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Frasi con drool (in inglese)

1. However, my drool stuck to the.
2. Try not to drool on the carpet.
3. Drool ran unfettered from his maw.
4. His drool ran down and into his ear.
5. Look at the way you drool over Astarte.
6. Also, they tend to drool, snore, and are.
7. It was like he was holding back his drool.
8. He'll probably drool, Courtney thought bitterly.
9. Yet, they still drool when he in their presence.
10. To the point where drool from their mouths drip!.
11. Some of them can read and most of them don't drool.
12. Her mouth was wide open and a slight trickle of drool.
13. Hey…wipe your mouth, there‘s drool, she teased.
14. Waking up with Elly’s drool was about as nice as it got.
15. As we walked towards the restaurant I began to drool like a.
16. On the third day, my mother began to drool without any let-.
17. Prep has one of those backgrounds a big bank would drool over.
18. FACT: drool at the lips of a fine lady and hear blah, blah, blah.
19. Drool gathered on his lips, and when he barked, the spittle flew.
20. Every training attempt would end with Daveda, covered in sticky drool.
21. When it snarled, strings of drool looped between teeth as long as knives.
22. She couldn’t swallow properly, so she let the drool drip down her chin.
23. So I can do nothing but drool over the sight of a particularly fine stag.
24. Roman could almost see the drool slide down Brunno’s chin in anticipation.
25. Even with drool dripping off her pale chin, Jeff still thought she was lovely.
26. Killer was face down already asleep with a patch of drool running down his chin.
27. The smell made me drool and I turned away so I would not have to watch them eat.
28. Adrinius smiled down at me sickly, while Zacchaeus roared dripping drool on my neck.
29. Her mouth hung open and a tiny trickle of drool stained the pillow beneath her hair.
30. She lifted her arms in a yawn and the cop practically created a drool pool at his feet.
31. The drool had long since dried up, although the wetness remained on the side of his chin.
32. Cerberus panted expectantly, the tiny red ball in pieces in a puddle of drool at its feet.
33. Tom’s bullet shattered the lower jaw of his half-open mouth with a little shower of drool.
34. In that case Elly’s drool was the diamond encrusted platinum bracelet of the drool kingdom.
35. She could have even sworn tears were in his eyes and drool dangled at the corner of his mouth.
36. The medication was still making me drool a little, even though I tried to be serious with her.
37. As far as I’m concerned, the entire city, the capital of Kansas, smells like crazy-house drool.
38. Usually, she stared out of the back window, drool spilling out of her mouth all over the upholstery.
39. His lower lip quivered slightly, moistened by a bit of drool that leaked from his weakly held mouth.
40. There was still drool coming down his mouth as the paramedics placed him in a body bag to be examined later.
41. The one in the back eyed her all the harder, she hoped she wasn’t seeing a drop of drool run down his chin.
42. Frederick’s lip is curled and his upper teeth show and a string of drool swings from his chin and touches the paper.
43. A long drool of sticky saliva escaped the left side of the dog’s mouth and it splattered across a moss-covered rock.
44. Amonas was standing behind him, slack like before, the signs of a slight drool beginning to show on the corner of his mouth.
45. I already can see many officers at the headquarters of the Strategic Air Command drool when they will see our mission films.
46. Thick-ribbed, the bath water slips into the sheets of his twilight veins, the love drool bleeding from a gash on his forehead.
47. The merchandise is set out and advertised in just such a way as to cause for the brain to be stimulated and the drool to flow.
48. He wiped the drool from his mouth, noticing again that he had no fangs, and did his best to dry the rest that was on his shirt.
49. He's ditched his suit coat and tie, and the way his broad shoulders fill out the white dress shirt makes me drool, just a little.
50. Wha…wha…what is that? We’ll forgive the mayor the bit of drool that appeared in the corner of his mouth with his question.
51. Three days later the father rings again and says that his son is just lying on the bed with drool coming out of the sides of his mouth.
52. Mikey had to literally wipe the drool from the corners of his mouth when he realized he hadn’t swallowed any saliva since she entered the room.
53. Besides, after seeing that monster try to tear into my leg earlier, drool dripping from its mouth as it craved my flesh, meat had lost its appeal.
54. Her mouth was open slightly, an ululating moan of desire emerging from it, along with a copious stream of drool running down one side of her chin.
55. Patty heard the predictable spitty sound, and turned around, pounded the blasted coffee maker once; it always stalled after its third drool of coffee.
56. He could no longer swallow his copious drool and his face was being pressed into the ground by a relentless force so potent that movement was impossible.
57. Joe Billie‘s sight turned inward as he dressed and tried to choke down the drool spilling through his half opened mouth as the bile flavored cud reached his mouth.
58. Rick sat, feeling the scalding rush of blood through his veins and the fury pushing against the inside of his skull; hearing Bambino’s harsh growl, the jangle of his paws against the fence, his teeth gnashing; seeing the drool flying off his chops.
59. Sometime in the middle of the night, Daphne thought she heard Stan whisper her name, but when she lifted her head and turned to look at him, she found him snoring, his mouth hanging open with a bit of drool on his chin, the gun useless on the chair across from him.
60. There is drool down his chin and fire in his eyes, a hat on his head and a badge on his breast, and it is swiftly that he transitions from the side of the path onto the very road before her, that he begins to rev his engine up as if it is a purpose of terror that is meant only to scare little girls who have only done the right things to save themselves.
61. The distinguished thing was death, of course, Death was coming already from the far shore to which it had removed his mother, but if this was what it felt like, then as Nicky said, Who gave a fuck? The ships were too far off to hurt him anymore and he watched for a while, naked in his skeleton mask, as someone came and someone left and the cannons sparkled on the hillsides like beads of drool on an armrest.
62. It was an ancient and a sad matron of a sedate look and christian walking, in habit dun beseeming her megrims and wrinkled visage, nor did her hortative want of it effect for incontinently Punch Costello was of them all embraided and they reclaimed the churl with civil rudeness some and shaked him with menace of blandishments others whiles they all chode with him, a murrain seize the dolt, what a devil he would be at, thou chuff, thou puny, thou got in peasestraw, thou losel, thou chitterling, thou spawn of a rebel, thou dykedropt, thou abortion thou, to shut up his drunken drool out of that like a curse of God ape, the good sir Leopold that had for his cognisance the flower of quiet, margerain gentle, advising also the time's occasion as most sacred and most worthy to be most sacred.
1. I'm drooling as I watch it.
2. His smile was huge and drooling.
3. Ghouling and drooling where he may.
4. We were drooling like hungry lions.
5. Drooling doesnt run in my family.
6. Marcus could feel his mouth drooling.
7. The monster was drooling like a rabid dog.
8. When I came to Corey was drooling over me.
9. I dont want you drooling all over the menus.
10. Look at how they’re drooling and stumbling.
11. He was drooling; a large boy with a super toy.
12. As he was drooling over an icon, a well pre-.
13. Cam started drooling the moment he walked inside.
14. I’ve seen drooling vegetables draw more than.
15. Hobbs was drooling at the moment, he was enjoying this.
16. We are back to drooling and whining in the nurse’s arms.
17. They were all staring at us with menacing eyes drooling.
18. From your promises, I was expecting a drooling simpleton.
19. His tongue is hanging out and he is practical y drooling.
20. ANNIE - Sod the bank, you were still drooling over the money!.
21. When he was done, he lifted off me, his penis small and drooling.
22. Wow, that is a thing of beauty Rex said drooling in admiration.
23. The corners of her mouth went up in a smile when she saw Joey drooling.
24. Billy peered into the room watching John sleeping on the desk, drooling.
25. Jameson wanted to hug him, but Hannah was peacefully drooling in his arms.
26. Randi asked staring at his six-pack abs, practically drooling at the mouth.
27. Drive he roared, drooling like a madman as she slumped over the wheel.
28. Clean that thing off! And don’t think I didn’t notice your drooling.
29. A shop assistant walked into the dining hall and he appeared to be drooling.
30. Aquana’s mouth started drooling as she tried to throw her whole mouth on it.
31. He was happily panting in the back seat, with his drooling tongue hanging out.
32. Jack Jacobin, drooling from all the excitement, advances on the helpless priest.
33. Aerobics is tough work, but when you’re lean and slender, and guys are drooling.
34. He got out of the shower flopped onto his bed and promptly fell asleep, still drooling.
35. There was no way I could avoid drooling over those rippling muscles and glittering eyes.
36. Only a drooling idiot could have argued the situation was good, yet the improvement was marked.
37. He tried to spit on Rapp but didn’t have the strength and ended up just drooling down his cheek.
38. Lezura cut her eyes from Joey, who had Heliri at his side studying the weapon with drooling faces.
39. John takes his tray and finds a seat beside an elderly man, who is staring off into space, drooling.
40. I should have known but, the way he was drooling over you out there, I couldn’t help but wonder.
41. With all the women who were drooling over him, he surely wouldn't mind an ugly or two not being into him.
42. Good looking, with a terrific muscular body but slightly short, he had nevertheless all the girls drooling.
43. Bones crackled, and that was Eric's cue to close his mouth and wipe its corners to make sure he wasn't drooling.
44. The only image that haunted me the whole way home was that smiling, drooling, grotesque mask levitated above my face.
45. I used to tend bar back in the day, I could help you if you need it? he asked like a dog drooling over leftovers.
46. Outside, Jesse was leaning against the door, and the wolves were circling him with exposed teeth, snarling and drooling.
47. They got all excited and started drooling, but they did the same every time the bell rang, whether any food came or not.
48. Soon Naomi is under its spell, frozen like a statue before it, drooling and wide-eyed as though in some hypnotic trance.
49. There are ways of getting highly targeted traffic that is drooling for just the information you provide on your site pages.
50. They were ogling and drooling watching the chefs drumming up the simple but stunning chocolate fondant when the phone rang.
51. My mouth watered until I was drooling on the pavement, but none of these establishments were open at that time of the morning.
52. And in its mouth, now drooling blood, I saw the shadow of a man too dark with rage to recognize, confined behind its jagged teeth.
53. When gripped in the ecstasy of an assault, he wailed and howled, drooling and frothing, sometimes sobbing, tears running down his cheeks.
54. Yes, and if you think I believe he’d be working with a nosey businesswoman, you’re dumber than the drooling lawmen who locked me up.
55. Well, for a start this was very different from shooting at a club, where some asshole with a drooling voice would yell: "Five rounds -load!".
56. They would tease boys all day wearing cut-off shorts, belly showing halters, bikini tops, anything to get attention and have the guys drooling.
57. The moment Arjun stepped out of his car, with his Gucci glares on, every girl in the college just turned towards him and started drooling over him.
58. That type of tolerance is to be commended since she had a choice of either having the dog’s drooling head or its back end in her lap when we drove around.
59. I made it only a few blocks before the Sinsar Dubh reduced me to a gibbering, drooling mess in a gutter in Temple Bar, crushed by the agony it was inflicting.
60. The kids here didn’t give a shit about keeping things clean: They’d toss a carton toward a trash can, the milk drooling all over the floor, and just shrug.
61. Adem did not object to this as he also had concerns about the young woman being out on the streets with thousands of drunken men leering and drooling over her.
62. When he was finished doing one hundred of them, he got up, expecting to see rippling abs that Lezura, S’us, Tylin, Yeltsa and the inn keeper would be drooling over.
63. As Evette stormed by her enroute for the kitchen she noticed that the unconscious woman was drooling all over the tiles that she lay on, which only heightened her disgust.
64. When Chepe awoke he realized, in succession, that he was cold, wet, miserable, and surrounded by a group of gargoyles who were peering down at him like hyenas drooling over a carcass.
65. They probably haven’t even seen their dicks in twenty years, but they’re still slaves to the little shriveled worms drooling like a pack of hungry dogs over these whores!.
66. O there were Times when I myself wisht to be Belinda, lying amidst the Ruffles of an Infant’s Gown, crying and spitting, laughing and feeding, drooling and playing with her tiny Hands.
67. When is “Paul”, having returned to his seat and sipped some coffee, starts slumping in his seat and drooling, Gerard tells the server that he will take his “friend” to the hospital.
68. The beautiful face hovering before my eyes said something but no sound reached my ears and all I could do was smile like a drooling idiot at the angel who looked down at me with such concern.
69. I didn't much want to see it, but I knew old Sally, the queen of the phonies, would start drooling all over the place when I told her I had tickets for that, because the Lunts were in it and all.
70. She’d done the pouty lip thing and made sure he’d gotten an eyeful of cleavage, dancing as close to the stage as possible, twerking with her girlfriends until every guy in the club had been drooling.
71. The Poor Wretch pleaded with me, and I was so touch’d by his pathetick Dream of Acting in a Play (when all he had in Life were cross’d Eyes and a drooling Mouth) that I could not find the Strength to blame him.
72. It feels weird… for once that a man would actually look away from the figure of my body, rather than stripping me with his eyes while drooling all over the floor with lecherous thoughts rushing through his mind.
73. It had taken forever to load but she set the screen to full size and she was practically drooling as she watched Shay Donovan in army fatigues running through the jungle, sweat dripping from his brow, his shirt torn open to the waist.
74. How could I possibly have such a hot best friend? It had been pure torture for me, secretly drooling all over him when all I wanted was to have him as a boyfriend, rather than the boy who popped over for a pizza and some steamy sessions on PlayStation.
75. He reaches for his sword, but it is gone! He searches all around him, yet it is nowhere to be seen! He panics and some strange spirit enters his mind and probes his every thought, knows his every desire, and leaves him convulsing and drooling on the cave floor.
76. Then, using his nimble ability to twist things to his purpose claimed to misinterpret when she shouted that he should let go the woman he was raping like some drooling, low-life redneck! So, she thought, last night was no misunderstanding; he released them intentionally because he thought that, with them free, I’d close up operations and help him chase his non-existent pot of gold.
77. Meanwhile the guy himself was going down vertically, as if he had stepped into an elevator shaft, and Reacher was turning fractionally left, from the waist, shoulders braced, looking for the third-base guy, the furthest away, because some back-of-the-brain calculation was telling him the guy had a better line of return fire, and he wasn’t drooling as bad as the second-base guy, so maybe he was less invested in the upcoming entertainment, and therefore more likely to start blasting, even at the risk of damaged goods.
78. And how does he justify and prove this? By searching the world for the dumbest black African witch doctor: a blind African imbecile even more idiotic than that mental imbecile Reverend Tutu: with the same thick glasses and brain-deadened speech of a retarded mongoloid idiot… to support his idiocy about alien reptiles merging with humans thousands of years ago; sanctifying the oldest most evil culture in the world: the ignorant superstitious crap of African witch doctors? No: the moronic drooling of the stupidest blindest witch-doctor in all of Africa.
79. He had been so sure – well, fairly sure, anyway – that it wasn't him with dog in underwear or at the primary school chain-saw massacre, but now…? Unwelcome images swam in his mind, of him pulling the kickers off Peony's doll, drooling with lust, of him ripping apart Mrs Frimpton's laundry and treading the shreds into her flower beds, of him ravishing a young mother on her pastry-strewn kitchen table, and of him standing in a school playground, reaching out to the young children, fountains of blood and gore spraying into the air as he dubbed them with his howling blade.
80. L€ne huddled closer to Neil afraid of the drooling protester,.
1. Norah sniffed, drooled a little.
2. Doc almost drooled over the monk’s.
3. Still they drooled at the thought of battle.
4. The girl opened her mouth and drooled on herself.
5. My photographer nearly drooled while watching her.
6. It snapped its jaws on air and drooled blood on my shirt.
7. But maybe, I wavered, as the ranger drooled and then blotted his mouth.
8. But no—he couldn’t follow shit, and now he’d gone and drooled on himself.
9. Everyone had already drooled over the marks on Selena’s wings, admiring them.
10. Every girl I had accounted over the decades had drooled and thrown themselves at me.
11. Wilx says it happens all the time, neat hey?! I sputtered and drooled and shook violently.
12. When we reached her, she looked me over critically, like she was still thinking about how much I drooled.
13. I got in my car, flung the door open, and sat as the heat drooled out, reread my wife’s second clue:.
14. Wiggins drooled a little onto Ryan’s face, and was much stronger than someone her age should have been.
15. Halfdan slumped on his chair, his beard and shirt soaked with drooled booze, struggling to focus his vision.
16. Saliva drooled from his mouth onto her cheek, and still she held strong, giving one final thrust with the blade.
17. The young man could do nothing but gabble his lips while slobber drooled down his chin, and Ralf was disappointed with that.
18. A low bestial moaning drooled from the loose lips; the head rolled as if in unbearable agony, and the eyes looked full at Conan.
19. He had been that boy in the Mercantile and carried my new things to the Chemung Hotel where I had drooled over the delicious Cinders.
20. Gallipoli that’s where they killed my boy the bloody murderers my one and only lamb he was such a good boy to his mother, and spittle drooled down the side of her mouth.
21. As a baby he did not learn how to stand up until he was 4, he did not learn to speak until he was 4, he suffered from convulsions and rickets, he was worse than a mongoloid idiot: he did not learn to walk until he was 10 yr old, his speech could not be understood, he drooled, he couldn’t chew food so he was fed gruel and mushed pap all his life.
1. When I say he’s slimy, I’m not just talking about what comes out of his cock, that slit in his face drools a lot of slime too, as does the hole in his ass.
2. Who but a Woman can speak of pressing her Cheak to the tender pink Cheak of her own Child and her Breasts running with Milk at its very Touch, squirting fine Streams heavenward like the sprinkl’d Stars of the Milky Way? Who but a Woman knows the joy of Feasting her Eyes upon Eyes that cannot focus, of clasping tiny Fingers that can only grasp without knowing what they touch, of kissing tiny Toes that cannot walk and know not whither they shall go or whence they have come? O no Matter how lacking in Reason the Newborn Babe seems to the Masculine Philosopher, ’tis Reason itself to its Mother, so besotted is she with its Charms! Who but a Woman could love a Creature that cries all Night when she would sleep, who wakes up ravenous to eat only when a Plate is set before its Mother and she would eat, who partakes of no Polite Conversation but only pushes its Tongue in and out of its Mouth like a very stupid Puppy, and drools and pukes and shits all the livelong Day and Night!.

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