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Frasi con string (in inglese)

  1. I let go the string.
  2. Fed the string, pulled up.
  3. Is a string of broken ties.
  4. Length of the string is 12.
  5. A string of municipal cops.

  6. The string is the gravity.
  7. This is a multi-line string.
  8. Length of the string is 18.
  9. Length of the string is 21.
  10. Length of the string is 37.
  11. Change the Case of a String.
  12. Merely a string of related.
  13. A string, dangling in the air.
  14. Claire had broken the string.
  15. The balloons tied with string.

  16. Not by anything in the string.
  17. Then winding this hemp string.
  18. He rushed in and cut the string.
  19. They all are defined in string.
  20. String, slice thinly, and steam.
  21. Lydia let out a string of curses.
  22. String Function may change the.
  23. Lucy got a string of toys that.
  24. The command string will now be:.
  25. Ashi muttered a string of curses.

  26. Yes, it contains the string "a".
  27. Declaration of a String in JAVA:.
  28. Yes, the string starts with "Swa".
  29. Wheeler, who carries a string of.
  30. Yes, it contains the string "war".
  31. On a burning string of desire –.
  32. You can make yes repeat any string.
  33. When he let the end of the string.
  34. She flung the yo-yo down its string.
  35. What a String of Wond’rous Words.
  36. The endless string of broken knots.
  37. Mark tied the string around his neck.
  38. Thereafter, a string of grandaunts.
  39. Lines of string ran from pin to pin.
  40. I was her little puppet on a string.
  41. A string is a sequence of characters.
  42. What wicked string did you pull?
  43. I felt it on a string round his neck.
  44. All she was missing was a string of.
  45. And the string with knots for numbers.
  46. A brown paper bag and a bit of string.
  47. For example if the search string was.
  48. I try to untie the string one more time.
  49. But you are harping on the same string.
  50. I have a string of blogs that I manage.
  51. A string of carts was moving across it.
  52. When a new string is created it has a.
  53. Thomas was the third string nose tackle.
  54. He pulled the string out of the packet.
  55. In classical music we have the String.
  56. This was a piece of string that looked.
  57. This string of processes forms a system.
  58. Sohrab was handing the string back to me.
  59. Each cloth was then tied with red string.
  60. In your string, Pachuco, she chose you.
  61. String the string cheese into thin stips.
  62. But the string is in a knot—help me.
  63. Its mouth and jaw bound by tight string.
  64. Print The reverse string is; Rev$.
  65. The same string of events, over and over.
  66. But it IS, though—straight as a string.
  67. They were held in place by Samson string.
  68. Same long string of misery, Susan thought.
  69. Deon let loose a long string of swearing.
  70. The fox chewed off the string of the yoyo.
  71. They exist as fingers on a musical string.
  72. Each string is a single point of reality.
  73. He bunched up the string of toilet paper.
  74. I could almost feel our string sawing his.
  75. There they would be loaded into a string.
  76. The string guided Trevor into the corridor.
  77. We can also create the array of the string.
  78. That’s all for String Functions in QBASIC.
  79. Likewise, string theory, which strives to.
  80. This leaves us with this string: 01100100.
  81. Keeping both of us on the string like that.
  82. Lydia’s heart quivered like a harp string.
  83. He undid the tie string and coins fell out.
  84. Bases Temperaments of the Lengths of String.
  85. If the search string matches with what is.
  86. He runs a string of flower shops all over.
  87. Since both the ball and the racket (string).
  88. Since the space is not found in the string.
  89. Count the Number of Occurrences of a String.
  90. I’m an overstrained string that must snap.
  91. These four coppers were tied to a red string.
  92. Funny how you an' him string along together.
  93. This string consists of exactly three spaces.
  94. The string that is being read is now 011274.
  95. The string of thoughts is not bound togather.
  96. Thinking about the string of seizures he had.
  97. In the ashes the man found a string of pearls.
  98. The negative mass string modulator was primed.
  99. That way, at least you’ll have a string of.
  100. What do you mean they string the river?
  1. Such a stringing together is assumed by Mr.
  2. He remembered wrapping presents and stringing popcorn.
  3. The best I could do was keep stringing him along and.
  4. Felix they’re stringing along, promising him the book.
  5. Always these compact lands tied at the hips with the belt stringing.
  6. We created a room of her own, stringing Christmas lights as she.
  7. She asked the giant if he would mind stringing the wires back onto her.
  8. If trading is a high-wire act, then safety demands stringing a net underneath that wire.
  9. Jane made her magical seed turn back into a wild vine, stringing up the mermaids one by one.
  10. Stringing the bow and fitting an arrow he turned, peering back over the River into the darkness.
  11. She sighed, unsure of whether I was stringing her along like I had with the murder room scenario.
  12. Ruksar gave me a serious look; she asked if I was ok, I had problems in stringing a sentence together.
  13. Belle set him to sorting yarns and threads for her blankets and rugs and stringing them on her traditional looms.
  14. As soon as everyone was over Andreya and Kellyn approached the gate, and Major Jerran began stringing out the explosives.
  15. I sat on the couch with the television on for background noise, stringing beads and when my cell phone buzzed again with another text.
  16. Since life is unequal, Uness continued without review, as they were all accustomed to stringing out conversations across their terrorist escapades.
  17. A couple of reporters had set up on the lawn, and camera crews were stringing cables out to satellite vans that curved around the road like Conestoga wagons.
  18. I’ve tried to find out a phone number for her husband or at least a friend, but she’s almost beyond stringing a sensible sentence together at the moment.
  19. I spent the next couple of hours stringing beads, crimping fastenings, experimenting with different colors, half listening to the television for background noise.
  20. There were all the usual contests and some new ones, from the spear throw to the axe hurling and the bow stringing and arrow making to a new thing called swimming.
  21. Let me put an arrow in him right where he stands and have done with it! he bellowed his desperate plea, stringing an arrow in his bow even as he saw that Moshe would have none of it.
  22. It would be just our luck for him to get us all bumped off and he would be the only one left alive so bollocks to him, and with this comment he went back to stringing wire onto the frame.
  23. Short and balding, with a large flattened nose, Bengosian had realized early in his residency that he had no flair for urology and found his true calling stringing together failing regional insurers into giant HMOs.
  24. It is not easy to reach those two forts just by walking even briskly, but strolling was what the Fernández and Lincoln families wanted to do in that cruise for the purpose of stringing together the colorful story of Nassau’s past.
  25. So he went on stringing together these and other absurdities, all in the style of those his books had taught him, imitating their language as well as he could; and all the while he rode so slowly and the sun mounted so rapidly and with such fervour that it was enough to melt his brains if he had any.
  26. So a judgmatical rap over the head stiffened the lying impostor for a time, and leaving him a bit of walnut for his supper, to prevent an uproar, and stringing him up atween two saplings, I made free with his finery, and took the part of the bear on myself, in order that the operations might proceed.
  27. For, although the circular form is less favorable to a strongly marked symmetry than is the plane, at least in compositions of small extent, still the individual figures and groups must bear some relation to a common centre, and there can be no division of interest, or mere stringing together of disconnected figures or groups of figures.
  1. She strung her bow with.
  2. Lights were strung in the trees.
  3. He looked hung over and strung out.
  4. We were strung out quite a distance.
  5. Backing her toward the bed, he strung a.
  6. That she was strung out? Jorma asked.
  7. Jason was more strung out than usual this Fri-.
  8. He sat strung up on the bed, shivering slightly.
  9. Maybe the mob had strung it up in a noose by now.
  10. Becky strung popcorn and hung it around the tree.
  11. Strung out on dope, unable to deal with the world.
  12. Pebbles and bits of weed are strung in scalloped lines.
  13. The noose is laid on the ground, the bait strung above.
  14. Carrie had seen the result of horses strung too tightly.
  15. One of the Jenkins kin strung up a rendition of Here.
  16. It was strung with bluebeans that were blooming just now.
  17. Tall, rusty lamp standards were strung out around the edge.
  18. Well, my mother was once an alcoholic and strung out on.
  19. It appeared as if I had been strung out on drugs for a month.
  20. Nonik had roped it in and then strung vines around the ropes.
  21. Daniel strung up the animal by its hind legs and attempted to.
  22. She strung her bow and aimed it right between Zendra’s eyes.
  23. Andrew looked at the ropes strung over the pit in front of them.
  24. The men were hauled to the poles and strung up, tied by leather.
  25. There were only about a thousand of them strung along this river.
  26. He saw a code of birds strung dot-dash on the high telephone wires.
  27. Buttworst had his camera strung around his neck, snapping pictures.
  28. They were all strung out and they were running their horses all out.
  29. Because you’re already high strung without that medicine, you just.
  30. We strung them everywhere – from the ceiling, woven throughout the.
  31. Thus the path of fantasy has past, present and future strung together.
  32. She had a bow and arrows strung over her shoulder, a helmet and shield.
  33. She was high strung and had quite a lot of temper tantrums all the time.
  34. They had touched each other with thin threads I had strung between them.
  35. This, with a man strung like Jack was, simply put the fat into the fire.
  36. They strung razor wire across the mouths of as many rivers as they could.
  37. They asked me questions because of when he strung me up on the flag pole.
  38. The three intruders then strung bows, pointing arrows at her and Joshiro.
  39. In front of me is a chain-link fence with barbed wire strung along the top.
  40. She loved the beauty of the candles, strung on metal chains above the pews.
  41. If he got caught, his body would be found in pieces strung across the state.
  42. The vine strung out behind him was still fastened to the branch in the tree.
  43. Bastard turned, and charged towards her, as she strung another arrow on her.
  44. I swerved missing him, so I was strung out already when we reached Greentree.
  45. Most leaders would have strung me high for my father’s sins a long time ago.
  46. The first time he had come down the tunnel it had been strung full of cobwebs.
  47. Phil hung it on a fishhook and strung it into the water at one end of the raft.
  48. The mantel was strung with holly boughs, tiny white lights, and Christmas cards.
  49. I was an addict strung out on violence and Smiler’s dealing in opiate thuggery.
  50. Ryodan angles his head back and looks up at the barbed wire strung atop the walls.
  51. Too small for a human being, it was strung out in a line covering several metres.
  52. The exposed, flimsy and strung out American defence lines were totally unprepared.
  53. I should have pulled her out, but she was like you - high strung and full of fire.
  54. I could only imagine how humiliated being strung up on the flagpole must have been.
  55. Glitter covered the floor, the lockers were strung with green fluffy garland, light.
  56. DNA is a ladder of four linked molecules, strung together in pairs in a long sequence.
  57. He looked terrible, like he’d been strung out for months, or just quit cold turkey.
  58. I woke her, but she was so strung out that I could hardly understand a word she said.
  59. They made it to the end of class without being strung up by the hot-tempered stranger.
  60. Not some disrespectful, derelict living by Mommy’s donations and strung out on drugs.
  61. The first kilometre or so, the company stayed quite compact, but then slowly strung out.
  62. The green grass that they had seen changed into yellow seeds of hay being strung up by.
  63. As he strung the rusty old cable through the trees, his mind wandered back 15 or so years.
  64. The six-year old boy strains to lift the weights attached to a rope strung around his nape.
  65. If the cops’d seen you half an hour ago they’d have strung you up - no questions asked.
  66. I could see his hands trembling as he read the banner strung across the front of the house.
  67. Those at the bottom of the list probably wanted him strung up by his balls forever in Hell.
  68. The washing lines strung between the nearer windows were empty and dripped into the puddles.
  69. A clothes line strung along the side bore pink cotton dresses and several pairs of overalls.
  70. All white people whose ancestry was suspect: would have been strung up by bloodthirsty mobs.
  71. The caravan had been caught strung out and on the move, with no chance of mounting a defense.
  72. He had been strung out in the early 1980s on a huge interest-rate bet with the S&L portfolio.
  73. There was already a good sized crowd surrounding a crane with a cable strung down into a hole.
  74. Aazuria could just barely make out the white glint of shark’s teeth strung around their necks.
  75. He picked up two pieces of cardboard that were strung neatly fields and trees in the background.
  76. On a Thursday afternoon, Union Square was Rabelaisian: people were strung out in broad daylight.
  77. He’ll probably try to have us strung up by our thumbs and have people throw rotten food at us.
  78. A large white sheet had been strung taut on a wooden frame, four metres high and six metres wide.
  79. You dont think thats it? Youre not sure? Harvey, always tautly strung, was getting upset.
  80. The eggs! he cried; his hand was on the satchel, still strung around his neck like an apron.
  81. Perhaps because they were the most he'd strung together in a personal account, since she'd met him.
  82. They seemed unlikely to follow that instruction: they were strung out with the fear of the morning.
  83. For a long moment strung out of time itself, the harsh liquid he had drunk oozed down into his body.
  84. A heavy solid line of riders appeared out of the dust behind the strung out broken up group in front.
  85. A high strung young man who in some ways resembled myself just a few years ago, anxious and worrisome.
  86. It had a pair of cables strung from bow to stern, providing a taut construction without adding weight.
  87. Pictures of his children, one of him and his wife, and combinations there of, were strung out in a row.
  88. I held them, massaged them, found them delicate and high strung, a curious adjective that came to mind.
  89. He was in a ill-lit room with small, round port-holes for windows and hammocks strung up on either side.
  90. So many voices and stories, emotions and perceptions, all strung together by a single, insinuating thread.
  91. It was just like Luke’s, except Annabeth’s also had a big gold ring strung on it, like a college ring.
  92. She maneuvered the Pegasus away and then strung her bow and released the arrow into the creature’s heart.
  93. He could see the elevator, strung with power cables like the first one, headed down above him in his shaft.
  94. As he backed toward the doorway, they began sinking their fangs in the bodies still strung out on the floor.
  95. You’d be nervous too, if they beat you half to death and strung you up and left you for dead, I said.
  96. At least part of it, the others letters were strung across a finely braided rug, in the middle of the floor.
  97. An attacker, particularly one who has already wounded or killed someone, is likely to be very highly strung.
  98. Crime scene tape had been strung up around the trunks of the huge gums in a rough rectangle around the body.
  99. The large, pear-shaped stones were strung together on a platinum chain, and they sparkled in the candlelight.
  100. The holiday tree was strung with popcorn and cranberries, and beneath it sat a collection of gifts for Louie.
  1. Two strings to her bow.
  2. As The Strings Are Wound Up.
  3. Now the strings are loosened.
  4. He likes to chase strings.
  5. The hearth has thinking strings.
  6. You'd traveled a dozen strings.
  7. He is soaring above the strings.
  8. The strings were clearly agitated.
  9. High wall: beyond strings twanged.
  10. Worst of all, it had five strings.
  11. But there are strings attached.
  12. That's called pulling the strings.
  13. A comfortable fuck with no strings.
  14. I need some new strings, he thought.
  15. No strings attached, Garcia said.
  16. Our motto is ‘No Strings Attached.
  17. Our motto is No Strings Attached.
  18. Catgut has been used as strings for.
  19. She played it until the strings broke.
  20. The function will compare the strings.
  21. Here's how you use strings in Python:.
  22. As if someone were pulling the strings.
  23. Temperaments of the Lengths of Strings.
  24. It had been pulled by the strings, like.
  25. They went through the strings with ease.
  26. This function joins two strings together.
  28. Watched them hobble Rudolph with strings.
  29. It was broken by the strumming of strings.
  30. Mate, there are no such things as strings.
  31. Have what you want - there are no strings.
  32. Strings are basically just a bunch of words.
  33. There must be someone pulling the strings.
  34. Snap ends off the peas and remove the strings.
  35. Where users had once entered command strings.
  36. I had to pull a lot of strings to get him off.
  37. Offer advice freely, with no strings attached.
  38. He played the seven strings of music in my life.
  39. Wet, black hair hung in strings around her face.
  40. No strings attached or any conditions whatsoever.
  41. Tugged at the strings that puppeted us together.
  42. With eyes closed, Sean strums the guitar strings.
  43. Must here the strings that bound it to me crack?
  44. The same strings of Christmas lights that never.
  45. Have what you want - there are no strings attached.
  46. Feelings have been lost between the purse strings.
  47. Those bra corsets have strings on them too?
  48. I don’t want the Goddamned Strolling Strings.
  49. The same Pusher is probably pulling their strings.
  50. Yes, but I pulled some strings to make it happen.
  51. The patterns can be strings or regular expressions.
  52. I could use a set of strings though, he added.
  53. We have already discussed strings in detail earlier.
  56. Samual had pulled a few strings and got her papers.
  57. Oh, but you do! I hold the purse strings, you see.
  58. Playing strings for the Queen at a private audience.
  59. He left the metal strings open and gave them a twang.
  60. After inspecting the little security strings.
  61. We think someone’s pulling the Kierdans’ strings.
  62. It is the same with strings, dimensions and universes.
  63. When the strings of popcorn adorned even the highest.
  64. Adi was playing with the strings to get my attention.
  65. Ingrid's hair hung over her face in dry, dead strings.
  66. But the city life comes with a lot of strings attached.
  67. There is some truth to this; never attach any strings.
  68. It has plastic strings, fixed pickups and roller pitch.
  69. The wretched man was used to pul ing strings and having.
  70. And the guitar players worked softly over their strings.
  71. All her men were single, childless, no strings attached.
  72. Cheer up, he said, as she tied the bonnet strings.
  73. I plucked the strings and the sound it made was angelic.
  74. He held a balalaika, and struck negligently its strings.
  75. There are tiny strings of flowers falling down the back.
  76. These could be called strings or superstrings or Mobius.
  77. Mommy doesn’t want to cut the apron strings? Too bad.
  78. That is, this function is used to concatenate the strings.
  79. Strings are orders of magnitude smaller than the smallest.
  80. It looked like the rest of the strings on Fielek’s plate.
  81. Always use raw strings when dealing with regular expressions.
  82. F causes the tension reactive forces Fa and Fb in the strings.
  83. Like a labyrinth of strings that are hanging up high and you.
  84. But on his heart strings, the ‘golf-experience’ would tug).
  85. She put her hands to the strings and paused, working her mouth.
  86. He heard John strum down on the strings of his electric guitar.
  87. She was very elegantly coiffed, fine strings of pearls woven.
  88. I can feel the strings that tie this place together unraveling.
  89. These strings, Psychic Energy connections, stretch between all.
  90. These strings, psychic Energy connections, stretch between all.
  91. Orion held the Harp of Souls to pluck the three strings again.
  92. It is basically a good news, but it has strings attached to it.
  93. Your dive bar is a place where the strings tangle and untangle.
  94. His long fingers were frozen in the act of plucking the strings.
  95. Putting together mere strings will not be enough to win this war.
  96. If the operands are strings, then the operation would produce a.
  97. No, it’s necks they pay us to strum with steel, not strings.
  98. Her fingers found the strings on his tunic and began untying them.
  99. He tugged on the strings going through her hood and tightened the.
  100. Miss Hillgood took her hands from the strings, her eyes still shut.

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