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Frasi con declare (in inglese)

  1. This is all I can declare.
  2. You did declare space for C.
  3. She had to declare bankruptcy.
  4. This I declare about the Lord:.
  5. Japan to declare war on America.

  6. When those with power declare.
  7. They declare that no one passed.
  8. Therefore, I declare it this day.
  9. Declare out loud your intentions.
  10. First, let's declare the array:.
  11. Collins and declare how you plead.
  12. I hereby declare the defendant.
  13. To declare me innocent, of course.
  14. Declare the terms that I am to obey;.
  15. And then declare we only trifles love.

  16. Declare the word of God over your life.
  17. As a king's son? Is it not so? Declare.
  18. They all declare wisdom to be righteous.
  19. They are only able to declare that they.
  20. I have to declare a lack of interest here.
  21. The purpose of this note is to declare Mr.
  22. He'll declare vengeance on the hooded monk.
  23. Do you have proof of the god you declare?
  24. They had stood strong to declare that only.
  25. President, declare to be an enemy combatant.

  26. At no point would a voice declare "Enough!".
  27. Declare to me the truth upon thy conscience;.
  28. He will declare to you things that are coming.
  29. He had already decided to declare the innings.
  30. Therefore, I declare warrior school class open.
  31. Sci–Coll would declare the opposite, however.
  32. I declare this and will proclaim it to the clan.
  33. I went out, of course, and I declare I liked it.
  34. We stand before thee and hereby declare holy war.
  35. I declare, I was never so touched in all my life.
  36. He began to declare how the battle would work out.
  37. He had a secret wish that his wife would declare.
  38. They don’t declare them to be true, only testable.
  39. The doctors would declare him dead at the hospital.
  40. However, I declare that Father does not regularly.
  41. When He has come He will declare to us all things.
  42. Declare unto us the parable of the tares of the field.
  43. Men, I declare to you that we have finished our work.
  44. Still two months left to declare my Board Exam result.
  45. Hitler and Mussolini declare war on the United States.
  46. Taxes can be wiped out if you will declare bankruptcy.
  47. Only Congress has the legal authority to declare war.
  48. Would the police ever declare a death without a body?
  49. Declare it and all of its past actions null and void.
  50. What have I done to you? I declare that I am perplexed.
  51. Indeed he has sent me here to declare war on his behalf.
  52. Ah! You declare yourself to be an idler! prepare to toil.
  53. We will not declare our love, but ask our loves to prove.
  54. Declare it and all of its past actions ―null and void‖.
  55. Antichrist will declare open Jihad upon Israel and the West.
  56. Matty, as we call him, could declare fame in his own right.
  57. They declare that only sterile liquid and bone ash remains.
  58. I declare to you all that I was as much deceived as any one.
  59. Therefore, I declare that depression has no place in my life.
  60. A few decades from now they’ll declare this stately oak a.
  61. And he refuses to declare Calvin unfit despite this evidence.
  62. Why, I declare, here he is! she cried, stopping suddenly.
  63. Of this description of powers is the power to declare war, &c.
  64. The Bible is their weapon, and they declare the spiritual war.
  65. What upon the right to declare war and make peace? None, none.
  66. That is they have to declare they are Leftist or Conservative.
  67. I want to declare peace and acceptance for our identity and ego.
  68. I challenge them to prove Newton correct and not just declare.
  69. At the end of the month we’ll have to declare bankruptcy and.
  70. Newtonians declare gravity as the force of gravity F, that is.
  71. I declare this Ana open, he breathes, and cuts the plastic.
  72. I'll explain that afterwards, but now, my boy, I declare to you.
  74. So they declare him incorrigible, and send him back to the army.
  75. The student should declare, Every false prophecy shall come to.
  76. I declare, now, as I did in the early days, that I did not marry.
  77. Williams) declare, the other day, that his object was also peace.
  78. Luke, who declare that they themselves 'allow this’ (Acts xxvi.
  79. We can never ever declare who goes to heaven and who goes to hell.
  80. Declare him dead; transfer him to Walter Reed under another name.
  81. The edicts of each declare you shall not trade with my adversary.
  82. I declare to my nephew, Guido Spada, my sole heir, that I have bu.
  83. In these cases Congress met to declare that a state of war existed.
  84. With no offer forthcoming, Lehman proceeded to declare it bankrupt.
  85. I believe them, when they declare that such is not their intention.
  86. But I declare to you that such is not the mission of the Son of Man.
  87. And on that note, I hereby declare this com conference adjourned.
  88. They all declare that they hate evil, but secretly they all love it.
  89. A zombi man has body functioning model, but can’t declare answers.
  90. So what this means is that the president could literally declare.
  91. Whether you declare a thing, or hide it, God is Aware of all things.
  92. It's time to declare the situation as it stands so we can make plans.
  93. Jesus, who will return at the same time as Mahdi, and declare to the.
  94. Psalms 2 I will declare the decree: the LORD hath said unto me, Thou.
  95. With 150% of the vote in, the government is ready to declare a winner.
  96. They declare that they are going to suppress that Vaugirard cemetery.
  97. You heard her declare that she’d seen me in the fellow’s disguise.
  98. I now declare this banquet open, the king announced and sat down.
  99. You will also declare a thing, and it will be established for you; so.
  100. I declare that the Sabbath was made for man and not man for the Sabbath.
  1. Declaring brave words here is.
  2. I’m declaring a coup, and challenge.
  3. You will be declaring to yourself and to the.
  5. The dressmaker came to explain, declaring that.
  6. The graphic declaring the boundaries of the Klingon.
  7. But Norman is going about declaring he'll get her yet.
  8. Northern and Southern states declaring that only three-.
  9. After declaring the ships manifest, she was guided to a.
  10. Rodolphe interrupted her, declaring he was "hard up" himself.
  11. The search for truth is as old as the scripture declaring it.
  12. Angel therefore refrained from declaring more particulars now.
  13. I am thus declaring a Red Alert, and this until further notice.
  14. And Homais retired, declaring that he could not understand this.
  15. A court later overturned the law, declaring it unconstitutional.
  16. Declaring My judgments in all the earth, going from city to city.
  17. My, are you declaring your subservience to Unni? she said.
  18. In three weeks she was up, declaring she had to see to the mills.
  19. Then she remembered their argument, Zac declaring himself to her.
  20. This is actually quite simple, we start by declaring a $file_name.
  21. Declaring that the mind and senses are purged by constant remem-.
  22. Rushworth's declaring outright that he would go and fetch the key.
  23. There are certain rules to be met before declaring for bankruptcy.
  24. The new principal began by declaring he would begin interviews for.
  25. Rushworth’s declaring outright that he would go and fetch the key.
  26. A good start would be in declaring null and void all the executive.
  27. We even experience painful sensation in declaring ideas and speaking.
  28. Declaring us to be co- equal with other believers, regardless of your.
  29. That’d be as good as taking out a billboard declaring his intentions.
  30. In the revelation, I saw people out in the streets declaring the truth.
  31. After declaring a structure format we can declare variables of that type.
  32. How? By arbitrarily declaring that a certain tissue or cell is the enemy.
  33. Declaring His sovereignty shifts our focus from our problems to His power.
  34. I had seen the adverts for school declaring that they could teach someone.
  35. He began by declaring to himself that he understood nothing of the matter.
  36. But by declaring his intentions in this way he virtually committed suicide.
  37. The dying man had signed a deposition declaring Benedetto to be the assassin.
  38. It is due to these conditions that I am now declaring a State of Emergency.
  39. This is what the broke security state of GovCorp is declaring to its citizens:.
  40. He keeps rushing about and declaring that no time ought to be wasted on trifles.
  41. After declaring variables, the data is filtered in a single-pole high-pass filter.
  42. They speak to one another declaring their relationship, declaring their commitment.
  43. And we alone shall feed them in Thy name, declaring falsely that it is in Thy name.
  44. We start with importing the required modules and declaring a few Enum parameters [j.
  45. Accepting it as the best answer yet is not the same as declaring it the only answer.
  46. Bridget had huge reservations about this declaring that Anna wasn’t even pregnant.
  47. Nonetheless, the brisk winds have succeeded, declaring today a dull and dreary day.
  48. Bob isn’t the first to awaken to the idea of declaring his individual independence.
  49. On 11th May, 1807, a proclamation declaring the blockade of the Dardanelles and Smyrna.
  50. Men that were instrumental in declaring independence and drafting the Constitution of.
  51. And so warmly declaring that she was much more pleased to see him than she used to be.
  52. Sultan lost no time in declaring the object of his visit, and leading the chief of the.
  53. Declaring us to be part of His body both literally and figuratively, by joining us in a.
  54. Lisa responded immediately, declaring that nobody else here has a problem with us.
  55. Chvabrine began to fumble in his pockets, and ended by declaring he had forgotten the key.
  56. Oh, why have I delayed declaring my love to her? How costly would that prove for me?’.
  57. Texas insurgents applied to become a US state only two days after declaring independence.
  58. After declaring variables, the coefficients of a 20-bar SuperSmoother filter are computed.
  59. I "spoke the word," declaring Spirit was "never too late" and that the supply was at hand.
  60. Acts, Chapter 2, they heard them speaking in tongues, declaring the wonderful works of God.
  61. After declaring that he considered his motions as calculated for permanent regulations, Mr.
  62. Yet the blustering asses in France and England still insisted on declaring war on Germany.
  63. And as for the great notice board declaring a ‘House fit for a prince constructed for Mr.
  64. Therefore the noble verse was sent down, declaring the cessation of the sending of miracles.
  65. In a couple of years or so, girls, young and bold would walk into his office declaring love.
  66. Erskine, that it conveys a contrary idea, by declaring that he was indebted for it to his (Mr.
  67. Later, he would learn, the United States had apologized, declaring it had been an unfortunate.
  68. On 8th January, 1808, a proclamation issued declaring the blockade of Carthagena, Cadiz, and St.
  69. The latter fell to his knees, imploring mercy, and declaring that it was not he who killed them.
  70. Reaching the vestibule doors, Aspen knocked softly on the wood before declaring herself clearly.
  71. He changed the scenario of brief war into victory declaring himself the greatest in the Arab world.
  72. Trevanion hesitated about declaring an intention to remain without the others through the noon hour.
  73. Iadros demanded hanging for these murderers, declaring that they’d offended the Gods by shedding.
  74. He insisted upon it, declaring beforehand that he was willing to make any sacrifice the other wished.
  75. On 11th May, 1807, a proclamation declaring the blockade of the coast between the Elbe, Weser, and Ems.
  76. In March 2001, just nine months before declaring bankruptcy, Enron signaled that it was having trouble.
  77. On 16th May, 1806, a proclamation declaring the blockade of the coast from the Elbe to Brest, inclusive.
  78. These abreks had taken shelter in pits and had fired at the scouts, declaring they would not surrender.
  79. With some effort Nekhludoff began his speech by declaring that he intended to surrender the land to them.
  80. When they gave me the statement officially declaring Jesse dead, burnt beyond recognition, I came undone.
  81. The whole swindle, the excuse for England declaring war on Germany was a con game from the very beginning.
  82. Plato and Xenophon would never have ventured on declaring that Socrates was the Infinite Mind made flesh.
  83. He begged her not to trouble about anything else, declaring that all this fuss about him only annoyed him.
  84. Betsi stood up strait and put her hands on Celeste’s shoulders, declaring in a motherly voice, Supper.
  85. He further tested my position by declaring that he would no longer keep a diary as he did not have enough.
  86. If you’d eaten properly yesterday, you wouldn’t be here, and I wouldn’t be declaring my hand so soon.
  87. Davis at Danville, to the people of the South declaring that the war would be carried on with renewed vigor.
  88. David overcame Goliath by the words of his testimony, declaring his victory even before he took a step forward.
  89. I keep declaring : " something different, something different," yet I keep on scribbling of nothing but myself.
  90. Jazz Bryant, however, quickly had the situation under control declaring the penthouse level to be a crime scene.
  91. But, sir, notwithstanding all this, this Government persisted in declaring that the French decrees were repealed.
  92. It all arose from his laughing at the girls’ high schools, declaring they were useless, while she defended them.
  93. Then he marched off in the direction of the marker post, declaring it was a lovely morning for brisk country hike.
  94. Know this, Annyeke Hallsfoot, he said as if he were declaring a solemn promise to her in the place of joining.
  95. Here she wailed and kept declaring incoherently that her husband was murdered, causing a great flutter in the house.
  96. He robbed us equally in slaughter, killing thousands without declaring he is insane, no psychiatric check up on him.
  97. He tried to restore order by declaring himself Dictator of Gran Colombia in 1828 but it didn’t make any difference.
  98. Nine of them, he wound up declaring, as if it was a certainty, were going to be on the medal podium in Berlin in 1936.
  99. But, why, I pray you? Because such a resistance would have been confined to the idle and nugatory act of declaring it.
  100. That it was not embargo preparatory to war; but, that it was embargo as a substitute for the question of declaring war.
  1. War is declared by law.
  2. It must be declared also.
  3. No war shall be declared.
  4. Some declared, that, if Mr.
  5. Behold, I have declared it!.
  6. It is me, he declared.
  7. Jensen has now declared war.
  8. She was declared the winner.
  9. His mother was declared dead.
  10. He declared to himself that.
  11. Oh, but I am, I declared.
  12. Japan had declared war illegal.
  13. She declared that through her.
  14. It was not prematurely declared.
  15. He declared that he had a system.
  16. Krishn has declared earlier that.
  17. I declared I wouldn't and got mad.
  18. The end result was I declared my.
  19. We have also declared Jihad, the.
  20. Lardner declared to be impossible.
  21. He declared that he was a chemist.
  22. Had a truce been declared? Not.
  23. Let’s see now, he declared.
  24. That’s exactly it, I declared.
  25. She declared that I smoked too much.
  26. He was worried about being declared.
  27. It was declared by the other gods.
  28. Isabelle had declared in her booklet.
  29. General Tomilson declared that the.
  30. They declared, wrongly, that every.
  31. I don’t care! declared Andrew.
  32. He was therefore declared re-elected.
  33. War was declared on the 18th of June.
  34. They trap you,’ my mother declared.
  35. When we declared that we had no such.
  36. She declared, 'That she was never so.
  37. Dark Tower and openly declared himself.
  38. I don’t care anybody! I declared.
  39. England had declared war on Argentine.
  40. She declared she could not give him any.
  41. Okay, this is good, she declared.
  42. Lathgertha had declared her to be a spy.
  43. Les Wright, declared the innings closed.
  44. Conversation over, his set jaw declared.
  45. We must rest, also, declared Volcan.
  46. But Krishn has explicitly declared that.
  47. He must have rest then, he declared.
  48. He declared his love for Jesus amid tears.
  49. We must celebrate declared my brother.
  50. Before declared, an option of the issuer.
  51. Which one? declared the monotone voice.
  52. It was now a declared World Heritage area.
  53. Religious or not, they have declared war.
  54. March declared she felt ten years younger.
  55. I recognize that call, declared Jalhi.
  56. Charlotte then declared her intention to go.
  57. Hello there, declared a booming voice.
  58. A National State of Emergency was declared.
  59. He declared that the original Ka’ba was.
  60. It was all thanks to you, he declared.
  61. Kravchenko declared that he really was ill.
  62. He was therefore declared to be re-elected.
  63. Amalia Ivanovna at once declared that her.
  64. He once declared, Before Abraham was, I am.
  65. The Fates are with us, declared Rodnik.
  66. I wouldn’t think of it, declared Mrs.
  67. You need to up your game, he declared.
  68. One elderly woman declared she had her G, G.
  69. We should share the girls, he declared.
  70. Nepal has declared this to be an illegal act.
  71. As she was departing Afu declared his hunger.
  72. I’ll be back in time, she declared.
  73. She has declared to Her servants the prophets.
  74. Mattie declared that they would throw a party.
  75. Davis had declared? It must be so, since Mrs.
  76. Templars being declared heretics was actioned.
  77. She declared emphatically that the greatest.
  78. Your brother has declared a war against his.
  79. But you were declared dead at the hospital.
  80. Because he himself declared he had such power.
  81. The Warlock’s not dead, Thane declared.
  82. He had declared that the Hippodrome must fail.
  83. I’ll stay in the back, declared Anemone.
  84. PAUL: The whole counsel of God declared by Paul.
  85. I think he's a pathizer!! Declared Smythe.
  86. Anointed of the Heavenly God declared that the.
  87. For I have declared neither the day nor the hour.
  88. Execration: A curse declared; the act of cursing.
  89. They've evidently seen us! Joshua declared.
  90. Eritrea took the hint and declared independence.
  91. God! My Lilibeth, to be declared a heretic!.
  92. Thus, at this time, he declared himself a wise.
  93. It’s a building not a house, he declared.
  94. Heavenly God declared that the tithe was not an.
  95. Drumtone, I’m concerned, declared Oxholm.
  96. Baby, he declared, is having none of it.
  97. I am of this earth and have declared my message.
  98. They were officially declared worthless in 1797.
  99. I’ve heard of Bath, she declared proudly.
  100. On with the show! the flying head declared.
  1. He declares it is death.
  2. Germany declares war on France.
  3. Germany declares war on Russia.
  4. Now He declares: Father, it is.
  5. Who is like Me?! Declares The Alpha.
  6. Why have you, declares the Lord God.
  7. The Lord of hosts declares with grief.
  8. Austro-Hungary declares war on Serbia.
  9. This principle declares that a force of.
  10. Elder Clow declares she made it at him.
  11. Italy declares war on France and Britain.
  12. Declares truths that bring no life.
  13. SWORN, DECLARES JEHOVAH' [Genesis 22:16].
  14. It is not what science declares that is.
  15. He declares that he saw a lady sleeping.
  16. Art is a human activity, declares Tolstoy.
  17. Great Britain then declares war on Germany.
  18. John 3:8 declares, He that committeth sin.
  19. Declares The Lord of Hosts, The Only Creator!.
  20. The time is coming, declares the Lord, when I.
  21. To ask more would be too much, declares The.
  22. The keyword struct declares a structure to hold the.
  23. Your Word declares that You DESPISED THE SHAME of the.
  24. Now the Lord declares No servant can serve two masters.
  25. Our Lord Jesus Christ declares that they shall be many.
  26. Peter, speaking to his fellow Hebrews, declares the power.
  27. He declares, All the women are whores and they all want me.
  28. To lay your hand upon the spire declares both choice and fate.
  29. In the present chapter he declares that the world is a tree.
  30. And now he declares that it is improper to abandon this or-.
  31. At the end over population declares what Satan wants clearly.
  32. Therefore give heed to My speech, for thus declares The Lord:.
  33. When a marketing guru declares that they can earn a couple of.
  34. The first line in the program declares the name of the package:.
  35. He declares that she is one of the healthiest children whom he.
  36. Is this not what it means to know me declares the lord your God?
  37. I'm not going in there, it's too dark! she declares sharply.
  38. Paul again declares that he was 'caught up into Paradise’ (2 Cor.
  39. This principle of gravity declares that a force of attraction by the.
  40. God declares it an ABOMINATION OF THE HEATHEN to burn bodies with fire.
  41. I may use, therefore, the opinion of a Plato, when he declares, 'Every.
  42. A certain cookery book declares that some crabs like to be boiled alive.
  43. Or declares in the name of Mashiach, And by the name of God, who is One.
  44. This declares the array „var containing 10 different integer elements.
  45. The helm is right here, he declares to the startled Cabinet members.
  46. In fact, he has lost his temper again, and declares that he is being robbed.
  47. The true God cannot be allah because he declares Muhammad to be his prophet.
  48. Alhaurín el Grande City Council declares that the death of the calf was not.
  49. And the child is afraid of bees and declares that bees exist to sting people.
  50. Madam, a new astrologer has arrived, who declares that you will be cured as.
  51. The state religion called Juche declares Kim Il-Sung, the first leader, as god.
  52. The Bible declares that the Antichrist will take control of all the oil in the.
  53. The author declares that the agent of this salvation is to be none other than.
  54. I may use, therefore, the opinion of a Plato, when he declares, 'Every soul is.
  55. And when the Federation or the Klingon Empire officially declares war on the.
  56. For instance, he does not blame the General in the matter, but declares that Mlle.
  57. I know of no law in any of the States, which declares this charter constitutional.
  58. In making his demands, man begins at his journey's end that is he declares he has.
  59. But Demosthenes in the Neaera declares that the decree was engraved on a stone stele.
  60. The professor declares that he heard the distant cry, but that he knows nothing more.
  61. The Professor declares that he heard the distant cry, but that he knows nothing more.
  62. God declares that all believers are righteous, that He not only gives this righteous-.
  63. The path I found and remain on, as you know, is Jesus, who declares Himself to be the.
  64. He himself, however, declares this to be nothing, and says that she will soon recover.
  65. For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the Lord.
  66. You are, he declares, attempting to enter the most elite schools in the world.
  67. This resolution declares that we shall no longer submit to such degrading humiliations.
  68. Militant Islam declares that it is dedicated to the destruction of all Western influence.
  69. The Bible declares that those who are naive and wander in their naiveté will find death.
  70. Max Muller declares, perhaps with too much strength, that Hindooism is practically dead.
  71. The announcer declares with feigned excitement in his voice: And, they’re off!.
  72. He declares that human souls are not made by God strong enough to endure an endless torment.
  73. Parameters list It declares variables that will receive the data sent by the calling program.
  74. The Holy Bible is just such a revelation, and declares that the Universe, you, and me are all.
  75. The one and only true and living God our Father in heaven declares His Son to be Jesus Christ.
  76. By the way, Shatov declares that if there's to be a rising in Russia we must begin with atheism.
  77. She declares that her husband is somewhere in Germany, and that she lives here with her brother.
  78. Paul twice declares that the Christian is a new creature’ (or creation), kainh< kti>siv (2 Cor.
  79. If a combatant declares beforehand that he will fire in the air the duel certainly cannot go on.
  80. Paul returns to later in Romans, where he declares he was once alive until the law came, but when.
  81. He also declares that they are then, on that twenty-eighth of April, for the first time, repealed.
  82. But I am convinced that he guessed, though he won't own it to this day, and declares he had no idea.
  83. More than seventy-seven million individuals in the USA Declares are currently feeling a major change.
  85. Only as a last resort, if he declares himself Ayatholla and the crew follow him in dropping the hammer.
  86. He tells us about His miracles, unlimited power, and how everything He declares is nothing but the truth.
  87. He declares to Nicodemus that some are 'begotten of the flesh’ only, others are 'begotten of the Spirit.
  88. He declares his innocence and wants another trial; he obtains one and they condemn him to life imprisonment.
  89. Here, then, at the Last Supper, our Lord declares that He died in order that sin might be forgiven unto men.
  90. Then the chief declares that if they do not submit and disperse, he will be compelled to have recourse to arms.
  91. By throwing these pebbles, the pilgrim declares the reality: the devil is my enemy and can never approach me.
  92. This declares the student as an array of three elements student[0], student[1], student[3] and initializes their.
  93. This is how I shall treat this place and its inhabitants, declares the Lord so as to make this city like Topheth.
  94. Once the company declares the dividend, the dividend risk is eliminated, at least until the next dividend payment.
  95. Bradshaw declares of ELF that these people have a combination of ignorance and malice that is really dangerous.
  96. A single Egyptian ruler declares all other Egyptian Gods illegal, and raises up the SUN as the greatest God of all.
  97. Islam declares circumcision is the fruit of purification by the flesh and the order of merits and boys must have it.
  98. Marduk declares elevation over the Gods, and declares victory over the primal chaos water personified by the dragon.
  99. This clause declares that a citizen cannot be tried again for the same crime if he was found not guilty the first time.
  100. I wanted to bring you a cake instead of a nosegay, but Mavriky Nikolaevitch declares that is not in the Russian spirit.

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