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Frasi con despicable (in inglese)

It was a despicable sight.
It was a despicable thing to do.
What you did was just despicable.
Hence his despicable actions towards Candace….
This guy is really despicable even though he saved me.
Yet he was despicable, false, inconsistent, and mean.
What a despicable, ugly, irredeemable, selfish—.

The reality was of a despicable regime that even used.
Let’s face it, our ’rents were pretty despicable.
It was despicable of Yves Montand to say what he did.
Why has she has to be an evil despicable woman and a.
The ignorant and unwise are the most despicable of men and.
It was the kind of despicable thing she considered beneath her.
In spite of my innocence, I felt the most despicable man on earth.
We were not going to kill or do other such despicable activities.
The behaviour of these to men is underhand and quite despicable!.
I think what they did to you was despicable, Carol said finally.
Not only am I a coward, but I am in my way a low and despicable man.
This desire—to escape the situation without blame—was despicable.
This was a completely disabled man – and, a vile, despicable, enemy.
That is considered to be Ugly, Low-class, despicable, Unromantic Love.
Golyadkin’s twin, so revolting in the despicable meanness of his soul.
She was far too much a lady to have uttered such a despicable an outrage.
It was a pathetic and wonderful and at the same time a despicable spectacle.
Thomas Cook, of the New York Herold, General Lee called it a despicable act.
As far as I'm concerned, they're both despicable, and deserve to be punished.
Contemptible! Foul! Despicable! But even these descriptions aren't satisfactory.
He knew the despicable and shame of being with a married whore, moreover it was.
You are just a despicable man that made use of the weakness of others to further.
The Ottawa Citizen called their actions "cowardly and despicable" and noted that.
That’s despicable! Why would he go out of his way just to hurt her? What’s.
Many of these institutions can only be described as despicable for so many reasons.
I didn’t expect that you will feel pity for such a lowly despicable thief!.
And I thought watching humans become Greegs was despicable! Milt had seen the unseen.
He resides principally upon his sailing ship at sea and his profession is despicable.
Greedily, among despicable wretches, though I had to oversee the operation somewhat.
While his thinly veiled glee was despicable under the circumstances, he wasn’t wrong.
Zoroastro was a despicable and resentful being flooded with a false sense of authority.
I turned seventeen that I ceased such despicable behaviour, and with my remorse at its.
Then, when they rebelled against the commands to refrain, We said to them, Be despicable apes.

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