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Frasi con inactive (in inglese)

  1. But this night they were inactive.
  2. The Two Broad Kinds of Inactive Income.
  3. An active user can login, while inactive.
  4. Some are risky, some safe, some inactive.
  5. M: Immobility and silence are not inactive.

  6. He was a role model to us who are inactive.
  7. But sitting inactive was never good for the.
  8. David interrupted, Not as Inactive Reserve.
  9. But we chose a relatively inactive part of it.
  10. Pupae are inactive, and usually sessile (not.
  11. If you are inactive, they are horribly active.
  12. Iylin would not simply sit inactive in this time.
  13. To wait, inactive: it is the real test of courage.
  14. Something to spur the inactive into hyper-activity.
  15. Reed’s hands still lay on her work inactive: her.

  16. The more I try to remain inactive, the greater the.
  17. Most of the times, the fish has just turned inactive.
  18. For when the body is inactive the mind is most free to.
  19. Salukis are relatively inactive indoors as long as they are.
  20. A sign of an inactive mood is that I have noted down nothing.
  21. The preferred stock, being closely held, is relatively inactive.
  22. Hence the issue is inactive and attracts little public attention.
  23. During the national war he was inactive because he was not needed.
  24. The meat of animals is tenderest when the animal is kept inactive.
  25. Yet God favors the strivers, over the inactive, with a great reward.

  26. They tried again and this time Michael remained completely inactive and.
  27. An inactive user is a user that has not updated their status in 30 days.
  28. A surge of dread fills the empty spaces where my inactive files used to be.
  29. You had a significant number of inactive files cluttering your electronics.
  30. Epitestosterone is an inactive epimer of the hormone testosterone which has.
  31. Just that we don’t retain inactive email ids and weed out the ones that are.
  32. Inactive account :A bank account in which there have not been any transactions.
  33. Inactive account: A bank account in which there have been no transactions for an.
  34. Most stocks trade more shares than options and some are very inactive on the options.
  35. So He says condemning their abstention from contemplating and their inactive thinking.
  36. Session Lifetime – Auto log out a user after they have been inactive for the specified.
  37. During these eight years my life was uniform: but not unhappy, because it was not inactive.
  38. The navigator in the form of the young male sits inactive at its post awaiting instructions.
  39. God prefers the strivers with their possessions and their persons above the inactive, by a degree.
  40. Human children were never designed to sit throughout their formative years, inactive without moving.
  41. I learned this lesson decades ago, after building a 6,000-share position in a fairly inactive stock.
  42. Convinced they are inactive Grailem walks between them until he reaches the hibernation section door.
  43. This capacity for thought remains inactive unless the spirit makes use of it in solving its problems.
  44. These are all the taxiways, inactive runways, holding areas, de-icing and other aprons or intersections.
  45. The AI said they were inactive files that held instructions for breathing and other biological functions.
  46. To further complicate matters, very inactive, illiquid instruments will often have extremely wide spreads.
  47. Alan knew they could track the inactive phone, but Alfred couldn't believe Alan would have left it behind.
  48. Tina however knew that this didn’t mean that Shanandar had been inactive all that time, on the contrary.
  49. Seeing the few buildings on the surface and the now inactive mining operations and apparently reading the.
  50. I can see only one other person having access to this laboratory; and that profile appears old and inactive.
  51. Having a slightly different shape to the light element Grailem deduces that it can only be an inactive camera.
  52. Many insects are inactive during the heat of the day, although most will emerge to collect moisture when it rains.
  53. The horizon couldn’t be seen on three sides of the city due to the encircling mountains and inactive volcanoes.
  54. Once sin is gone, these attributes still remain part of God’s nature, but no longer manifest, or become inactive.
  55. You can use StatusPeople's Fake Follower Check to see what percentage of your followers are fake, real, or inactive.
  56. The dread of opposition, and of the loss of popularity, will certainly keep the ruling party at Washington inactive.
  57. With the camera being inactive, showed him that Martin Maseeve's microchip device is sending the correct information.
  58. I did try knocking some sense into him, in an effort to encourage him, but he left and became inactive in the ministry.
  59. You just have to be really patient to wait for these inactive species to go feed themselves in the spots mentioned above.
  60. There isn’t any creatively INactive instant for any type of VVU- or NUU-VVU-Configuration or any other wave Configuration.
  61. But the important thing to Trask was, he'd again prevented a long inactive period during which they could begin the third degree.
  62. I mean young Nicholas Rostov, who with his enthusiasm could not bear to remain inactive and has left the university to join the army.
  63. I mean young Nicholas Rostóv, who with his enthusiasm could not bear to remain inactive and has left the university to join the army.
  64. As John stood standing in front of his closet door, and with the portal now inactive, he almost wondered if perhaps he was going crazy.
  65. All the way along to this point her heart had been heavy with an inactive sorrow; now there was a change in the quality of its trouble.
  66. And to avoid using the velvet cover, I’ll give her a spell that damps it’s ringing completely when the vibration spell is inactive.
  67. Reports from the Foreign Ministry suggested that countries aboard were taking a keen, but totally inactive, interest in what was going on.
  68. All of them appear inactive; as if they are here for storage, the same as the passengers' and crew though it appears an odd way to store them.
  69. When there can be light which cannot be seen, and fire without heat, then, and not till then, there may be grace that is dormant and inactive.
  70. Rather than having the majority of the body of Christ inactive, all members of the body of Christ should again become active as in days of old.
  71. The key is that they are inactive in management and not connected with the company issuing securities in any way other than as security holders.
  72. Up to that point in our military careers, there were very few opportunities to remain inactive for any period of time, so we had to practice it.
  73. Not equal are the inactive among the believers-except the disabled-and the strivers in the cause of God with their possessions and their persons.
  74. Surveys show that 47% of inactive people looking for jobs rely so much on job listings as a means of getting some information about job openings.
  75. What, Anna? His voice was concerned again, and he reached for me, but I scrambled off the bed, ignoring the protest from my inactive muscles.
  76. To look at another example: you may have a person close to you who is suffering from diabetes as a result of a poor diet and an inactive lifestyle.
  77. Nano soldiers are a technology, the previous administration decided, which were to remain inactive, stored away in their reinforced lead containers.
  78. This drip might not be simply drugs but food and hydration, since they were not capable of eating and drinking by themselves in this inactive state.
  79. The other (redundant) bridges on that segment remain operative—in case the designated bridge should fail—but are inactive until they are needed.
  80. So wherever God’s Love manifests though His attributes, every attribute is present, though some maybe less active, inactive, or in other dimensions.
  81. Investigators concluded that people who ate local honey experienced no reduction in their allergy symptoms, compared to people who ate inactive corn syrup.
  82. Colling completed the forms needed for Major Harris’ request for transfer to inactive reserve status, and put them on the Major’s desk for his signature.
  83. Not staying inactive herself, Jeanne helped Michel by pushing out of its garage the small four-wheeled cart that she used for her informal trips in and around Paris.
  84. As we’ve gone over before every time His love manifests, all the other attributes are present, it’s just that some may be less visible than others/are inactive.
  85. For a busy small business owner with thousands of untargeted followers, attempting to engage a large, inactive network will cost more in time and effort than its worth.
  86. Anyone who leaves his thought subsiding and inactive and lets his desire overcome his thinking will be as a brute beast which knows nothing other than eating and drinking.
  87. I offered to plead guilty to the charge of disrupting a class if I could be placed on the inactive reserve and allowed to finish my last year via remote distance learning.
  88. If they survive to a certain size, the larvae then hide in soil or under rocks and become inactive (this is called diapause) until the plantains sprout again the next year.
  89. Delmage preceded the two detectives into the striking chill of the room where all forms of heating were inactive, which allowed the grip of the outside temperature to tighten.
  90. Even more intense, once you want to stop working, or find yourself incapable to perform any longer, your earnings will disappear unless you have some form of inactive earnings.
  91. We're constitutionally set up to be inactive, following the Warren Buffett idea that you should always judge how you're doing in any given year relative to if you'd done nothing.
  92. As we age it can be observed that those who are considerably inactive develop mobility problems as they age, whereas those who are quite active do not develop these mobility problems.
  93. So if His love manifests, all of His attributes are present in that manifestation; some may just be less visible than others, are inactive, or are manifesting in different dimensions.
  94. Similar holdings were deposited with the Hong Kong branch of BEA Investments UK Ltd, but regrettably their policy is to close dormant accounts within ten years of them becoming inactive.
  95. Within half an hour adjutants had been sent in various directions with orders which showed that the Russian troops, who had hitherto been inactive, would also soon have to meet the enemy.
  96. He stimulated their inactive thoughts in spite of their will, their worshipping idols turned their hearts and minds into stones, even though he (pth) stimulated their brains to think true.
  97. We all know that when we are inactive and have poor diet, our health gets affected in a negative way and this also holds true to dogs; the usual end results are heart problem and diabetes.
  98. Another possibility is that God has responsive attributes, that are attributes/characteristics of His love, but unlike the other attributes, they remain inactive unless sin is present.
  99. But such distractions lasted only a moment, and for eight hours the men had been inactive, without food, in constant fear of death, and their pale and gloomy faces grew ever paler and gloomier.
  100. Turning around Grailem approaches one of the inactive robots; removing the tight fitting helmet he inserts his finger into the base of the skull and withdraws a long piece of alloyed copper wire.

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