solid frasi

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Frasi con solid (in inglese)

  1. A nice solid bed too.
  2. He had quite a solid.
  3. That’s a good solid B.
  4. Ugly as hell, but solid.
  5. This time with a solid.

  6. My heart was solid lead.
  7. They sure felt solid to.
  8. You had a solid marriage.
  9. It was just as solid as.
  10. No… it's a solid wall.
  11. He was as solid as a rock.
  12. Thank God for solid steel.
  13. Through them, he was solid.
  14. It’s a SOLID Hydrogen 1.
  15. One solid bite by the dog.

  16. He's more solid than others.
  17. He realized that all solid.
  18. I could use a solid meal.
  19. Polar bears tread on solid.
  20. Solid food is in the pantry.
  21. It is just as solid as the.
  22. His business model is solid.
  23. It was one solid length of.
  24. Jaden looks at the solid wall.
  25. Not Tulip though, he's solid.

  26. His winger, a good solid man.
  27. I was solid in her shadow.
  28. A bubble of solid steel was.
  29. It appeared to be quite solid.
  30. The hydrogen remains a solid.
  31. What was hither to a solid &.
  32. He needed their solid support.
  33. They sure felt solid to him!.
  34. It was thick and it was solid.
  35. He had a firm solid handshake.
  36. Still, a pretty solid starter.
  37. All in all, it’s a solid play.
  38. Sure enough it was stuck solid.
  39. This door looks pretty solid.
  40. Something solid to eat, surely.
  41. The fat in them is solid at 98.
  42. A solid gain in the making.
  43. The solid gold watch upon his.
  44. The earnings trend looked solid.
  45. This does sound pretty solid.
  46. Her strikes are quick and solid.
  47. A Solid Eight Hours in the Sack.
  48. The frat brothers have a solid.
  49. Their genetic makeup is solid.
  50. They have a solid relationship.
  51. He was on solid ground, on shore.
  52. I catch him solid with all I got.
  53. I’d need something solid to eat.
  54. This is real and solid traffic!.
  55. A square solid complexion, with.
  56. Boverns Crossing is as solid.
  57. Through the night it froze solid.
  58. That was just solid food and did.
  59. The arrest is solid, he says.
  60. We need some solid proof for that.
  61. Round and solid as a dinner plate.
  62. Air grew heavy, damp, almost solid.
  63. That too had been a solid edifice.
  64. I wondered if the now solid nest.
  65. The sandwiches were good and solid.
  66. Cocooned by those solid old walls.
  67. The front tire found solid ground.
  68. There is a solid bottom everywhere.
  69. They have a solid, good friendship.
  70. It has three states, solid, liquid.
  71. The porch was solid enough to walk.
  72. These ghosts looked more solid and.
  73. They stopped at a solid wooden door.
  74. He was literally as solid as a wall.
  75. What is ice? It is cold, solid water.
  76. Only its eyes and teeth looked solid.
  77. This square he filled in solid black.
  78. It's a good solid, honest profession.
  79. Solid wastes littered the passageway.
  80. Be sure dragline is on solid ground.
  81. There was only solid wall behind her.
  82. He was a solid man and a good friend.
  83. Five of the kobolds were frozen solid.
  84. His chest felt so solid against hers.
  85. The shoes he took were new and solid.
  86. Have a solid foundation to build on.
  87. Solid food helped to restore my voice.
  88. Marble is a solid & powder is a solid.
  89. We could use a solid meal as well.
  90. He blazed before me, solid, in a fury.
  91. The clasp and hinges were solid gold.
  92. You achieved Solid State at that very.
  93. Has all of Alpha achieved Solid State.
  94. There was a solid demand in his voice.
  95. Solid research sets a solid foundation.
  96. I think the real estate here is solid.
  97. Fe-C is an Interstitial solid solution.
  98. Refrigerate until solid, about 1 hour.
  99. The rolo solid titanium necklace was.
  100. Every inch of the man was solid muscle.

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