, disputes this memory.
  4. The use of the cross as wisdom symbolism predates.
  5. The knowledge that a Holy Book or Bible predates the.
  6. It is widely believed that the DDB predates both Mastiffs and.
  7. I formed an ancient humanoid species that predates human history.
  8. One of the issues that predates everything I have talked about so far.
  9. The Stone predates Islam and Arabic legend says it was a star sent.
  10. The cross is an ancient wisdom symbol that predates Christianity by millennia.
  11. The swastika, which is a specially stylized cross that infers cyclic rotation, long predates Nazi Germany’s use of it as a.
  12. TCP/IP predates the OSI reference model, but its protocols break down into four layers that can be roughly equated to the seven-layer OSI stack, as shown in Figure 13-1.
  13. The reason for that is very simple: self-preservation and self-advancement was common to individuals well before any form of consciousness, which in-turn predates any form of consideration.
  14. Similarly, the cat predates, the bird builds its nest in the optimum way and in perfect order, the bee builds a solid hive and sucks the nectar of the flowers, and the baby soon moves its lips to suckle the moment it emerges from its mother’s womb.
  15. The Seelie don’t recall a time the king didn’t exist and, despite the court’s matriarchal nature, the king predates the queen and is the most complex and powerful of all the Fae—lacking a single enormous power that makes him the Seelie Queen’s lesser: she alone can use the Song of Making, which can call new matter into being.

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