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    1. The first words which you will proclaim with your mouth into this

    2. Satan: “i will not die but live, and proclaim what the lord has done! in the

    3. heal the brokenhearted, To proclaim liberty to the captives, And the

    4. They did not appear in the king's court, the marketplaces, or the temple to proclaim God's message as did Elijah, Isaiah,

    5. Can you imagine an entire nation of Pauls going to and fro throughout the earth to proclaim the freedom that they have now experienced in Christ? It will be during the Millennial Kingdom that Israel will fulfill her ultimate purposes of being the priestly nation to the nations (Exodus 19:6)

    6. Proclaim "I am that I am!"

    7. channel, or overhearing saved men and women proclaim their joy in the booth

    8. see the gift and proclaim it

    9. Church in His hands and begins to proclaim His words to them

    10. Advisors, High-Mages, and those who would proclaim themselves Rulers of the Kingdom of Humanity, Keepers of the Wall, and Supreme Protectors of the Seventh World

    1. then i proclaimed that

    2. the tumour and proclaimed the Word of healing

    3. The Word of God was proclaimed in their house… The

    4. Bible, read it and proclaimed the words of healing

    5. proclaimed the Year of Tourism in

    6. ‘Merry Christmas!’ my sister proclaimed, as I pick up the phone

    7. The announcer then proclaimed,

    8. The Republic of the Congo has been proclaimed, and our country is now in the hands of its

    9. A Roman poet had proclaimed in his poem that Augustus was the one who is to come, the divine being to bring salvation to humanity

    10. Witnesses came forth and proclaimed they saw the son of god ascending to the right hand of the father Zeus

    1. our diseases and began proclaiming that truth, freedom came into our

    2. When the Christians started proclaiming that this is sin, it brought all eyes upon those Jewish people

    3. He is still proclaiming life to the dead and freedom to the captive

    4. A stick thin model is wearing nothing but Lederhosen under a banner headline proclaiming that Austria is this year's chic summer fashion inspiration

    5. Most definitely” She answered, rapidly, hoping Beth was about to lead the other's into proclaiming it home

    6. and proclaiming the praise of the

    7. exists and proclaiming the reality that God says can be

    8. of the enemy by proclaiming truth

    9. proclaiming the Word of God filled the air

    10. Theodorous leapt to his feet, surprisingly fast considering all the armor he wore, and slapped his hand to his chest, proclaiming, "It would be an honor Solo Ki to end my days at your side

    1. This book proclaims the truth, that trapped emotions

    2. proclaims the truth of God without being pushed by the waves of

    3. Ample Old Testament prophecy proclaims that their Messiah will be their

    4. Such as, that the earth represents objective reality as science seems to insist, or that God exists, as theology proclaims, among other useful propositions that might be propounded that seem today to be beyond objective proof

    5. proclaims foolishness; The hand of the diligent shall bear rule, but the slow and lazy shall be subject to tribute; heaviness in the heart

    6. The Times sees nothing in that story that qualifies as part of “All the News That’s Fit to Print,” as the Times proudly proclaims its policy to be

    7. warning is interpreted as fallible, then it proclaims strongly of the concept of rebirth because one

    8. “I’m not leaving! We can pray here!” Torin proclaims as they kneel and begin praying

    9. 6 All things are before him and nothing has escaped his counsel: 7 Seeing that the heavens declare the glory of God and the firmament shows the work of his hands: day to day utters speech and night to night proclaims knowledge; and there is no speech nor language where their voices are not heard

    10. ” The USLSS Heritage Association proclaims its activities in its quarterly Wreck and Rescue Journal

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    exalt extol glorify laud proclaim exclaim promulgate predicate swear expound declare pronounce