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Frasi con provision (in inglese)

1. Good provision, it is said.
2. So we let the provision go.
3. The CD4033 has a provision.
4. This is an escrow provision.
5. For them is a known provision.
6. The provision of public goods;.
7. But there IS a special provision.

8. He will honor and supply provision.
9. And there is a provision that.
10. I, Myself, shall be his provision!.
11. No term or provision of this Li-.
12. With their Lord they have provision.
13. This interior provision, which is a.
14. Lift them up with provision and prayer.
15. If any provision of this License is.
16. Provision was madefor it by Alfonso el.
17. Bacon spoke in support of this provision.
18. Is there any provision now made? No, sir.
19. And in the heaven is your provision, and.
20. Chief Objection to Noncumulative Provision.
21. Only one issue has a sinking fund provision.
22. There was no provision in the Massachusetts.
23. The most generous who's provision composed of.
24. This displays a trust in God’s provision that.
25. The Creator was ever thoughtful in His provision.
26. The store house of God’s provision is limitless.
27. Your Lord's provision is better, and more lasting.
28. The doors to the guard post and provision shelter.
29. Suddenly he recalled a treat in their provision bag.
30. Constitution makes no provision for true democracy.
31. The promise of provision is given to those who make.
32. One good example is the provision of medical care in.
33. They will have forgiveness, and a bountiful provision.
34. I would include a provision that sets a set amount of.
35. Any reference to rape in a statutory provision must be.
36. There is forgiveness for them, and a generous provision.
37. Th is was an essential provision that ensured gaining of.
38. Verse 14 - Provision of three annul feast days in the year.
39. If he needs provision, what name is that in? Jehovah Jireh.
40. Through which you get blessing and provision of all things.
41. Such a provision was very different from that now proposed.
42. We can rely completely upon this promise of provision (of.
43. Neither had Philip made food provision for such a multitude.
44. Ships often stop there to provision for the lemons and limes.
45. They have to make provision for depreciation of their fixed.
46. Their primary job is the provision of background information.
47. The promise of provision that Jesus gave was based on seeking.
48. In §1 of the additional provision, Item 51 shall be repealed.
49. Without such a provision, we would be not one nation but fifty.
50. Up here the shops were smallish, and chiefly of the provision.
51. The constitutional provision (Article 1, Section 6) of the Con-.
52. And they will have their provision therein, morning and evening.
53. God valued you, and He made provision for that to be dealt with.
54. Whatever thing you are given is only the provision of this life.
55. He is also making provision to bless the giver at a later time.
56. We pulled the money out of our suit coats—another provision of.
57. Those who have faith in Christ enter into the manifold provision.
58. Where is the justice—where the equality—of such a provision?
59. This will lead to our rejection of God’s provision, just as it.
60. The provision to protect our borders seemed especially reasonable.
61. The problem is, qualified plans have a Use-it-or-lose-it provision.
62. Such a provision would be just, and not violate general principles.
63. Also he made provision for the utter destruction of idolaters (Deut.
64. In Nehemiah’s day, the provision for the Levites was not getting.
65. Deceased man’s spirit provision with al items that are necessary.
66. Verse 10 - Provision of the land lying unused every seventh year is.
67. It would look better, anyway if he made some provision for Jonathon.
68. Hoards the riches means: to make them as a provision for living.
69. That was the whole of his provision for a journey of indefinite length.
70. Your Lord expands the provision for whomever He wills, and restricts it.
71. So, if the way out of poverty is education and the provision of adequate.
72. That it contained no express provision against the impressment of seamen.
73. The government needs two methods of information provision to its citizens.
74. The wealthy and well-off, without exception, made provision for a rainy day.
75. Correspondent banking is the provision of banking services by one bank (the.
76. These included the provision of a place of refuge for lost souls like himself.
77. However, competition must be allowed in the provision of services that use it.
78. It's a bright world out there for anglers, and for the men who provision them.
79. While there is no legal provision for the appointment of a guardian of a blind.
80. The principle of this provision was not novel, he said, for it existed already.
81. Convention may not invoke the application of that provision by any other Party;.
82. God’s provision? What about His presence? His salvation? His anointed? The.
83. Twenty cartouches for Gavroche meant a provision of cartridges for the barricade.
84. An exception to this provision may be made if, under abnormal circumstances, the.
85. Caesar used to take bread and give it away in public as a symbol of his provision.
86. God expands the provision for whomever He wills of His servants, and restricts it.
87. The CATs’ last resort was to add a provision they knew would be a poison pill.
88. The scriptural provision is there that they become sons of God, but they turn away.
89. They have high standing with their Lord, and forgiveness, and a generous provision.
90. Chapter 28 Isaac’s idea for the provision for Jacob means that again the laws of.
91. There is actually something more important than the sanitation and provision of food.
92. In all this provision for your children's understanding, one thing we counsel against.
93. The resources of the Church are in God’s provision of the Spirit of Jesus Christ.
94. Verse 20 - The provision of an angel, and the warning in connection with his provision.
95. Gold, recommending a provision by law for these claims, after some objections from Mr.
96. With this provision every American citizen can move freely throughout the fifty states.
97. His living is a poor one, and gives him a stinted provision for himself and his family.
98. Consider yourself in, with the provision that you pass the aptitude tests, of course.
99. The provision for the escape for all within buildings marked with the sign of the cross.
100. For the above reason, the Lord made provision that the tribe of Levi - the sole priestly.
1. Jose had finished provisioning the boat for a week’s cruise.
2. The captain had no choice but to do as he was bid, so hastily provisioning his.
3. With regard to commerce and to provisioning the army, the following was placarded.
4. With regard to commerce and to provisioning the army, the following was placarded everywhere:.
5. He was trying to recruit a cousin who, he said, was a wizard at provisioning as well as a master accountant.
6. Now that most of his Companions had rejoined him, he had Mor Jacques, the order’s chief administrator, to help with the unaccustomed task of organizing and provisioning a large, disparate army.
7. The compute resource: This resource allows one to manage multiple hypervisor platforms, server hardware such as iLO and IPMI, bare metal provisioning with cluster creation, and storage provisioning.
8. Do you have friends who like a spot of tea? Are they traditionalists? If you know of a person who likes tea time or appreciates a good bedtime brew, you are remiss in not provisioning the individual with the popular beverage.
9. For example, a virtual hard disk, when copied over the network for a virtual machine provisioning process, would take hours to complete the copy process depending on the virtual hard disk size as the copy process takes place over the network.
10. The announcement that the provinces occupied by the Grande Armée would be retained by France, and that the nobility and officials would, under no circumstances, be allowed to return, encouraged the peasantry in some districts to assist in provisioning the invading army.
11. Just as Prince Andrew met Nesvitski and Zherkov, there came toward them from the other end of the corridor, Strauch, an Austrian general who on Kutuzov’s staff in charge of the provisioning of the Russian army, and the member of the Hofkriegsrath who had arrived the previous evening.
12. Just as Prince Andrew met Nesvítski and Zherkóv, there came toward them from the other end of the corridor, Strauch, an Austrian general who on Kutúzov’s staff in charge of the provisioning of the Russian army, and the member of the Hofkriegsrath who had arrived the previous evening.
13. Now, I'll tell you something right here, young man, began the staff-captain in a more serious tone, you are to understand that when you command a battery, if you manage things well, that's sufficient; the commander of a battery does not meddle with provisioning the soldiers; that is the way it has been from time immemorial in the artillery.
14. But is the disciple of the world in a more desirable situation? We are so accustomed to believe in all we do for the so-called security of life (the organization of armies, the building of fortresses, the provisioning of troops), that our wardrobes, our systems of medical treatment, our furniture, and our money, all seem like real and stable pledges of our existence.
1. The ships had been provisioned.
2. I was again provisioned by the tree-’puses.
3. There stood the stallion named Flin, saddled and fully provisioned.
4. The troop moved with well-practiced precision and was amply provisioned.
5. We will need that long to get the ship provisioned, and we can leave with convoy.
6. Isaac said, I have provisioned Elizabeth with enough food for you and the kids for ten years.
7. We have procured a Class Two cargo ship to use as a tender and provisioned it for a year’s voyage.
8. Fully provisioned, they left the town by a route that Colling guessed would lead them in a northerly direction.
9. There is some debate as to how this can be provisioned by the website and what constitutes approval from the user.
10. We left right after breakfast and after we had provisioned ourselves with all the technology that the city had to offer.
11. They have prepared for this war more intensely than any war of the past and have amassed an army of approximately eight hundred thousand men that is fully provisioned and should be ready to march within the month.
12. When Peter, Buddy, Daisy and a hundred people all related to the Solomon and Abrams families disappeared without notice after Peter had been fitted with new passenger modules and provisioned for a very long voyage, every intelligence service in the galaxy knew something was up, but none of them knew what it was.
1. Provisions of New York Statute.
2. Once more, we had few provisions.
3. Under the provisions of the Patriot.
4. That’s why we are short on provisions.
5. They stopped for provisions in a small.
6. Raft provisions lasted a few days at most.
7. The critical question regarded provisions.
8. Land who couldn't complete his provisions.
9. You and the boy will be given provisions.
10. I don’t know what provisions the other.
11. She put in enough provisions for two weeks.
12. A donkey was loaded with good provisions of.
13. Trina has agreed to restock your provisions.
14. We have a fixed price for all our provisions.
15. Nevertheless, we will ensure extra provisions.
16. Thankfully our provisions had finally arrived.
17. But I will examine these provisions separately.
18. Probably it may be due to the provisions of Sec.
19. Commentary on the provisions of the Convention.
20. Protective Provisions for Investment-trust Issues.
21. If provisions are wanted, the people must starve.
22. He wouldn’t have to worry about provisions then.
23. You will make provisions for the winter that will.
24. If they except special provisions from the house-.
25. Archer considered the provisions for a second or two.
26. I need basic provisions for a trek into the caves.
27. Captain Hawes needed to purchase provisions for the.
28. Additional Provisions for third parties making use of.
29. While we got the provisions sorted out, I told them—.
30. Pockets in the rafts contained some survival provisions.
31. I was ready to leave now, but we needed the provisions.
32. I - to fulfill the statutory and regimental provisions;.
33. See! there he is now, coming to give out the provisions.
34. Provisions are consistent with apostles being worthy of.
35. He had faithfully carried out all the provisions of the.
36. I will give you some provisions, the rest you will have.
37. Prospectuses of new issues also contain these provisions.
38. He had no destination in mind, no provisions, and no horse.
39. However, Ned Land still found these provisions inadequate.
40. Convention in accordance with the provisions of Article 17.
41. New Bedford, and to procure provisions for the long voyage.
42. Feeding you? Did he bring so much provisions with him?
43. She smiled warmly and handed him the small sack of provisions.
44. The provisions of the Negotiable Instruments Act shall apply.
45. They each carried a backpack, containing essential provisions.
46. To these provisions the clause in question I apprehend refers.
47. I would have to get some provisions, but that would come later.
48. The provisions had not arrived this morning as I’d hoped for.
49. The princess too had prepared provisions for Pierre’s journey.
50. Captain Hawes countered that he did not have enough provisions.
51. As per the provisions of this Act, a DP can offer depository-.
52. The Co-Op they found was a large store and sold most provisions.
53. God dispenses the provisions to whomever He wills, and restricts.
54. We have tendered the provisions of this act to both belligerents.
55. Banks should ensure that the provisions of Foreign Contribution.
56. It was late winter, and they were close to running out of provisions.
57. For when a man looks at the variety and beauty of the provisions.
58. The second deck had storerooms, but they only had provisions in them.
59. A nuisance that was going to eat us out of provisions in short order.
60. Provisions for doubtful accounts are correctly matched to charge-offs.
61. Tudieu! You already have enough provisions in here for a whole year.
62. I whistled Martha into the car, and we headed into town for provisions.
63. They had been the ones who had given her provisions for the journey!.
64. Rules, the provisions of PMLA, 2002 came into effect from July 1, 2005.
65. I’m only sorry we didn’t have these provisions when we were kids!.
66. He saw Mac, the new tail gunner, clutching the survival provisions box.
67. Sebastian followed with Heidi's basket and a large bag with provisions.
68. Euthanasia of sheltered dogs shall be allowed under the provisions of.
69. You see listed a number of provisions to support work execution of jobs.
70. There are some who will have absolutely no time to grab any provisions.
71. We’ve already stashed extra provisions, and we won’t lack for water.
72. In most cases I will talk about the specific provisions in my own words.
73. Unfortunately we were stuck here until tomorrow waiting on our provisions.
74. Rules, 1985 and the relevant provisions of Indian Contract Act and Indian.
75. Arthur told her, We have brought a mass of provisions from city-Calleva.
76. His will made the same dual provisions for posthumous exhibition and sale.
77. The commander then took all of the food and water provisions that were in.
78. She had come back from market and had a bag full of provisions in her hand.
79. Any amendment proposed in accordance with the provisions of the preceding.
80. A few provisions on his back, a craft waiting – with stealth capabilities.
81. Supermajority voting provisions in which changes of control may be involved.
82. The judge took his time reading the will and commented on various provisions.
83. So, you have never had your provisions found and confiscated? she asked.
84. With that he supplied me with provisions, and bade me farewell, and I set out.
85. Statutory provisions regarding the grant of advances against shares contained.
86. Indenture or Charter Provisions Designed to Protect Holder of Senior Securities.
87. Furthermore, the company is exempted from certain provisions in the Labour Act.
88. A fine living is made selling maps and provisions at the base of these ladders.
89. Knowing that all good, favours and provisions he has, are owing to the prayers.
90. Descending from the tree I hastily collected what remained of my provisions and.
91. The example of Coca-Cola stock given here is valid under the provisions of the U.
92. Banks are advised to be guided also by the provisions of Sections 45 ZC to 45 ZF.
93. Peters mother had just come back from the well with the morning water provisions.
94. Pharo’s justice, and sets out with minimum provisions into the desert to die,.

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