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Frasi con terms (in inglese)

  1. I agreed to her terms.
  2. Is given the terms of.
  3. In terms of the said.
  4. In terms of land area.
  5. How much in math terms.

  6. This is why the terms.
  7. VOL I Glossary of Terms.
  8. He put it in simple terms.
  10. In formula terms it is: 0.
  11. Think in terms of quality.
  12. We visit her on her terms.
  13. Coming to terms with myself.
  14. In simple terms, He was a.
  15. The terms do not give much.

  16. She wil come to terms with.
  17. Ive come to terms with that.
  18. Terms to be clear in Audits:.
  19. The terms Copyright © 2005.
  20. In simple terms it meant that.
  21. Decide on the terms of payment.
  22. In practical terms, 5 out of.
  23. Terms and conditions to evolve.
  24. This may be true in terms of.

  26. Terms such a base plate, top.
  27. As if we parted on good terms.
  28. FRAUD ALERT (see Terms to Know).
  29. Here’s what those terms mean.
  30. At least of astronomical terms.
  31. Both in terms of men and taxes.
  32. Only in the most general terms.
  33. He thinks in terms of I can't.
  34. The explanation of some terms:.
  35. But in terms of REAL strength.
  36. It is a contradiction of terms.
  37. In terms of connection to the.
  38. By human terms, I was in love!.
  39. Do you agree to these terms, Mr.
  40. Warrior terms are very simple.
  41. They were not mistaken in terms.
  42. Or let me put it in simple terms.
  43. Zinn described it in terms of U.
  44. WORK is measured in terms of Kgm.
  45. Once all terms have been agreed.
  46. The terms used here are relevant.
  47. Blogging Terms that May Help You.
  48. Don't think in terms of quantity.
  49. Influence of terms and duration.
  50. We have failed to come to terms.
  51. In simple terms; this helps you.
  52. Subject to the above terms and.
  53. She doesn't think in those terms.
  55. Always think in terms of your list.
  56. In number terms, that means your.
  57. I have used Christian terms as a.
  58. Become more familiar of the terms.
  59. I see the world in terms of Light.
  60. M: Look at it in terms of awareness.
  61. Positive terms are mere hints and.
  62. The Khmer Rouge invented new terms.
  63. Do you understand these terms?
  64. Laura saw music in terms of colors.
  65. Chances are, the terms you may be.
  66. In relative terms, about the same.
  67. To have justice on my own terms.
  68. In medical terms ease meant.
  69. In terms of money, I have no idea.
  70. What were the terms? Tori says.
  71. You must have come to terms with it.
  72. The SELF is determined in terms of.
  73. In other simple terms, your matches.
  74. Coming to terms with coming to terms.
  75. It’s stated in no uncertain terms.
  76. The brain thinks in terms of images.
  77. He was open and free with the terms.
  78. What are our terms with Spain?
  79. The average price in terms of range.
  80. The terms of the surrender included:.
  81. A man who no longer thinks in terms.
  82. We ended up on fairly innocuous terms.
  83. In terms of social justice, without.
  84. More important is that, in terms of.
  85. Problems in abbreviated and lay terms.
  86. Board case, and in no uncertain terms.
  87. This will greatly help in terms of SEO.
  88. The explanation of some of its terms:.
  89. I agree to your terms, he vowed.
  90. She bowed her head to agree his terms.
  91. They see everything in military terms.
  92. In more comprehensive terms, lust is.
  93. I’m putting it into today’s terms.
  94. They were on nodding terms with this.
  95. It is always present in medical terms.
  96. Most of these terms are fairly standard.
  97. He sure as hell had his terms mixed up.
  98. Arthur and Maggie were on better terms.
  99. They did not part on the best of terms.
  100. Marriage is defined in terms of a man.
  1. The second is what I cannot help terming the State-philosophical doctrine.
  2. There was some sort of destruction on the face of the earth, which warranted the apostle in terming it thus.
  3. When we stop trying naming and terming it in different intellectual ways, this connectivity becomes even more clear and immediate.
  1. This is termed the threshold EVA.
  2. For the importer it is termed as.
  3. This is what is termed as dual anger.
  4. The so termed electromagnetic spectrum.
  5. This is what is termed as double worry.
  6. In what was termed the largest computer.
  7. Benson termed it, the relaxation response.
  8. They are also termed as Decision Construct.
  9. He had what the doctors termed bilious fever.
  10. Plato also used what were termed as ‘univer-.
  11. He had what the doctors termed ‘bilious fever.
  12. This is termed as the realisation of ‘Surat’.
  13. This more understandable form is termed the.
  14. They termed themselves simply as the Asian Alliance.
  15. Point B is termed the risk-free rate of return.
  16. Jason had lightly termed that meeting, The Inquisition.
  17. When a larger Sun/Star burns out it is termed a supernova.
  18. Monroe termed this as a blanking, sublimation, or veil of.
  19. Fisher rejected what he termed, marginal companies -.
  20. For his prescience, Churchill would be termed a warmonger.
  21. Elizabeth outlined to him what she termed their cover story.
  22. Reserves of this character may be termed Voluntary Reserves.
  23. In mathematics, this term is commonly termed the rate of change.
  24. The Ionian, he replied, and the Lydian; they are termed 'relaxed.
  25. Psychic Protection should really be termed Psychic Power instead.
  26. The underlying part of the nose, termed to as the bridge is the.
  27. The same credit can be termed as import and export LC depending on.
  28. As one author termed it, many Americans are Addicted to Militarism.
  29. The eyes have often been termed as being the windows of/to the Soul.
  30. His lips twisted in an expression that couldn’t be termed a smile.
  31. The medical description for this condition is termed hermaphrodite.
  32. Assembly, which subsequently termed itself the Constituent Assembly.
  33. He took every opportunity to have what he termed a couple of dives.
  34. The shift in priorities is often termed agency factors or agency.
  35. Nominated Bank: The Bank with which credit is available is termed as.
  36. Such a doom in the lake of fire might well be termed the second death.
  37. In behavioral sciences, the subconscious is termed the "middle" brain.
  38. Fishing within the confines of Texas is termed as the big water fishing.
  39. It is most related to what can be termed, the going market price.
  40. Confirming bank: The Bank which adds confirmation to an LC is termed as.
  41. In the case of common stocks, it is also frequently termed the equity.
  42. I presently perceived she was (what is vernacularly termed) trailing Mrs.
  43. And what is good and what is evil is defined by what are termed religions.
  44. However, among academics, there is a righteous adherence to what is termed.
  45. This is termed loss mitigation and is a better option by far than bankruptcy.
  46. Former judge Santosh Hegde termed it ‘pure and simple arrogance of power’.
  47. BOP fits into a category of devices that can be termed trend quality indicators.
  48. NATO certainly couldn’t be termed an imperialist venture, any more than the.
  49. His friends pressed around him with a sorrow that was too strong to be termed.
  50. More recently, another theory, termed hedonic set-point shift theory or allos-.
  51. Firstly, you have what might be termed serial mortality, not true immortality.
  52. From the word "Marguerita," poems in praise of the daisy were termed "Bargerets.
  53. UASL was termed as out of `context’ by the Minister of Communication & Informa-.
  54. Conceptual thought forms are similar to what some cognitive theorists have termed.
  55. This elect few are termed the “CIRCLE “ and this refers to the disciples and.
  56. Issues termed first-leasehold mortgage bonds are in actuality second mortgages.
  57. Financial professionals analyze yield curve behavior through what is termed the.
  58. The pleasure associated with an experience or a particular state was termed hedonia.
  59. United States participation in the Korean and Vietnam Wars was termed police actions.
  60. Most statisticians will lead the student/investor through what is termed the least.
  61. That is commonly termed the originalist, or sometimes the strict constructionist, view.
  62. Light trance is termed light trance because it is not intended for me to take over your.
  63. But none of those whom Rhett had termed the Old Guard were present except Melanie.
  64. It can also be termed a volume indicator because its index value is based on volume flow.
  65. What we have termed matter is actually constantly being created, annihilated and created.
  66. In the teachings of the Bahá'í Faith, there are three core assertions, sometimes termed.
  67. An example of inter-planting would be what is termed the Three Sisters Garden concept.
  68. They were killed as inconvenient casualties of War … and termed; ‘collateral damage’.
  69. Barra, Rosenberg formulated what he termed relative response coefficients which were.
  70. The only thing which exists in the universe is feelings, which we have termed intent.
  71. I had what may be loosely termed huevos rancheros for lunch in a place called Café Bohemia.
  72. Aside from that, you should not indicate those jobs you had before, which were short termed.
  73. These are termed “upper shadow” and “lower shadow” and also are called wicks or tails.
  74. To muster his host and bring it into danger:---this may be termed the business of the general.
  75. Another non-pricey idea is to create what is termed as an island flower bed within your backyard.
  76. However, the flexibility of what is termed parametric statistics, defines the relationship.
  77. However, no less important are what are termed, implicit costs - costs that have an effect.
  78. Douglas termed this "popular sovereignty" but his opponents phrased it as "squatter sovereignty".
  79. He sought and found what he termed really better people who wanted to work in drug development.
  80. The chief reason for this ironic condition is commonly termed as the duality or dichotomy of life.
  81. It would be like being born again, what is termed ‘reincarnated’, only at a more frequent rate.
  82. This is officially termed as alopecia; male pattern baldness is referred to as androgenic alopecia.
  83. This individual, Dick Wantley by name, was of what is usually termed a `rugged' cast of countenance.
  84. I deprecate the course of policy, if policy it may be termed, which is now about to be forced upon us.
  85. Among these the most common is the outcry against what are termed 'forensic notions, on Justification.
  86. During that war, the whole area of what is termed, ‘North Africa’, was a battleground of nations.
  87. Then there are the needs of others, collectively termed community, where conscience needs to be heard.
  88. That was when a group, self termed the Committee, had stepped in to restore order to the panicked masses.
  89. This was what’s termed a suspicious death, and my mind just cannot rest until a puzzle is solved.
  90. Bass fishing or otherwise termed as bass catching is oftentimes considered to be such a humbling experience.
  91. The conditions under which they lived seemed to lead on systematically to those actions which are termed crimes.
  92. The cesarienne, as it was termed, always resulted in an inordinate amount of blood loss from the woman’s womb.
  93. And so, by the dog of Egypt, we have been unconsciously purging the State, which not long ago we termed luxurious.
  94. A sad thing! What it termed its concessions were our conquests; what it termed our encroachments were our rights.
  95. The rule that a sound investment must be able to withstand adversity seems self-evident enough to be termed a truism.
  96. In these current years some extremely naive people have termed that Democracy on the March in the Middle East.
  97. These souls were provided with what are termed universal laws which operate differently on each level of consciousness.
  98. It seemed to her that it was only a personal struggle between ‘Granddad’ and ‘Long-coat’ as she termed Bennigsen.
  99. It seemed to her that it was only a personal struggle between “Granddad” and “Long-coat” as she termed Bennigsen.
  100. Wickland leaned back in his chair and exhaled sharply with a large smile, the kind that would be termed a shit-eating grin.

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1. This is a long term.
2. I frowned at the term.
3. In term of Karma, for.
4. There is a long term.
5. This is all short term.
6. This term come out of.
7. To spend a term in its.
8. This is the long term:.
9. This is a term I have.
10. Hence the term IV crush.
11. Okay was a relative term.
12. Later on this term was.
13. Think of the long term.
14. Types of Long Term Care.
15. Spring term went well too.
16. Why not a fashion term?
17. We have defined the term.
18. Brought to term and born.
19. I prefer the former term.
20. Swami (a term I use when.
21. The use of this term by S.
22. I prefer the term salvage.
23. This has become a term I.
24. Short term highs and lows.
25. The term rings a vague bell.
26. But this too is short term.
27. Optimize for the long term.
28. In long term I think that:.
29. Term had not begun, but he.
30. Th e term invented (i.
31. The term is about to expire.
32. The term "powder" can mean.
33. Longer term impacts of OBEs.
34. But, as the term of months.
35. Shitless is the correct term.
36. In fact neither is the term.
37. This term is widely overused.
38. I recognized the term, Anakim.
39. I didn’t invent the term.
40. That serves the term pulling.
41. Clever bastard: term of abuse.
42. It's our term for debt recap.
43. Is that the term you use?
44. But a burden in the long term.
45. Origin of the term "Wahhabi".
46. The long term result is that.
47. This is an artistic term for.
48. But better is a relative term.
49. Last term he won three awards.
50. Others use the term ego.
51. This is not a short term plan.
52. Path was the term used by the.
53. Poor bastard: term of affection.
54. What is the Long Term Outlook?
55. I'm sure you've heard the term.
56. Compassion is short term, but.
57. They would never use the term.
58. What is the term used in this.
59. Nothing, just an old Earth term.
60. Clients, was the technical term.
61. I haven't seen you all the term.
62. Though worse is a relative term.
63. So we agree on the term ‘soul.
64. But the term is a bit misleading.
65. I’m not familiar with this term.
66. Which is a term for a permanent.
67. In the form I term the unwanted.
68. Ask was really too polite a term.
69. A term used to describe a black.
70. In the long term we should have.
71. And they extended planet’s Term.
72. Giftedness in the Long Term.
73. Harry thought, was the correct term.
74. The absence of utilizing the term.
75. Consider the term disposable income.
76. At least, not on a long term basis.
77. What was the term? Heavy breathing.
78. Another term used is exodus.
79. The term pulling does not suggest.
81. Luck is an ambiguous term for karma.
82. The same is true over the long term.
83. They are proud of their long term.
84. At the beginning of the new term.
85. No term or provision of this Li-.
86. One teacher uses the term active.
87. A second term for Grant is possible.
88. He was only here for the short term.
89. However, square is an abstract term.
90. Hence we have even coined the term.
91. It was evidently a term of reproach.
92. This term is often used by his fans.
93. But I don’t like the term I.
94. Some staff may prefer a short term.
95. Abbot Bradford was fond of the term.
96. Persistence pays in the longer term.
97. To see an example of what the term.
98. What is a business worth long term?
99. That term is an oxymoron, by the way.
100. Which was a bonus in the short term.

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