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Frasi con punishing (in inglese)

And yet, you are punishing.
He was punishing her, she knew.
He had a fixation on punishing.
It would stop the hateful, punishing guilt.
There is no need in me punishing you my son.
I felt like punishing Cuddles for his deed.
That was your conscience punishing you, Davy.

God is Stronger in Might, and More Punishing.
Zeus was punishing the whole camp because of me.
He was going to torment her before punishing her.
God was punishing me for not using my skills to.
Anger means punishing ourself for others’ mistakes.
Punishing us, a woman with short red hair says.
In short, God punished Jesus instead of punishing us.
Violence is an indicator triggered by punishing mind.
That notion possessed a cold, punishing irony for him.
Aborting now would be punishing an innocent life for.
I have already begun by punishing the authors of this.
I chose a weapon much more personal, and more punishing.
I didn’t know if Pallas was helping me or punishing me.
Suddenly the thick body stopped its punishing undulations.
An awful lot of our friends thought that God was punishing.
The Arabs were punishing America for its support for Israel.
The punishing rays were coming through the trees at an angle.
The boy felt God was punishing him by taking his mother away.
Why are you punishing me this way? ¿Por qué me castigas así?
In a punishing assault, he brutally raped her, the pain of the.
Doc hit him again, a cold calculated punishing punch in the mouth.
The CO is banned from punishing or influencing members in any way.
She had never guessed the punishing power of hard-woven silk cords.
Thanks to my Catholic education I lived in fear of a punishing God.
But punishing yourself by feeling guilty does not solve the problem.
He just knew that God was punishing him for stealing that apple pie.
The God of the Bible is a forgiving one, but he is also punishing and.
Washington went up to thirty-four now, Cal to a punishing thirty-eight.
You cannot harm or punish another without harming or punishing yourself.
I couldn’t sustain such a punishing schedule even when I was younger.
And nobody will need waste their time punishing these branded criminal.
He had to be punished.
He was punished by being.
They are punished by fear.
Now she was being punished.
Has he punished you yet?
Serve me or be punished!.
God punished him for his sin.
We got punished by having to.
They are being punished once.
She was punished by her god.
The guilty had to be punished.
And he was punished for that.
That’s why they were punished.
When he is punished for his sin.
You shall be severely punished.
No one will be punished for that.
I think he should be punished.
He is released, and not punished.
She thinks you’ve punished him.
I think I've been punished enough.
You will still be punished for it.
But he will be punished sir?
That is why you should be punished.
She felt she was punished unfairly.
God is wearied; he has punished you.
She was going to be punished anyway.
Only if they are caught and punished.
Was he punished? The law says he was.
They will be punished for these lies.
And severely she was punished for it.
Punished like the wickedest child.
Punished for sowing the seeds of hope.
Zarkog will be punished for his crimes.
Noah wasn’t punished for being naked.
These are crimes that must be punished.
The Orderrans punished the men this way.
Satan and his angels are never punished.
Yet it was by these that I was punished.
The Dragon refused and she punished him.
God that punishes him.
His mother never punishes him.
The machine punishes me severely.
On that Day, none will punish as He punishes.
Allah says this punishes YOU! If that terrible.
It rewards the criminals and punishes the honest.
Obsessions with materialism punishes all other deeds.
He forgives whom He wills, and He punishes whom He wills.
He forgives whomever He wills, and He punishes whomever He wills.
It is no concern of yours whether He redeems them or punishes them.
He is a ruthless god and punishes his followers for his own amusement.
Terrible examples have taught you how he punishes disobedience and crime.
The stock market consistently rewards some strategies and consistently punishes others.
The field marshal is angry with the Emperor and he punishes us all, isn’t it logical?
Once again, no one responds and he punishes that entire class until the problem is resolved.
It makes you wonder if she punishes herself because it’s less than what others will give.
He punishes whom He wills, and He grants mercy to whom He wills, and to Him you will be restored.
The Almighty says: Such is the punishment of your Provider when He punishes the sinful nations.
A Scandal Against The Almighty: For were a woman to commit a crime against her husband, and he punishes.
You should understand that there is a culture present and mind set which punishes those who experience this.
One can say that God punishes us for our sins, or that we are punished by our sins, or that we reap the conse-quences of what we sow.
Do you not know that to God belongs the kingdom of the heavens and the earth? He punishes whom He wills, and He forgives whom He wills.
This is a problem for traders, because the market is like this teacher; it often rewards incorrect behaviors and punishes perfectly correct actions.
And instead of protecting and rewarding you… it either ignores and neglects you if you conform… or it punishes you for the sin of not conforming.
Imagine a completely crazy teacher in a classroom, who without any rhyme or reason randomly screams at some students, ignores some, rewards a few, and punishes others.
Just because you have access to a market and can execute effectively does not mean that you can profit in an environment that immediately punishes any errors or inaccuracies.
Now knowing that God punishes not, but loves his children, even with their faults, gives me a zeal for the road ahead and the plans that God has stored for me in this adventure.
Traders who “play the markets” with a mental framework oriented toward how external society rewards and punishes “good” and “bad” behavior are set up to lose from day one.
God never punishes His children, because all of God’s punishment towards us was taken by Jesus on the cross! (Though He does discipline us in love, which is different than punishment.
The Law hates because it decrees what is right and wrong and hates and punishes the wrong, which is often love, since Love does not seek to condemn and punish, but to forgive and liberate.
When he grasped the Hebrew by the throat he looked like a lover of Death, like one who has a secret relation with the passing of life, who advocates the claims of Death, and who punishes him who would cheat Death.
Violence, even in the most favorable case, when it is not used simply for some personal aims of those in power, always punishes under the one inelastic formula of the law what has long before been condemned by public opinion.
And in what must be the height of hypocrisy, Islam frowns upon adultery and punishes the involved with savagery! And, sadly, it is those Musalmans without moolah to circumvent the sharia that have to face the harsh music of Islam.
It consists in representing the actual organization of the State, whether it be that of a liberal republic or of an arbitrary despotism, as something sacred and immutable, which therefore punishes by the most cruel penalties any attempt at revolution.
When in the usual course of Divine Providence, who punishes nations as well as individuals, His destroying angel shall on this account pass over this country—and sooner or later, pass it will—I may be permitted to hope that over New England his hand will be stayed.
These will avail ye nought! Nor will a Golden Ball within the Privy Place (tho’ some Italian Libertines avow ’twill serve), nor is it true, as the Spaniards believe, that passionate Coitus prevents Fruitfulness an’ Excess of Voluptuousness so punishes the Womb that ’twill not bear.
The law, contrary to all the ordinary principles of justice, first creates the temptation, and then punishes those who yield to it; and it commonly enhances the punishment, too, in proportion to the very circumstance which ought certainly to alleviate it, the temptation to commit the crime.
It would clearly be inappropriate and unconstitutional to inflict further significant punishment without an official trial by one’s peers, though the convicted government official is still subject to a subsequent trial in the same court system that tries and exonerates or punishes all American citizens.
When a democracy which is thirsting for freedom has evil cup-bearers presiding over the feast, and has drunk too deeply of the strong wine of freedom, then, unless her rulers are very amenable and give a plentiful draught, she calls them to account and punishes them, and says that they are cursed oligarchs.
He had gone through the frightful education of social life, of that world where in one evening more crimes are committed in thought and speech than justice ever punishes at the assizes; where jests and clever sayings assassinate the noblest ideas; where no one is counted strong unless his mind sees clear: and to see clear in that world is to believe in.

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He has chosen to punish.
He had chosen to punish.
He will punish those who.
I shall have to punish you.
Why doesn?t he punish the.
It’s me you want to punish.
God would punish her for that.
Kate had not had to punish her.
I should punish you somehow.
I can’t punish her for that.
They’ll punish her it she does.
We will punish negative behaviour.
He wanted to punish the bitches!.
Don’t punish me, he begged.
She never failed to punish him for.
Don’t punish my mother for my sins.
There was no one to punish or blame.
Certainly one does not punish for it.
To punish him further, he appointed.
Let the locals punish her for stealing.
Well, punish me for the letter of the law.
You didn’t have to punish her like this.
To punish me, he shut me up in this vase.
He decided to punish him—to let him live.
God does not punish us for having desires.
Papa comes home, and then he can punish Heidi.
On that Day, none will punish as He punishes.
He would have to punish Wulfric with his fists.
I am not obliged to punish myself for her sins.
In the name of The Law, punish them mercilessly.
If you punish you, hold the inner evil of Satan.
From out the murderer's hands; he went to punish.
So we have other methods to punish our criminals.
God will punish him with the greatest punishment.
He will surely punish them for their allegations.
So he was going to punish me with near blindness.
Even the child knows there are many ways to punish.
Punish her! exclaimed Elizabeth, taken aback.
Exile me, punish me, but don't bother me any more.
The Goddesses sent a terrible flood to punish them.