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    1. The Worldly Oppositional Church is an abstract premise and is created

    2. Though the word charity isn’t used in Hindu writings, the premise of giving and aiding others is prevalent within the Rig Veda, Thirukkural, Bhagawad Gita,

    3. The reality of the Self is the underlying premise of yogic philosophy

    4. It is also the premise that you are eternal

    5. The regression therapy works on the premise that our subconscious mind holds the memories of our recent and distant past, including previous lifetimes

    6. Before I enter upon the examination of particular taxes,it is necessary to premise the four following maximis with regard to taxes in general

    7. I find it interesting that the major premise in a syllogism, that paragon of deductive logic, is always an instance of induction, which itself can never give an absolute truth

    8. Why? Because his syllogism, in its major premise, presupposed the conclusion

    9. The underlying premise of the Word preceding Creation, I believe, is

    10. Although my line of reasoning may appear to be an oversimplification of a complex issue, its basic premise, I believe, contains some measure of truth

    11. ” These principles are based on the premise that despite the joint-responsibility for the upbringing of your children, there are challenges that need to be overcome so that the two of you can cooperate and be effective as parents

    12. The final proof of his anti-Catholic bigotry is that after his defeat he blamed his loss on “foreign Catholics,” agreeing with the central premise of Know-Nothing belief, that the Catholic Church was conspiring to take over America

    13. the premise that Vickie had been killed in the field and dropped by the killer on the way out

    14. “The difficulty with that premise is – how did whoever it was who did this know that she was going to be at her apartment this morning? I mean she"s been with me on the beach for the last two nights

    15. “If you go on the premise that Mia was not a random attack, what will you do now?”

    16. The whole premise was ludicrous

    17. At the time, he could not understand how Philip Carey could be so stupid as to be unable to break free of the vicious tart who treated him so badly, and had thought the premise of the novel somewhat unimaginable

    18. Although, one event not mentioned in his books relate to the books’ premise that describes a journey to deliver and save "The Scroll

    19. Was he too good? Was he too comfortable with this? Brett had seen a person lose their life in a racing ‘accident,’ even though it was a basic premise that accidents don’t just happen, they are caused to happen

    20. Thus the morphological argument, as Berlinski uses Alfred Wallace’s “objection to his own thesis concerning evolution, the differences that troubled him,” In an attempt to leave the impression; “that there was confusion within the scientific community regarding the reliability of this [very beginning] understanding, of the premise underlying the almost concurrent theory of evolution as propounded by Darwin

    21. In the beginning of any paradigm change, there are always more questions than answers, but the quest for answers should not be characterized as confusion concerning the validity of the premise that developed them

    22. As symbols go, is there a significant difference? Each assumes a belief that the other is there, and a faith that can act upon the premise

    23. This is based on the premise that when the effects of karma continue across lifetimes, these cause rebirths

    24. Thinking is the premise of enlightenment, without thinking of enlightenment is a kind of

    25. But the basic premise is

    26. Seriously: water loss diet pills are built on the premise that you’ll

    27. The book starts from the premise that this spirituality is not simply

    28. Moreover, Roger rejects the premise being advanced that what families affected by homosexuality need is more education to understand the gay psyche

    29. “Your scientist’s premise on the origins of the universe is both correct and incorrect

    30. The premise that the source cannot be known is incorrect

    31. arguments for they follow from a suspicious premise, and worse, from a mind that truly believes

    32. If you accept the premise that

    33. premise and the argument cannot begin

    34. Premise: People are basically equal in talents and abilities

    35. Premise: Justice is whatever the sovereign (state) says it is

    36. The first premise of my entire book is this quest for freedom from fear and for security on the part of Jews

    37. In this book he makes the premise I noted above regarding the tie between religious belief and economic behavior

    38. The term for their premise was jura majesticata circa sacra

    39. His initial premise is that current civilization is degeneration from an earlier human condition

    40. autobiography, Soros on Soros, is told again and again that the main premise of his

    41. She acts on the premise that the enemy of my enemy is my

    42. “So you just gave the answer to the question of why the premise of the police suddenly changed! They could not let those whom they hate the most, in other words, you, be responsible for locating the body of Madeleine! Can you imagine? Television, radio, magazines, and newspapers around the world announcing that the Love Spirits had discovered, through the spiritual means of Love, what had happened to Madeleine? They crafted and executed this case with one sole intention: T H E L O V E S P I R I T S

    43. The premise that is the basis of this book is that the biblical “Exodus” is a real account of the movement of real people

    44. The premise that is the basis of this book is that the biblical “Exodus” is a real account of the

    45. reflect on two things as a premise to what I will be talking to you about

    46. The premise behind

    47. Brands have bought into this model for decades, and the overriding premise is that it is a numbers game

    48. The premise is the firms

    49. How’s that for a premise? That would make the best Famous Five story yet!

    50. The plotline, or premise, that I used to kick things off, did a little shimmy right where things reached their peak

    1. premised on the notion that some alterations are initiated through the operation of intrinsic

    2. There is a certain view of ethics which is premised on the notion that ethical concerns consist

    3. were premised as voluntary rather than mandatory, egoists can make such choices as they see fit

    4. Most of both religions and philosophies have been premised on the proposition that people want

    5. Suggestions are often premised on the assumption that their purveyors

    6. That is what the idea of ‘hope’ was premised upon

    7. And from his inspired knowledge of the whole premised concludes it would be far better for him immediately to die than to live, so far as his own happiness is concerned”—Life and Death, page 75

    8. To affirm that because angels are immortal—exempt from death—that they are therefore beyond the power of God to destroy, should they forfeit the right to live, in bringing more into the conclusion than is, or can be forced into the premised, and makes God’s power greater to create than to tear down

    9. This being premised, I would ask the gentleman who is of opinion that there is no absolute or unchangeable idea of beauty--in whose opinion the beautiful is the manifold--

    10. They have been premised on flexible and progressive attitudes and the willingness to take risks in search of world peace and were masterfully combined with: (a) strength and decisiveness when U

    11. Nevertheless when the investor does exchange his bond into the stock, he abandons the priority and the unqualified claim to principal and interest upon which the purchase was originally premised

    12. Exchange offers frequently fail because they are premised on the often-fallacious assumption that creditors will accept an instrument with more immediate market value (as opposed to inherent or potential value) in exchange for outstanding debt securities that have a currently depressed market value (see earlier GMAC example)

    13. But here be it premised, that owing to the unwearied activity with which of late they have been hunted over all four oceans, the Sperm Whales, instead of almost invariably sailing in small detached companies, as in former times, are now frequently met with in extensive herds, sometimes embracing so great a multitude, that it would almost seem as if numerous nations of them had sworn solemn league and covenant for mutual assistance and protection

    14. But apart from temporary aberration, the doctor diagnosed mania, which premised, in his words, to lead to complete insanity in the future

    15. then premised that he had disapproved the introduction of the resolution of approbation at the last session; that he considered unnecessary; but the present he considered not only unnecessary, but even pernicious

    16. Gold premised, that he did not rise to enter into the general policy of the war; nor could he deny it to be the duty of those who have declared the war, to provide an army to carry it on

    1. interest – including visiting the customer premises on a purely

    2. He took some pictures with his camera phone, then crossed the road and entered the narrow little premises that was the bane of Darklow's new debtor classes

    3. They vacated the premises and gave the keys to the court

    4. Given her brother’s obvious lack of filial concern for his sister and given Annie’s disgust at his behaviour, there seemed little alternative but that she should vacate the premises

    5. We do not stay up too late, it has been an emotional day and I cannot help thinking that we might find it a little inhibiting having my son on the premises tomorrow night

    6. that she should vacate the premises

    7. As far as he could tell, the occupants of the Lexus were strangers to him, which means that Jock has to be on the premises somewhere

    8. The premises where food handling takes place has to be approved and licensed

    9. The construction of the premises must be inspected by several layers of government at several times

    10. peeping tom on the premises, and there was already security a mile down the road

    11. smoke! Other families filled the premises and waved to

    12. and cooked on the premises

    13. There were also eight staff that lived on the premises

    14. he entered the premises, stabbed, and thrown out the

    15. As such, he faithfully complied with body, mind, and pocketbook to the best of his abilities with the premises and objectives of the material-world maxims, wanting to be a model citizen respected among his peers for his conformity and his open willingness to be “one of the gang

    16. As such, he had faithfully complied with body, mind, and pocketbook to the best of his abilities with the premises and objectives of the material-world maxims, wanting to be a model citizen respected among his peers for his conformity and his open willingness to be “one of the gang

    17. To achieve this, Feng Shui masters may recommend placing an aquarium at a strategic location in one’s premises

    18. They are used for flooring in the premises with intensive movement and high requirements to purity

    19. I have with me a warrant to search your premises

    20. They stood silently looking at the beauty and then Elizabeth said, “I remember one of my neighbors telling me that locals had volunteered to maintain the premises but had to give up a couple of years ago

    21. Thus, the ship was ordered to immediately to evacuate the premises

    22. Rand further advises that if you think you have encountered a contradiction, check your premises, because one of them will be wrong

    23. Bernie claimed to have nothing to do with it, that it belonged to one of his girls, but it was on his premises

    24. Being in the College premises made him nervous

    25. Art Stupefaction conceals an inherent baseness common to affected styles and manners that is often lost on the casual observer, captivated as many of them are by erratic forms for their own sake without giving considered thought to their (social) implications; radical ―art‖ forms whose intended meaning, if any, are often unclear, its premises anti-social, tasteless, adolescent, absurd, valueless and immoral

    26. Assumptions by modern revisionists seeking to belie historical traditions, avidly supported by special interests with political axes to grind, however discredited such assumptions oftentimes are, may further promote muddled-headed thinking by ultimately winning the battle of ideas, however questionable their premises, by perpetuating falsehoods that, on the surface, oftentimes appear plausible to variable, ―discerning‖ young minds armed with partial knowledge, but sufficient enough to receive distorted impressions at their face value, rendering many vulnerable to questionable or unlikely propositions that bear little or no resemblance to the truth; advanced by (political and social) deconstructionists alienated from their (hated) customs, offering in exchange, contemporary standards predicated on historical fallacies, deception, inflicted reasoning and ignominious viewpoints

    27. I am sure all will be at the new Dog School premises for it moved in the 22 years since I left

    28. A moral relativist, on the other hand, is likely to embrace a broader set of (moral/ethical) assumptions whose arbitrary premises are less in keeping with absolute ideas that otherwise require critical thinking

    29. An individual may be aware of having achieved some contingent level of (material) competence in whatever manner, although an awareness of such competence oftentimes implies a presumption of knowledge based on reasonable evidence or what is otherwise assumed to be conditional knowledge because of the (existing) possibility of (potential) misunderstanding(s) or other faulty premise(s) that would otherwise call its absolute certainty into question

    30. The former is oftentimes based on faulty (intellectual) assumptions or premises or an inability to think (critically); the latter, on deficient reasoning

    31. Let us say you have a mine or any other premises in Africa and the fence around it is electrified as it often is

    32. That certain elements in our society consider tax-relief counter productive to the interests and material well-being of every citizen would be advised to sign up for an introductory course in Economics 101! (If in fact our college professors understand its basic premises) It was not owing to chance that Mr

    33. We don't know -what the exact time he arrived at apartment 3C, but he had a key to enter the premises

    34. One of my basic premises, is that none of us can really change who we are

    35. His Thai wife took over the premises with some bungalows and they have added more

    36. “We both disagree with its premises and its conclusions

    37. If I tried, I would be removed from the premises

    38. The focus of this evaluation is in the efficiency of as this Project is conducing its activities with productivity, that is, to do the same thing with much less, to satisfy the premises of the new organization style that it produces the operational gain and to obtain the same results with utilization of only 20% of the 100% that today are spent

    39. I‘m here to escort you off the premises

    40. “The purpose of our search would be to locate and remove any of the Divergent from the premises

    41. When her school was taken over by the government (this was happening again!), I moved with the staff and a new principal to large modern premises on the edge of the city

    42. He claimed that he saw dead bodies on the premises of the crematorium

    43. With the initial inspection, the research team found a human skull and some human bones on the premises

    44. The research team detected a total of 339 dead bodies on the premises which were not cremated

    45. In spite of this finding, 339 bodies were half buried, stacked in storage rooms, rotting or simply discarded in the bushes on the premises

    46. How to conduct a church-less funeral? Very simple! Last respects and the viewing of the body can be arranged at the undertaker’s premises

    47. The funeral procession will then make its way to the cemetery, from the undertaker’s premises

    48. Undertakers normally have a small chapel at their premises for a small funeral service

    49. If this option is chosen one would also need to pay for the viewing room at the undertakers premises

    50. Family and friends are informed that the body may be viewed at the undertaker’s premises, if the relatives choose this option

    1. I venture to add a few pages on this subject in a spirit of reverent inquiry, rather than of dogmatic assertion; premising that with us this is not a question of speculation, but simply of interpretation, and that it is not desired to vindicate for such interpretations a larger space in thought than the subject to be examined occupies in the sacred writings; much less to encourage delusive hopes of purgatorial salvation in those who neglect the gospel if offered on earth, whose 'damnation slumbereth not

    2. McKim offered to the House the following resolution, premising that he had been particularly induced to offer it, by considerations resulting from the present state of things in the State of New York, arising from the disability of the District Judge, by which upwards of seven hundred suits were kept in suspense, to the great injury of individuals and prejudice of the Government

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