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    1. He had to fiddle with the edges and shift the settings around slightly to detect body heat

    2. So, while you should continue to shift your portfolio towards bonds you should still keep a part of investment in the stock market, which have in recent decades generated real returns

    3. How could this have happened? "Did those monsters on third shift do this to you?! Who was it? Was it Harry? I told him not to change the settings! They're perfect the way they are!"

    4. But then the shift bell rang and Frank knew it was time to clock out

    5. · Men have to appreciate that girls have to shift their loyalty from a woman to a man, from mother to husband

    6. ‘How difficult would it be for you to shift your stuff, Mrs Wynell?’

    7. The idea is that I’ll move out tomorrow evening and then shift the furniture as soon as I can after that

    8. She was afraid of the cultural shift she could feel coming

    9. before supervisor McManus finally noticed that old Ted hadn’t entertained the other guards with his impression of a bugle call to signal the end of another long night shift

    10. He rose with the pain of stiffened limbs and giddy with the shift of

    11. After all, he didn’t want to be late for the guard he was going to relieve from last night’s shift

    12. Time and routine – we measure lives by the watch-hand and the regularity of our shift between states of activity

    13. I tried to unravel time in some vain hope of stopping the days from ticking over into the new shift pattern, but the inevitable morning dawned with the usual sounds of boots on concrete, sliding locks and the dull metallic alarm of my breakfast tray being laid on the floor by my mattress

    14. Over the next few weeks, as the procedures and the rituals bedded down, as Robbie and Mick and the other guards who rotated on shift, mixed bonhomie with casual insults and violence, I started to listen and to watch

    15. with that person and shift your attention towards another direction

    16. The map itself could be purchased in town for half a shift of unskilled labor or half of a small steel ball-bearing

    17. Ship's foreman Nlara was with them, she usually took charge of the sleep shift, but the journey was so leisurely that there was often a half-hour between trim changes

    18. "I'm glad this happened on your shift," Vyinga said, as she began to climb back up to her nest

    19. It took their whole shift to hack their way out of this

    20. Just the shift change before, Desa had learned the story of Luray and Knume

    21. If we yearn to create a major shift in the world because it truly

    22. "He would drive the motorcar to the log picker or the lon barge and then he would drive that for a shift

    23. They were much busier than average at the winch thru that whole shift

    24. He rose with the pain of stiffened limbs and giddy with the shift of blood in his veins

    25. To practice my religion, linger with Luray the next time you wake her for shift change

    26. "Looks like you had a good shift

    27. "Should be another easy shift

    28. and they shift the tangled sheets from around

    29. She mentioned about working late shift

    30. In a faint but warmly remembered shift of air

    31. and the deeps, the shift and shelter

    32. Think Paradigm Shift; doing things the way you always did them is a paradigm

    33. could, possibly, shift the foundations of a country

    34. "We're all on wake shift," Desa said, "There's a new list written up and posted on the note board and signed by both of them

    35. waiting for the shift in the cloud race

    36. They went on with this thru the second half of her shift when it wasn't busy

    37. It was late in the shift when Byia tacked to a different subject

    38. I'm glad to have another volunteer for sleep shift, the shift has been thin since I transferred Yarin to wake shift, so I don't mind the change at all, but is there something more coming?"

    39. During Afternoonday of Imnotyn the wind had died down and they had to anchor by the time day shift was underway

    40. It seemed like Nuran had decided to share her shift in their space permanently with Tindairn, without really discussing it with Alan or Desa

    41. They were keeping up those of the sleep shift that wanted to sleep

    42. "Next Morningday shift he will help bring us in

    43. By arranging the suits, shirts, blouses and skirts by label, size and colour she managed to shift most of the better items to middle class bargain hunters and a good deal of the less fashionable items to the local student population

    44. We need a strong crew that shift

    45. "You're shift has started," Desa told her, "They're clearing up the table now, you missed breakfast

    46. "No I don't, we'll be standing the last shift, that takes concentration, then we'll be unloading

    47. "But I'm not your mother!" Desa yelled, "and I shouldn't have to change your diapers! Now get your sorry little slut ass up and stand your shift like the adult you pretend you are!" Desa yanked the covers off her

    48. "He said Nuran came to his cabin puking her guts out and whining that you were so mean you were going to make her stand her shift anyway

    49. Even so I don't see why I should have to stand her shift for her

    50. Shift change was now complete, all masts were covered and the captains were on the outdoor bridge for the final approach

    1. She shifted to one foot, then the other, as if she had to go the bathroom

    2. Vinnie pushed the glasses back firmly onto his nose and shifted his center of gravity back a bit

    3. The young man’s foot shifted

    4. and guards in attendance, but this time the dream shifted slightly

    5. He shifted it against the rough

    6. He shifted his weight slightly, feeling a burr of stone

    7. " Timms’ eyes shifted and when Tig followed them he saw the black exosuit near the deck on the far side of the consoles

    8. In the seat next to her Ernst shifted

    9. Horcheese’s eyes shifted to Tig just long enough for him to feel the accusation in them

    10. As with Smiler and his off-hand brutality, the basic pattern of my existence shifted and I accepted the relative kindness of The Kid over the next couple of days

    11. When you are alone, to have even the slightest familiarity of walls and doors and floors shifted constantly, breaks you down and leaves you impotent and resigned

    12. I shifted along the mattress to be just that little bit closer to this alien sound

    13. Menachem shifted on his bed-roll, kneeling up as if in prayer

    14. The world shifted in that moment, spinning just that little bit faster on its leaning axis

    15. Ernesto shifted uncomfortably in his chair

    16. When Alan and Desa had their masts shifted, the sails were now taking the ends of the ship in opposite directions

    17. on what can be shifted, not on what is

    18. He shifted it against the rough bark of the oak tree, scratching a persistently annoying itch

    19. He shifted in his seat, tensing,

    20. My other neighbour, the old man, shifted and looked past us through the window

    21. Pandora shifted in her seat and turned her back

    22. He slashed thru that with an eraser, shifted the equator and had the eye revolve with the bundle on the axis

    23. All the blue dragons suddenly shifted and lowered their heads

    24. Mama took a large sip and shifted his gaze to Omi and Ish As far as he was

    25. mosquitoes hovering over her head had shifted over to mine as well

    26. I used a condom,' I said as I shifted my cushion for comfort

    27. I shifted my shoulders, picked the package and returned to her treadmill

    28. ‘I’ll have to give notice, but there’s nothing to stop me getting my stuff sorted out and shifted over here, Dave

    29. Now, he shifted in his seat, keeping

    30. Roman shifted the van into drive and pushed the pedal to the floorboard,

    31. The landscape shifted from agrarian to rural to urban before their very eyes, and in no time at all they were passing neighborhoods and parks, schools and shops, businesses, boulevards and brownstones

    32. Slipping through the muddy torrents coursing from the Main Street down the Lakeside Road, we reached the shelter of the porch and I went with father around to shutter the store windows, just in case the winds shifted suddenly and threatened from the north

    33. specific disagreement with the man?’ Tours shifted

    34. There, you’ve blitzed the weeds and shifted all the dead plants

    35. ' Jean shifted his feet uneasily

    36. As his weight shifted on the wooden chair Roman

    37. And then his gaze shifted northwards, and he came across what must have been the strangest sight so far that Jack had seen that day

    38. Her smile shifted to an expression of

    39. "So what does the story have to do with a stone, and what does it have to do with this valley?" It wasn't going to be that easy, she’d shifted gears, but they were stuck

    40. pyramid and the pyramid shifted

    41. ’ Jean shifted his position and watched a small rat

    42. ” He shifted his sleeping daughter to his other arm careful not to disturb her

    43. " She shifted her eyes back to Jesse

    44. Quickly Todd shifted gears, returning to the problem at hand explaining that she’d broken two ribs and bruised three more

    45. Desa shifted position and leaned against Alan once he was gone, taking the arm that wasn’t around Kaha and wrapping it around herself

    46. shifted his position so as to avoid a rock which was

    47. "My life shifted

    48. In the distance, the figure shifted, his robe thrashing about as he was ignited in blue flames

    49. He went over backwards in a welter of blood, his nose shattered and shifted to the right hand side of his face

    50. Many quickly burst into flame as his axe fell, and many others disintegrated as his armor shifted -- the bare blades hanging from his body jumping to life with the motion

    1. He was hunched over his desk, shifting through piles of paperwork and tossing it around with abandon, creating a bigger mess than he had before

    2. “You must have dropped it while the gravity was shifting back to normal,” Johnny commented, putting the Chip back in his pocket

    3. edges of the thick cell walls and dissolved the shifting shapes of the man that he had

    4. I cried again for the umpteenth time since my capture and incarceration below the wider world’s ever- shifting horizons

    5. shifting their position, a killing ground,

    6. I floated in the comfort of this smooth, luminous primeval liquid, looking at the patterns and the shifting net of sunlight underneath, and the sand way down below, ecstatic in the thrill of being aware of simple existence in a universe without change

    7. ‘If you could, Graham, Sarah’s got a load of books and they’ll take some shifting

    8. ‘Yes … I thought you were shifting the books this afternoon

    9. fidgeting and shifting awkwardly in his seat

    10. “Tell me,” Samuel began, shifting the subject, “what do you suppose

    11. While Billy sits quiet and still amid the heavy metal sounds of the custody suite, his companions reach out and take his hands in theirs and the three of them begin to mime and mug like savant idiots, and with the sound turned down, with the picture fading to a single white dot, they start to belt out Billy’s favourite song without shifting a single molecule of air:

    12. “That’s what I thought,” Bobby said, shifting his glance from me to

    13. Again some shifting of wardrobe and jewelry was made between Samuel and himself

    14. shifting on the cushions beneath him uneasily

    15. The deafening screech of new caterpillar treads and the smell of diesel tainted eucalyptus smoke in the rising heat mixed with red dust and shifting sand, gave the site a post apocalyptic appearance

    16. They left the airbase with tyre tracks as the only evidence of their activities, evidence soon to be erased by the shifting sands

    17. the broken body armor as well as he could with his cuffed hands, shifting his

    18. "Yes," Brice replied, his eyes shifting to the floor

    19. before shifting the topic of the conversation

    20. Walking closer to the gateway, the trio noted several slits in the stones above, behind which shadows could be seen shifting about

    21. "At this time it would not help you to know, but rest assured that your days of hiding are over," the elf said, shifting his white gaze to the Death Guards

    22. soldiers shifting

    23. No sooner had Alec noticed the shifting forest than an arrow arced into the sky

    24. Mage-fire detonated in the sky as the Graelic struck home, its reddened tip catching the demon directly on the ever shifting appendage that most closely resembled a head

    25. The Red Mage spent his life clinging to the illusion, always shifting shadows

    26. “What’s out there, Anon?” Adros asked, shifting his gaze to the Rift

    27. “What do I call you, sir?” she asked as the weedy man groped her body with his shifting

    28. The genie itself may be nothing more than a play of Such veils, and hence might we simply make do with Inanimate bottles and slow shifting star constellations?

    29. shifting in this modern society and it sent in old hats like me a

    30. I briefly wondered where Griffin had learned about shifting

    31. the pieces and they keep shifting around

    32. She crossed her arms, shifting her glance thoughtfully

    33. It is partly owing to the easy transportation of gold and silver, from the places where they abound to those where they are wanted, that the price of those metals does not fluctuate continually, like that of the greater part of other commodities, which are hindered by their bulk from shifting their situation, when the market happens to be either over or under-stocked with them

    34. But she determined that that was all it would be, a temporary shifting of the journey

    35. By shifting your attention to happiness and letting go of self-centered desires, you change what you care about, and thereby change your world

    36. Perhaps by shifting attention, we shut off that part of the brain and mind that is in charge of making us worry

    37. The ground was ever shifting underneath their once poised and planted feet

    38. But the shifting winds nevertheless had carried with them an evolving reality

    39. ‘Energy is wonderful,’ stated the bird shifting slightly on her golden claws

    40. The continents were constantly shifting

    41. shifting of the winds and rolling waves, the next hour would find him with his arms hanging listlessly at his sides, fists clenching with the intermittent surges of emotion

    42. It had constantly shifting gold continents surrounded by a misty swirling ocean of blue

    43. The Planetary Ascension has also seen the shifting of the magnetic fields in our environment

    44. —Food will be served in the school cafeteria, with the meals sort-of shifting from brunch-type food to

    45. But now her colleague’s image was shifting about in a distorted way as if from some kind of interference, and his voice similarly until she could no longer understand a word

    46. As he sat on the lean-back chair he still didn’t look entirely comfortable, shifting about and distracted by his surroundings

    47. This did not seem to encourage the witness at all: he kept shifting from one foot to the other, looking uneasily at the Queen, and in his confusion he bit a large piece out of his teacup instead of the bread-and-butter

    48. The younger stars even showed signs of shifting their output spectrum to the bluer end

    49. Its humanoid form appeared out of focus, shifting, unable to resolve into a fixed shape

    50. Russell cleared his throat and had Aspen jumping and blushing before guilty shifting back

    1. It wasn’t much of a graphical enhancer because Ackers looked almost exactly the same as he did on the screen except for a few subtle shifts here and there on his face there wasn’t much that was different

    2. It was half a week later, she was in the cabin again on a late Afternoonday, their shifts had stretched thru the light

    3. Baggy worked tirelessly all three shifts without a break in hopes that the higher-ups would recognize its hard work

    4. BOOM! The airplane hits a sharp bumb and some of the cargo shifts

    5. Ricci shifts nervously in his seat as he listens to Ahmed’s hysterics

    6. primordial soup was brewed, how tectonic shifts came to be and how the rocks and

    7. He said he mapped in the specific point he picked for us to breach space based on tidal shifts in local stellar gravity

    8. It was on one of Smiler’s shifts, when his indifferent fist slammed into my kidneys again, that I decided darkness was the only answer

    9. Although the towel was thicker and more tightly woven than the hessian sack in my last prison, I could still make out shades and shifts of light

    10. His attention shifts, I turn to see what he has seen behind me as he goes on smoothly

    11. He shifts, grunts and breathes quietly

    12. and is carried on great, continental shifts,

    13. that her skin shifts in transparent waves,

    14. She'd shared love with Yarin three times since the day of the first rotate, not as many as Desa, and Nuran was as much as moved in and sleeping shifts with Desa

    15. "They've turned the glass," she said about the big sandglass on the bridge that measured the shifts

    16. "I think we'll be in within the week, four more good shifts at sail should do it

    17. ' Nuran had chopped hers off flat just above her shoulders the week before changing shifts

    18. As the barge moves out and the deck under her hooves shifts, Sefir’s ears go back but the proximity of Adamant and the scent of the hay soon calm her again

    19. focus shifts to the kar sevaks as vandals

    20. They were just coming to duty and this was one of those shifts he wouldn’t stand if he didn’t have to

    21. But if she didn’t plan on sleeping, she could do it in two sleep shifts and have the other sleep to party

    22. In the first ambulance the paramedic is working as quickly as he can given the constant subtle shifts of weight and force induced by the vehicle's furious pace as it crosses the narrow stretch of land between the Taw and Torridge estuaries

    23. You have to understand shifts tend to be very routine down there

    24. The door shifts and then swings open

    25. Here are two others filed from other shifts that K’shitn, so I was working that week

    26. None of the names on that run showed up on any other runs within three shifts, but that other one could have been altered

    27. The doctor shifts, crooking one leg up onto the table so that he can face her

    28. He shifts so that he is squatting down by Ted's side

    29. South along the back of the far barn, walking slowly, looking into angles of shadow and watching for sudden shifts in light, one of the uniformed constables makes his way toward the field at the bottom of the farm complex

    30. She was only awoken at the end of their shifts; when their usefulness expired, or when they went mad

    31. For years after I was hypersensitive to energy shifts and felt like I'd lost an energy cocoon of protection

    32. Patrice smiles up at her then shifts her attention back to her mail sorting

    33. In spite of her best efforts, she could not decipher the meanings to the nervous shifts of glances and ominous pauses that she had witnessed since even before leaving Cyrodiil

    34. He wondered to himself what the infantrymen were saying now, what private knowledge they were letting slip in between draughts and patrol shifts

    35. As if by an invisible signal the double doors to the kitchen opened and seven barefoot slave girls, dressed in knee-length white, sleeveless shifts, poured into the dining hall

    36. Please come in for any scheduled shifts next week

    37. On a grander scale even the planet’s level of energy shifts in accordance with the collective human consciousness

    38. In normal flight the hugely powerful main processor would be shut down and pairs of cores would work three month shifts to handle the vessel’s hugely precise navigation and monitor the various systems

    39. The others could handle the press and watch shifts while she did

    40. I was working two shifts a day driving forty miles one way

    41. Attention moves, shifts and

    42. On twelve-hour shifts, the official line is that the shift begins at seven am

    43. Due to mutual consent, just like the shift workers in Chemical Alley, the Lennox Police actually changed shifts at six o’clock

    44. all two shifts could do to keep up with the day’s heavy catch

    45. check the weigh-in for both shifts

    46. Near the end of the season, the cannery ran two full shifts,

    47. When the balance of earthly power shifts

    48. He was there to legalize her entry into the country, and Truman was outside parking the car Carlos had lent him in Bluefields and which they had driven through the night in shifts

    49. He had been noticing some rapid little mood shifts lately

    50. All that we can conclude, as the scene abruptly shifts, is that Cain must have carried a grudge away from that confrontation

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