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Frasi con static (in inglese)

  1. All the shots were static.
  2. And then the static cleared.
  3. God is not static and dead.
  4. It is not a static reality.
  5. There was nothing but static.

  6. The world was static enough.
  7. Remember energy is not static.
  8. I believe there is one static.
  9. Hotel, Jim booked in and static.
  10. The static of his force field.
  11. I got pages of static webcams.
  12. But a spread can also be static.
  13. And a blizzard of static and snow.
  14. Of white E (F flat) noise static.
  15. Static gymnastics worked out by A.

  16. A great gust of static shears past.
  17. After a brief burst of static, Mrs.
  18. The voices stayed static, unmoving.
  19. I’m static outside, but lots of.
  20. This is (static) way out of control.
  21. The radio channel is full of static.
  22. I hear in the static the voices of.
  23. The radio was static on all channels.
  24. The process is dynamic and not static.
  25. And we are not static, but we are fluid.

  26. Ratio between static modulus of d) and.
  27. Her hair stood up with static electricity.
  28. The ideal society is not static, but one.
  29. A dynamic URL is the opposite of Static URL.
  30. Aquarius turned on his set and the static.
  31. Is it this static, rock-like quality in Mrs.
  32. And be super-wary of static electricity.
  33. And in a static fizzle the connection broke.
  34. But all I got in return that time was static.
  35. Half her displays sparked and showed static.
  36. The merits as a static tool are as follows:.
  37. The static on his scanner broke the silence.
  38. A static state would verse out a morbid stage.
  39. The spectrum is all static and then it is not.
  40. Loud, interfering static preceded his report.
  41. I could hear static, but there was no answer.
  42. It may be either in a static or dynamic state.
  43. Will it be a static website, a blog, a social.
  44. She stops reading abruptly and the static roars.
  45. Turning the radio on, we could only hear static.
  46. Most of his parenting has been broken by static.
  47. Staff on a project should, ideally, remain static.
  48. Static and Daniel’s voice exploded in his head.
  49. The only response was a loud crackling of static.
  50. Each to demonstrate releases from static position.
  51. Market structure is a more or less static element.
  52. Within seconds, a burst of static filled the room.
  53. The battery will give them one more day of static.
  54. The Soul is not static either, but the Soul is the.
  55. We’re up the road, static, eyes on the approaches.
  56. The screen fills with the white, static noise of a.
  57. Then the equation for the static scenario becomes.
  58. Lists are not just a static thing to be marketed to.
  59. Hawke’s voice finally bursts through the static.
  60. Soon, through the static, they could hear his voice.
  61. Because there is no true static state of existence.
  62. Above, I see a light, and hear a voice through static.
  63. The eruption of static from the open top of the jeep.
  64. There was a sudden burst of static in Tony’s headset.
  65. We also know that this mind is static — mind at rest.
  66. There was no response, only the hissing sound of static.
  67. One is coverage ratios, and the other is static ratios.
  68. It is static, remember? We’re not going to move, no.
  69. Occupied all screens with its simple static exhortation.
  70. This steady-state, or static, megauniverse would have.
  71. Werner puts on the headset and fills his ears with static.
  72. She got nothing but static, like in the last three months.
  73. His whole body surged with vibrations of cold and static.
  74. The once static red dots indicating the infected area are.
  75. Above the static he heard a strange, a far, a final sound.
  76. The first message was static, followed by heavy breathing.
  77. There is here no static symmetry, all is energy and force.
  78. Winkle, face to face with the Boss, both absolutely static.
  79. In such a situation, there are no concerns of static data.
  80. And as quickly as it came, the signal goes back to static.
  81. It was just static electricity, but on a tremendous scale.
  82. Their movement is like a foam or static that is continuous.
  83. During the short static silence that fol owed her outburst.
  84. This steady-state, or static, megauniverse would have its.
  85. It takes the dynamic view of God instead of the static view.
  86. The screen went to static, then the tape whirred into motion.
  87. Who thinks that humans might is hidden in your static mind!.
  88. The engines have been static fired and responded properly.
  89. It is of all curves the most perfect example of static unity.
  90. The Universal Mind is static Mind, or Substance in equilibrium.
  91. The static lasted for a number of seconds, before snapping to.
  92. Captain Bingham’s voice hissed back through a gust of static.
  93. Radio?! I remember feeling that a Boom Box was blasting static.
  94. It would be dangerous to us if we had static while setting up.
  95. I thought you had somewhere to go, a static voice replied.
  96. It’s time for Static Interference with your host Zack Hearst.
  97. Static RAM is used to create the CPU' s speed-By Larry Miller.
  98. Linked objects are updated whereas embedded objects are static.
  99. Once the pixels and static all settled, the image began to move.
  100. He switched to the one that was supposed to be on Gary - static.

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