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    1. I lean to pick it up, but Dad puts a hand on my shoulder

    2. It—what used to be James—snapped at her fingers but was pinned by the wreckage and couldn't lean in to bite her

    3. Place the bottle in an area that they are seen, lean the bottle against something so that the roaches will have a way to climb in

    4. I lean against the cupboards, half my brain trying to catch up

    5. ’ I heard myself suggest, as I lean forward and run my hand slowly up his thigh towards his crotch

    6. I say garage, it was more a sort of lean to

    7. They had to shield their faces from the sand kicked up, then they had to lean into the wind

    8. was slender and lean, but Johnny knew just by watching the supple way that she

    9. He wore black from head to toe, was tanned and lean under a shock of black,

    10. The priest offered a shoulder to lean on and

    11. He was a tall, lean man with only a clean goatee, a pencil mustache and a brush of brown hair, dressed in his trimly tailored commandant's uniform with shined boots and fez

    12. I lean against him comfortably, and he stretches his legs out parallel with the sofa

    13. Weakly, I lean against the wall

    14. I lean against him and fall apart

    15. He is 31 years old, tall, with a trained lean body and an attractive face; he has blond hair and brown eyes

    16. The movement of the van made me lean into the body next to mine

    17. Being able to lean on Menachem as I did, being so young and so inexperienced, gave me the strength to endure and to accept

    18. He wore black from head to toe, was tanned and lean under a shock of black, flowing hair, showing the aquiline profile of a true son of the Julian clan, except for the silver bar that pierced the bridge of his nose

    19. The priest offered a shoulder to lean on and a glass of raki

    20. She was delighted to know he had an interest in her and put her arm out to indicate that he should lean close to her on the rail

    21. His body was lean and hard

    22. She came over and slid her arm around his waist, and ducked under his right arm so he could lean on her

    23. As it is said in Isaiah 10:20, “And it shall come to pass in that day, that the remnant of Israel, and such as have escaped of the house of Jacob, shall no more lean upon him who smote them (the Antichrist), but shall lean upon the Lord, the Holy One of Israel, in truth

    24. that the vintage red Fergie can muscle and lean to

    25. Loosing me, she reaches past me and grabs the pillow, pulling it up so I can lean on it

    26. in the lean months, picking at nets

    27. I lean forward so he can put his arm around my shoulders then relax against him enjoying his closeness

    28. ” With a wave of his hand the little man requested assistance from his aide to lean forward

    29. ‘Before, I had no real right to interfere in your life, Jo, and I was horribly aware that you had no legitimate right to lean on me either

    30. He’s very close … his hands on my shoulders holding the jacket in place and, to my surprise, it’s very easy to lean against him

    31. "What?" Kelvin said, trying to lean away

    32. I lean over and kiss him

    33. But I, so weak, and yet lean to what is, in the end is it

    34. I lean against him; he puts one arm round my shoulders

    35. He stands quickly and wraps his arms around me as I lean against him

    36. Out of breath, Bex and the boys lean against one of the pillars supporting the mezzanine floor above the main room

    37. There was no one really paying any attention to them, they had come to lean on the wall beyond the cup-rail out of the busy traffic walking by

    38. I lean over the hedge and ask her how the weekend went

    39. Lean down and steer, try to cut air resistance, try to stay just awake enough to steer but asleep enough to rest

    40. He let her lean against him and lay her head on his shoulder

    41. He followed a minute later, stretching his arm above her to lean against the barn door

    42. Kaha seemed to like to lean on him like he was a lamppost, liked to have his arm around her, liked to have her arms around him, and liked to have at least one breast in contact with him at all times and the other in contact with whoever she was talking to, male or female

    43. "Yes, it does work well," she said, and tried to relax enough to lean her head on his shoulder

    44. Here she could relax and lean back against him with his arm around her shoulder

    45. We are on a journey and I can’t express how important it is to lean on the Heavenly Father during this journey

    46. One could go so far as to say the reason for the journey is to learn to lean on the Father

    47. I will give interpretations to other common symbols, but you must promise me that you will not lean on them, but rather on God

    48. We must come to lean on him as if there is nothing else in the world

    49. Remember to lean on God for interpretation and keep in mind that pictures can be literal or symbolic

    50. learn to lean upon God

    1. Jorma leaned on his elbow and looked over Venna's curls toward the dock, looking at the boats and listening to the charraspas buzzing in the noontime hangleaves

    2. He poured some and leaned back, but soon noticed the sound of distant thunder

    3. Yorthops went off to the cook's counters and Ava leaned over the rail

    4. Do you do this every year?” Sarah leaned forward

    5. " He leaned over and let down the ladder for her

    6. and leaned on his work chair

    7. He is leaned against a few pillows, staring straight ahead, and she is lying across his chest, looking up at him, watching him carefully

    8. The old man uncrossed his legs and leaned forward across the coffee table

    9. The Marchese leaned back and puffed on his cigar

    10. Travis collapsed onto the ground in tears and his mother leaned down to comfort him

    11. She leaned over to the tall pink-faced plain looking Englishman next to her, Nigel Grimsby and whispered into his ear

    12. Someone has leaned a mop up against the side of the statue to dry

    13. That ball was also the lens of the camera and it distorted his image as he leaned close

    14. He leaned forward and kissed the limpid skin of her neck gently, afraid that

    15. Finally he leaned forward a little, bringing his large beaked nose and inked skin into the light and revealing the swirl of art that covered his face and neck

    16. floor, his back leaned against a wall

    17. Rafa leaned in and picked me up by the lapels

    18. In the locker-room, McManus slowly and painfully leaned against the wall as he let down his wide trousers

    19. They both stirred in their seats while Vincef leaned back in his, but neither said anything

    20. Just before they closed the compartment The Kid leaned in and taped over my mouth

    21. He leaned forward a little to emphasise his point

    22. As he leaned back, his chair disappeared and he was dumped onto his ass on the cold, hard stone of the stage of the amphitheater at Susa, deep in evening with a terrible lighting storm approaching from right behind Moamar's wide turban

    23. He leaned forward and kissed the limpid skin of her neck gently, afraid that he would break her into a thousand pieces if he exerted any force upon her frail form

    24. ‘You mean, she was foreign?’ JJ asked, clearly this was unexpected; he leaned forward, resting his elbows on his knees, his chin in his cupped hands, apparently intrigued at the thought

    25. he leaned against the horse for support because his strength was almost

    26. He leaned his sword by his chair and drank the firewater slowly

    27. They leaned against it

    28. Then leaned and whispered in his ear

    29. He took a sip and leaned back

    30. leaned forward, pointed at the chlorine blue waters

    31. He swung it around on his left shoulder and leaned on the cane she had given him

    32. " She leaned against him and he took her in his arms

    33. He leaned in and kissed her gently, then with more force exploring her mouth with his tongue, pressing her body to his

    34. ” She lowered her voice as she passed Daniel and leaned close, pressing her breast against his arm, “…I’ll see you later … lover-boy!”

    35. Daniel smiled for him, patted him on the back, “Congratulations Steve!” Kate leaned over and gave him a hug

    36. “She will always be my little girl Kate,” she sobbed as she leaned against Sam

    37. He sat with his eyes closed, although he nodded and leaned to one side so I could get into my seat when I'd approached

    38. He pinned her to the ground but she leaned forward and pushed him down and rode him wildly

    39. Alex leaned over and spoke to Kate, “we have not had such good food in a very long time

    40. Snot came streaming from my nose just as the sun worshipper went jogging by so I leaned forward snorting it into my hand as though that's what all us well-mannered divers did

    41. Brancettrabble leaned back in his chair with his hands behind his head, looking up at the ornate ceiling over twenty feet above the massive chandelier

    42. I leaned towards the driver, 'I've heard the village has a special charm

    43. "Thanks," she said and leaned closer, wanting contact

    44. 'I'm afraid that only those who were there will answer your question,' he leaned across the table with his back to the other tables and lowered his voice

    45. He had accepted her contact so she put her arm over his shoulder, leaned on his back and put her chin over his other shoulder

    46. " She leaned and cuddled against him as she said that

    47. " She leaned forward over her elbows and sniffed toward the little fireplace where they did their cooking

    48. ” Alan remained on the stand-cushion but leaned forward with his elbows on his knees

    49. Elmore curled his lips in and leaned back with his hands clasped behind him

    50. Zacharias leaned over, 'You know, we measure the strength of the wind by the chaos it makes

    1. Ruthie coughs and chokes, leaning over to vomit onto the floor

    2. Micah’s dad would sit Indian-style in his room, leaning in close to the TV

    3. Instead she stood at the bit of rail on the port side of the companionway, leaning on the cabin roof

    4. “I don’t like to wait,” Scar said, leaning over the shoulder of the nervous computer operator who everyone in the United Order just referred to as The Operator

    5. Leaning heavily on the arm of the chair, I stand … whoooo, the room’s spinning a bit

    6. Baker directs John to one of the armchairs, unbuttons his jacket to reveal a gold tie chain, and sits in the other one, leaning forward in John’s direction

    7. “You would think so”, said the Marchese leaning forward a little, “but not

    8. He stood there leaning against the workshop door, just

    9. price asked of me by the man leaning against our old garage door

    10. ’ He said, leaning against the lift wall

    11. ‘You moving back in, then?’ he asked turning and facing me, leaning his backside against the window sill

    12. ’ He said, leaning over and kissing me gently on the lips

    13. Leaning over, she whispers ever so slightly in his ear Apollo can barely make out the words, "I can do anything you want me to do

    14. "Test it," she said, leaning forward over his desk with her chin in her hands

    15. Leaning up on my elbow I looked down at Menachem’s swollen face and saw in those bruises a love that can never be adequately expressed in words

    16. The world shifted in that moment, spinning just that little bit faster on its leaning axis

    17. Ava was finally close to him, leaning back on him and letting him put his arm around her

    18. Most of the time the banks were a tangle of roots from the trunks leaning way out over the water

    19. A glance at the clock speedily obliterated her self-satisfaction and set her running … her train was due to leave in five minutes’ time! Safely on the train, though still panting from the exercise and more than a little overwhelmed by the crowds of commuters thronging the station subways, she settled herself in a seat and, leaning her head against the headrest, closed her eyes, forcing herself to relax

    20. He was now leaning on the rail facing her with his hand caressing her side, delighting her with the gentle sweep of his hand over the smooth curve of her naked waist and hip

    21. She had to figure out which way this river was leaning

    22. The result from the fall is that the whole thing that God has made is leaning and about to fall

    23. The Alderfolk stood, and with his hands leaning on his desk,

    24. ‘Yes?’ said Pippa, leaning forward apparently enthralled by this saga

    25. ’ I replied, leaning out as far as I dare to see along the coast

    26. Suddenly she moaned and arched her back, leaning into him

    27. Leaning against him is comforting – scenting the fresh sweat and animal maleness of the man, the tears recede

    28. ’ Drens went on, leaning on the rail beside me and looking out to sea

    29. ‘Do you now?’ Drens said, leaning over the charts he is working on, his smile broad

    30. She sat beside him on the deck, leaning against the cabin wall

    31. Meanwhile Yarin really couldn't play the game with her on his lap, so she settled back into that comfortable position leaning over his shoulder with her chin on it

    32. ’ I said, leaning forward slightly to reach the bread

    33. She was leaning over him to see the screen, the stool he was on was just the right height so the solid globes of her jugs spread over his shoulder blades

    34. The three of use relax over our coffee, leaning on the table

    35. “That is the Ohmu Forest,” he said leaning close to her as she looked out the window,

    36. She moved her hand back and forth within the thick fur, all the while leaning her head against the large beast, keening softly

    37. Leaning close she whispered, “Now tell me, who is the handsome man with you, a lover or a friend? He is very distinguished looking and my Queen has asked of him

    38. "What did you learn?" he asked, leaning forward with his elbows on the desk

    39. ’ I said - very conscious of him sitting there leaning on the steering wheel beside me

    40. The hall light is on; I stand, leaning against the closed door, listening to the sound of his car disappearing into the distance

    41. Leaning back against the pillar, let his mind wonder

    42. “Mmm… you have my total attention now,” she purred leaning into him

    43. Ish sat on the floor leaning against the manager's table

    44. “Oh Tar I have never seen the likes of this before,” she said in a breathless voice leaning in close

    45. 'So how long have you lived here?' he asked, leaning back against the stove as I make coffee, his arms folded

    46. Koruki herself sat on a pillow in the middle of that bench, leaning on a cushion tied to the center window post

    47. The space they entered was open, there was sky above the leaning balconies, now barely purple with a few stars already out

    48. In this dingy, leaning against the mast meant her feet were over the bow

    49. I pick up my dressing gown from the chair by the window and struggle into it, I’m shivering with cold … probably because I’ve not eaten … firmly tying the belt, I wobble through the hallway into the kitchen and, leaning against the work surface, I contemplate my options

    50. ' I said proudly, leaning gratefully back against the pillows

    1. Betty leans against the counter

    2. Leans against the car, looking worried

    3. ’ I said as he leans over to kiss my cheek

    4. John leans forward suddenly, his hands over his face

    5. Dave leans over toward John when he sees him sit up, offers John the bottle

    6. Dave leans over the side of the boat staring at the listless sea

    7. He leans in close to Ahmed who is obviously warming up to the idea

    8. He leans in close to John

    9. She leans in close to him

    10. A poorly-shaven GUARD in a sloppy uniform leans indolently against the gate with his machine gun cradled in his arms

    11. He leans in closer to Baker, who moves back, a bit

    12. Jed smiles, leans forward, rests his arms on his

    13. The man who runs the chippy leans against the door jam,

    14. a gate post leans, gouged and rotting,

    15. and leans on a wheezing wrought iron gate,

    16. She leans forward and kisses him

    17. on her fingers as she leans back with her face

    18. He leans forward, resting his forearms on his knees, and stares at the deck for a moment hunting for words

    19. Her taste, like mine, leans towards the elegant and unfussy, unlike Gilla’s preferences for patterns and frills

    20. He leans back against the back of the sofa, watching me through narrowed eyes

    21. The young man ignores comments from punters and comic alike, leans on the bar, and orders a pint of snakebite

    22. Maggie plants her hands on her desk, leans forward and measures her words

    23. Shaun leans forward and picks up one of the sachets, turning it over in his hands, watching the yellow powder spill back and forth within

    24. He leans still closer to the wall

    25. He leans forward and whispers in Ted's ear

    26. Helen leans forward and kisses her doctor softly on the lips

    27. Alex leans on the reception desk

    28. The kitchen door is open and Bex leans against the door frame watching sparrows darting in and out of the shadows

    29. He keeps a weather eye on them as he slides across the room and leans on the bar

    30. He leans forward, resting his elbows on his knees with his chin in his cupped hands, and starts to count the scuff marks on the floor

    31. Billy leans back against a wall, head tilted upwards, staring at the ceiling

    32. Sergeant Miller leans forward conspiratorially

    33. He pushes his chair back and stands up, but before he goes he leans forward with both hands palm flat on the table

    34. Jock leans in a little closer

    35. She leans forward over the table, holding the glass aloft in her left hand, turning the magazine page with her right hand

    36. Alex leans forward and whispers

    37. Billy leans forward too

    38. He wrenches open the passenger door and leans out

    39. He leans over and puts a hand on Billy's shoulder as the man continues to wretch and vomit, but Billy shrugs him off

    40. Maggie leans against the worktop and folds her arms

    41. Maggie leans forward so that Jock can hear her clearly

    42. He leans forward and takes both of her hands in his

    43. Carol leans back slightly so that she can look up at his face

    44. Alex leans over and fishes the notebooks out of the glove compartment

    45. There is a patrol car parked across the entrance to Sillick Farm, and a traffic cop leans against the door with his arms folded across his chest

    46. Bex whispers once but Carol shakes her head and leans forward

    47. He walks to the back, leans against the trunk, watches as Jayson pulls into the lot

    48. When two places trade with one another, this doctrine supposes that, if the balance be even, neither of them either loses or gains; but if it leans in any degree to one side, that one of them loses, and the other gains, in proportion to its declension from the exact equilibrium

    49. This book leans heavily on methods of finding happiness found in Eastern and Middle Eastern philosophies and religions

    50. He leans over the pen

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