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Frasi con repulsive (in inglese)

1. It is a repulsive subject.
2. I find the suggestion repulsive.
3. Food, really? That is so repulsive.
4. The very thought was repulsive to Nikko.
5. It's a repulsive thing I'm speaking of.
6. That’s ’cause it’s so repulsive.
7. Violence was repulsive for her to commit.

8. This little scene has been very repulsive.
9. Church of his day was repulsive to Joseph:.
10. It was a sight that Windzer found repulsive.
11. I find the thought of this totally repulsive.
12. Both husband and wife seemed repulsive to Anna.
13. Its aspect was frankly disgusting and repulsive.
14. They found it old-fashioned and quite repulsive.
15. He was thin, repulsive, and extremely effeminate.
16. At first, this was somewhat repulsive to Scaliger.
17. Its quite repulsive, all that accumulation of fat.
18. The most repulsive of voices is the donkey's voice.
19. It had all been one of his repulsive drunken jests.
20. He would be fascinating if he were not so repulsive.
21. This seemed different though, not repulsive or wrong.
22. Then thy repulsive squalor and contamination could be.
23. A repulsive act by urban pigeons is their often-times.
24. Such people have such a sinister, repulsive, hostile.
25. O’Brien never realized what a repulsive thing a human.
26. Helez felt she couldn’t lie; lying was repulsive to her.
27. They were repulsive, but she could not get away from them.
28. He couldn’t stand to look at her repulsive body any longer.
29. This is a new phenomenon and it is exceedingly repulsive to me.
30. There followed a scene savage and repulsive in its gruesomeness.
31. I wish he had been with us then, I would not look so repulsive.
32. Each helium nucleus has two protons, so the repulsive force is.
33. Julian, what you did was repulsive and you should be punished.
34. Her freedom from that repulsive little toad of man was in sight.
35. The spectacle became insupportably repulsive, indeed nauseating.
36. The dark reddish and repulsive liquid had a sinister gleam to Mr.
37. Roi-de-Sicile, one almost immediately encounters a repulsive ruin.
38. They’re repulsive, and an embarrassment that should be hidden.
39. My hour or so was nearly up when this repulsive older man sidled.
40. Even an unmistakably intelligent laugh will sometimes be repulsive.
41. Lesley stiffened as though the idea was not only new but also repulsive.
42. Now, after Sally’s death, it seemed wrong, almost repulsive to Shapiro.
43. I heard the most repulsive and profane words ever came out of their mouths.
44. You then rubbed excrement into it and watched it fester and grow repulsive.
45. The house of the Major Commandant seemed to me a repulsive, accursed place.
46. How many fine-looking boys came to us! In a few years they became repulsive.
47. With him a horde of equal repulsive creatures settled to the floor of the inn.
48. Doing whatever that repulsive moron wants just to keep an eye on the place.
49. In this stage of his ideas, Jean Valjean appeared to him hideous and repulsive.
50. It was not as bad as the pimple popping game, she thought, but still repulsive.
51. Everything about him was repulsive but worse was the evil that emanated from him.
52. Not repulsive like lieutenant Tengine, but having no effect on the hormonal system.
53. She wasn’t as fat and repulsive as they were, although still far from attractive.
54. I found their lascivious posturing repulsive and their red-stained teeth nauseating.
55. Nixon’s reputed intent to use the IRS against his enemies would have been repulsive.
56. The woman jerked away as though she had seen something repulsive in Virginia’s face.
57. There is no doubt in my mind that it is serious enough and repulsive to require dismissal.
58. He holds my wrist in his mouth, digging his repulsive teeth deeper into my skin and tissue.
59. She thought, I could see, that I was practising a repulsive parsimony on defenceless guests.
60. That Camilla had claimed every single person who had ever met Moa thought she was repulsive.
61. The ambiguity of the accompanying screaming forced Tim’s mind to imagine something repulsive.
62. Calvin wasn’t ugly, but the thought of letting him get close to her was absolutely repulsive.
63. And now, when the question of voting had come, this repulsive fact told more strongly against Mr.
64. This repulsive creature was hurled aside as Belial entered the room with a rush of mighty wings.
65. Harry’s latest work evoked a very strong emotion in me, attractive and repulsive at the same time.
66. There was a wilderness of beautiful white flowers, anddeath was made as little repulsive as might be.
67. My wife as a murderer was frightening, repulsive, but the baby as a lie was almost impossible to bear.
68. Such people have such a sinister, repulsive, hostile air to them that I wouldn’t doubt that, if this.
69. But the idea of returning to that room where she had spent so many nightmare hours was repulsive to her.
70. Like witnessing a high-speed car crash, the scene before her was both repulsive and strangely fascinating.
71. But the officer with the satchel, whose face he had seen before somewhere, seemed bold and repulsive to him.
72. Gorgeous gold-embroidered court dresses and rich furs were donned by persons of the most repulsive exterior.
73. This became repulsive, and the only thing that made it endurable was my abhorrence of their boot leather souls.
74. Still less true would it be to pronounce these men brutes, to whom such deeds are congenial rather than repulsive.
75. It rendered his handsome face repulsive for the moment, as he grasped the arm which was not clinging to Aunt Huldah.
76. I am not a student of war, as I find it repulsive, disgusting, demeaning, infantile, wasteful, degrading and horrible.
77. I can’t wait to take this bloody dress off, not because the blood is repulsive, but because it’s making me hungry.
78. Hari never missed an opportunity to use his repulsive charms on Sasha who in return would shower him with verbal abuse.
79. It was unclean, despised, repulsive, and superb, ugly in the eyes of the bourgeois, melancholy in the eyes of the thinker.
80. Vermont was so repulsive to a confederacy with the United States, as not to be mentioned in the articles of Confederation.
81. Light bends due to repulsive forces which make it try to avoid hitting anything directly in its path, not attractive forces.
82. As I turn over the pages I see my notes upon the repulsive story of the red leech and the terrible death of Crosby the banker.
83. As I turn over the pages, I see my notes upon the repulsive story of the red leech and the terrible death of Crosby, the banker.
84. He was, as the inspector had said, extremely dirty, but the grime which covered his face could not conceal its repulsive ugliness.
85. The day was hot, cloudy, sad—one of those days when places like a hospital assume a particularly disagreeable and repulsive look.
86. How happy I would be if I could end my days in solitude and principally, in conditions, not repulsive and torturing to my conscience.
87. She could see that the prospect of examining her body was arousing him so she decided to have some fun with the repulsive little man.
88. If there really was something unpleasing and repulsive in his rather good-looking and imposing countenance, it was due to quite other.
89. He was getting irritated at the way Pine was using his name at the end of every question, saying it as though it was something repulsive.
90. McGarvey has used his powers of reason, and his mature judgment, upon this theory of retribution, and he found it repulsive to his soul.
91. To the beast it was like ammonia and it turned away quickly spotting a nearby group of watching soldiers whose smell was not so repulsive.
92. Celeste thought of the morning when Jane had told her about Ziggy’s biological father, the repulsive man who had more or less raped her.
93. I was sad and apathetic, the usual songs, cards, drinking-bouts, and talk of rewards in the regiment, were more repulsive to me than usual.
94. As soon as contact with her personification ceased, she reverted back to the repulsive Major Imogene Tengine he had known the whole voyage.
95. This repulsive pillow was her especial property, being used as a weapon of defense, a barricade, or a stern preventive of too much slumber.
96. The mirth of wicked little boys, who pitch a dog’s tail in a split stick, and make merry over it, is repulsive and incomprehensible to us.
97. Magnetism—A physical phenomenon produced by the motion of electric charge, which results in attractive and repulsive forces between objects.
98. If there really was something unpleasing and repulsive in his rather good-looking and imposing countenance, it was due to quite other causes.
99. If there really was something unpleasing and repulsive in his rather good‐looking and imposing countenance, it was due to quite other causes.
100. She was unable to say whether the dim repulsive face blinked up at her from the shadows at her feet, or looked down at her from an immense height.

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