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    1. “‘If we are real,’ ‘if we are real,’ do we all have to preface everything with that?”

    2. you preface the emotion with the word inherited

    3. Three shillings Scotch, at the time when this assize is supposed to have been enacted, were equal to about nine shillings sterling of our present money Mr Ruddiman seems {See his Preface to Anderson's Diplomata Scotiae

    4. In the Scotch coin, before the union with England, the gold preponderated very little, though it did somewhat {See Ruddiman's Preface to Anderson's Diplomata, etc

    5. Shaking her head at this symbiology, she snapped The book shut, and snatched another nearby book, The Eternal Life Sequence, to read its preface Discussing the possibility that if “there already was An ‘elixir of life’ or ‘fountain of youth’ which Is guarded by a few—how would we know?

    6. As he says in the preface to his first book, Finding Your Power to Be Happy, "I had found my path to happiness, and I was living it

    7. limiting paradigms I wrote about in the Preface

    8. And in some of the older King James Bible a preface is given to nearly every Psalm

    9. preface is given to nearly every Psalm as a list of various instruments that the

    10. “I was provoked,” says Lomborg in the preface to his book The Skeptical Environmentalist

    11. One time I heard a woman preface a statement by saying that

    12. Preface on the Beginning

    13. Now I want to preface this chapter by saying once again that I am simply beginning to understand the infinite vastness of many of the truths that we are about to go over together

    14. I hope this book has accomplished my goals as stated in the preface

    15. Initially, I was using KWord to write the book (as explained in the History Lesson in the preface)

    16. Before I get started in this section I need to preface what I say

    17. “OK, Jim, I should preface with, ‘ we believe’ – since the intel is only scratchy at best – but, it

    18. “That may be,” Alex agreed as a preface to his argument, “but

    19. In 1948, the year when the King of Sweden gave him the Nobel Prize and the King of England the Order of Merit and two years after the publication of The Dark Side of the Moon, a book to which he supplied the preface, he published his Notes towards the Definition of Culture

    20. Here, as in his preface, he insisted that ‘culture is the creation of society as a whole; it is that which makes it a society ; it is important to remember that we should not consider the upper levels as possessing more culture than the lower but representing a more conscious culture and a greater specialization of culture

    21. In effect, a lower stochastic would preface “getting in early” before a stock took off

    22. Penned in a fine hand on a faded preface page was the inscription “To our beloved granddaughter Yvonne on her fifth birthday

    23. The inscribed preface to the laws states that he was chosen by the gods and called by Anu and Bel to bring about the rule of righteousness in the land, and sent by Marduk to rule over the land

    24. The preface, as well as the epilogue, is a lengthy tribute to

    25. machinations fear + anxieties preface all situations of changed localisations for clear

    26. “I’ll start from the beginning, but let me preface it first by saying that it is just a theory

    27. In the nature of a preface, Chapter 1 presents the seeker’s doubts and

    28. I told you in the preface what one of the reasons I wrote this book was

    29. I’ll preface this section by saying that it will help if you have an open mind and accept that some of these facts are a slap in the face to politically correct nutrition in this day and age where fats are admonished by many well intentioned, but mislead health professionals, doctors, the mass media, etc

    30. us in theomitted portions of the preface already referred to,

    31. In the preface hesays that the material

    32. "I was just using that as a preface to what I have to say

    33. preface to the standard edition of his works: "I love art aboveall

    34. mentioned in the Preface

    35. In the Preface to Part Two, I talked about presenting you with models, not belief

    36. As already explored in the preface on the Doctrine of Two Spirits, the Egyptian concept of ka-

    37. clearly enumerated in the preface to this book and expounded upon throughout

    38. mentioned in the preface about the Doctrine of Two Spirits, the seven horns of the lamb symbolize

    39. and thou shalt become liable to death, and all the miseries that preface and attend it

    40. Alexander Campbell in his preface to "The Living Oracles," his

    41. " From the preface to "Eternal

    42. term can be fitly used at all, it is clear that it ought to be used uniformly‖ Preface to the American Standard Bible

    43. I give the floor to you captains, what do you have to say? I will preface the discussion by placing two options before you

    44. possession or prospect; and thou shalt become liable to death, and al the miseries that preface

    45. Alexander Campbel in the preface to "The Living Oracles," his translation of the New

    46. " From the preface

    47. posts; their purpose is framed by the Preface Title

    48. become liable to death, and all the miseries that preface and attend it

    49. or prospect; and thou shalt become liable to death, and al the miseries that preface and attend it

    50. Alexander Campbell in his preface to "The Living Oracles," his translation of the New

    1. Still, if I ask for something prefaced by 'Dearest' or 'Darling' or any of the myriad modifiers I'm likely to use off-hand, please know that I am trying to maintain a casual familiarity with you, even though it is very difficult for me to do so

    2. Van Vogt, one of the greats in the genre, prefaced one of his collections of short stories in the mid sixties with the statement that surveys showed that the typical reader of fantasy-science fiction had an IQ above 120, and included professionals such as engineers, doctors, and lawyers

    3. I challenged him about the boilerplate admonition by which he and his fellow academicians had always prefaced their handing out the exam sheets, “I do not care which side of the issues you come down on, your grades will be determined by how well you marshal the facts and the law to support your conclusions

    4. prefaced her playing by remarking to the audience: "You may be

    5. till the last moment, his customary reply, often prefaced with an oath, was, 'Do

    6. A feeling such as his was prefaced by talk of the rivalry of some Petersburg officer, of the suppositions and the counsels of Stepan Arkadyevitch

    7. "And that recommendation, with the exaggerated estimate of my ability with which he prefaced it, was, if you will believe me, Watson, the very first thing which ever made me feel that a profession might be made out of what had up to that time been the

    8. That was our first drama at Hurlstone; but a second one came to drive it from our minds, and it was prefaced by the disgrace and dismissal of butler Brunton

    9. How many bad ideas get prefaced with that phrase? she wondered

    10. The collection is prefaced by an appreciation of Mr

    11. The gentleman prefaced his arguments by observing, "that it had latterly become the fashion to eulogize the Constitution of the United States; and that whenever he heard lavish encomiums applied to it, he could not help apprehending mischief

    12. It was prefaced by a preamble, which was not usual in such cases, which preamble, moreover, assumed as fact circumstances of which the House had no official or authentic information

    1. hundred and eighty-three; in prologues or prefaces of his

    2. The novels were published in the summer of 1613, with a dedication to the Conde de Lemos, the Maecenas of the day, and with one of those chatty confidential prefaces Cervantes was so fond of

    3. This paradox he prefaces by another proposal, that the occupations of men and women shall be the same, and that to this end they shall have a common training and education

    4. The Prefaces of Henry James;

    5. And no one can imagine how sick I am of these ajwlogies and prefaces, which I am continually forced to squeeze into the very middle of my narrative !

    6. But all that would not have mattered; every one knows what authors' prefaces are like, though, I may observe, that considering the lack of culture of our audience and the irritability of the back rows, all this may have had an influence

    7. The preface of Nicholas Rowe to his edition of Shakespeare, and the various prefaces of Dr

    8. [4] Besides the prefaces here referred to, Mr

    1. In prefacing its decisions the administration stressed that the present system of representative government had evolved gradually over the years, consisting of three separate but interconnected tiers at district, regional and central level

    2. then he employed such tender prefacing, such winning progressions, that

    3. When now he managed his caresses and endearments so artfully, as to insinuate the most soothing consolations for the past pain and the most pleasing expectations of future pleasure, but whilst mere modesty kept my eyes from seeing his and rather declined them, I had a glimpse of that instrument of mischief which was now, obviously even to me, who had scarce had snatches of a comparative observation of it, resuming its capacity to renew it, and grew greatly alarming with its increase of size, as he bore it no doubt designedly, hard and stiff against one of my hands carelessly dropt; but then he employed such tender prefacing, such winning progressions, that my returning passion of desire being now so strongly prompted by the engaging circumstances of the sight and incendiary touch of his naked glowing beauties, I yield at length at the force of the present impressions, and he obtained of my tacit blushing consent all the gratifications of pleasure left in the power of my poor person to bestow, after he had cropt its richest flower, during my suspension of life, and abilities to guard it

    4. He buttonholed people on the street and related details of his child’s miraculous progress without even prefacing his remarks with the hypocritical but polite:

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