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Scurvy in una frase (in inglese)

Scurvy was common.
of sickness and scurvy.
An’ where’s the scurvy Blackguard now?.
And all cried out upon it for a very scurvy word.
It seems some scurvy Rogue hath pickt your Pocket.
that the individual with scurvy was lacking in vitamin C.
To further ward off the threat of scurvy he had arraigned for Mr.

Pope’s Hypocrisy, Daniel’s scurvy Usage of me, and Mary’s Envy.
reason you don’t hear of scurvy anymore is because the cure was.
herself, and all this by way of introduction to a most terrible, and scurvy.
PIRATE FUN FACT: "Scurvy dog" - the pirate is talking directly to you with mild insult.
The name Ascorbic Acid is derived from the Latin ascorbutus meaning without scurvy.
In 1917 studies indicated that children who were raised on pasteurized milk suffered from scurvy.
Sauerkraut was often taken on long voyages and was what often kept the crew from developing scurvy.
Rebound scurvy can develop in newborns whose mothers ingest mega doses of Vitamin C during pregnancy.
A pretty child I'd be! It's another sort of cat they must throw in my face, and not that poor scurvy knave.
It was also found that those same children were healed of scurvy by simply returning them to a diet of raw milk.
Leprosy: A foul, easy to catch disease, appearing in dry, white, thin, scurvy scabs, attended with violent itching.
Still, did he see, as I did, the Danger of Rebellion by our scurvy Pyrate Colleagues? That could neither I nor Horatio rightly say.
At first - as well as he could remember - it was only a small pimple, but it had grown larger, with something the appearance of scurvy.
Could I help it if he preferred me to her? Scurvy trick, hey? I’ll thank you to keep a civil tongue in your head, Will Benteen!.
He was fleet, too, tho’ I should ne’er take him to a Race-Meeting and let all sorts of scurvy Blackguards lay Wagers upon his Flesh.
Why? Because milk naturally contains vitamin C, necessary for the prevention of scurvy, and this vitamin was destroyed in the heating process.
I didn’t say, As much as a scurvy, cheating prick can love someone, but I did open the door to the walk-in closet and invite the real estate broker inside.
Sprouted grains contain more vitamin C than standard grains, preventing scurvy, and increase the content of vitamins B2, B5, and B6, while increasing the carotenes up to eightfold.
It's a shame because while men were capable of making their own sandwiches, a woman would have instinctively added a few orange slices and cleared up that scurvy nonsense in a flash.
In the winter of 1534, local Canadian Indians provided Jacques Cartier with the cure for scurvy, which had claimed twenty-five of his 110 men, with more than fifty in critical condition.
Olin knew also that cabbage kept as sauerkraut and tomato sauces preserved with acetic acid, which is vinegar, kept scurvy at bay during the winter months when fresh fruit was not available in many nations.
We knew we could not make Madagascar or the Bahamas in a Tub as foul-bottom’d as the Hazard, Horatio said, so we put it to a Vote with these scurvy Debtors and determin’d we should take the first sound Ship we saw.

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