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    1. “Don’t take the ones where you have to shimmy across a rope seventy stories up,” Kulai said

    2. He convulsed calmly, as if the ride belted a shimmy

    3. At the door, she stopped to shimmy her behind at Manda

    4. I shimmy the device up over my "hips" and slip my arms through the straps

    5. The plotline, or premise, that I used to kick things off, did a little shimmy right where things reached their peak

    6. More snow was coming in as the dome did another shimmy and shake

    7. inspect the club, stopping to dance a with working girls, ‘sinking with shimmy

    8. Tony watched the monitor shake and shimmy as the plane rocked

    9. shimmy as the plane made its death plunge

    10. “I’ll have to shimmy up and snag us a green one

    11. “We could shimmy down one of those!”

    12. It was difficult to shimmy up it without knocking off any of the merchandise with my feet, but we couldn’t risk making any noise

    13. She struggles with his pants again, and he pushes himself off of her enough to shimmy out of them while she strips off her underwear

    14. Everybody just stood there, looking at it for a second, and then Big Jim began to shimmy it loose

    15. The harmless shimmy, caused by a minor fuel mixture imbalance, rattled the payload

    16. The grasses toss and shimmy

    17. “Give me your shimmy, Melanie, and I’ll wad it around his head

    18. Summer in New York City, with the clouds above going copper-colored and a Negro with a trumpet playing for pennies by the subway station, the shimmy of buses echoing up the fronts of high buildings, as if God were on a person-to-person call, saying, This is where you belong

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