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    1. The opening section of Medical Matters hits hard and fast – like an unintentional [?] simulation of the actual diagnosis and treatment

    2. Pallas was more of commercial simulation without as many religious overtones, and didn't call themselves Angels, though there were many Christial believers among the population who did

    3. But for the remainder of the evening Ava took her to a simulation of a native entertainment district

    4. That was not a part of the simulation of the native music hall she was interacting with at the time

    5. "I didn't think alien visitors were within the parameters of this simulation

    6. Glenelle didn't follow what she was doing for the Heavenly Mother too carefully, it had a lot to do with partitioning simulation space and it took up a lot of crystal

    7. As a technician it was his job to provide all souls with a universe free from these simulation artifacts, but there were times when he just wasn't able to do so

    8. This was one of those places where Bahkmar had to bite his tongue and not blurt out, 'they are just a few thousand pages of 'if' statements, some few-level neural simulation loops, a few gig of customizable data and some presentation rendering loops' but the vow was sacred and he understood even to the sociological level why the people who can't understand it anyway need to believe it is holy

    9. Of course, they couldn't be Angels without technology, but even the Haadij didn't seem to know that Paradis is an electronic simulation

    10. He wondered if the simulation was accurate enough so that if he killed every last bug, they would be gone

    11. In her soul, she really believed that she had reproduced because she had copied most of her own neural simulation across

    12. “It’s all base simulation, nothing is suppressed

    13. Information theory and simulation structure

    14. The languages of the time did not have words for extrasolar planets, digital simulation, genetic engineering, electronic surveillance and a lot of other terms that were needed to express the reality of current life

    15. "It could be that the quality of our simulation is not high enough

    16. "That didn't get me down into the Planck frequencies the logic simulation needed," Thom told him, "and Darryl's explored simulations of third order for years without finding any special properties

    17. "What we have proved," Darryl said, "is that we can entangle a logical simulation of a fourth order condensate

    18. “I was put in a simulation that explains all of it, your signals, Yellelle, the ‘enemy ship’ that was closing with us

    19. We cannot prove that we are not a simulation in the mind of a Pronna or some being like that, much less the mind of God

    20. She would have seen rats in real life, so this was still a simulation, she had not been transported in time to reality itself in whatever era of Earth’s history this was meant to represent

    21. If this was a standard simulation and not a game, that was a very distressing artifact of the simulation

    22. She had never looked at how exact that simulation was, since no one ever used it

    23. On the other hand, she had to remind herself that this is still a simulation

    24. If she was in some simulation running on superconducting quantum processors in the condensates of the dark matter, were there cherubs, or was the soul of every human who had ever died copied here as the captain’s mother had implied? If so she was in deeper waters than her Avatar had been when she faced Alan’s wizards on Biology Base

    25. “We are in a simulation, even if you can’t get to the systems administrator

    26. Ava wondered that this simulation allowed altered mental states as well as their own, maybe even better

    27. He wondered if he could just sell that field in this simulation

    28. “You’re a simulation,” Alan told her, but she felt so real with his arms were around her

    29. There are no doubts or grey areas in the simulation

    30. "The input of the sense organs the body used to have has to be encoded and input to the simulation that is the Angel

    31. She wondered if they had something wrong with the simulation and was thinking about saying something about that

    32. 'Of course you don't,' she thought, 'you're a layer or two short of neurons, even in simulation

    33. You can't know anything outside your soul's virtuality horizon, whether it be mortal life or a silicon simulation of that soul called an Angel and that is a fundamental axiom on which simulation of the soul is built

    34. She knew it was all a simulation, but the pleasure of body contact was still effective and she had missed it in the last month

    35. The being we and our ancestors know as 'God' cannot prove he is not a simulation in some higher space

    36. mathematic simulation based only on the broadening of

    37. why, a correct simulation must have in view the

    38. This was in the planet he’d visited for an architecture project, which was really only a publicity thing since the same results could have been achieved simply by doing the work from home, experiencing a simulation of Eludi-4 based on a probe’s detailed scanning

    39. He had no way to measure the extent of the wave, although even the worse- case simulation models showed it being distorted and held back from spreading unencumbered, not being able to form its own expanding sphere

    40. After they had left the earth's atmosphere, Torbin questioned the man about how he could have got this strange body; he still held to the notion this was not real, either a dream or a simulation of reality

    41. I never did make it back; all of this is a simulation

    42. In reality he could be in stasis on the shuttle, and this simulation was keeping his mind active

    43. And now that simulation was beginning to fall apart

    44. Still the notion tugged at him that this was not his reality, merely a simulation designed to keep him engaged in this world

    45. No simulation, however well researched, could predict the impending catastrophe he foresaw, there were only recommended responses – a standard strategy

    46. Maybe this isn’t you, but a simulation

    47. ‘That was only a simulation; we had extracted the subroutine data from the original program via a recipient connection

    48. A simulation of the intricate engramatic patterns, therefore, did not seem authentic enough for the TIAR program to merge with

    49. The medic repeated the procedure as before the simulation

    50. They build not aircraft and aerospace simulation devices for flight training, but games…video games

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