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Frasi con skimpy (in inglese)

  1. A few skimpy.
  2. That the Greeks are a skimpy I knew.
  3. It was all sexy and skimpy on her, but it.
  4. Yeah, he definitely remembers the something skimpy.
  5. They came out of their bedroom in very skimpy clothing.
  6. Put it too far, and you'll have very skimpy protection.
  7. Having only eaten a skimpy breakfast during the early.
  8. She had this skimpy little bag, I have that sixty pound pack.
  9. Even to school he never wore more than a skimpy pair of shorts.
  10. Will that skimpy bit of material stay put when we go into the pool?
  11. With some immediacy, Chance summoned the skimpy clad waitress with red hair.
  12. Mainwaring built the CSIS on a skimpy budget, held together by luck and promises.
  13. She was devoid of make-up, wearing a skimpy white sun frock with nothing underneath.
  14. Nor do institutional traders win because of training, which is skimpy in most firms.
  15. Before his late and skimpy lunch on Friday, he finally reached the logical conclusion.
  16. She returned a few minutes later, with too much make-up on, a skimpy outfit and high.
  17. Meanwhile the prince had succeeded in arranging three skimpy quadrilles in the White Hall.
  18. Her legs were bare and she was wearing a black tank top and a pair of skimpy white panties.
  19. Pick a suit in a color that is complementary and one that is as skimpy as you are comfortable with.
  20. Trying to recall the memory only brings up an image of her giggling while wearing something skimpy.
  21. She had worn skimpy outfits before when she had been in service to Sebastian, but nothing like this!.
  22. Five minutes later she returned to an even louder argument wearing a skimpy pair of baby-doll pajamas.
  23. The screen shows a scantily clad Indian girl in traditional, but rather skimpy, garb gyrating and singing.
  24. Her 110 pound frame filled a skimpy orange skirt, with a matching tube top, that revealed her tight midriff.
  25. The protective provisions of the 4 percent notes issued to the Schaefer family trusts were similarly skimpy.
  26. In a more recent addition to this rather skimpy knowledge base, an entry in the California Political Review, Mar.
  27. This is going to be awesome, Holden raved as a pair of girls dressed in skimpy anime costumes pushed past them.
  28. One outfit that they had to perform in was a very skimpy little loincloth that didn’t really cover anything during some of the moves.
  29. I changed into my solo costume, it was a skimpy policewoman costume, I couldn’t help but smile knowing that there was a weird connection there.
  30. He bought Ellen a Spanish hat like a Matador’s that he thought looked really sexy on her and she had bought skimpy underwear that drove him wild.
  31. In the old days I would have been all over this, but in the days of pre-pack administrations for skimpy reasons I wouldn’t touch this with a ten foot barge pole.
  32. The lintels and pergolas and gargoyles massed above kept the snow off, mostly, but he was surprised that Regan, in her skimpy dress, wasn’t ready to turn back inside.
  33. Only at the beginning of the founding of the Rothschild dynasty was their secret wealth was guessed and estimated, and even that is an unreliable skimpy bit of evidence.
  34. Note also that the aggregate market price of the stock and warrants on that date was about $14 million against a bonded debt of $135 million—a skimpy equity position indeed.
  35. At nights our eyes were all out on stalks at the skimpy clothes that women wore – tiny shorts almost like knickers and bare legs on the highest heels even in the middle of winter.
  36. In her skimpy shorts and halter T-shirt, she was back to her old self, before the months of confinement that had left her wasted away to a pale skeletal shadow of this beautiful woman.
  37. Then he blinks again, thinking that there is just no way this could be what it looks like because it looks like a picture of Rapunzel squeezed fervently around him while wearing her skimpy nightdress.
  38. The beginning of tears welled up in her eyes again at the thought of the unknown unfortunate who’d supplied that skimpy wrap to cover another part of her innocence, until something better could come along.
  39. Besides that I’ve seen you quite a few times in those skimpy hooker outfits on missions to know that the only thing that you have that engenders a stretch mark is how you enflame men with the desire to have you.
  40. He could only think of the eclectic melting pot of bronzed women that strolled throughout traffic, wearing only skimpy thongs, high-powered business men cruising stealthily, and the elderly who came to merely vacation.
  41. Sam‘s question was more small talk than substance since he had intuitively searched the enclosure and saw only puppies, doghouse and a few skimpy bushes with all lower branches and twigs stripped of leaves by the active, orally oriented pit bull pups.
  42. Through the drowned pleas of Nathan's semi-muted voice, he captured every unique quality, each imperfection, on what the men randomly displayed: first, the thick blonde hair and upper body of the white individual busting out of a skimpy, brown tank top.
  43. And much as I’d like to see all five of them a head shorter, if we violate their rights on the basis of the skimpy evidence we could seize from Swayle and Rydach, we’d make a lot of disgruntled but not currently treasonous nobles wonder if they’re next on our list.
  44. He had walked behind her, and had fretfully observed her dress and how odd it was, like old back numbers of illustrated papers, the sleeves wrong, the skirt wrong, too much of it in places, too little in others, but mostly there was too much, for it was the year when women were skimpy.
  45. The long, skimpy soutane accentuated the tallness of his stature; he carried his powerful torso thrown forward; and the straight, black bar of his joined eyebrows, the pugnacious outline of the bony face, the white spot of a scar on the bluish shaven cheeks (a testimonial to his apostolic zeal from a party of.
  46. After the shock of Con‘s revelations about hidden cameras, photos in magazines and on the internet, and Guapo‘s near capture, instead of retreating to the relative safety of more conventional behaviour so as not to attract attention, he went further out on a limb and cycled to school wearing nothing but his skimpy running shorts.
  47. Una, as she sat there in the honey-tinted sunshine of the gracious December afternoon, was acutely and miserably conscious of everything she had on--the faded tam, which was yet her best, the skimpy jacket she had worn for three winters, the holes in her skirt and her boots, the shivering insufficiency of her poor little undergarments.
  48. Once he had shuffled over and reached the curb, which he nearly tripped over, since his truck was no longer in earshot, Alvin thought it was the right time to take off his skimpy little blindfold and figure out what to do with the rest of the night? The first thing he wanted to do was see what in the hell was in that duffle they’d strung over his neck!.
  49. Beside him was running, too, an immense number of people, and all of them were jingling their money in the tailpockets of their skimpy little dress-coats; at last every one ran up, there was the noise of fire engines, and whole masses of people carried him almost on their shoulders up to that same house on fire which he had watched last time in company with the drunken cadger.
  50. Whatever the cause, by five o'clock twenty relaxed and increasingly frisky strangers of both sexes between the ages of thirty and fifty in a bizarre assortment of twenties style beaded, fringed, low waisted skimpy frocks, dinner suits and tails were sipping cocktails in the drawing room, served, like Katherine Mansfield’s somewhat more literary crowd, by a nude butler and, unlike Mansfield, two maids in nothing but frilly aprons.

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