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Frasi con square (in inglese)

  1. Now you have a square.
  2. Cooper square in the face.
  3. The bullies in the square.
  4. I went out on the square.
  5. Up ahead is Union Square.

  6. The square was already a.
  7. The Builder of the Square.
  8. We were back to square one.
  9. It softens her square jaw.
  10. Even in the square there.
  11. The square was empty again.
  12. He was back to square one.
  13. The inside of this square.
  14. We’re back to square one.
  15. Hit him square in the heart.

  16. The wooden square jars loose.
  17. Next, you would square the.
  18. Analysis of square numbers, A.
  19. There were 967 square miles.
  20. I pushed the square root of.
  21. Since every square they had.
  22. So we were back to square one.
  23. The fourth was a square inset.
  24. Square scrolls yes, but with.
  25. Square Sweets That Look Round.

  26. The iron necklets were square.
  27. Square numbers, analysis of, A.
  28. Square root of 90 minutes is 9.
  29. She sat square and magnificent.
  30. You beat me fair and square.
  31. What’s the square root of 2?
  32. A square was discovered 20 met.
  33. Join her in the central square.
  34. In this square prison of water.
  35. Now she was back to square one.
  36. We visited Red Square and St.
  37. It curved round a large square.
  38. Mike touched the square picture.
  39. They walked through the square.
  40. The market square was animated.
  41. In the District’s main square.
  42. Trafalgar Square lions, the, 78.
  43. I am square on the bottom, I am.
  44. The square thronged with people.
  45. All he had to do was square up.
  46. He'll square that, Ned, says he.
  47. Try to see the square perfectly.
  48. On the Arbat Square the troyka.
  49. I then take the square root of.
  50. They entered a small square room.
  51. A square was such an excellent.
  52. The object was a square flat box.
  53. Back to square one, said Jazz.
  54. A square solid complexion, with.
  55. Hippi practicing the Rest Square.
  56. Peters Square and was about to.
  57. Not a single square metre is free.
  58. We take the square root of this.
  59. He was muscular and square faced.
  60. It occurs in square aspect to you.
  61. By the 40th square, there are 64.
  62. The square man climbed to his feet.
  63. Square: (90° or three signs apart.
  64. So Rafferty was back to square one.
  65. Startled by the flying square of.
  66. The boy's skin protruded a square.
  67. There was a square black patch on.
  68. A square item with rounded corners.
  69. A circle inside of a square is 79%.
  70. For a second the whole square froze.
  71. It is like a square patch of light.
  72. It was the year of Tiananmen Square.
  73. Nerissa left the square immediately.
  74. I cannot make the two things square.
  75. However, square is an abstract term.
  77. Now you have a cone on a square base.
  78. This square he filled in solid black.
  79. The player on the Hallows (H) square.
  80. Haakon punched him square in the face.
  81. Now, the square with this name is an.
  82. That"s what saved me! So we"re square.
  83. Behind those square shaped glasses I.
  84. She's probably at the square already.
  85. And look how square those corners are.
  86. He pulled the little square door open.
  87. Finally the vessel was over the square.
  88. She's wandering along Jackson Square.
  89. Signs that are Square to one Another:.
  90. The city square was awash with colour.
  91. Returning to the Omonia square, I was.
  92. In the central square is our basilica.
  93. I hop in a cab and head to Times Square.
  94. He has studied every square inch of it.
  95. Then I saw it, a square in the ceiling.
  96. Not just in Snow Dragon Square, either.
  97. Across this square is our City Hall.
  98. The main square was heaving with people.
  99. A square of space expands from the void.
  100. Or anyway, he stole it fair and square.
  1. Squaring my shoulders, I headed down the hall.
  2. She withdrew, disapproval squaring her shoulders.
  3. Then, squaring her shoulders, she marched onward.
  4. Slowly, he turned, squaring his shoulders to Hagan.
  5. Squaring her shoulders, she turned to face the cage at last.
  6. The two sides in Chinese politics were squaring up for a fight.
  7. Squaring her shoulders against the unknown, Anne set up the explosives.
  8. Squaring her shoulders, she cleared her throat and steeled her nerves.
  9. Let’s get this show on the road, Kara said, squaring her shoulders.
  10. I just wanted him to take a look, Em, he said, squaring his shoulders.
  11. Then, squaring his broad shoulders with the finality of a decision made, he.
  12. Dennis thought for a moment before raising his head and squaring his shoulders.
  13. Why? she asks, squaring her shoulders at Kate and putting her hands on her ample hips.
  14. Squaring her shoulders, she kept her back to him and concentrated fiercely on her voice message.
  15. We sat there, baking in the hot Mazda littered with empty fast-food drink cups, sort of squaring off.
  16. Squaring his shoulders he walked in and uninterrupted made his way to the door of the flat he sought.
  17. Squaring her shoulders, Kathy resolutely hobbled down the plane ramp into the airport’s flight lounge.
  18. But, he was on his feet directly, and after sponging himself with a great show of dexterity began squaring again.
  19. Besides, h must not be less than 1; otherwise, squaring it will not increase but decrease the final result (see formula 2.
  20. Squaring her shoulders, drawing her head up high, she swept past the men and out of the bath chamber without another word.
  21. Could it hold any more? Yes, it would have to, she said to herself, squaring her shoulders; it would have to hold a lady's maid.
  22. He still had his wig and gown on, and he said, squaring himself at his late client to that degree that he squeezed the innocent Mr.
  23. Her blades covered in gore, Nathalia left him, squaring her shoulders to face two more of the wolf-helmed demons who were barreling toward her.
  24. Lorry," said Stryver, squaring his elbows, "that it is your deliberate opinion that the young lady at present in question is a mincing Fool?".
  25. My client is a good Samaritan, Farber said, dragging up a chair, squaring his leather briefcase with the edge of the table before opening it.
  26. He couldn’t be sure but he thought she might have hesitated before squaring her shoulders and walking towards the place where the Lammas Lord should stand.
  27. If the last stone is placed, two more blue-black lines will appear on the south and west ends, squaring me in, and I’ll be trapped in Cruce’s hellish, conscious stasis.
  28. You may notice, too, how the lines drawn across a study in order to copy it (squaring it out, as it is called) improve the look of a drawing, giving a greater beauty to the variety of the curves by contrast with the variety lacking in straight lines.
  29. According to Susan Shillinglaw’s A Journey into Steinbeck’s California (2006), There was no such war, with Greens squaring off against Blues, though in 1932–33 a local tempest erupted in Pacific Grove over attempts to remove the roque courts.
  30. They have in view practice only, and are always speaking, in a narrow and ridiculous manner, of squaring and extending and applying and the like-- they confuse the necessities of geometry with those of daily life; whereas knowledge is the real object of the whole science.
  31. Squaring her yards, she bore down, ranged abeam under the Pequod's lee, and lowered a boat; it soon drew nigh; but, as the side-ladder was being rigged by Starbuck's order to accommodate the visiting captain, the stranger in question waved his hand from his boat's stern in token of that proceeding being entirely unnecessary.
  32. I was indulging in a quiet game of "cannons" on a small French billiard-table in my hotel, and during the game had been several times annoyed by the proprietor's favourite pig, which insisted every now and then on strolling beneath the table, to emerge on the other side quite unexpectedly and bump heavily against my legs just as I was squaring for some difficult shot.
  33. But do not make the mistake of the foolish carpenter who wastes valuable time squaring, measuring, and smoothing his worm-eaten and inwardly rotting timber and then, when he has thus bestowed all of his labor upon the unsound beam, must reject it as unfit to enter into the foundations of the building which he would construct to withstand the assaults of time and storm.
  34. Would he hate her now, her darling honorable Ashley, because she had shamed him? Of course he would hate her now—now that they had both been saved by the indignant her voice as she crossed the glassy floor to slip her arm through Scarlett’s and face the squaring of Melanie’s thin shoulders and the love and outspoken trust which had been in curious, malicious, covertly hostile crowd.
  1. E = M C squared.
  2. We can add c squared to.
  3. He squared around to bunt.
  4. The circle had been squared.
  5. R squared and (1- R squared).
  6. All corners had been squared.
  7. Then he squared his shoulders.
  8. She squared her shoulders and.
  9. Pi times the radius squared.
  10. They squared off, breathing hard.
  11. His eyes then squared up on Chance's.
  12. So we squared off on top of a barrel.
  13. I stood up and squared my shoulders.
  14. Resolute, Norah squared her shoulders.
  15. Yaffa’s face tensed and squared off.
  16. Curley's shoulders dropped and squared.
  17. Curley’s shoulders dropped and squared.
  18. He slowed his breathing and squared his.
  19. He sat up straight, squared his shoulders.
  20. They travel at the speed of light squared.
  21. Next, calculate your height in inches squared.
  22. Everything is squared away with me and you.
  23. All the sub light squared stuff floats in it.
  24. The result is electromagnetic force = squared.
  25. We are searching for changes in R squared or.
  26. Next, notice that four squared (4x4) equals 16.
  27. With her shoulders squared, as if she were the.
  28. X equals five, y squared is 16, I don’t know.
  29. Happy that his armor was squared away, he packed.
  30. Kara took a deep breath and squared her shoulders.
  31. Mass at the speed of light squared is pure energy.
  32. Rochelle squared her shoulders and lifted her chin.
  33. She got to her feet and squared up to her husband.
  34. He pulled himself out of the thought and squared his.
  35. Drummle, my shoulders squared and my back to the fire.
  36. Jeff and I squared off in the center of the room, not.
  37. The havtrol grunted and squared up against Liam again.
  38. The man in the dream wanted everything to be squared away.
  39. R squared (R2): The square of the correlation coefficient.
  40. This time Roman hit him directly in the chest as he squared.
  41. That is, we really only have one distinct squared deviation.
  42. Donovan and the soldier squared off for a long moment before.
  43. She pushed herself from the sofa, her shoulders squared, her.
  44. N are squared and added together, will they equal A squared?
  45. She squared her shoulders, pressed her head back into the wall.
  46. The stuff you can see is sub light squared, symmetrical matter.
  47. The derivative of X squared gives you the slope of the line.
  48. She paused, as if drawing a deep breath, then squared her shoulders.
  49. I then obtain a sum (not squared this time) of the product of the.
  50. This was all getting a bit too much and Bert squared up to him saying.
  51. That figure squared (multiplied by itself) yields a very high number.
  52. Annyeke took a deep breath, squared her shoulders and opened the door.
  53. He stood up and squared his shoulders, suddenly looking boyish again.
  54. Sheila shook herself free of the security guard and squared off on Sam.
  55. I squared my shoulders and mounted the steps to the great double doors.
  56. With a mental shake of her head, Kathy resolutely squared her shoulders.
  57. Rahul Dravid (India) has squared up to 31,258 balls in his Test career.
  58. It was short, squared off, and the cut reminded him of an Egyptian Queen.
  59. He squared his shoulders and sat up straighter, everything subtly clearer.
  60. Stacking them neatly, he opened the top one and squared the pages within.
  61. Rag’nerack squared his shoulders to the Gate, taking up Oldem’s howl.
  62. Taking a deep breath, he squared his shoulders and headed toward his desk.
  63. Ken squared his shoulders and walked casually over to the colonel’s table.
  64. The four of them squared up to each other, as if they were about to have a.
  65. He was standing differently too, his shoulders squared, his head drawn back.
  66. You've had this coming for a long time! She squared her shoulders off to.
  67. Pointed and squared, they towered into the sky as if daring her to test them.
  68. Petra squared her shoulders, sniffed, and looked inside her purse for a Kleenex.
  69. The firbolg squared his shoulders towards Eilidh, giving her his full attention.
  70. His formula, E=mc2, states that energy equals mass at the speed of light squared.
  71. And it’s all coming in with gravitons flying in at the speed of light squared.
  72. Khalila squared her shoulders as the Obscurist settled the helmet over her hijab.
  73. But Schmoozeglutton squared his shoulders and set his jaw and took a deep breath.
  74. Jimmy stepped up to the plate, squared to bunt the first pitch and bunted it foul.
  75. Now, with your shoulders squared, your arms form the perfect position for shooting.
  76. Lydia's eyes flashed sparks as she stuck out her pretty chin, squared her shoulders.
  77. The leader had barely squared his bulky frame to the Rift, when the Makii finally came.
  78. Take the square root of the average squared deviation to obtain the standard deviation.
  79. There was a militaristic quality in him: chest out, stomach in, and shoulders squared.
  80. I squared up with the Berlin goalie, struggling to keep my balance as I pushed myself.
  81. The stuff you can’t see is light squared an probably some kind of asymmetrical matter.
  82. At this festival, accounts must be squared, or, at any rate, brought to some settlement.
  83. Instead, she squared off at Spears and said, I guess I must have a learning disability.
  84. He squared a small stack of notes he’d prepared and placed them neatly in front of him.
  85. While the semi variance is always squared, the positions of the mean and individual data.
  86. In other words, the sum of the squared deviations is a minimum about the mean of a sample.
  87. He hesitated briefly, as if tempted to argue, but then he squared his shoulders and nodded.
  88. Divide the total squared deviation by the EMA length to obtain the average squared deviation.
  89. Therese stopped in the open space at the end of the lot and squared herself in front of Than.
  90. His shoulders squared to take the weight, and the calm beauty of strength shone from his eyes.
  91. Just a fragment remained of the haystack, a monument squared and brown, like a pillar of stone.
  92. Reacher looked in the mirror and saw himself looking back, all clean and crisp and squared away.
  93. He squared his shoulders and faced the mind-cane, hands outstretched to the side and vulnerable.
  94. He squared his shoulders, gritted his teeth and focussed on his enemy with narrowed gimlet eyes.
  95. He removed his glasses, polished them with a tissue, then squared them on the bridge of his nose.
  96. Another important fact is that 121 days equal 11 squared or 11x11, and serves as another sign that.
  97. E equals MC squared is the simplest formula our society has come up with which all transporter.
  98. There was nothing slave like in the proud way she held her head up with her shoulders squared back.
  99. About a hundred had been captured and kept in a protective tank no larger than a kilometre squared.
  100. Furthermore, 36 is the product of 6x6 or six squared and is one of a short list of numbers that are.
  1. Cut into 10 cm squares.
  2. Cut into 1 inch squares.
  3. Cut into squares while warm.
  4. Cut into squares and serve.
  5. Cut into squares when cool.
  6. The squares still held firm.
  7. The little squares were an.
  8. Cut cabbage into inch squares.
  9. The squares the captain had.
  10. Once firm cut in small squares.
  11. Blinders are small squares of.
  12. Cut into small squares to serve.
  13. She squares off with me, unafraid.
  14. Cut the cake into 2-inch squares.
  15. Circles are no better than squares.
  16. She still believed the squares, or.
  17. When you landed on certain squares.
  18. Only chess squares? he said.
  19. Cut into squares when ready to serve.
  20. The little squares in the desert had.
  21. Whatever the squares were, they were.
  22. Use buttered knife to cut into squares.
  23. Fixed to it was one of the paper squares.
  24. The little squares were about the same.
  25. Choose up your squares, he called.
  26. Chill for 2 hours, then cut into squares.
  27. The scribe squares his shoulders and nods.
  28. Chessboard squares reflected in mirrors.
  29. Cut into squares and cover with plastic wrap.
  30. He squares his shoulders with me before he.
  31. The squares had not yet been cleaned due to.
  32. The squares alternate between light and dark.
  33. Captain Daniels sent the bone squares to the.
  34. But what could those tiny squares of bone.
  35. Cartoon drawings were framed in black squares.
  36. With the knowledge that the squares from both.
  37. They broke up two squares, your excellency.
  38. There's more to life than sixteen squares, kid.
  39. On it were two squares of what appeared to be.
  40. From where she stood, the new squares that had.
  41. Chill for 1 hour, then cut into 1 inch squares.
  42. But he saw something moving along these squares.
  43. It is VERY rich, hence the 8 dozen tiny squares.
  44. Once there, a brief attempt to view the squares.
  45. Allow to stand until firm, then cut into squares.
  46. They buy immaculate squares of land called acres.
  47. They have all been perfect squares to this point.
  48. She takes a deep breath and squares her shoulders.
  49. Squares of fabric were beside it, ready to be cut.
  50. The picture of Christ in your soul squares the deal.
  51. The smaller this sum of squares, the better the fit.
  52. Devon squares his shoulders, tries to inhale and fails.
  53. The inmost squares are connected by walls 2 feet 4 in.
  54. Cut into small squares, and store in the refrigerator.
  55. It means they’ll park their trucks in the squares.
  56. Someday, the Turn Squares in the greatest ski towns in.
  57. Framing squares are not expected to be precise as try.
  58. Tell me, Harry, those little squares of paper you keep.
  59. All he wants to do is draw his chessboard squares.
  60. He pulls his jacket straight as he squares his shoulders.
  61. The cuirassiers hurled themselves on the English squares.
  62. That evening Richard tried the "16 squares" on his father.
  63. Wild vegetation will cover streets and squares; the city.
  64. She looked at the houses, gardens, and squares she passed.
  65. The tiles were little ceramic squares that we put in grout.
  66. I’d hopped another of my squares in the Oregon hopscotch.
  67. These two squares he filled in solid black with the charcoal.
  68. He saw hundreds of squares but was not sure he should say so.
  69. The Sector0 north and south squares were isolated from the rest.
  70. Inside he had drawn two squares, one much larger than the other.
  71. Chessboard squares, I think you would call them, she said.
  72. Mistress Judith’s Star is at Cavanaugh’s inn, three squares away.
  73. Allow to cool for 5 minutes, then mark in squares with a sharp knife.
  74. Even when Maria entered the room, I kept my attention on the squares.
  75. Mars squares Uranus from the 12th to the 14th and this can test love.
  76. There were small squares with numbers on them at the surface of the box.
  77. It was white wool, bordered with squares of green satin and cloth-of-gold.
  78. Drizzle it well with the extra virgin olive oil and cut it in to squares.
  79. Richard studied the diagram, seeing the sixteen squares that were obvious.
  80. Try squares – are the most commonly used squares among furniture makers.
  81. The red squares represent the redness of blood in the realm of the living.
  82. He removed three small squares of unpainted plywood, six inches on a side.
  83. Those squares are mean! They’re pissed off, under pressure, and on speed.
  84. So … it takes you a whole day to run through these little squares?
  85. Each piece should be equal to the dimensions of the fabric squares in step 1.
  86. Cut into 1-inch squares and wrap individually in plastic wrap, twisting ends.
  87. At the windows the light of the evening still made the window squares bright.
  88. The black squares represent the blackness of death of the realm of the undead.
  89. Cut fudge into squares; garnish with candied cherry halves and sliced almonds.
  90. The squares, wasted by this mad cavalry, closed up their ranks without flinching.
  91. Squares are the energizing forces within a person—the needs that drive them on.
  92. In and out the squares moved, crossing, backing, whirling, and the music shrilled.
  93. That's when there was nothing to hit anymore but you gotta �X� in the squares.
  94. The structure of the board is as follows, with algebraic notation for the squares:.
  95. On front and back it bore the chequy lion, sewn in little squares of green and gold.
  96. Blue fields resolving into overlapping squares, identical in weight, distinct in hue.
  97. Now, the glass sagged in a sheet upon the dash, broken into a billion little squares.
  98. They were lying on straw matting beds and covered by light squares of green material.
  99. This system requires that squares are mentally divided into tenths in each direction.
  100. The first sum on the right hand side of the equation is the total sum of squares (SST).

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