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Frasi con halt (in inglese)

  1. He came to a halt.
  2. She came to a halt.
  3. I jolted to a halt.
  4. She eased to a halt.
  5. I skidded to a halt.

  6. He stammers to a halt.
  7. Takina came to a halt.
  8. It screeched to a halt.
  9. Madhumati came to a halt.
  10. The jeep came to a halt.
  11. He came to a sudden halt.
  12. Halfshaft came to a halt.
  13. The ship slowed to a halt.
  14. The driver came to a halt.
  15. He suddenly came to a halt.

  16. Ant came to an abrupt halt.
  17. Her steps stutter to a halt.
  18. Thjoden at once called a halt.
  19. Surprised, Hal came to a halt.
  20. Then she slid to a sudden halt.
  21. The ship was brought to a halt.
  22. Desperately she tried to halt.
  23. His brain stuttered to a halt.
  24. She raised a hand to halt him.
  25. The cars came to a halt just.

  26. The ram came to an abrupt halt.
  27. But it will not halt them long.
  28. Though we will halt before you.
  29. Another halt, and this time I.
  30. The beast came to a sudden halt.
  31. The lead soldier came to a halt.
  32. She jerked to a halt, struggled.
  33. Carter as the SUV came to a halt.
  34. The closing door came to a halt.
  35. Sadie’s voice ground to a halt.
  36. Seconds later, it came to a halt.
  37. Then suddenly, she came to a halt.
  38. Ben waited for the belt to halt.
  39. The bike came to a screeching halt.
  40. Suzuki’s car screeched to a halt.
  41. And he could not halt his shivers.
  42. At one pool, Robert called a halt.
  43. The German attack ground to a halt.
  44. I held up my hands in a halt motion.
  45. There Conseil's work came to a halt.
  46. Now, Sophia was put to a sudden halt.
  47. The cart ahead of him came to a halt.
  48. He brought his horse to a halt and.
  49. After two hours Hogan called a halt.
  50. At first my mind screeched to a halt.
  51. Eventually the train slowed to a halt.
  52. Once it drew near, it came to a halt.
  53. Something made Caymus halt his retreat.
  54. The car slowed down and came to a halt.
  55. Suddenly, the Mythos pulled to a halt.
  56. Finally Milo brought the car to a halt.
  57. Soon the mighty steed had come to halt.
  58. He came to a halt and sniffed the air.
  59. My heart skidded to a halt in my chest.
  60. The tunnel came to a halt at an large.
  61. Meanwhile Captain Nemo had called a halt.
  62. She said as the group slammed to a halt.
  63. Rose came to an abrupt halt and looked.
  64. A minute later, the lift came to a halt.
  65. I am, he replied, coming to a halt.
  66. What matters it? The vessel does not halt.
  67. The loud, blaring argument came to a halt.
  68. His life had just come to a grinding halt.
  69. Arthur at once brought our march to a halt.
  70. VICi, halt playback, Jared commanded.
  71. They were now having to halt their weekly.
  72. He shouted for the driver to halt – and.
  73. Without halt or pause they drove southward.
  74. He seized her wrist, bringing her to a halt.
  75. The cabriolet thus addressed came to a halt.
  76. Halt or I’ll shoot! came the voice.
  77. Then he came to a halt in front of Gerasim.
  78. Eventually, Henri called a halt in a small.
  79. I flush as he comes to a halt in front of me.
  80. Stephan rose and the speaking came to a halt.
  81. In short, he desired neither halt nor haste.
  82. Soldier halt! George called out to him.
  83. The buncher slowed down, then came to a halt.
  84. Marie wanted desperately to call a halt to.
  85. Halt your men! he shouted at the count.
  86. And the worst of the battling drew to a halt.
  87. Their conversation came to a screeching halt.
  88. Duvivier, Ligniville, and Desprez halt short.
  89. The rumbling sound of the cart came to a halt.
  90. The Revolution of 1830 came to a sudden halt.
  91. Sir? he puffed to a halt in front of me.
  92. Gaal came to a halt as Ben picked up his pace.
  93. He was brought to a halt by Ralph’s command.
  94. Kassim came to an abrupt halt where the trees.
  95. We kept going until they called a halt, not me.
  96. Carter slid to a halt, grabbing Garcia’s arm.
  97. The tyres screeched as the limo came to a halt.
  98. Beth came to a screeching halt and flung the.
  99. The bus came to a halt and the doors slid open.
  100. Twenty feet in, Murdoch came to an abrupt halt.
  1. Her voice was halting and un-.
  2. Halting two hundred yards off.
  3. Halting periodically, Kifter picked up the.
  4. Her pace was slow and halting, but it served.
  5. He put his hand on Aesa's horse, halting him.
  6. In halting words, Carrie relived the experience.
  7. It worked in Australia in halting gun massacres.
  8. By halting your reactions, I do not only mean to.
  9. They are halting operations at the Paigely site.
  10. That sounds perfect, she said halting her horse.
  11. Tom said, with quivering lips and halting utterance:.
  12. And halting as he was on the point of setting out:—.
  13. But words came halting forth, wanting Invention's stay;.
  14. In a halting voice, she gave details of what had taken place.
  15. Halting just in front, Tarmon and Kifter shared the same idea.
  16. Looking over their shoulders after halting, they could see the.
  17. In halting English, she told me about chlorophyll and ribosomes.
  18. By Set!' she exclaimed, halting suddenly, her eyes flaring wide.
  19. At last, with an effort, he began to speak in a halting, nervous.
  20. Ronald Reagan was most notable for halting communism in the world.
  21. It actually impaired his very steps, hesitating, then halting him.
  22. The ruffians came tramping along the East Road, and without halting.
  23. He explained in halting Latin that it was time for the evening meal.
  24. They did this remarkable halting staccato march in perfect cadence.
  25. Larry put his arm in front of my chest halting me before the amoeba.
  26. It was Frodo who first put something of his sorrow into halting words.
  27. I started to speak, but his fingers touched my lips halting my words.
  28. But here is the first place to practice the halting I described above.
  29. Suddenly there was a halting thud as if the canoe had bumped into a rock.
  30. Not one single president has succeeded in halting their terror campaigns.
  31. Instead of halting at a distance, he let the beast come closer and closer.
  32. He spoke in halting Erhesh as if he had used it rarely and many years ago.
  33. Halting when near, the Fife searched for clues to shed light on the mystery.
  34. You thought I was ok? she yelled back momentarily halting the beating.
  35. The sudden halting of the police was such that their movement shook the room.
  36. Needless to say Espronceda'sfinished versification owed nothing to the halting.
  37. Here we are, said Willie, and braked the car into dusty halting and silence.
  38. Halting on the plot of grass, he heard his mother's voice, then Clara's answer:.
  39. Halting again when reaching the massive skull out on its own, a huge hole at the.
  40. Halting, expecting the apparition to reappear demanding to know why they had not.
  41. Little research has explored whether vitamin A supplements are helpful at halting.
  42. Hitler diverted several divisions to Italy, thus halting the German attack at Kursk.
  43. As I approached the cloakroom, someone inside spoke my name, halting me in my tracks.
  44. Halting, searching the water, he could feel invisible, leering eyes glaring up from.
  45. Halting a few paces short, the man’s mannerisms did nothing to imply mistrust, but.
  46. Let’s get back to Cory, I told her, halting any questions she was about to ask.
  47. Angie just sat, eyes enormous, listening to her husband’s halting, embarrassed recital.
  48. When he was three or four yards off, without turning he said, in halting English, ‘Sorry.
  49. Jim hurried forward and stepped in front of Siri, halting him with an open hand to his chest.
  50. In halting words, I told the Prince what had happened to Murphy and he gripped my hand hard.
  51. They were more than weary, and yet there seemed no comfort in the thought of halting anywhere.
  52. What did the Dweller say? One of the elves walked up to them, halting Leora's interrogation.
  53. Now halting a few paces before the Captains of the West he looked them up and down and laughed.
  54. What about who he has in the lab? They could be screwing around with the research, halting it.
  55. Its halting restoration was assisted through meager contributions from neighbors in the Hood.
  56. Eisenhower subsequently made many feeble attempts to vindicate halting his drive at the river Elbe.
  57. We seem to be halting and hesitating in our prayer, and perhaps this is why we do not often receive.
  58. The women in the study were given a medication to induce a temporary artificial menopause by halting.
  59. In that moment of unreasoning panic even the thought of halting so near the inland sea was repugnant.
  60. The period both just before point 5 and just after has always been marked by slow and halting movement.
  61. They travelled in the night, halting an hour or two after daybreak, and lying by until the twilight fell.
  62. In the halting conversation we had due to his inadequate English he asked me repeatedly if I liked ballet.
  63. At the last six halting stations he could not get the permission for an interview from any of the officers.
  64. They spoke in halting terms of seeing the bodies of their beloved horses where they lay dead in the corral.
  65. Halting before the great bronze-valved door, Conan caught Octavia by her shoulders and shook her in his intensity.
  66. Our ancestors fought them from world to world, all the while fleeing before them, never once halting their momentum.
  67. Halting before one of these doors, one of the blacks produced the key that hung at his girdle, and turned it in the lock.
  68. But there was no halting at Resaca, at Calhoun, at Kingston, hoping at each stop to hear that the retracing that sunny road.
  69. He paced back and forth as if some inner fire would not let him stand motionless, and halting before his wondering companions:.
  70. He paused, halting there by the shoreline, savoring the first rays of the sun as they hit the land on the far shore of the lake.
  71. This was in no way similar to the MPs expenses scandal or the phone hacking where media exposure resulted in halting the abuses.
  72. We walked hesitatingly up the three flights as if reconsidering our visit, and the closer we got the more halting our steps became.
  73. But not far from Bald Hills he again came out on the road and overtook his regiment at its halting place by the dam of a small pond.
  74. In the middle of a dull and halting conversation, Helene turned to Pierre with the beautiful bright smile that she gave to everyone.
  75. The bright strip lights in the assembly hall peeled away any sense of this being a show, making my halting announcements seem endless.
  76. Sunlight streamed through windows into classrooms where professors gave halting lectures as they gazed out onto the sun-washed campus.
  77. In the middle of a dull and halting conversation, Hélène turned to Pierre with the beautiful bright smile that she gave to everyone.
  78. The whole gang of prisoners, consisting of four hundred men and fifty women, was already assembled in the court of the halting station.
  79. Mary Pavlovna from her place in the corner related what had happened about the little girl that morning when they left the halting station.
  80. His first business was to clean himself of the lice which he had never been able to get thoroughly rid of after visiting a halting station.
  81. Well, at the moment there appears to be no halting of the regenerative process, so it may reduce him to a child or even a fetus eventually.
  82. At their yesterday’s halting place, feeling chilly by a dying campfire, Pierre had got up and gone to the next one, which was burning better.
  83. The conversation was halting and constrained, in spite of Ustenka's and Beletski's free and easy manner and their wish to enliven the company.
  84. But without hesitation he rode on to Messantia, halting day or night only to rest the stallion and to snatch a few winks of sleep for himself.
  85. So, instead of advancing westward as planned, the 8th Army was thrown back in disorder a further four hundred miles before halting at Alamein.
  86. But by her still halting course and winding, woeful way, you plainly saw that this ship that so wept with spray, still remained without comfort.
  87. Raising his hand and halting he looked around for an area that was perhaps slightly more open, one that would avail them some moonlight and stars.
  88. You come in here, she laughed, with halting mirth; you’re the oracle; you roll out the future in a hollow voice; you say what you think.
  89. And after, very long after it seemed, the halting, swaying, stumbling line came into sight of two squat images shimmering miragelike in the distance.
  90. By the time they knew there was a threat we were already sparring, Vaughn added, halting my next question, why were we not warned, in its tracks.
  91. His voice was deep and guttural, yet to Merry's surprise he spoke the Common Speech, though in a halting fashion, and uncouth words were mingled with it.
  92. But soon here, too, rays of light, streaming through the mist from the lamps in the front of the halting station, became discernible through the darkness.
  93. By halting trading, the exchange hopes to give investors time to absorb the new information and thereby make a better assessment of its impact on the market.
  94. Lorry, rather halting in his reassuring words, as the stony manner of all the three impressed itself upon him more and more, "I state the case, Citizen Defarge?".
  95. In the prisons of Tamen, Ekaterinburg, Tomsk and at the halting stations Nekhludoff saw how successfully the object society seemed to have set itself was attained.
  96. Especially when combined with the fatal mistake of halting the panzer's outside Dunkirk; thus allowing the British to evacuate their troops back across the Channel.
  97. They had come by easy stages, their knapsacks conveyed on carts, and the Austrian authorities had provided excellent dinners for the officers at every halting place.
  98. Though they had been changed several times, not one of them would allow Nekhludoff inside the halting stations, so that he had not seen Katusha for more than a week.
  99. Though the room he was shown to was simple enough, yet Nekhludoff felt greatly relieved to be there after two months of post-carts, country inns and halting stations.
  100. The remaining Austrasian guard reached out a hand to detain Uybvahk, but he pulled loose and ran toward the forest, the guard halting to leave pursuit to the Earthmen.
  1. She halted at the plea.
  2. He halted in the court.
  3. I had barely halted it.
  4. They halted for a moment.
  5. He halted behind a tree.
  6. Two of the figures halted.
  7. They halted the other side.
  8. Now he halted, looked back.
  9. Again he halted and watched.
  10. There he halted and sat down.
  11. They halted on the crossroad.
  12. Have the elder races halted?
  13. He halted and laughed briefly.
  14. They had halted by the wild.
  15. They halted at a blacksmith's.
  16. She halted the fork in the air.
  17. I halted when I came to a lake.
  18. He halted short, dagger lifted.
  19. Marius had halted for a moment.
  20. He hugged the wall and halted.
  21. For a second Sam halted, for.
  22. The question halted Shoop dead.
  23. The others halted just within.
  24. There, too, will you be halted.
  25. He halted and growled angrily:.
  26. These things were never halted.
  27. He halted, and said gently:—.
  28. There I halted for a long while.
  29. Suddenly he halted and listened.
  30. Outside the door they all halted.
  31. Reaching the river, Kifter halted.
  32. Aragorn halted and examined the.
  33. Aesa halted, shocked to see Harlan.
  34. He halted, but did not look at her.
  35. Sammy ran to the steps and halted.
  36. Kifter halted, an edge to his voice.
  37. He froze in his tracks and halted.
  38. He saw my face, and halted awkwardly.
  39. Conan halted suddenly, with an oath.
  40. The demons were all halted mid-step.
  41. However, his thoughts quickly halted.
  42. They halted directly under Thenardier.
  43. Rave halted at the walkway to the dorm.
  44. When they saw us, their chatter halted.
  45. They halted in the backyard of a house.
  46. Frodo halted and looked out over the.
  47. He halted the team and looked at her.
  48. Gimli halted and stooped to the ground.
  49. There he halted, glaring bewilderedly.
  50. He is then halted from receiving help.
  51. Frodo halted for a moment, looking back.
  52. But I was halted by some unknown power.
  53. He took a step, halted, and stared at.
  54. He raised his baton and his men halted.
  55. In a state of shock, he halted halfway.
  56. He halted at the door of the restaurant.
  57. The parade, both thought, it's halted!.
  58. He halted Kathy halfway across the room.
  59. There he halted only a short while and.
  60. Maisie halted her inspection of the room.
  61. The two halted at the edge of the jungle.
  62. The dwarves halted and gazed at the sky.
  63. Brock halted, cocked his head and smiled.
  64. The lone cowboy halted his horse along.
  65. Wan Da halted his steps and turned around.
  66. The English have halted, they heard.
  67. They halted, too, on the steps below him.
  68. The Pegasus halted and hovered in the air.
  69. BANG!’ I halted when I heard the noises.
  70. They halted at a flat on the third floor.
  71. He halted, and sat motionless, listening.
  72. Who else? He halted five steps from them.
  73. On arriving there, he halted in amazement.
  74. His rage withered, halted by a bitten lip.
  75. The rout halted as quickly as it had begun.
  76. There Conan halted, swinging off his horse.
  77. After doing some twelve miles, they halted.
  78. He halted a few paces from her and said:.
  79. They halted about five yards from Manfred.
  80. Thankfully, the potential fight was halted.
  81. He had not gone far when he halted, baffled.
  82. He halted just by us and looked down at us.
  83. The splashes of raindrops halted instantly.
  84. He halted the horse, maneuvering it easily.
  85. When he opened his door, Tyrone halted him.
  86. He turned and halted by the slanted bookcart.
  87. At the first signs of day they halted again.
  88. He halted and stood there silently, waiting.
  89. Once the gunfire halted, Batistuta reloaded.
  90. The British never halted kidnapping sailors.
  91. They halted and Frodo looked south wistfully.
  92. The dancers halted as though turned to stone.
  93. Long Fei halted in his steps and turned back.
  94. Groping in total darkness he halted suddenly.
  95. The gray army halted, bewildered and nervous.
  96. Thus, Borja’s vehicle halted on its brakes.
  97. Without instruction Holnami halted hers also.
  98. A plane above us has been halted in midflight.
  99. They halted their eating stuffs in the middle.
  100. An explosion from behind the door halted her.
  1. If a horse halts and refuses to move, try moving.
  2. The commotion halts, just outside a branch of Argos.
  3. BLOOM: (Bloom trickleaps to the curbstone and halts again.
  4. One ossuary, however, halts my dash through the catacombs.
  5. His breathing halts and I hear him gasp as he repeats the motion.
  6. The procession halts, the coffin is laid on the steps at His feet.
  7. Again the tone of command works its ancient magic and the boy halts.
  8. The hours passed in a weary stumbling trudge with a few brief halts.
  9. When the lift halts and opens, the bald man walks heading to a huge room.
  10. The hearse halts, the undertaker's men knot a rope around your coffin and.
  11. The corporal leading the men got very annoyed at the all-too-frequent halts.
  12. Glorfindel still urged them on, and only allowed two brief halts during the day's march.
  13. The plough does not cut into the hard, beaten track that crosses the field, and he lifts it over and halts.
  14. The women went very slowly, with frequent halts as a mother and child retired into the bushes by the roadside.
  15. And these bombing halts we put up with gives them a perfect chance to run in more troops and supplies from Cambodia.
  16. Before the shadows of evening were long in happier lands, they went on again, always on and on with only brief halts.
  17. Support is a price base that stops market declines, and resistance is a level of prices that usually halts market rises.
  18. In broad noonday Dan is once more aggrieved by seeing an officer with a button missing who halts in the trench to ask him the whereabouts of B.
  19. It indicates that the Nautilus is rising, but this block of ice is rising with us, and until some obstacle halts its upward movement, our position won't change.
  20. After two or three days of slow, careful journeying, with many halts in cover, they found themselves, late one afternoon, once more in sight of Caesar's Belt, ground.
  21. The young girl flings over her shoulder a load of hay which is also heavier than herself, advances a few steps, halts, and drops it, without the strength to carry it.
  22. At the rate at which they were marching, and in consideration of the halts which they were making, it would take them about a quarter of an hour to reach the spot where Jean Valjean stood.
  23. The pedestrian who halts on the Rue Culture-Sainte-Catherine, after passing the barracks of the firemen, in front of the porte-cochere of the bathing establishment, beholds a yard full of flowers and shrubs in wooden boxes, at the extremity of which spreads out a little.
  24. Having ascertained the places which it frequents and passes, they stop the way to them with mud, and then rousing it, drive it towards the spot, and as soon as the ermine comes to the mud it halts, and allows itself to be taken captive rather than pass through the mire, and spoil and sully its whiteness, which it values more than life and liberty.

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