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Frasi con raven (in inglese)

  1. Raven gave her a glare.
  2. Raven took a deep breath.
  3. Raven had nothing to say.
  4. It made Raven feel sick.
  5. Raven turned in her sleep.

  6. But Raven had killed him.
  7. Raven awoke from her sleep.
  8. Raven is my bundle of joy.
  9. Amber is in you, Raven.
  10. Can you hear me? Hi, Raven.
  11. Raven took her hand in his.
  12. The stone Raven loomed in.
  13. I also remembered the raven.
  14. New York: Raven Press: 1986.
  15. Raven hair and celadon eyes.

  16. I hear you are in a Raven.
  17. Be safe, my little raven.
  18. But Raven could hear nothing.
  19. She looked back over to Raven.
  20. Please listen to me, Raven.
  21. Oh, not for a while, Raven.
  22. Raven opened his lips to speak.
  23. Raven didn’t know what to say.
  24. Raven, New York, pp 347–390.
  25. Halfdan said, Follow the raven.

  26. Are you well? The raven ….
  27. I was prepared for prison, Raven.
  28. It wasn’t the Raven, nevermore.
  29. He had been referred to as Raven.
  30. Raven wondered what her crime was.
  31. Raven was born of Chaos and Amber.
  32. A raven card, gasped Saffyre.
  33. The raven cawed somewhere above us.
  34. Raven sat straight up in his chair.
  35. Then he gazed at the raven leader.
  36. The raven and the cane brought me.
  37. The raven settled his wings again.
  38. He was an aged raven of great size.
  39. Don’t even speak to me, Raven.
  40. Raven refused to let Millicent win.
  41. She had to at least try, for Raven.
  42. I like the sound of that, Raven.
  43. Raven stared at her with bitterness.
  44. With it you may call upon the raven.
  45. The scribe turns, watching the raven.
  46. No, Raven, of course it was yours.
  47. No… it was all about Raven Quartz.
  48. The hatred was stirring in Raven now.
  49. Raven appreciated the value of life.
  50. Raven looked at her with incredulity.
  51. Raven heard but chose not to respond.
  52. The raven was restless, rattling the.
  53. Raven felt a burst of renewed courage.
  54. How it is okay? Raven, I’m scared.
  55. Raven felt a rush of affection for her.
  56. Suddenly Raven felt afraid and paranoid.
  57. Raven gave a meek half-smile in return.
  58. He asked Raven to help and Raven agreed.
  59. Two, I’m afraid, Raven responded.
  60. Maggie found her eyes drawn to the raven.
  61. I understand enough, Raven snapped.
  62. Raven stood up and returned the gesture.
  63. The owl and the raven shall dwell in it.
  64. Meeting Raven was a terrifying prospect.
  65. We could check for land with a raven?
  66. Who will not change a raven for a dove?
  67. I just meant to send a raven to my father.
  68. Raven disagreed, but he couldn’t respond.
  69. Please, Raven, this isn’t easy for me.
  70. It was echoed by another man behind Raven.
  71. What have you to ask of me, raven?
  72. He also has Raven Hair and Beard, not red.
  73. You don’t need to harm yourself, Raven.
  74. Abbott continued, It isn’t hard, Raven.
  75. For a raven she was quite easy to trick.
  76. She grabbed at a stuffed pitch black raven.
  77. Lancaster went on a walk around Raven Mire.
  78. This is an RQ-11 Raven, Hawke says.
  79. Just that it has something to do with Raven.
  80. But then I see another Raven streak past me.
  81. The clever girl climbed atop the raven and.
  82. The raven dove, knocking Marja to the ground.
  83. Raven frowned for a moment before he saw it.
  84. You will be the first raven I have tasted.
  85. My home is where Raven is, he said simply.
  86. But the Judges exterminated the Black Raven.
  87. The voices of both the raven the raging crow.
  88. Raven is my bundle of joy and is very active.
  89. With delirious eyes, the man stared at Raven.
  90. Raven knew what was coming and braced himself.
  91. Raven stood and made his way towards the door.
  92. Raven was overwhelmed with admiration for her.
  93. He released a raven which was able to eat and.
  94. This is way different from flying the Raven.
  95. The last card of all was adorned with a raven.
  96. The Baroness is a strong person, thought Raven.
  97. Raven turned to face her and his eyes met hers.
  98. She loved Raven, whether she wanted to or not.
  99. Raven sat still, his hand rotating and flexing.
  100. Raven contemplated Alexia’s words with dread.
  1. For her it was a ravening beast.
  2. Like a roaring lion ravening the prey: they have devoured souls.
  3. Just at the moment it is, but usually it's full of ravening beasts.
  4. Return with your ravening pack only after I’ve sounded the Great Horn.
  5. Like a roaring lion ravening the prey: they have devoured souls [souls-.
  6. Like a roaring lion ravening the prey: they have devoured souls [souls -.
  7. It appeared to his thirteen-year-old mind like a ravening monster, seething.
  8. Like a roaring lion ravening the prey: they have devoured souls (souls–.
  9. As a matter of fact, despite text and catechism, he was inwardly as a ravening wolf.
  10. The little ravening London savage was still snatching and devouring when she turned away.
  11. Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.
  12. It was as if a flock of foolish sheep placed themselves under the protection of a pack of ravening wolves.
  13. Mat 7:15 Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.
  14. The consequence of his outburst answered a ravening desire: Raw brutality gave him sway over men that his rank did not.
  15. Werner who watched Volkheimer wade into house after house, the same ravening nightmare recurring over and over and over.
  16. There a host of Wargs came ravening and with them came the bodyguard of Bolg, goblins of huge size with scimitars of steel.
  17. While he foresaw an evening of single mediocrity, she could feel the ravening joy of her twin cravings rising in her gorge.
  18. There is a conspiracy of her prophets in the midst of it, like a roaring lion ravening the prey; they have devoured souls; they have.
  19. The barbarians swept out of the hills in a ravening horde, without warning, and stormed Venarium with such fury none could stand before them.
  20. I nodded as my mind filled with all the fantasies and desires I had stored away like a ravening beast that needed to be locked up because there was no where safe for it to roam.
  21. A bloke and a girl would be escaping ravening wolves, erupting volcanoes or pursuing crooks, and she"d stop and start arguing, asking questions, complaining she wasn"t being treated with respect.
  22. Eze 22:25 There is a conspiracy of her prophets in the midst thereof, like a roaring lion ravening the prey; they have devoured souls; they have taken the treasure and precious things; they have made her many widows in the midst thereof.
  23. Their (as we call it) savage eagerness, their almost blind rage for their appointed food, the tenacity with which they clutch and the ravening anxiety (caused by the dread of losing their prey) with which they tear the flesh of their victims, is portrayed to the life.
  24. And from this marvellous union shall come forth to the light of the world brave whelps that shall rival the ravening claws of their valiant father; and this shall come to pass ere the pursuer of the flying nymph shall in his swift natural course have twice visited the starry signs.
  1. He ravened at it.
  2. Which was great for I ravened for leagues of bush.
  3. Not only has he torn a passion to tatters, he has, madness maddened, stomped on it, ravened it with his teeth, and hurled it across the footlights at unsuspecting club ladies.
  1. Not even the ravens knew of.
  2. There are no ravens in sight.
  3. Ravens were useful to navigation.
  4. Only the ravens kept their silence.
  5. Like the ravens in the Tower of London.
  6. I heard the ravens in the distant trees.
  7. Ravens played on the cold air thrown down.
  8. Aye, ravens roost in the trees on those hills.
  9. The still-living ravens had withdrawn once again.
  10. The ravens didn’t bother Kristin but seem to be.
  11. Before Ravens could feed Elijah, he had to be in a.
  12. Hawke straightens up and steps away from the Ravens.
  13. Thieves like that are like ravens – once they’ve.
  14. The ravens and the hound both had carried it with them.
  15. As they worked the ravens brought them constant tidings.
  16. Your hair is one of her signs, the color of her ravens.
  17. And it would be useful to practice launching the Ravens.
  18. Goshawks and grey ravens flew around the pitched ceiling.
  19. Squadrons of eagles, ravens and falcons dotted the clouds.
  20. Consider the ravens: They do not sow or reap, they have no.
  21. Raziel claimed that some hunters could transform into ravens.
  22. And the ravens imprisoned knew it was wrong to pine for freedom.
  23. I sketched three ravens as I saw them on the outside of the bowl.
  24. His dreams were full of hideous crones with black cats and ravens.
  25. I knew many among the ravens of the rocks when I was a dwarf- lad.
  26. The vast flock of ravens, his friends—if he could call them that.
  27. She turned her head to see five ravens after them, low to the ground.
  28. Within that length of frozen water were six ravens trapped in flight.
  29. He looked up at the tree filled with ravens and then back down at me.
  30. We’ve modified these Ravens so they can carry a few extra pounds.
  31. Within five minutes all the Pioneers have transferred to their Ravens.
  32. Hounds and ravens and bloody injustice could not be the stuff of reality.
  33. All the information needed to fly the Ravens is already loaded in the units.
  34. The Mediterranean vulture went extinct: but not the crows and ravens of Rome.
  35. We say our town will have ill luck if the ravens don’t come back every year.
  36. But one thing is certain: in Alaska tracking dogs are as rare as white ravens.
  37. It was the size of a large grapefruit with three ravens engraved on the outside.
  38. One of the ravens was perched nearby, its feathers glowing silver in the darkness.
  39. The next heartbeat, his cry is cut off as the ravens cover both him and Tregannon.
  40. So still he wondered, indeed fretted, about what the ravens might have done to him.
  41. Perhaps Waldron ravens are capable of producing venom that is harmful to my kind.
  42. This time the single word was reinforced in the mind by the echo of his fellow ravens.
  43. Maggie shut her eyes as thoughts of the unearthly hound and the ravens washed over her.
  44. Why are Ravens and crows evil? The Ravens of Rome ate human flesh for one thousand years.
  45. You mean the way ravens and crows actually live; is because of what is inside them? Duh.
  46. The ravens released their hold, wings brushing against his skin as they folded them home.
  47. Crows and ravens had gathered on the fields, thousands of them feeding on demon carcasses.
  48. The ravens will be able to hold him for a while, but their strength will not last forever.
  49. Kristin took one more look above the tree line before entering, and the ravens were flying.
  50. Without waiting for an answer, Johan begins to make his way towards the flock of resting ravens.
  51. This time the deck stopped on a picture card of a tall I tower with three ravens flying around it.
  52. Drive out the crows and ravens from where you live: and you will be attacked by falcons and eagles.
  53. After the fire went out, it became the home for pelicans hedgehogs, owls and ravens [Isaiah 34:11].
  54. They passed a tapestry hanging on the wall; it was of three ravens flying across a rugged coastline.
  55. And I’ve seen shields blazoned with skulls and wolves and ravens, even hanged men and bloody heads.
  56. After the fire went out, it became the home for pelicans, hedgehogs, owls, and ravens (Isaiah 34:11).
  57. But when he looks up at the shadows of the trees he sees only common ravens, not Odin’s messengers.
  58. Once in a while, a few ravens squawked, causing her to jump, but never was there a Viking to be seen.
  59. On the wagon, Nicolas and the Major ducked and spun and slashed as the ravens flung themselves toward them.
  60. The crows and ravens and vultures of the Mediterranean fed off crucified human corpses for two thousand years.
  61. Under the tree was the fox that had followed us from the king’s fort, and the tree was filled with my ravens.
  62. The eye which mocks his father, and despises to obey his mother, the ravens of the valley shall pick it out, and.
  63. We believed the carrion-eating reptiles, the ravens and crows and vultures, were the highest class of living creatures.
  64. A rich autumn night, heavy with the sound of the night ravens in the sky and small animals burrowing underneath the soil.
  65. The crying of the ravens, the howling of the wind and, last but most satisfying of all, the shriek of wild hawks on the hunt.
  66. Often in the thicket was heard the fluttering of wings, or else the hoarse, soft cry of the ravens flying off amidst the oaks.
  67. He explained this was to be the Ravens final sea-trial and we would be calling in at six or seven fishing settlements on the way.
  68. History claims that some of them have been able to turn themselves into ravens, but it's probably just all stories and tall tales.
  69. Keep us from all harm, he whispered, and felt the startled gaze of his two companions on his neck, the faint stirring of the ravens.
  70. We perched on purple plastic chairs and peered through the spaces in the flooring at the shags and ravens flying through the air below us.
  71. The morning blew away on a wind, the morning flowed down the creek, the morning flew off with some ravens, and the sun burned on the cabin roof.
  72. The humans had spoken to Hoenir and Odin at length, and then Loki had been sent home under the watchful eyes of Huginn and Munnin, Odin’s ravens.
  73. Their fierceness clutched and tore at his skin like the beaks of ravens, or one raven, had once done, and his cries, real now, mingled with his father’s.
  74. His thesis was on ravens and because I have a master’s in English I had to read the fucking thing like ten times, so I know more than I need to about them.
  75. The leader, the one who had tested him, was the last to arrive, taking his place at the head of the semicircle the ravens had formed around the little group.
  76. Their thick burgundy wool tunics all had black embroidered ravens on them and on their heads, they wore simple iron helmets that covered their ears and necks.
  77. From the corners of her eyes she could see the brightly painted wagons and blurred motion as the Gypsies battled the ravens who had once more descended on them.
  78. In today’s exercise my men will launch the Ravens, and then the Pioneers will wirelessly transfer themselves to the control units while the planes are in flight.
  79. The Ravens usually fly at an altitude of five hundred feet and send video images of the battlefield to our men on the ground, who steer the drones by remote control.
  80. Take madame to the theatre, if it were only for once in your life, to enrage one of these ravens, hang it! If anyone could take my place, I would accompany you myself.
  81. Does he sense something in spite of her best efforts? And if so, what? Before he can ask any questions, a white flurry of ravens begins to wheel and dance in the skies.
  82. God had once used ravens to feed Elijah in the wilderness, when he was hiding from the king, now I could add tigers to the list of animal kingdom procurement agent sources.
  83. After the unquenchable fire had done it’s work the fire went out and the land became a desert that was inhabited by pelicans, porcupines, owls and ravens (Isaiah 34:10-11).
  84. In his hands the mind-cane lurched, and the memory of his journey to Gathandria flooded his thought: the mountain; the wild dogs; the path to the air-kingdom where the ravens dwelt.
  85. Led by Seagull, the ravens fought bravely and finally drove the dogs off, but they were all wounded and the fever found them and took four of them including the great warrior Seagull.
  86. Thou coverest the heavens with clouds, and preparest rain for the earth, and makest grass to grow upon the mountains: Thou givest to the beast his food, and to the young ravens which cry.
  87. They do not care that most of the habitats of living birds are being destroyed by humans: as long as the habitats of the gang-birds… the black gang birds… of crows and ravens and robins and jays are kept.
  88. When you are tempted to doubt the sureness of your bread, consider the ravens; they sow not neither reap, they have no storehouses or barns, and yet the Father provides food for every one of them that seeks it.
  89. In that on the right, a dismal sky, filled with rolling clouds and sad presaging ravens flying, over-shadows the outcast, seated on a rock in an attitude of listless dejection, with the swine feeding at his feet.
  90. Amid the unnatural shower, a few hungry ravens struggled with the gale; but no sooner was the green ocean of woods which stretched beneath them, passed, than they gladly stopped, at random, to their hideous banquet.
  91. Coatl and his crew then went aboard the Raven, several minutes later she slid into the water, everyone of the thousands of spectators cheered and wished them good luck as Coatl set the Ravens sail, steering towards the north.
  92. And I saw till the shepherds and eagles and those vultures and kites came and they cried to the ravens that they should break the horn of that ram and they battled and fought with it and it battled with them and cried that its help might come.
  93. And I saw till the shepherds and eagles and those vultures and kites came, and they cried to the ravens that they should break the horn of that ram, and they battled and fought with it, and it battled with them and cried that its help might come.
  94. Marching on we passed other groups old men and children and women dressed all in black looking like a coven of ravens watching us as we went by they had pinched and sallow faces and looked like they had the weight of the world on their shoulders.
  95. But I did so because I was happy, because I had not courted death, because to be cast upon a bed of rocks and seaweed seemed terrible, because I was unwilling that I, a creature made for the service of God, should serve for food to the gulls and ravens.
  96. After every explosion: birds: birds of death: carrion birds: vultures, Ravens, Crows… came back to these areas of devastation: and hunted and pecked at the shiny pieces of flint… which the destructive volcanoes of the Inorganic Baby Earth had vomited up.
  97. He surreptitiously felt of a scar beneath his jupon, and remembered ravens that cawed on the trail of a fugitive; remembered the body of his squire, Arideus, brought back from the border mountains horribly mangled, by a great gray wolf, his terrified soldiers said.
  98. When he has nothing left, must not his desires, crowding in the nest like young ravens, be crying aloud for food; and he, goaded on by them, and especially by love himself, who is in a manner the captain of them, is in a frenzy, and would fain discover whom he can defraud or despoil of his property, in order that he may gratify them?
  99. Beauty by itself attracts the desires of all who behold it, and the royal eagles and birds of towering flight stoop on it as on a dainty lure; but if beauty be accompanied by want and penury, then the ravens and the kites and other birds of prey assail it, and she who stands firm against such attacks well deserves to be called the crown of her husband.
  100. If this fire that "shall not be quenched night nor day," is the Hell that is taught today, how is it that "none shall pass through it forever and ever," is their no one that shall be in Hell but pelican, porcupine, owl, and ravens? This is clearly an earthly judgment on Edom that has long passed, not an unquenchable fire in Hell after the Judgment Day.

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