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Frasi con rope (in inglese)

  1. Roll of wire & rope.
  2. Sam got out the rope.
  3. It was a small rope.
  4. I went down the rope.
  5. This is a trick rope.

  6. It was a piece of rope.
  7. Nancy pulled on the rope.
  8. There is a rope ladder.
  9. The rope was secured to.
  10. Yet to the rope I hold on.
  11. Jean Valjean took the rope.
  12. He had the rope about his.
  13. Hold the lead rope in one.
  14. Someone had dropped a rope.
  15. Wiggles for rope burn marks.

  16. I will climb the rope and.
  17. Because it doubles as rope.
  18. I was at the end of my rope.
  19. Climbing down onto the rope.
  20. I prefer a rope halter with.
  21. Then some one threw a rope!.
  22. Rope for the want of his love.
  23. He pulled out a length of rope.
  24. If you were to jump rope for.
  25. Madge put her hand on the rope.

  26. Around her neck is a rope of.
  27. Andrew held tightly the rope.
  28. Joe tossed the rope back to him.
  29. He sawed the rope in two with.
  30. Ted reached the end of his rope.
  31. Throttled them both with a rope.
  32. Andy tossed another rope to Pete.
  33. A cinch rope was placed around.
  34. He was passing the rope through.
  35. A snake of rope is flung upwards.
  36. Like somebody had a rope around.
  37. Only fasten the rope to the wall.
  38. A bouncer opened the rope for us.
  39. The rope ladder was still shaking.
  40. The rope cannot bind any longer.
  41. The organisers had a rope across.
  42. With a rope of grass-blades twined.
  43. Can someone throw me my rope?
  44. It was a box with rope protruding.
  45. At the end of a rope, he said.
  46. The rope which he had was too short.
  47. You’re at the end of your rope.
  48. I fear the rope will tear to shred.
  49. He untied the rope around her wrists.
  50. Skins, leather, thread, rope, tools.
  51. Around her neck is a rope of thorns.
  52. The stick has a rope attached to it.
  53. I swore, flinging both the rope and.
  54. The rope and grapple hung behind him.
  55. Nikíta (threatens her with the rope).
  56. Reaching behind, she grabbed the rope.
  57. She gripped the rope, almost swooning.
  58. The rest of you, wait behind the rope.
  59. David would lower a bucket on a rope.
  60. He pulled on the rope but the animal.
  61. Startled when my end of the rope held.
  62. The rope found a desirably thick bough.
  63. Willie stood with the rope in his hands.
  64. The rope ran out to the end of the arm.
  65. His fingers struggled to grip the rope.
  66. I tugged on the rope, but it was secure.
  67. And prayed that my rope was long enough.
  68. No, one had to tie the rope to the boat.
  69. One had a coil of rope in his hand and.
  70. The rope tightened and strangled my neck.
  71. Decrease the height of the rope or tape.
  72. See if there is any rope in his pack.
  73. At least not rope made in the modern way.
  74. Twist the rope and stretch his throat.
  75. Don’t risk loosing your end of the rope.
  76. Willie Johnson held the rope in his hands.
  77. Bound with a large quality of nylon rope.
  78. And loosely at that, with a fraying rope.
  79. That seemed an ideal place to tie a rope.
  80. He pulled at the rope, but it got tighter.
  81. A child in rags was holding him by a rope.
  82. There was a rope at the halfway mark and.
  83. He was holding the taut rope in his teeth.
  84. I was trying to find a rope to climb out.
  85. A wooden square with a rope attached to it.
  86. There is a rope ladder inside the chamber.
  87. Have you ever tried making a rope?
  88. The rope does not move—you move down it.
  89. At the top, he gripped the rope and pulled.
  90. And if the rope becomes taut, the soldier.
  91. The bindings of the rope were beyond tight.
  92. The long rope began to shudder and shudder.
  93. She nodded and he tossed a rope out to them.
  94. Lying on top of it, a short length of rope.
  95. The ends of the rope will always follow.
  96. But is that a rope or collar on it?
  97. Donovan climbed the rope with relative ease.
  98. The sailor pulled on the rope attached to.
  99. The rope came back down and he was lifted.
  100. Keep the end of your rope in your hand and.
  1. Jesus Christ, is someone roping off the street?
  2. The girls would resist roping by some and try to entice others.
  3. When I first started jump roping, it took a lot of patience to get used to the motions.
  4. This Gilleria here, must be the crossroads where Gill’ry has his Raunchy Roping Room.
  5. Since the others did not have saddles, they rode bareback with rope halters Timmy made by sacrificing his good calf roping rope.
  6. On his hands and knees, he drags the aerial around the circumference of the cellar, as though roping Volkheimer into the golden armchair.
  7. Seen from their perspective, it’s as if one of their clan has in some way avenged for all of them by roping in an upper caste female for his cohabitation.
  8. Whatever, I toyed with the idea of roping him into my venture for I began to feel the need for someone capable that I could trust as well, he continued.
  9. Will's father noted the muscles cord along the arms, roping and unroping themselves with a writhe like the puff adders and sidewinders doubtless inked and venomous there.
  10. After roping it tightly against the jetty, he had it bailed to around the halfway mark before he saw water leaking in between the planks, but enough weight had been reduced to allow him to manoeuvre it to the workshop slipway.
  11. Poor animal! Instead of roping it by the horns, you nearly jerk its tail off! There are very many accomplishments that seem easy in the hands of an expert and which prove most difficult to the uninitiated, but I think the throwing of the lasso can claim more mysteries than most others.
  12. So I kept hammering away with the sailor falling from the mast, the sea becalmed, the arrival of the Whale, the almost-deaths of Queequeg and Ishmael, the lowering, the pursuit, the harpooning, the roping of Ahab to the Beast, the plunge, the death, and Ahab arisen, dead, beckoning from the side of the Whale for his men to follow, follow.
  13. What an idea to pay her for the favors of a MILF or two in the wife swaps though not all of them were honeys? So roping in Vimala, he went on a hunt for the promising, and soon succeeded in roping in the willing – an educated and sophisticated couple in their mid-twenties, who were married for some years by then; he was handsome and successful, and she was sexy and charming.
  1. I want this area roped off.
  2. Roped into this because of me.
  3. It’ll have to be roped, I guess.
  4. Roopa too was roped in for a quorum.
  5. One time he woke with his back roped on.
  6. I got roped into a session on writing humor.
  7. We joined the formal march atop roped and coned.
  8. Unbelievable! I had roped myself to a Saxon orphan.
  9. We will stay roped together then, said Carla.
  10. In places, they roped themselves together for safety.
  11. A temporary roped off arena in the middle of the floor.
  12. Older people and children should be roped around the chest.
  13. They had a small portion of the dance floor roped off for.
  14. Nonik had roped it in and then strung vines around the ropes.
  15. Thinking back, he knew he never should have gotten roped into.
  16. On the second level he found an area roped off - it held weapons.
  17. The rubble had been cleared away and the area had been roped off.
  18. Around the base there was a roped off area with a gap in the front.
  19. He stood to one side of the roped area and scanned the crowd quickly.
  20. Juan looked over to the area roped off for launching and saw the area was clear.
  21. Two kids did climb on to the roped off exhibit and a couple of adults moved in.
  22. On a windy, gray Halloween day I roped Norma into working with me at a cat show.
  23. Some of the areas are roped off for private use, and the Americans had such a space.
  24. He had been roped into dating this woman although 'dates' weren’t really his thing.
  25. The party roped in Upendra Kushwaha, a backward-caste leader who was once a Nitish aide.
  26. Let’s have a delegation to fix theater seats, roped off, the last two rows for whites.
  27. The driver’s window should not be roped since it has to be able to open and close freely.
  28. The harrier jump jets were roped off with a sign saying ‘Do Not Enter’, plus a yellow security line.
  29. Their arms were linked at the elbows, their wrists roped across their chests and their mouths were gagged.
  30. Eventually the poet roped two heavy rocks around his waist to increase his weight factor, then tried again.
  31. A few weeks after my visit, Stonehenge was roped off and visitors were no longer allowed to touch the stones.
  32. LP saw that Ingrid had climbed down from the top deck and entered the Captain's bridge, even though it was roped off.
  33. Oh he was down yesterday, it’s just a little twenty eight or twenty nine inch thing but he’s got it topped and roped today.
  34. Making matters worse, this was proving to be very embarrassing in front of a new friend of mine, who I’d roped into coming along.
  35. What? What happened? Ralph asked, clearly enjoying being part of the group for a change, rather than be roped to his doghouse.
  36. Then, for an extra tenner each, they got all the remaining hands to grab ropes and haul the crate to where it could be roped to the rockasaur.
  37. Leaving the Jeep, she followed him up the walk before stopping, thinking of crime scenes she’d seen on television roped off with yellow tape.
  38. The launch site was an area of the beach roped off and there was a young man inside the ropes finishing up his preparations for the first launch.
  39. A bundle of deck chairs, roped together, was blown off the deck with me, and I struck my back, injuring my spine, but it served as a temporary raft.
  40. He was a big guy in a short-sleeved shirt, his forearms roped with muscle, his nose bent from an earlier break, his eyebrows thick with scar tissue.
  41. My father was also dishing it up: the personification of silver-haired charm, as he could be at those times when he let himself be roped into a social event.
  42. They roped themselves together and moved out into the middle of the stream, where the strong current picked them up and carried them effortlessly downstream.
  43. They quickly poled and pushed all the barrels together into the shallows, and when they had counted them they roped them together and left them till the morning.
  44. Roped like an animal, hurt, frightened and covered in filthy mud, she staggered after her new owner, across the bridge and along the road that led into the forest.
  45. And theaters were being invaded and roped off by chuckling men, while their wives stood wondering on the curbs and children were spanked into houses to be hid away from this awful time.
  46. Back we went, my troop following Caan to the barrack blocks and the stables, while I rode for Arial’s house in the main street, where I left my horse roped outside and banged on her door.
  47. Their weapons were taken from them, and they were roped together, and marched off to an empty hut that they had built themselves, and there they were tied hand and foot, and locked up under guard.
  48. Tolak wouldn’t let go of me all the way up the rope ladder, but insisted on climbing up the roped net half behind and over top of me, while unhindered Sheatera scampered on up the ladder to the top like a monkey.
  49. Hal wasn’t quite sure how he got roped into the task of capturing Thomas the manticore, but somehow he found himself facing the mouth of the cave and his friends looking at him as if he had volunteered, which he hadn’t.
  50. When all the captives had been roped together neck-to-neck, and all the buildings searched for valuables, Halfdan told men to pull Haki's pants on and drag the heavy body from its killing-place to the big, stone-walled building.
  51. The roll carried us away from him, clinging together but still on our feet, and we quickly sat where our dance led us, on the further side, in isolation; a web of life-lines had been stretched across the lounge, and we seemed like boxers, roped into the ring.
  52. As the giant rectangle of red stone reached the apex of the pulley, a team of workers roped it in, guided it to its destination, then signaled to the ground below where the counterweight bucket was uncorked and the slug mules untethered, allowing the stone to settle into its final resting place.
  53. The Chinese drawing-room was one I had never seen used; in fact one could not normally go further into it than a small roped area round the door, where sight-seers were corralled on the days the house was open to the public; it was a splendid, uninhabitable museum of Chippendale carving and porcelain' and lacquer and painted hangings; the Queen's bed too, was an exhibition piece, a vast velvet tent like the baldachino at St Peter's.
  1. And to tie the ropes to.
  2. The ropes will be shortened.
  3. They cut the ropes binding.
  4. Withs: Cords or ropes twisted.
  5. But now ropes were everywhere.
  6. They had showed him the ropes.
  7. Tugs on the treacherous ropes.
  8. I see winches, ropes, pulleys.
  9. We could get horses and ropes.
  10. Try to cut my ropes with it.
  11. She strained against the ropes.
  12. She struggled against the ropes.
  13. I cut the ropes on the other beds.
  14. No shackles, ropes, or handcuffs.
  15. One of the mattress ropes was cut.
  16. Then I’ll get the ropes off you.
  17. The head on the ropes did not stir.
  18. But never would I hold your ropes.
  19. Thick ropes cut into his raw flesh.
  20. The students know the ropes.
  21. I know all the ropes and the devices.
  22. He tightened and tied his ropes and.
  23. One of the ropes was tied too tightly.
  24. See the old villain bound with ropes.
  25. Nothing like captivating ropes, though.
  26. The company has evolved from using ropes.
  27. The ropes were tight and wouldn’t budge.
  28. Roman like a wrestler coming off the ropes.
  29. Starting with a FOWLR to learn the ropes.
  30. There were always these long ropes of tar.
  31. Edited with introduction by Louise Ropes.
  32. And I’ll bet you had safety ropes then.
  33. Who’s got the other ropes? he asked.
  34. He tested the ropes and realized they were.
  35. The man begins running into ropes and lines.
  36. He seized her ropes, and started to untie her.
  37. The ropes readjusted themselves at my command.
  38. She’ll show you the ropes while I’m gone.
  39. The ropes around my legs and hands disappeared.
  40. Now you others, where are the ropes? Be quick!.
  41. He reached the ring and climbed through the ropes.
  42. Nimbly they dance, twirling their skipping ropes.
  43. The brave warriors launched out their ropes in a.
  44. I turned and ran for the ropes, Nicolas said.
  45. Woe to those who pull sin with ropes made of lies.
  46. Notch the poles to prevent the ropes slipping off.
  47. Tyler is now bound to his seat by a system of ropes.
  48. He climbed through the ropes and joined his sister.
  49. Jasper's long hair hung around his face in wet ropes.
  50. And the knotted ropes are too slender for my weight.
  51. Then would my love for her be ropes of flowers, and.
  52. I'll leave him with you today, to show him the ropes.
  53. Ropes have knots and you can get all tied up in them.
  54. No chance of them letting anyone rappel out on ropes.
  55. These harpoons have no anchor ropes attached to them.
  56. Ropes are tied around the blanket to hold it in place.
  57. Her white hair fanned out in the wind in thick ropes.
  58. The force was so strong that the ropes finally broke.
  59. This was rapid work, but the ropes slid down, as well.
  60. The winner cleared the ropes and made his way through.
  61. They threaded a route between buoys and mooring ropes.
  62. The girls cleared away the remains of the gnawed ropes.
  63. Just warn me on wires, ropes, or loose bricks is all.
  64. Coils of ropes and tools hung from hooks on the walls.
  65. They twist us into ropes, worse than during serfdom.
  66. Two ropes had failed in the night, leaving the canopy.
  67. She had him on the ropes, and it was time to turn the.
  68. I was now released from the safety ropes and it was my.
  69. They set up some ropes and stands and started ushering.
  70. Naturally, I tried to squirm free of the ropes, but was.
  71. I will show you the ropes; are you ready? Chris asked.
  72. The ropes fall away, and I push my hands through my hair.
  73. Fiona was high up on one of the climbing ropes when Saul.
  74. The press was gathered behind bright yellow ropes outside.
  75. Men stood by with ropes, if ladders should prove too slow.
  76. He used his free hands to untie the ropes around his feet.
  77. Alberto was tied up with ropes and fastened into his chair.
  78. Used for joining ropes of the same or different thicknesses.
  79. Ropes: Ropes deal with binding, confinement and restriction.
  80. He was trained in sword fighting, not getting out of ropes.
  81. As the ropes that bound me were loosened, I realized I’d.
  82. Amonas then lowered Hilderich carefully and undid the ropes.
  83. These are knots for attaching ropes to posts, bars and poles.
  84. Just pull ropes and crank winches when the deckmaster yells.
  85. There was nothing sharp he could use to cut the tight ropes.
  86. And as an extra precaution, he tied them tightly with ropes.
  87. Gags were placed in their mouths and the ropes pulled tight.
  88. Silverlode, the Elves untied the ropes and coiled two of them.
  89. Nonik had roped it in and then strung vines around the ropes.
  90. We will have to be hauled up by vine ropes around our waists.
  91. Millie breezed past the velvet ropes like she owned the joint.
  92. He stepped onto the chair, seized the upper ropes, and placed.
  93. Andrew looked at the ropes strung over the pit in front of them.
  94. Our family life was soon to end thus I had never seen the ropes.
  95. Holding the ropes in his hand, he led the dogs outside the barn.
  96. Mr Smith, he said, untie the ropes and get on the boat.
  97. When their guide had crossed the river, Andrew took to the ropes.
  98. He was a relatively new recruit and was just learning the ropes.
  99. Despite her protestations he began retying the ropes behind her.
  100. She tried to stand up but couldn’t as the ropes held her down.

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