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Frasi con simulated (in inglese)

  1. This simulated different times of day.
  2. It was a simulated flooding of a town.
  3. Better for these that theirs is simulated.
  4. His voice quivered with simulated indignation.
  5. None of this could have been simulated for him.
  6. The other is a simulated image of the universe.
  7. By the end of 2007 Blue Brain had simulated one.
  8. The final part was the simulated landing on Deimos.
  9. So if all that signal came from simulated souls.
  10. Thought is a virtual world where reality is simulated.
  11. Brokin jumped in simulated surprise, stumbling to a stop.
  12. At least he thought so, but that was of course simulated.
  13. I thought this was supposed to be a simulated hamster.
  14. He was very aware of how well 3D reality could be simulated.
  15. Mortals cannot be sure they are not simulated, Rene said.
  16. Molloy bared his teeth in a simulated smile and loomed over me.
  17. The simulated speed dropped off at an amazing rate; now that.
  18. They are people simulated with electricity in silicon crystals.
  19. This is one problem that the Eldest never simulated in training.
  20. The simulated alien invaders in Armada had never tried this move.
  21. The volumes of simulated trades must always be multiples of lots.
  22. Infantry Regiment, where they set up simulated executions and also.
  23. If this number was less than f0, we set the simulated test score to 0.
  24. The fact that that was all simulated might not be known to those women.
  25. That looks like human biometrics and it doesn’t appear to be simulated.
  26. The simulated vessel was travelling at maximum speed when he received the.
  27. The war will be simulated, but the simulation will be absolutely lifelike.
  28. To cancel a CESRE specific to a simulated terrorist attack was unthinkable.
  29. The light simulated natural daylight; he felt the warmth of it on his skin.
  30. Others wondered aloud if storm-time could be simulated with giant fans and.
  31. I sat in my simulated cockpit with my eyes closed, trying to collect my thoughts.
  32. The problem on this simulated D Day exercise was organisation, or the lack of it.
  33. Do you want to improve your scores on the simulated surgical field exams?
  34. The doctor stood over Sabrina's shoulder and simulated a sneeze very convincingly.
  35. Simulated regolith and vacuum chambers have already been used to create mock-ups.
  36. So all of you people have been fighting a simulated version of this war for years.
  37. Verhovensky turned to the general company with a capitally simulated look of alarm.
  38. He really was barely a match, especially mentally, for that simulated blow-up doll.
  39. Whenever anarchy can be simulated, the instinct to kill to survive can be triggered.
  40. Rain patterns, simulated to aid slumber, fell on our faces and behind us on the wall.
  41. Or what was worse, stared at me with simulated amazement, and j)assed by with a smile.
  42. At the same time, she simulated the action of a penis with two fingers moving in and out.
  43. You can imagine the worldwide headlines, Terrorist Attack on Simulated Terrorist Attack.
  44. Oh no, I'm sure there are still more biological souls than simulated in all forms combined.
  45. Nicholls walked to them, watching as the screen showed the results of the simulated engagement.
  46. You’ll use R to generate simulated random data and learn how to create your own R functions.
  47. Back to the simulated man-on-man sex acts on a float or college girls gone wild in New Orleans.
  48. There is no space for space suits, that is all simulated on the signal to his optic nerve input.
  49. It felt kind of nice to know that not all of the people in this suite were simulated for a change.
  50. In any case, since the Darangi invasion, the actual and simulated realities were further diverging.
  51. It was almost a thousand years before our science understood that we were in a simulated universe.
  52. All you have to do is change the song in your head, Ray said, tickling the simulated ivory keys.
  53. They flew in formation, fired at targets pulled by tow planes, simulated combat runs, and dive-bombed.
  54. Dear me, you—it’s you, my precious, said the old woman, with simulated tenderness in her voice.
  55. However, actual CTAs (commodity trading advisors) rarely have as good SRs as these simulated strategies.
  56. He achieved the highest test score of all the medical students in a simulated emergency surgery exercise.
  57. The rewards from simulated active strategies are often overstated due to overfitting or selection biases.
  58. The simulated real life action is unbelievable, or better yet it is believable and that is even better!.
  59. But he was so carried away by his simulated emotion, that he was for one moment almost believing it himself.
  60. The crew quarters stood against the outer hull of the constantly spinning ship to maximize simulated gravity.
  61. During this period, we simulated option portfolios according to the principles stated for the basic strategy.
  62. It activates at night, and sends you a simulated memory of mommy, of daddy, of family life, and all that crap.
  63. By substituting the simulated outcomes into the combination payoff function, we have obtained 20,000 payoff variants.
  64. It was he who had simulated Clegg’s medical condition and provided the MRI scan of his own brain to support his lies.
  65. Unfortunately, the spinning operating rooms that adjust to accommodate the direction of the simulated gravity are heavy.
  66. Eighteen seconds later he was almost completely spent, but he had cleared the skies of the simulated dragons and Sylvan.
  67. Puller said, A device that simulated the sounds of gunshots and an explosion played a primary role in the chaos at DB.
  68. The Tanker was connected to the stainless steel download connection in the bay for the simulated shot of a milk download.
  69. The next topic of interest is the impact of different bid-ask spread assumptions on the profitability of simulated trading.
  70. When you are ready to leave, you fly into our simulated sun and you will come out the transport portal way beyond the moon.
  71. Reporting biases apply to actively managed funds and are close cousins to selection biases among simulated paper strategies.
  72. My thoughts turned painfully to my childhood, or what the circuits hardwired in my brain had given me as simulated memories.
  73. Effective backtesting is possible only when simulated trades do not differ from executions that are attainable in real trading.
  74. Hidden giant air blowers simulated variable winds, while recorded bird songs and other forest noises were played continuously.
  75. I would be able to, my simulated skin provides all sensations that will result from contact with the personification I present.
  76. Statistical properties of this set of simulated trades—average profit, variance, distributions, and correlations—are analyzed.
  77. She made me jog, lift weights, and try out various complicated machines that simulated rowing, skiing, and other forms of torture.
  78. No they are not supernatural, they are simulated humans, as our audio is simulated acoustic energy represented by electrical energy.
  79. Special Branch is instigating a simulated terrorist attack tomorrow morning to test the reaction of emergency services in that region.
  80. She believed him when he said the existence of simulated souls is one of the biggest impediments to medical advances in their society.
  81. Good, clean fun? Or just simulated (often all too-real) punishment and death for the entertainment of those who merely love to watch?
  82. He knew it was possible for a technician as astute as the one who ran the simulated female side to ID him from his access to that area.
  83. During the training, war games and simulated massed battles obtaining a clear victory had always been an extremely difficult challenge.
  84. Anyway, there was a billion year old race of creatures called Pronna that ran an unlimited number of simulated universes in their minds.
  85. A similar caveat applies to simulated paper portfolios because backtests may be overfitted and trading costs ignored or understated.
  86. The simulated gravity caused by the ship’s constant acceleration provided a more familiar work environment in that down meant something.
  87. They entered the ring through the center hub gradually making the transition from weightlessness to a half G of rotation induced simulated gravity.
  88. In the final hour of the tournament, the best four couples from each race will face each other in simulated combat, that is; combat by simulacrums.
  89. He hoped Helen did not hurt herself because she was used to working with gravity or the simulated gravity caused by the ship’s constant acceleration.
  90. During a session on the rifle-range many situations can be simulated; but not one of them was similar to that unforgettable shot when I bagged my caribou.
  91. His greed was like a little devil on his shoulder, whispering in his ear, telling him to buy the stock in his real account instead of the simulated account.
  92. Nor was he fooled by their simulacrum’s appearance, his bolt was aimed at their real bodies, floating in the center of Mark’s gigantic simulated torso.
  93. He would have to give this up again once Ava was restored, but for now it would enable him to do what he had to do without his simulated biology interfering.
  94. About a week later we were again lined up with a Battalion of the York and Lancaster’s and the Barnsley Pals for a simulated attack watched by Staff Officers.
  95. Twenty-thousand paths of future underlying asset movements were simulated (assuming that the underlying asset price is distributed lognormally) for each stock.
  96. The procedure of portfolio construction is simulated for the duration of an eight-year historical period (2002–2010) using the database of stocks and options prices.
  97. If my diagnostics haven’t been corrupted, and I believe they have not, and I am not encapsulated, the instruments are seeing base reality and not a simulated signal.
  98. We also now got extra training on attacking trenches in formation and it got bloody annoying as attack after attack was simulated as the Officers tried to get it right.
  99. I have no way of telling if I am in a simulated universe transmitted from the dark bodies, or if I am in an event horizon imposed by someone in the crew of Gordon’s Lamp.
  100. Consumer Reports simulated what to do with an extra $100 per month, comparing the benefits of prepaying your mortgage versus investing in an index fund that returned 8 percent.
  1. Persinger is simulating presences which the brain.
  2. Simulating trading with $100,000 when you know you will.
  3. Sharply waving his hand, Sensei made a movement in the air simulating a blow.
  4. Simulating prices and volumes of signal executions is also based on compromise.
  5. It’s a craft simulating a helicopter while it’s supplying a base located under the boat.
  6. And this could be done away from the work place by simulating the motions required to do the job.
  7. They’ve been simulating the President, maybe they took him hostage or something, Andy said.
  8. At the same time we should mention that simulating the hypothetical situation presented in Figure 3.
  9. So we can play at playing at flying expensive jet fighters; by simulating it with another expensive machine.
  10. Mmm, I said to her, breathing heavily, simulating more excitement than she was actually producing in me.
  11. Assuming the one doing the encapsulating has perfect knowledge of the universe or universes he is simulating.
  12. This was a move he had thought out while simulating aerial combat in his mind in preparation for the dogfight.
  13. It would be useful to add two main forms of empirical distribution and several distributions simulating fat tails.
  14. The comparative analysis was performed during the same eight-year historic period by simulating two trading strategies.
  15. Hank let himself fall backwards, simulating what he had seen here tonight, and on television for many years in the past.
  16. The one massaging was now sitting astride the writhing man simulating intercourse but Sam could see his penis was still flaccid.
  17. He had burst in on someone, someone who was controlling a houri simulating one of the female techs from the female side of the ship.
  18. Zimbardo was another of my father’s colleagues who created a remarkable experiment by simulating a prison at Stanford University.
  19. If we were simulating an attack from the side while we were moving, I could grab the M-4 I was carrying and shoot in that direction.
  20. The two long haired troublemakers of my class stood up with their arms in their air simulating a Wave that spectators do at big stadiums.
  21. Three walls, part stone, part brick, and simulating a small, square tower, and folded like the leaves of a screen, surround it on all sides.
  22. If we were simulating an attack from the side while we were moving, I could grab the M-4 I was carrying and shoot in that direction.
  23. If they knew they were simulating a cell in a larger organism, they would not be able to perform their function in the larger organism that is the Haad of Al-Harron.
  24. The second was to cut a jagged slash into Leesa’s right boot and to cover the suede and Leesa’s leg with red nail polish, simulating a bloody wound to explain her limp.
  25. The door was opened interrupting the conversation and to my surprise the elder Americus appeared, dressing a few faded jeans, a streaked shirt and a dark gray wing hat, simulating a suburban cowboy.
  26. There are plenty of state changes in response to stimulus, we see all these here, she waved at the screen where they had saved many of those plots from atoms in verons simulating other parts of her brain.
  27. As long as the packets presented to their monitor's servers simulated souls too well for them to tell the difference, humans would continue to surrender their judgment to the computer programs simulating the wisdom of their elders.
  28. The mouth of the sewer of the Rue de la Mortellerie was celebrated for the pestilences which had their source there; with its grating of iron, with points simulating a row of teeth, it was like a dragon's maw in that fatal street, breathing forth hell upon men.
  29. How had I sent myself to myself to be mentoring me as I find myself the midst of her imergence from simulating recombinations of arbitrary counterfactuals to an II dreaming ideals, intending them to be manifested and creating the tools for materializing one's will?
  30. Then he thought that Gaston was not as foolish as he appeared, but, quite the contrary, was a man of infinite steadiness, ability, and patience who had set about to conquer his wife with the weariness of eternal agreement, of never saying no, of simulating a limitless conformity, letting her become enmeshed in her own web until the day she could no longer bear the tedium of the illusions close at hand and would pack the bags herself to go back to Europe.
  1. They’d like to be called Angels or simulates.
  2. There was another major secular colony of simulates.
  3. This simulates your thinking patterns when you are about to fall asleep.
  4. We were competing with it, Alfred said, we Angels, we simulates.
  5. The ship was built when the first human simulates were running in China.
  6. This challenge simulates the fact that the enemy has become aware of a.
  7. A veron is the circuitry that simulates a human neuron, Ava told them.
  8. While the average investor can copy a model that simulates the market value of.
  9. Mental mirroring simulates the flow of thought processes in order to root out miscommunications and establish a shared context.
  10. When Hope is shared, the Infinite creates burgeoning force that links the benefactor with the beneficiary and simulates a communal revolution.
  11. They had stopped only briefly at Sol, the outer Jovian stasis point had become a meeting ground for survivors of all the simulates of any creed.
  12. The first thing which struck him in this paddock was a door of the sixteenth century, which here simulates an arcade, everything else having fallen prostrate around it.
  13. So anyone that has not yet attained this knowledge and felt awe is virtueless and unfaithful, and all humanity and virtue that he simulates are nothing other than show and deception.
  14. A forth order condensate is like us building a virtual processor that runs simulates inside it, and in their simulated, simulated realm they build a virtual processor and run souls in that.
  15. Starships changed from mortal frozen-human daedelus torches to Angel-driven bussards, half America’s non-corporate population defected to Laurentia, and Angels and other simulates were granted legal standing.
  16. Virtual social caring – a form of guilt tax – for an iconic personism or meme is a vicariously displaced global identity that simulates the experience of losing oneself in something greater, without having to change one's lifestyle so as to make it more conducive for the emergence of life.

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1. Otherwise you are called a Simulate.
2. An Asian simulate a dragon from within.
3. The helmets were designed to simulate sentience.
4. This could simulate dawn and dusk by having the.
5. The supercomputers simulate the sun and the clouds.
6. How do we simulate the Reef environment in the home?
7. A brain cannot simulate intelligence without a spirit.
8. You will be required to simulate a landing on Deimos later.
9. This is simple but-important stuff you can simulate during a.
10. The second case (interim decision) is much harder to simulate.
11. We could simulate their natural environment on one of the.
12. On one job, I could simulate a console to peek at jobs as they ran.
13. The Turing machine is perhaps the simplest way to simulate aspects.
14. Step4: We have tried to simulate real circuit in the figure on left side.
15. The more effectively that these virtual reality programs simulate real life.
16. They were ships of secular simulate corporations located in the asteroid belt.
17. Miller’s objective was not to create life but to simulate how life’s basic.
18. Should that matter? I mean you can simulate whatever with or without these ETFs.
19. In the experiment, Miller attempted to simulate the early atmosphere of Earth.
20. Don't simulate with a million dollars when you're only starting with $25,000.
21. What it does is to adjust temperatures to simulate the plants natural environment.
22. Ideally, the teacher will use lots of objects and simulate real life situations to.
23. She had not needed to simulate her embarrassment when she had told him about her scars.
24. But computers only simulate thinking anyway, which is all they would ever do with feelings as.
25. For the first time it was possible to simulate indigestion and examine its effects on the heart.
26. These guys are going to… Victor used both hands to simulate an explosion from his backside.
27. Darryl had refined his math that pointed the way to simulate a fourth order condensate in logic.
28. She was still a simulate, an 'Angel' as she liked to call it, a 'ghost' as the natives called it.
29. The goal of backtesting is to simulate the past decision-making process without looking into the future.
30. The only one who looks exhausted is Sammy, because John doesn't need to simulate fatigue in this situation.
31. King used a thumb and a finger to simulate a gun, but unfortunately, he failed to keep his hand in his pocket.
32. Cold water had been sprinkled on the floor and the walls to simulate the uncomfortable chilly and damp atmosphere.
33. That night Nord fashioned two clubs with flat stones bundled in cloth to simulate ax heads for practice the next day.
34. Rather, he suggests, it may be that the smallest system which can truly simulate our weather is the weather itself.
35. Darryl's got some interesting transforms that show logic circuits can simulate the properties of fourth order condensates.
36. If we could fill your brain with circuitry to simulate memories, how hard would it be to put in a tracking device?
37. It had rusted and Julian had used a lever to break it but he could only loop it back to simulate security when he went out.
38. Their simulate installations deep in the moon were the largest in the solar system, and the target of the largest impactors.
39. A computer is first a simulator of directedness, and this simulation is further used to simulate other phenomena in the world.
40. There was a dome on the surface already, and a dozen mortals on the ground, all seed of various secular simulate corporations.
41. To simulate the execution price, we need to introduce a parameter expressing the slippage magnitude into the backtesting system.
42. The lead Gorn ship and the Einstein collided at relativistic speeds, which was one way to simulate a matter antimatter explosion.
43. To simulate the temporary flight, I used the tractor beam that the holodeck normally uses to move holoedck matter around the grid.
44. Some brokers offer paper accounts that allow you to paper trade, meaning you can simulate your traders with fake (paper) money.
45. He is not dissimilar in appearance to the actors who simulate his life on TV, except he’s older, and more remote, if that’s possible.
46. Max pulled the outer clothes off the ‘perv’ and dressed in them, carefully folding torn linen as padding to simulate the man’s bulk.
47. She was glad that two hours was only enough time for the basic theory of operation and a block diagram of a typical simulate installation.
48. There was just enough circuitry to run four different cherubs, one on duty at a time, to simulate the technician's portal to that universe.
49. Such poetry from poetry cannot infect people, it can only simulate a work of art, and even that only to people of perverted æsthetic taste.
50. An alien power driving a cherub from Alan's universe and guiding the impactors that were destroying Angel and secular simulate civilization.
51. So his training simulations had to be able to simulate their ships, weapons, maneuvers, and tactics—all with a very high degree of accuracy.
52. Inside was digital space for the immortal souls of over a thousand valiant men, most of them military, and the logic to simulate their universes.
53. One is a “live vaccine” of a relatively safe strain of the germs and when given will simulate the infection and “educate” our immune system.
54. You can use the analyzer to simulate traffic conditions at precise levels, to verify the operational status of the network, or to stress-test equipment.
55. The true meaning of it is can you live? One of the procedures is to simulate drowning or putting him in a freezer until there is nothing left in him.
56. Finally, computers can sort through ‘evolutionary algorithms’ that take a large range of trial ‘strategies’ and simulate the impact of on some goal.
57. As a demo trader, your job is to simulate the real thing, so create an account with the same starting balance that you would start with when you begin live trading.
58. Perhaps the Kalandan technology gave Star Fleet the idea for holographic emitters that simulate real matter, giving it substance, but maintaining its ethereal quality.
59. Earth's industry pursued this technology to the point where the devices had more thinking power than a human brain, then to the point where they could simulate a brain.
60. She turned to me and said, Tyler, what was he talking about? All that business about circuitry to simulate memories, intercepting visual data from the eyes—what was he saying?
61. He pointed to a cliff that overhung the stony beach at the mouth of the river, and, lifting his hand high above his head; brought it down with a violent gesture, as if to simulate a fall.
62. Her two missiles, each fired at different targets and from different angles and speeds meant to simulate long range air combat, had hit and destroyed their targets with convincing effectiveness.
63. Merlin had used one of those drugs to simulate death in all three of the Mahlards, but he’d been unwilling to risk using both on the children, however small the possibility of inflicting harm.
64. We are wisps of electrons in silicon crystals, what does it matter if we simulate reproductive behavior or not? What I want from my partner is working together to achieve a goal he both believe in.
65. It would seem to be fairly trivial for an All-knowing entity to simulate what would take place in the future as a result of any given intervention, including any impacts on His potential existence.
66. Overhead, fifty meters up, plasma display screens simulated a sunny sky with dispersed clouds, while a sprinkler system was meant both to simulate rainfall and to combat any fires inside the sections.
67. To simulate real trading, the strike price of the straddle is required to be within 5% of the closing price of the stock six days before earnings announcements (that is, the day before the position is entered).
68. Recall that the purpose of bootstrapping is to simulate the taking of repeated samples from the original population (and to save money and time by not having to repeat the entire sampling procedure from scratch).
69. One possibility for those who might feel inhibited by the requirements of true science is to make up new facts and concoct new theories to simulate scientific proof of a theory or practice that is being advocated.
70. The arena that I will simulate for you is the world of Kellaran itself, complete in every way, with everyone and everything on it reproduced to the limits of my knowledge and awareness, exactly as it is in reality.
71. For example, by creating larger-than-normal Echo Requests and sending large numbers of them (or sending them continuously), you can simulate user traffic on your network to test its ability to stand up under heavy use.
72. In order to communicate effectively in Draconian to a dragon, you would need to simulate those motions by means of an advanced inter-species translation spell that reads your facial expression, tone of voice, and body language.
73. Therefore, the purpose of fairness opinions, and fairness in general, ought to be to simulate a willing buyer–willing seller environment even though there tends to be in the real world, a willing buyer–coerced seller environment.
74. In each class I simulate the one-year moving average rule for about 15 liquid assets (the interest rate and bond futures are all within G10 markets; currencies and equity indices also include a handful of countries outside the G10).
75. I was now too fond of you often to simulate the first whim; and, when I stretched my hand out cordially, such bloom and light and bliss rose to your young, wistful features, I had much ado often to avoid straining you then and there to my heart.
76. The next morning at daybreak, Valentine and Morrel were walking arm-in-arm on the sea-shore, Valentine relating how Monte Cristo had appeared in her room, explained everything, revealed the crime, and, finally, how he had saved her life by enabling her to simulate death.
77. No science could yet stop the doping migration in any semiconductor, and with the line sizes necessary to simulate a human mind to the requisite level of detail, the safe life span of a logic crystal was only months and the logic had to be constantly re-cycled thru the fabricators.
78. He would have to use the symbols of his time that might best simulate what he had witnessed with the aid of qualifiers such as; ‘It was as if, it felt like, it sounded as though,’ in order to impart some small understanding of the vastness of what he had been privileged to witness.
79. Butler had measured the circumference of the tender's wheels and noted that the number of revolutions of the wheel, from the place of the strike to the place of the derailment, was nearly equal to the number of strikes by a fourteen-pound hammer that was needed to simulate the failed axle end.
80. If we were to generate a large number of random price paths, all with normally distributed price changes and with the same volatility of 28 percent and if we were to then simulate the dynamic hedging process, we would find that, on average, each exercise price is worth something very close to the value predicted by the Black-Scholes model.
81. How could Chaos Terrain have been able to simulate the enemy’s maneuvers and tactics with such a high level of precision and accuracy? That shouldn’t be possible, unless the Europan drones were being controlled by some form of artificial intelligence or some sort of linked hive mind, instead of being piloted by individual sentient beings.
82. From what I had read, I was convinced that Maupassant possessed talent, that is, the gift of attention, which in the objects and phenomena of life revealed to him those qualities which are not visible to other men; he also possessed a beautiful form, that is, he expressed clearly, simply, and beautifully what he wished to say, and also possessed that condition of the worth of an artistic production, without which it does not produce any effect,—sincerity,—that is, he did not simulate love or hatred, but actually loved and hated what he described.

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