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    1. Mechanically, she throws another dog on a bun, adds the mustard and relish

    2. I ate my meals with relish

    3. Menachem raised one eye-brow, grinned back at me, and then set about his own breakfast with unusual relish

    4. ’ Gilla replied, passing me some sweet tomato relish to add to my cheese

    5. about them with the politely but barely disguised relish that the

    6. relish the thought of stepping over the edge, or

    7. Fred told this tale with a certain amount of relish, and Tom found

    8. For all that he had little opinion of Ozzie, Andy didn’t relish being on the receiving end of a well-deserved shouting session

    9. The problem with living in the tropics is that you rarely have fires and the like and I’m too much of typical Englishman to relish that

    10. ‘Oh, I hope so,’ said Legrand with relish

    11. I don’t know about contentment, but it allows me to relish the sunshine and the birdsong and the breeze

    12. It was the kind of silence that he would usually relish during long days, but this time it let all those wretched thoughts run wild again in his head

    13. Her little knot of conscripts entered what appeared to be a galley, though the only 'food' was a gloppy gelatinous muck that the Naud gulped and slurped with relish

    14. Some people seemed to relish these visitations whereas others were either confused or frightened

    15. I’d been doing the Jupiter run for five years and didn’t relish doing that for the rest of my life

    16. He did not relish the idea of being hungry as well as cold and tired, the first two complaints were quite enough on their own, he was not sure he could cope with a third

    17. I don’t relish carrying this all that way

    18. ‘Make it so,’ Torbin said with a certain relish

    19. So, with a relish that somewhat offset his apprehension, he pulled out what he knew to be a cutting laser (he tested it on a dividing bulkhead during the journey) and set it working against the seal

    20. She didn't relish the idea of confronting Frank, but she felt it had to be done

    21. He didn’t relish the idea of returning to Kerak’Otozi to report his failure

    22. When time is slipping uncontrollably through your fingers, it’s strange the things you relish

    23. Dorro also wanted to relish his extra time, putting his mind to the problem of the missing children and perhaps a little fishing, too

    24. If the opportunity came for them to face off with blades, Longleaf would relish the opportunity

    25. They resist at first, and then they relish the flight, the power of it

    26. After Grey began eating the fish with obvious relish, Broshee nibbled at a small piece

    27. I was grateful for God’s quick response as I felt myself relish the calm flowing over me

    28. It was a job I did not relish

    29. “By the way, one or two of your soldiers look familiar,” he noted with a certain relish

    30. My boss orders me to do things I don't relish or enjoy, but I have to do it

    31. “Incidentally, I have just turned in all your psychological assessments,” he said with a certain relish

    32. ” The sim said this with a certain relish

    33. ” The driver complied with a certain relish

    34. "Will we reach the pond before nightfall? I don't relish pushing our way through the forest in the dark

    35. He believed he was beginning to understand what Hilderich was about to propose and he did not relish the thought

    36. ” Brendan made this statement with a certain flair, a kind of relish

    37. He did not relish this second chance at smelling death once again though

    38. I find the human form so exceptionally vulgar and so thoroughly imperfect that I relish every minute of the sensations it imparts

    39. His anticipation of what his future might possibly consist, lay in the back of his mind to relish in those moments just before sleep overtook him

    40. There’s a tray that you make your hamburgers with: raw Bermuda onions, relish,

    41. They don’t relish the idea of abolishing Roe versus Wade

    42. With relish, she sticks the needle in his neck and presses the plunger

    43. He thought that he would relish some of Ellen's pungent conversation

    44. Ellen thought these things over as she walked home, tasting them with reminiscent relish

    45. Those are the tender moments we relish

    46. He pulled a nasty-looking piece of fat with skin on one side and cut off a bit and popped it into his mouth eating it with much relish

    47. sunrise, eaten, with relish, his boiled eggs and soldiers and stepped out of the door to breathe in the new day

    48. Sandra eyed John quite sympathetically, she was used to dealing with FSA breaches and advisory issues, it had been a long time since she had represented criminals during her earlier career, she didn’t relish the challenge that lay ahead in the least

    49. in control and wants us to relish the moments, but we keep ruining it by

    50. relish the memory forever

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