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Frasi con savour (in inglese)

  1. She gaped her mouth to savour air.
  2. He closed his eyes to savour the moment.
  3. Now it had the leisure to savour the taste.
  4. It was a moment to relish, something to savour.
  5. The victory at the game was his and his alone to savour.
  6. His only cause for delay was taking time to savour the wonders.
  7. As rich as Yarmoria was, he could not savour it as he would like.
  8. He wished he could stand there all day long to savour the feeling.
  9. He always ate without hurry and even closed his eyes to savour every taste.
  10. He felt that the showing of the pear-tree had lost a good deal of its savour.
  11. The creature standing in front seemed to savour the power it had over such a.
  12. He wanted to savour her, not just fuck her, and she wanted to do the same to him.
  13. Pretending to savour it, she stood sipping the water, her back to the sink, surveying the room.
  14. He watched us for a moment, standing on the threshold of the room, seeming to savour our discomfort.
  15. A creamy, toasty, thick and rich fruit bonanza that lingered in the brain for precious, long seconds to savour.
  16. He wants to close his eyes to savour the sensations, but he is afraid to miss anything of what he has ached for.
  17. Mix, then turn twice while cooking at 180 degrees and you’ve got the best tasting chicken you could ever savour.
  18. The lovemaking that followed was slow and gentle, as if it were to be their last and they needed to savour every moment.
  19. Putting that thought aside to savour later, I told him about Sean’s reaction when he discovered I'd brought a guy home.
  20. Mr Bloom ate his strips of sandwich, fresh clean bread, with relish of disgust pungent mustard, the feety savour of green cheese.
  21. Even a few trusting tourists ignored the amused glances of the local patrons as they dared to savour what they considered the real Orient.
  22. And he has also left other directions which the clergy of the village say should not and must not be obeyed because they savour of paganism.
  23. They halted for an hour or so to pay the farmers for supplies, fruit, animal stock, and barrels of their apple cider for the nobles to savour.
  24. She took her time with the second bar, sucking the brown mass from between her teeth and swishing it around her cheeks to savour the taste as much as she could.
  25. Maybe a man walked around in a monkey skin a million years ago, stuffing himself with other people's unhappiness, chewed their pain all day like spearmint gum, for the sweet savour.
  26. Well for that you will need a short smell for savour, a shallow utensil for flavour, a mind on balance to combine resemblance with proof and most but not least, a favourite tooth B.
  27. Caesar, having long since slunk back to the dray, continued to sleep off his best attempt at denying the blackskins their chance to savour Johnny's gift of grog they had all shared in.
  28. What a Wonder is that malleable Organ! It licks, it tastes, it wets, it smooths, it slicks; it causes Nipples and Pricks to stand at attention, and sucks the Savour out of Capons and Cocks.
  29. Thus did I go, as grossly as the grossest alderman, this morning to my crust, a rejoiced in the sensual savour of it and was very glad? How nice it is, how pleasant, not to be with people you admire.
  30. They had been in Tamarlan for two days now and he had had the time to recuperate a little from the rigours of the journey, enjoy some reasonable food for a change, and savour a few pints of foaming ale.
  31. Paul exclaim—'Who is sufficient for these things? To some we are the savour of life unto life!’ It is Christ’s own life that becomes ours; the life of the 'Lord of all’ and the 'King of eternity.
  32. I savour his zest for being, his compassion for his fellow man, his overpowering creativity, his simple tastes, his passion for life, and the way that he railed against relentless physical limits and limited means.
  33. The drink was like water, indeed very like the taste of the draughts they had drunk from the Entwash near, the borders of the forest, and yet there was some scent or savour in it which they could not describe: it was.
  34. Who, indeed, is sufficient for these things? 'For we are unto God a sweet savour of Christ in them that are saved, and in them that perish; to the one we are the savour of death unto death; and to the other the savour of life unto life.
  35. My Epick lost at a Coaching Inn! My Juvenilia lost I knew not where! My Romance lost at Sea! How would I e’er become the Bard I wisht to be if I kept losing my Life’s Work so carelessly? Yet perhaps ev’ry Author must serve an Apprenticeship, and perhaps indeed ’tis better that no other Eyes than hers behold the puny Fruits of that Apprenticeship, and no other Lips savour their insufficient Juice.

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