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Squat in a sentence

1. I squat down for a closer look.
2. She could care squat about you.
3. Keep holding this squat as long.
4. Will you squat and stifle there?).
5. It had a squat tower and a short.
6. Squat down and as you return to the.
7. Next is the is the Dynamic Squat.
8. Short, squat squatters: called Hiders.
9. That place on East Third’s a squat.
10. In one corner of the room a squat wood.
11. Where I come from you squat to give.
12. He dropped to a squat and rolled sideways.
13. For Aaron to squat with me wiggling in his.
14. You don’t need to squat down to do that.
15. My reflection, however, looks small and squat.
16. He was back among the squat houses once again.
17. The DA didn’t say squat about any theoretical.
18. Squat on a stool, smear yourself with soap, scrub.
19. To one side, they could see a squat tower of grey-.
20. Once in a while one of them would come by and squat.
21. My squat vinyl suitcase was small but improbably heavy.
22. He came to the squat, white Palace of the Lieutenant-Governor.
23. He made out the faint outline of a squat man around the ball.
24. I wait in anticipation for Aaron to assume the squat position.
25. I’m not seeing squat, other than the school, I reported.
26. By the time they reached the squat building at the base of the.
27. Behind the desk sat a squat man, his beady eyes glistening with.
28. A car’d squat down in the mud before we could get it ten feet.
29. Without moving a muscle the squat fisherman’s eyes followed them.
30. The two men squat on their hams and the women and children listen.
31. The shadow of a squat figure had stolen across the patch of sunlight.
32. Hoe a row or two, then a squat and a few pushes, and it was all over.
33. Jeff glanced at the squat brownstone building adjacent to the parking.
35. You know full well that the staff doesn’t know squat about assessment.
36. Keeping the back flat and head and chin up, squat down and cup your knees.
37. There was a squat rectangular boulder at the side of the road (which, by.
38. The Imam continued to pace while the boy continued to squat with his head.
39. When he had completed his task, he lowered his head and continued to squat.
40. On the far side could be seen the squat form of mud-brick storage buildings.
41. Let it never be said that right-headedness will steer you clear on the squat.
42. Simla went into a half squat and pushed down with all the force she could muster.
43. You must hire or squat somewhere, and raise but a small crop, and eat that soon.
44. Those were the ones supporting the squat, menacing tubes of 1st Corps’ mortars.
45. Nacho’s gang left the village now and went off to squat in a farm- house nearby.
46. Danton stood in the middle of the room and looked down at the squat figure by the.
47. The squat fisherman eyed the pink boat charily, dry-wringing his hands on his pole.
48. There was a squat snub-nosed little pistol resting in the velvet lining of the case.
49. Pixie showed no interest in it, preferring to squat and do her business in the sand.
50. The second person is short and squat, balding, with a neck built for breaking noses.
51. I walked between two of the squat stone structures, and headed for the security fence.
52. A squat pursuer was close behind, and the black turned, at the very brink of the pool.
53. One of them gave a deep rumbling groan and dropped his huge squat head on to the earth.
54. The other group was busily removing grain from the small squat storehouses as Youssaf's.
55. The door clicked open and I froze for a second before managing to squat behind the counter.
56. Between the ramparts three squat, bald fishermen in green tunics sat staring at the Dangler.
57. The painted shaman signaled a squat little man who presented an array of powders and potions.
58. It was a big ragged white man and a squat black negro with shoulders and chest like a gorilla.
59. If they had been angry before at the Dangler’s intrusion, the squat fishermen were livid now.
60. The granaries all appeared rather square, squat, and solidly built with no openings to accent.
61. A few moments later they saw the squat, flat-topped edifice they sought looming ahead of them.
62. Most of the buildings were squat houses, two stories high, occasionally three or four.
63. It was a strange low building, with a squat octagonal tower in brick and red tile over the foyer.
64. All three of the squat fisherman went red in the face, a mass of jowls quivering with indignation.
65. The house sat squat in the middle of a forested area with the outline of a path going down to river.
66. The squat fisherman was apoplectic when he realized the Dangler intended to use a flower petal as bait.
67. Then they saw London’s squat black shadow on the canvas and heard him yell, Now you guys cool off.
68. At the end of the dock was a squat fisherman in a green tunic swinging his legs over the languid water.
69. Skinny backed the newcomer into the corner, made him squat and tied his hands to the rail above his head.
70. She was solid and squat in a black bikini that made no attempt to cover everything bikinis usually cover.
71. With difficulty he limped up to the door, where a squat, dark, elderly man was smoking a black clay pipe.
72. In the period between Thanksgiving and Christmas of 1976, she seems even to have moved into a squat there.
73. His hair was cut to nearly his scalp and he looked like he could bench-press a Stryker and squat a Bradley.
74. Home! For the first time since I was a squat little slip of a shaver the word had a personal meaning for me.
75. The man holding the horse’s bridle was a short, squat man, with a heavy belly, thick beard and filthy mouth.
76. The Temple was wooden and squat, built wide, though short, to accommodate the followers of the popular goddess.
77. Then you were through, in the yard, looking at a squat brick building like a janitorial kiosk in a city-run park.
78. At last, I saw a short, squat Figure in a green Surtout hurry along the Street, leading a fine Ebony Arabian Mare.
79. Her head aims toward the ceiling where headlights swim through the squat window, triangular whiteness at the throat.
80. It was a typical small town Garda station; a low squat building with a couple of aged squad cars parked badly outside.
81. The next cave was much larger, but it had a squat entrance, more rectangular that round like the one in the photograph.
82. Just as I was about to call out, the flap opened and a short, squat young man with a huge welcoming smile urged me inside.
83. Jane watched the teacher squat down at the little girl’s level, her arm around her shoulders, her mouth close to her ear.
84. His left hand darted out to clamp on the beast's squat throat, his left knee was jammed hard against the brute's hairy belly.
85. She shifted round into a squat, her other hand on her sex still moving too hungrily, too urgently, but eventually slowing down.
86. There were sluice gates toward the north end of the dam and a squat concrete outlet-control structure about twenty feet square.
87. A favorite was to have a detainee squat on the floor while his wrists and ankles were chained to a ring bolted between his feet.
88. Like an advance scout, Hudson checked and rechecked the squat, cheerless brick buildings as he drove closer to the meeting place.
89. Sometimes I felt so hopeless I could only squat on the ground and wish someone would hit me on the head and put me out of my misery.
90. A squat man with big shoulders and a thick neck, he was a carter, and got through life more by the use of his muscles than his brain.
91. He laughed to himself again, thinking that having your house in a gated community didn't mean squat if the gate itself was unlocked!.
92. I smiled inwardly when I entered it because the toilets were native squat toilets, just an enameled footrest and a hole in the ground.
93. Half the windows in the building were missing, the house looking more like a squat for vagrants than an information technology centre.
94. Now they were supposed to use the squat position from the sanding chore, but with a heavy towel grasped in both hands in front of them.
95. He swept his gaze over the short, squat throat, the hairy swagbelly, and the mighty breast, swelling in giant arches like twin shields.
96. Maybe he hadn’t meant to squat permanently but just needed a while to smuggle his collection out of the Dakota a few beasts at a time.
97. She was squat and obese and I feared for a moment the fight or flight reflex might cause this water buffalo of a human being to charge.
98. The elderly woman who stood there in her nightgown was as dark and squat as a fire hydrant, if a fire hydrant could carry a baseball bat.
99. The hour stood still as the Dangler and the squat fisherman competed for a final prize, but it was the Dangler’s line time tugged first.
100. Slowly, William backtracked on the remaining ledge behind him until he stood on a section wide enough to actually squat down on bent knee.
1. In this, three rabbits were squatting.
2. It’s squatting on the mattress with me.
3. Doc stood up from his squatting position.
4. Squatting down, Sensei tried to pull it out.
5. They moved backwards while still squatting.
6. Sitting in the squatting, knees touching the.
7. And that was the end of the squatting shitter.
8. Hiding in the bushes squatting: having a shit.
9. Suong and Tai are squatting in an old windmill.
10. It was Yigal, squatting down among the tightly.
11. Squatting like two British bullfrogs, they sanded.
12. If someone is squatting there, he could be our perp.
13. The squatting to rest in the soft soil beneath the.
14. He shifts so that he is squatting down by Ted's side.
15. Some were sitting on the ground and some were squatting.
16. I tried the phone, squatting in its puddle of grey slime.
17. Squatting beside Chervil, Bigwig watched the Mark go out.
18. This ritual came from tall movers finding hiders squatting.
19. But what were you doing squatting at the cave hole?
20. He was squatting under the "And there's the fox," he added.
21. Squatting down to be sick had probably saved Terry’s life.
22. Robyn was speaking to Billy, who was squatting watching the.
23. Sitting comes from the stupidity of copying squatting Kings.
24. A kerosene lantern squatting on a desk provided dim illumination.
25. Squatting down, he darted over to the shed and slipped inside the.
26. He sat squatting on his heels by the box and waited holding his breath.
27. He was an old man squatting on the ground with his back against a rock.
28. It turns out that Lester has a fondness for squatting in vacant houses.
29. Now, it was nothing but a good solid trunk squatting against the horizon.
30. It was Yigal, squatting down among the tightly packed legs of the others.
31. An elegant woman, squatting, was defecating on the floor of a living room.
32. Captain Hutton was squatting up north of the district, replied Morgan.
33. Hundreds of homeless people were sleeping or just squatting on the streets.
34. Del Rio was squatting down maybe twenty feet away from where I was lying.
35. Halfshaft awoke to find a very attractive naked woman squatting on his chest.
36. Then Gollum dropped his head and shrank down, until he was squatting on the.
37. Broad figures were squatting on the horses, wearing their hats even at night.
38. She went over by the register under the front window, squatting down to feel.
39. She had a little circle of them squatting with her on the veranda presently.
40. Keep these two squatting men apart; make them hate, fear, suspect each other.
41. But humans have still been squatting on it for hundreds of thousands of years.
42. Grunts When Squatting who spoke very good German but with a high pitched voice.
43. At the moment Loki and Hoenir are squatting in the grass outside Hoenir’s hut.
44. Human masses that Move, are more powerful that squatting Human elite that Hide.
45. Now all the squatting men looked at the newcomers and the conversation was still.
46. In front of the hotel three young men were squatting on their heels with one leg.
47. Sammy comes out to check out the situation and sees Jerry squatting behind a bush.
48. An old, hunched over man had found a stool by the corner and was squatting over it.
49. Squatting down in front of me, he said, Welcome – then he stuck out his hand.
50. Jeannine was in a squatting position with her hands over her ears, and her eyes closed.
51. When she awoke in the morning he was still there, squatting, silent, without expression.
52. One, squatting on his haunches before the cringing boy, held a pipe-like thing in his hand.
53. Kitty Casini was squatting on the ground growling to herself and flicking her tail fiercely.
54. Then, squatting upon his haunches, he proceeded to eat, first motioning Clayton to join him.
55. Squatting behind the bush, I realise that Berndt’s advice was probably extremely sensible.
56. He moved to one of the groups of squatting men, and they looked up at him, suspicious and quiet.
57. Squatting on his heels, he searched the murdered man's pockets hastily, though with steady hand.
58. They took their places behind the squatting men; they stood up and put their hands on their hips.
59. When they reached the ditch, all the other rabbits were squatting together, watching their approach.
60. The men sat in conference next morning, squatting on their heels in the shade of the atap market house.
61. One that was strong enough to knock the squatting gremlin off it's perch and shatter it to smithereens.
62. DoGuru scampered in front of her, causing her to come to an abrupt stop in front of a shit squatting dog.
63. Now here comes The Law to justly kick their lazy squatting asses out of their rent past due bereavement.
64. It sat under the trees like a Monet, like a lily pad under rain, like a painter squatting under an arbor.
65. It was squatting on its haunches with its skin-and-gristle tail curled behind it, cleaning its front paws.
66. I called—then I saw that—that black thing squatting like an ape among the branches, leering down at me.
67. They weren’t sure if people where still squatting there, but it was least populated place they could find.
68. Sensei sat down, squatting opposite him, and tenderly stroked his head, saying something silently to himself.
69. White colonists worsened conditions by squatting on reservation land, farming, logging, or hunting illegally.
70. Open doors showed bare rooms with old men sleeping on mats, women squatting over a primus, their kids playing.
71. Bald Headed Man was squatting down, holding out his hand to a black and white cat that was sitting by the gate.
72. What sort of creature would require such a thing? I tried to picture Ghosteater squatting at the edge and pooping.
73. This he placed in the middle of the floor and, squatting down upon a stool in front of it, he threw back the lid.
74. His legs crossed and his tiny red rump buried in hair, the imp Galimoto was comfortably squatting on Tetloan's head.
75. In the passage Denisov, with a pipe, was squatting on the threshold facing the quartermaster who was reporting to him.
76. The squatting man had one end of a stethoscope to his ears and the other pressed on the chest of the man in the hole.
77. Squatting on the floor of the barracks like a Buddha master, I wrote approximately fifteen three-page letters per day.
78. Squatting down next to them, he began puffing little wisps of air through his teeth, producing a chain of soft trills.
79. In the passage Denísov, with a pipe, was squatting on the threshold facing the quartermaster who was reporting to him.
80. Since then: all Modern Human Nomadic Moving cultures have hated and despised all Modern Human Squatting Hiding cultures.
81. Squatting down in the hope that a smaller man would appear less threatening, I noticed a chain hanging between his legs.
82. Squatting beside D'Arnot he wrote for a minute on the smooth inner surface of the bark; then he handed it to the Frenchman.
83. I was startled too, and deeply grateful that I wasn’t still squatting and half naked with my hand jammed into my crotch.
84. Because 35,000 years ago: these physical types of thin, tall, emaciated women were the peers of the squatting cave people.
85. He looked at the group on the floor, and at Ben squatting with them, and for once seemed unsure of how to play the situation.
86. He must have been squatting down near the children’s or horror section at the front of the store where I couldn’t see him.
87. She hadn’t had a shower, dinner, breakfast or sleep, and she had had to relieve herself like a dog, squatting between rocks.
88. They were to lower and raise the materials using almost their legs alone, essentially more squatting and horse-stance exercise.
89. After a while, he reached back, massaging his calf muscles and rubbing away the burning that had set in from squatting for so long.
90. Sheila was squatting on her haunches as close as she could get to where Mickey and Kev were digging, muttering something to Mickey.
91. Squatting against the far wall to the left with chains around one ankle fastened to a ring in the rock was a dark complexioned child.
92. But they are answered already, the hermit said, squatting on his emaciated legs and looking at up the King, who stood before him.
93. A Frenchman who had just pushed a Russian soldier away was squatting by the fire, engaged in roasting a piece of meat stuck on a ramrod.
94. Suddenly she was everywhere, all at once, trying from all angles, squatting down to shoot and also standing to gauge the dwindling light.
95. Grampa came out of the house and saw the two squatting together, and he jerked over and sat on the running board of the truck, facing them.
96. The Talib in the John Lennon sunglasses was looking down at another man squatting next to the hole, tossing a rock up and down in his hand.
97. From a sitting position, instead of standing straight up, stand in a squatting position with your back angled and forearms resting on your.
98. They were squatting directly beneath the platform; visible through the slatted floor above, when voices alerted them to approaching visitors.
99. There was a warrior supposed to be watching at that point, but he was squatting behind the hut and peering around the corner at the ceremony.
100. My interest in shooting Red Indians arises because I have been wronged by one, namely Grunts When Squatting, who told me that my mother had.
1. He squatted in front of her.
2. Sol squatted to inspect her.
3. My brother squatted beside me.
4. He squatted right next to her.
5. Ellie squatted beside the body.
6. He squatted by the silent body.
7. She squatted down and peered in.
8. Tom squatted down in front of him.
9. Michael smiled and squatted to the.
10. Fearfully, I squatted to pick up my.
11. Byron Sabina squatted down beside him.
12. He squatted in the shadows, his face.
13. The volunteers stood or sat or squatted.
14. Rufino squatted and gazed under the hut.
15. The sheriff squatted down and put a leg.
16. The mother squatted down and picked it up.
17. He squatted next to the creek and with a.
18. Billy squatted beside the lake, his toes.
19. He gamely squatted near the vacant square.
20. Like an invader had just squatted her nest.
21. The cat squatted down, snarling and spitting.
22. He smiled broadly and squatted down by our fire.
23. There I squatted down and awaited developments.
24. If I squatted to pick up my things off of the.
25. As she squatted down awkwardly with her head in.
26. He had squatted by horizontal figures many times.
27. He squatted before the gas fire warming his hands.
28. He immediately squatted down into a form of repose.
29. A single storey garage squatted beside a roundabout.
30. On it, a small, one man, sloppy tent squatted next.
31. I squatted low and prepared for an incredible pounce.
32. Pa asked, How bad? And he squatted on his hams.
33. He squatted down and rubbed sand in it then stood up.
34. Shiva, who had heard the entire conversation, squatted.
35. Clifford! She squatted down and hugged his neck.
36. He squatted there, trembling from the tip of his jet-.
37. She jumped when Laino suddenly squatted in front of her.
38. William squatted on his haunches and watched them argue.
39. The Creature was squatted beside a small pool where the.
40. She squatted down and put an open hand on the wet ground.
41. Squatted over the body parts, he realizes that Detective.
42. I went to the river and squatted down and splashed my face.
43. Beckham hiked up his pants cuffs and squatted near the hole.
44. And Ma held her so Granma would not fall when she squatted.
45. He ran to the creek that was a few meters away, and squatted.
46. She squatted down until her head was out of sight of the men.
47. Ryota squatted on a rock as he fed some more bait onto a hook.
48. And Uncle John moved toward him and squatted down beside him.
49. She squatted down beside him and stared intently into his eyes.
50. Will put the jug on the floor and squatted down to stroke him.
51. Noah and the preacher squatted side by side, facing the house.
52. She squatted near to him, and looked searchingly into his eyes.
53. The captain squatted there looking after her with his hand out.
54. On the screen men squatted by the black-clad figure on the grass.
55. Rose of Sharon lay on a mattress and Connie squatted beside her.
56. He squatted down next to the young man so as not to be overheard.
57. Edgar! Thank God! the man squatted in the corner cried out.
58. They squatted on their hams and looked out over the flooded land.
59. Gawavolf squatted in front of her and held her chin with one hand.
60. Asia walked up and squatted down beside the heavy breathing Lori.
61. Pa pulled his hat low over his eyes and squatted down on his hams.
62. She squatted in the corner, brooding and monstrous in her bloodied.
63. He squatted on his heels before the hot baking-fire to dry himself.
64. I squatted against the side of the Landcruiser and did my business.
65. Andrei stumbled and fell to his knees, and Trid squatted next to him.
66. In a larger circle squatted the women, yelling and beating upon drums.
67. Pa squatted there, looking at the truck, his chin in his cupped fist.
68. I squatted down, still brushing like mad, wild eyed and humming loudly.
69. Techs with plastic baggies tucked through beltloops now squatted there.
70. I squatted on a thin mattress on the floor of a small, underground room.
71. Finally, I squatted on the ground and it was like buzzards on a carcass.
72. He squatted in front of Rich and repositioned the knit cap that was now.
73. Pa, coming back along the road, found her there, and he squatted near her.
74. The tenth then squatted on his head and wrapped its tail around his neck.
75. She squatted down, took hold of the man’s left arm, and rolled him over.
76. She squatted down and retrieved a few that had fallen out of opened husks.
77. Pa and Uncle John squatted with a group of men by the porch of the office.
78. Erica was squatted scratching the number four in the dirt with her finger.
79. Frenzied with distress, Hazel leaped out of the gap and squatted beside him.
80. Steve got up and went and squatted beside Mary, putting his arm around her.
81. Roman squatted slightly, flexed his shoulders forward and backed into the.
82. She squatted beside the dog and held him still so he wouldn’t hurt himself.
83. Again, the Oogie squatted down so that it could be at eye level with Shaylah.
84. Stephen glances behind at the squatted figure with its cap back to the front.
85. They both squatted, Vietnamese peasant style, with their backs against a wall.
86. That is indeed the harvest, said the Captain, who squatted next to Bryony.
87. He squatted, removed his charger, prepared the knife and silently crept forward.
88. Spears squatted, Nung style, and began to brief, using the field map he unfolded.
89. Brandela squatted beside the girl and lifted her chin until they were eye to eye.
90. Dunk hopped down to the streambed, squatted on his heels, and turned over a stone.
91. Inacio shifted off the aluminum seat and squatted closer to the front of the boat.
92. They squatted in the bushes and watched the doubled guards patrolling up and down.
93. They squatted down by the waiting and quickly told in a whisper what had happened.
94. With this the pelican squatted down, clearly intending for him to climb on its back.
95. The old man squatted down on his limb and held himself there with one big skinny hand.
96. If I squatted to pick up my things off of the ground, I could be attacked from behind.
97. I blushed, squatted over a mirror for the operation, stood up and checked - and it did.
98. He squatted in the darkness and said nothing for the hours that dragged into the dawn.
99. Directly before the chiefs hut a circle of hairy, ragged men squatted, facing the door.
100. The Doc squatted back and clamped his fingers on Higgens' wrist to search for a pulse.
1. While squats and leg presses.
2. He leans his back up against a wall and squats.
3. Officer Remmit squats and offers me two packets of liquid.
4. Squats – Standing up with your feet about a foot apart and toes.
5. Back Foot Elevated Split Squats – blast your quads with this move.
6. Start the workout with 2 sets of squats and then move on to leg presses.
7. SquatsSquats work the butt, the hamstring muscles and the quadriceps.
9. Lynch squats crosslegged on the hearthrug of matted hair, his cap back to the front.
10. He takes me to his office and puts me down on a chair, where he squats down in front of me.
11. She is too thin to be healthy, a sign of the times, of squats, drugs and the occasional meal.
12. The chain fixed to my wrist was a problem, but I found that I could do basic press-ups and squats.
13. He squats at my feet, removes my shoe, cleans my foot, and then takes my shoe to the bathroom to rinse it under the sink.
14. Focus your attention on using large movements that create the best responses, like squats, deadlifts, dips, pul -ups, shoulder press and rows.
15. The boy looks at him, then grinning with what I am now realising is the family expression, dashes over to his uncle, who squats down to his level.
16. However, believing that doing squats has an overspill effect to the rest of your body and will produce large biceps and calves just isn’t the case.
17. After the thousand squats Sam would spend fifteen minutes working the clubs, another fifteen minutes swinging the Turkish bow and then run five miles.
18. I’m unhappily married to a freeloading spider who just squats around the web doing nothing but waste his precious energy and cost me precious sleep.
19. The law was written to offer poor people an opportunity to claim unused land by extending legal rights, that can eventually lead to outright ownership to an individual who squats on a property for as little as three months.
20. And even though he squats next to me,.

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