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Frasi con rancid (in inglese)

  1. Let me see, Rancid said.
  2. Rancid looked the screen over.
  3. Then who is? Rancid asked.
  4. Rancid shook his head in disgust.
  5. Wait a second, Rancid said.

  6. Rancid body odor wafted the air.
  7. He has keys, Rancid replied.
  8. Rancid stood silent as he thought.
  9. What the fuck? Rancid asked.
  10. It was Rancid, Bohdan replied.
  11. Holy shit, it is, Rancid said.
  12. I’m not stupid, Rancid replied.
  13. I’m grazing on the rancid treat -.
  14. Which one is that? Rancid asked.
  15. Ashley was shocked at what Rancid said.

  16. Whatever it was, the taste was rancid.
  17. These are also not likely to go rancid.
  18. Rancid moved in close and read the copy.
  19. One was Isaac and the other was Rancid.
  20. Smart, very smart, Rancid replied.
  21. What’s this place? Rancid asked.
  22. Steve sat back down and looked at Rancid.
  23. That’s not news to me, Rancid said.
  24. What do you have there? Rancid asked.
  25. Rancid asked, Why does that matter?

  26. Looks like Rancid volunteered for the job.
  27. Tomo could smell the man’s rancid breath.
  28. Rancid zombie brains colored the pavement.
  29. The acrid smell of vodka and rancid puke.
  30. The deputy stood waiting for Rancid to move.
  31. Spells? Are you kidding? Rancid asked.
  32. Most oils turn rancid when they are heated.
  33. Rancid took a long drink and raised his head.
  34. The rancid odor, almost sweet, overtook him.
  35. Whether true or not, Darkbough had a rancid.
  36. It’s the fucking police, Rancid said.
  37. Look what we have here! Rancid spoke up.
  38. I left it back at the cabin, Rancid said.
  39. She looked as if she smelled something rancid.
  40. I can use that to my advantage, Rancid said.
  41. Rancid walked over to the pod and looked inside.
  42. The rancid youth clearly was trying to engage.
  43. I heard a long time ago that Rancid was gay.
  44. How did you two end up here? Rancid asked.
  45. What are we going to do now? Rancid asked.
  46. Rancid heard footsteps and turned to the doorway.
  47. I don’t think Isaac is gay, Rancid said.
  48. How long have you lived here? Rancid asked.
  49. There must be a key somewhere, Rancid said.
  50. Rancid scratched his chin and thought for a second.
  51. Rancid moved the camera and pointed it at the pod.
  52. You need to go to the infirmary, Rancid said.
  53. Avoiding rancid oils is one of the keys to health.
  54. Rancid walked back over to where Isaac was standing.
  55. Rancid opened his mouth and showed his fangs as well.
  56. Yeep! I cried, looking into the rancid maw of.
  57. I wish we had a television in here, Rancid said.
  58. And how do you propose to do that? Rancid asked.
  59. Rancid squinted his eyes and tried to read the print.
  60. The tarpaulins stunk with the rancid smell of pig fat.
  61. Steve looked up at the ceiling vent and back at Rancid.
  62. I wonder how they figured that out? Rancid asked.
  63. Neumann One shoulders out, something rancid in his eyes.
  64. The deputy looked up at Rancid and stared into his eyes.
  65. Fuck you, Rancid said, and flipped off the deputy.
  66. And that’s how I ended up in prison, Rancid said.
  67. Rancid said, I smell her as well, she’s in the woods.
  68. Just then Steve noticed Isaac and Rancid approach the pod.
  69. At the console, Rancid sat down and looked at the monitors.
  70. Rancid took a long look and found what he was looking for.
  71. You can stay here for all I care, he said to Rancid.
  72. Rancid let go and crawled over to the bottle retrieving it.
  73. Then Rancid noticed something else on the computer monitor.
  74. It brought to mind morning dew, rather than rancid pig flop.
  75. If you want to die, I can arrange that too, Rancid said.
  76. Bill considered another cup of cold, rancid and bitter coffee.
  77. Great, now we have the feds to worry about, Rancid said.
  78. He didn’t say anything else and stepped back next to Rancid.
  79. He tried to ignore the rancid saliva trailing out of its jaws.
  80. I want to ask him a question before he dies, Rancid said.
  81. Fuck, I can give you a hand with that missy, Rancid said.
  82. Rancid and Bohdan joined Isaac at the table and Rancid sat down.
  83. What does it say on the bottom of the screen? Rancid asked.
  84. As far as his constant state of rancid misery could be overjoyed.
  85. The rancid stench of decay stung his nose and made his eyes water.
  86. I think we should discuss that before we try it, Rancid said.
  87. Rancid spoke up, If she leaves, what will you feed on later?
  88. Rancid stepped out of the cabin and looked towards the westbound sun.
  89. It was sickening to be in the house when the rancid oil was heated up.
  90. Rancid looked over at the deputy and saw him grinning from ear to ear.
  91. The sound startled Rancid causing him to turn around without thinking.
  92. The sheriff looked to Rancid and pointed his rifle at him from the hip.
  93. Rancid watched the deputy leave the jail and close the door behind him.
  94. They could make out it was Rancid, and he was limping, holding his arm.
  95. As Rancid approached, he noticed Cara and Bohdan and paused for a moment.
  96. Rancid stepped back around the wall to the window and looked at the note.
  97. A moment later, Rancid was on his feet followed by Isaac rushing the deputy.
  98. Isaac and Rancid were both chatting, sitting at a table in the commons area.
  99. Song of soul sound, so yesteryears rancid shadow hangs over the heads of our.
  100. I hope it is already in your possession, otherwise the butter will be rancid.

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