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Frasi con salivate (in inglese)

He began to salivate, and as.
He began to salivate and stopped to pass hraka.
What he saw there made him positively salivate.
Every 5 years our high school class meets there to celebrate and salivate.
He began to salivate and his head throbbed with hunger, he could feel his.
The steam rising from the freshly brewed tea assaulted my senses making me salivate.
Chances are your taste glands will salivate and react as though you have really bitten into a lemon.

I could feel my thoughts and deepest yearnings start to salivate at the anticipation of the encounter.
The cloaked image of Tress appeared to the beast and the hound began to salivate at the thought of its next meal.
One look at small yellowish rolls being scooped out of a pan of boiling lard by a gray-haired woman made her salivate.
Nye couldn’t begin to describe the delectable odour rising from the meat - only that it was making him salivate at an alarming rate.
Dancing at an accelerated pace and cracking her whip at intervals in coordination with the musical theme, Mélanie d’Amour removed her bra, uncovering big, firm breasts that made Bernard salivate with desire.
For it is, is it not, the trait that holds society together? If he were as morally upright as all that he would not run after a married woman and would not salivate at the thought of her for years and years, even after his own marriage, waiting for an opportunity and a sign from her to join her and continue their passion and deception.
For one thing, I was salivating like.
Mom, it appears that you and I are both salivating.
He pulled me toward the salivating Drayben, I lowered my gaze¼.
He recognized the girl and inhaled deeply, salivating at her aroma.
The starstruck fan began salivating over his newly acquired collectable.
Then he could have cited something from Pavlov and his salivating dogs and such.
He fell into a crouch, his mouth salivating at the incredible scent in the room.
I went in from behind, salivating like a dog, but it wasn’t her cunt I was after.
If Harvo were organic he would currently be salivating at this extraordinary new input.
She was salivating to put him away—and annoyed that her euphoria was being postponed.
Faisal Husseini, the Jordanian representative, was close to salivating as he took his seat.
The presentation wasn’t great, but the rich smells had him salivating like Pavlov’s dog.
He inhaled deeply, salivating at the aroma of her blood and picturing the throbbing vein of her.
And I will die! Smoke spilled out of the oven, a salivating beast starving for the red-hot flower.
It was so good that my mouth was actually salivating, and yet I wasn’t eating anything physical.
I wanted to tell him I was sorry, but suddenly I was salivating, the back of my throat tasting bile.
By midday Mass, she was headachey, salivating, and as soon as Easter came she wallowed in Cadbury eggs.
So with guns pointed towards their heads, and dogs salivating over them, the vehicle was driven off to Chania Prison.
Executives loved documents and one as mysterious as this meant they were all probably salivating at its possible contents.
From its mouth, the beast was salivating gobs of translucent goo as it viewed the Halfling and wondered what it would taste like.
And because there was a bounty on my head they (humans, not all of them but many of them) would transform into salivating monsters 39.
I haven’t always tasted it really strongly in my body to the point of salivating, but I have sensed it many times in my spirit and soul.
It’s fascinating and quite sad that we live in a time where the media is salivating to take down anyone considered to be best in class.
Salivating mouths with large fangs and crazed, yellow eyes of bloodlust were the things about the gufders that stuck out the most about them.
He saw it only as a way for the banks and industries producing weapons salivating over how much money would result from joining in the fighting.
You see this as a prime building plot…let’s see…I’ll bet you that you already have a string of buyers lined up and salivating at the prospect of that plot.
She no longer cared that Red Dog wasn’t in the seat beside her or that half the room was filled with salivating reporters, and she didn’t care that Junie Moon looked as innocent as a flower girl at a summer wedding.
When this movie was announced, the Hollywood press rubbed its collective hands together, practically salivating for a dustup between the queen of the Fox lot, Betty Grable, and the pretender to the throne—Marilyn Monroe.
He would shuffle over to the trashcan container full of dry food, scooping out a feed bucket full and walking around to the different dog dishes, dispensing it evenly, while I would open a can of wet dog food and spoon-feed it to the prancing, salivating, weird-noise-making, heathen dogs.
Every contortion of the face, every move of the eyebrows, every flare of the nostrils, every motion of the lips, was there, as perfect as the sketches that Doré made when he came home from a long night’s prowl in the cinder-dark smokestack lanes of London, with all the grotesques stashed behind his eyelids, his empty fingers itching to grab pen, ink, paper, and begin! Even as Doré had, with total recall, scribbled faces, so Roy’s inner mind had photographed the Beast to remember the slightest hair moving in the nostrils, the merest eyelash in a blink, the flexed ear, and the eternally salivating infernal mouth.
Just one swing; at one ball…he salivated to hit!.
She salivated uncontrollably as the smell of blood overpowered her.
His mouth salivated over her bosoms like a hungry child at feeding time.
Because the Texas debacle was recent enough for even Wall Street's memory, the shorts salivated.
Louie sniffed at the bills as if they were freshly cut roses and he salivated at the idea of it being his.
When President Roosevelt made the promise that America would be out of Europe in two years, Stalin salivated at this.
Oscar began to growl and salivated, letting the intruders know that he was ready and willing to fight to keep his family safe.
Liam salivated at the thought of that prospect, despite his original reluctance in accepting his mandatory reassignment to the teaching corps.
What she wanted was the aroma and texture of cooked meat, but even as the wolf moved quickly toward home and the cooking fire, she salivated heavily.
The nefarious magician then stretched out his hand, took the lira and put it in his pocket as his mouth salivated at the prospect of all that he might gain from this gathering.

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