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Frasi con squat (in inglese)

I squat down for a closer look.
She could care squat about you.
Keep holding this squat as long.
Will you squat and stifle there?).
It had a squat tower and a short.
Squat down and as you return to the.
Short, squat squatters: called Hiders.

Next is the is the Dynamic Squat.
That place on East Third’s a squat.
In one corner of the room a squat wood.
Where I come from you squat to give.
He dropped to a squat and rolled sideways.
For Aaron to squat with me wiggling in his.
You don’t need to squat down to do that.
My reflection, however, looks small and squat.
He was back among the squat houses once again.
The DA didn’t say squat about any theoretical.
Squat on a stool, smear yourself with soap, scrub.
To one side, they could see a squat tower of grey-.
Once in a while one of them would come by and squat.
My squat vinyl suitcase was small but improbably heavy.
I wait in anticipation for Aaron to assume the squat position.
He made out the faint outline of a squat man around the ball.
He came to the squat, white Palace of the Lieutenant-Governor.
I’m not seeing squat, other than the school, I reported.
By the time they reached the squat building at the base of the.
Behind the desk sat a squat man, his beady eyes glistening with.
A car’d squat down in the mud before we could get it ten feet.
The two men squat on their hams and the women and children listen.
Without moving a muscle the squat fisherman’s eyes followed them.
The shadow of a squat figure had stolen across the patch of sunlight.
Hoe a row or two, then a squat and a few pushes, and it was all over.
Jeff glanced at the squat brownstone building adjacent to the parking.
You know full well that the staff doesn’t know squat about assessment.
Keeping the back flat and head and chin up, squat down and cup your knees.
There was a squat rectangular boulder at the side of the road (which, by.
The Imam continued to pace while the boy continued to squat with his head.
When he had completed his task, he lowered his head and continued to squat.
On the far side could be seen the squat form of mud-brick storage buildings.
In this, three rabbits were squatting.
It’s squatting on the mattress with me.
Doc stood up from his squatting position.
Squatting down, Sensei tried to pull it out.
They moved backwards while still squatting.
Sitting in the squatting, knees touching the.
Hiding in the bushes squatting: having a shit.
And that was the end of the squatting shitter.
Suong and Tai are squatting in an old windmill.
It was Yigal, squatting down among the tightly.
Squatting like two British bullfrogs, they sanded.
If someone is squatting there, he could be our perp.
He shifts so that he is squatting down by Ted's side.
The squatting to rest in the soft soil beneath the.
Some were sitting on the ground and some were squatting.
I tried the phone, squatting in its puddle of grey slime.
Squatting beside Chervil, Bigwig watched the Mark go out.
But what were you doing squatting at the cave hole?
This ritual came from tall movers finding hiders squatting.
He was squatting under the "And there's the fox," he added.
Squatting down to be sick had probably saved Terry’s life.
Sitting comes from the stupidity of copying squatting Kings.
Robyn was speaking to Billy, who was squatting watching the.
A kerosene lantern squatting on a desk provided dim illumination.
Squatting down, he darted over to the shed and slipped inside the.
He sat squatting on his heels by the box and waited holding his breath.
He was an old man squatting on the ground with his back against a rock.
It turns out that Lester has a fondness for squatting in vacant houses.
Now, it was nothing but a good solid trunk squatting against the horizon.
It was Yigal, squatting down among the tightly packed legs of the others.
An elegant woman, squatting, was defecating on the floor of a living room.
Hundreds of homeless people were sleeping or just squatting on the streets.
Captain Hutton was squatting up north of the district, replied Morgan.
Del Rio was squatting down maybe twenty feet away from where I was lying.
Halfshaft awoke to find a very attractive naked woman squatting on his chest.
Then Gollum dropped his head and shrank down, until he was squatting on the.
She had a little circle of them squatting with her on the veranda presently.
Broad figures were squatting on the horses, wearing their hats even at night.
She went over by the register under the front window, squatting down to feel.
Keep these two squatting men apart; make them hate, fear, suspect each other.
He squatted in front of her.
Sol squatted to inspect her.
He squatted right next to her.
My brother squatted beside me.
Ellie squatted beside the body.
He squatted by the silent body.
She squatted down and peered in.
Tom squatted down in front of him.
Michael smiled and squatted to the.
Fearfully, I squatted to pick up my.
Byron Sabina squatted down beside him.
He squatted in the shadows, his face.
Rufino squatted and gazed under the hut.
The volunteers stood or sat or squatted.
The sheriff squatted down and put a leg.
Billy squatted beside the lake, his toes.
The mother squatted down and picked it up.
He gamely squatted near the vacant square.
He squatted next to the creek and with a.
Like an invader had just squatted her nest.
The cat squatted down, snarling and spitting.
There I squatted down and awaited developments.
If I squatted to pick up my things off of the.
He smiled broadly and squatted down by our fire.
He had squatted by horizontal figures many times.
As she squatted down awkwardly with her head in.
He squatted before the gas fire warming his hands.
He immediately squatted down into a form of repose.
A single storey garage squatted beside a roundabout.
I squatted low and prepared for an incredible pounce.
On it, a small, one man, sloppy tent squatted next.
Pa asked, How bad? And he squatted on his hams.
He squatted down and rubbed sand in it then stood up.
Shiva, who had heard the entire conversation, squatted.
Clifford! She squatted down and hugged his neck.
He squatted there, trembling from the tip of his jet-.
William squatted on his haunches and watched them argue.
She jumped when Laino suddenly squatted in front of her.
The Creature was squatted beside a small pool where the.
Squatted over the body parts, he realizes that Detective.
While squats and leg presses.
He leans his back up against a wall and squats.
Officer Remmit squats and offers me two packets of liquid.
Squats – Standing up with your feet about a foot apart and toes.
Back Foot Elevated Split Squats – blast your quads with this move.
Start the workout with 2 sets of squats and then move on to leg presses.
SquatsSquats work the butt, the hamstring muscles and the quadriceps.
Lynch squats crosslegged on the hearthrug of matted hair, his cap back to the front.
He takes me to his office and puts me down on a chair, where he squats down in front of me.
She is too thin to be healthy, a sign of the times, of squats, drugs and the occasional meal.
The chain fixed to my wrist was a problem, but I found that I could do basic press-ups and squats.
He squats at my feet, removes my shoe, cleans my foot, and then takes my shoe to the bathroom to rinse it under the sink.
Focus your attention on using large movements that create the best responses, like squats, deadlifts, dips, pul -ups, shoulder press and rows.
The boy looks at him, then grinning with what I am now realising is the family expression, dashes over to his uncle, who squats down to his level.
However, believing that doing squats has an overspill effect to the rest of your body and will produce large biceps and calves just isn’t the case.
I’m unhappily married to a freeloading spider who just squats around the web doing nothing but waste his precious energy and cost me precious sleep.
After the thousand squats Sam would spend fifteen minutes working the clubs, another fifteen minutes swinging the Turkish bow and then run five miles.
The law was written to offer poor people an opportunity to claim unused land by extending legal rights, that can eventually lead to outright ownership to an individual who squats on a property for as little as three months.
And even though he squats next to me,.

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