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    1. What was not known about Booth was that he was a stanch and dedicated

    2. Frisk, Republican Leader in the Senate, and many other stanch Republicans went to bat for Sen

    3. He had many warm friends and stanch admirers among both the young men and the young women of Nazareth

    4. It was useless to seek to stanch the blood gushing from the horrible wound

    5. Those that wanted him dead before were now the more stanch supports of his fame

    6. Kayeser hose smooth her long, supple claves into stanch, brown, block-healed pumps with a leather bow

    7. One of the guards also felt the need to tidy himself up, tilting his head back to stanch the flow of blood that THE IDENTITY CHECK

    8. the stanch California friendship, the sweet air, the graves one

    9. But then I have called his attention to it in the letter I wrote to him in the country, and, if he did nothing to prevent the mischief I there pointed out to him, I suppose it was that from pure goodness of heart and trustfulness he would not and could not believe that any thought against his honour could harbour in the breast of so stanch a friend; nor indeed did I myself believe it for many days, nor should I have ever believed it if his insolence had not gone so far as to make it manifest by open presents, lavish promises, and ceaseless tears

    10. He replied they might say what they liked, for he was not in a state to give advice that would be of any use; all he could tell her was to try and stanch the blood, as he was going where he should never more be seen; and with every appearance of deep grief and sorrow he left the house; but when he found himself alone, and where there was nobody to see him, he crossed himself unceasingly, lost in wonder at the adroitness of Camilla and the

    11. Ford tried to stanch the bleeding by pardoning Richard Nixon for any and all crimes he may have committed while in office, believing that the nation would not benefit from the prolonged spectacle of a president on trial

    12. "An old gentleman," continued the concierge, "a stanch follower of the Bourbons; he had an only daughter, who married M

    13. “Ted” Mason—the wife of one of the best fellows I ever knew, and a stanch friend of mine

    1. But not because of his burlesque touch it ceased to have a certain tone of misfortune, so I stanched my laughter with respect and answer:

    2. They had stanched the flow of blood, and the innate vitality of the barbarian was asserting itself

    3. of blood (worldliness) stanched

    4. Leonela, as he told her, stanched her lady's blood, which was no more than sufficed to support her deception; and washing the wound with a little wine she bound it up to the best of her skill, talking all the time she was tending her in a strain that, even if nothing else had been said before, would have been enough to assure Anselmo that he had in Camilla a model of purity

    5. The drops began to fall softly, swiftly, easily, as if they would never more be stanched

    1. The hand of this woman stanches the secret wounds in many families

    1. Louie kept his hand on Phil’s head, stanching the bleeding

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