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Frasi con step (in inglese)

  1. I was out of step.
  2. I had to step out.
  3. Next step, is to edit.
  4. Step 3: Plot the data.
  5. Ok, time to step back.

  6. We step out of the RV.
  7. Step 2: Help them plan.
  8. It was a step toward.
  9. This step is the most.
  10. His next step wil be.
  11. The third step is to.
  12. Step 7: Close the Case.
  13. The first step is to.
  14. How can we step away.
  15. It was a step too far.

  16. Jared took a step back.
  17. Doug took a step back.
  18. Show me a step or two.
  19. At each step of your.
  20. He took a step forward.
  21. Every step of the way.
  22. You may step out then.
  23. I did step back when Mr.
  24. And he walked step by.
  25. They took a third step.

  26. Try to watch your step.
  27. Nico took a step aside.
  28. The second step is to.
  29. That is the first step.
  30. C-zar took a step back.
  31. I was careful to step.
  32. The first step is to go.
  33. They step off the bus.
  34. One step less — and.
  35. The next step was the.
  36. Now step away from her.
  37. Step #3: Choose a Theme.
  38. Cal takes a step forward.
  39. Took a step towards him.
  40. STEP 1 with that problem.
  41. Ralph takes a step back.
  42. I managed a step forward.
  43. What is the first step?
  44. The final step of your.
  45. The man took a step back.
  46. The next step is my own.
  47. Emma took a step forward.
  48. He stood and took a step.
  49. With every step it grew.
  50. The girls advanced a step.
  51. He took a step toward her.
  52. We can’t step back now.
  53. If you step one move.
  54. Step out of the mediocre.
  55. Step 3 Create an ad group.
  56. When he decided to step.
  57. So this was the next step.
  58. Then his cousins step in.
  59. He fell into step with me.
  60. My step dad smiled again.
  61. From his first step onto.
  62. Darek heard a slight step.
  63. She took a step toward him.
  64. The next step is to preach.
  65. Step in close to side of.
  66. You need to step back sir.
  67. He took a step towards her.
  68. Every step that she takes.
  69. What is your next step?
  70. Now, step in and sit down.
  71. Don't Step Out of the Car.
  72. When you step out of the.
  73. The next step is what we.
  74. SAMANTHA takes a step back.
  75. Step 3: Unplug the Computer.
  76. Please step into my office.
  77. Step 3 - Applying The Will.
  79. He saw Stokes take a step.
  80. That was a good first step.
  81. I step on the gas, lightly.
  82. Now he takes one last step.
  83. He took a bemused step back.
  84. Step 1: Construct the chart.
  85. He took step into the pond.
  86. The final step is up to you.
  87. Every time he took a step.
  88. It can step into an empty.
  89. I took a step back from him.
  90. Let me go one step further.
  91. If not, repeat step three.
  92. Step back and realise the.
  93. The next step is to learn.
  94. But this was a step too far.
  95. But I was scared to step up.
  96. Now, they were the next step.
  97. Then, I decided to step on.
  98. Alfie took a step backwards.
  99. The first step in treating.
  100. Else redirect it to step 2.
  1. Stepping out of the way and.
  2. There he is stepping into it.
  3. It has been the stepping off.
  4. Somebody was stepping on him!.
  5. Would you mind stepping up.
  6. Stepping out into the sunlight¼.
  7. By stepping on one single mouse.
  8. It was like stepping into Heaven.
  9. Stepping nimbly in front of the.
  10. He arose from his seat, stepping.
  11. He frowned, stepping into the room.
  12. Stepping from pad to pad the while.
  14. Practice stepping up onto the step.
  15. Tony radioed in he was stepping out.
  16. Hillary stepping out of the elevator.
  18. Stepping up into a trailer is a new.
  19. The Carnival of Souls was stepping in.
  20. Over reaching stepping into something.
  21. Sam peeked around before stepping out.
  22. The tempo of training was stepping up.
  23. Stepping in he ran a professional eye.
  24. Stepping stone or way marker technique.
  25. Stepping from the shower, she wrapped.
  26. Thank you for stepping up to the plate.
  27. Schmitty was just stepping out the door.
  28. No one was stepping forward to save her.
  29. I hated not seeing where I was stepping.
  30. He was moving fast and stepping heavily.
  31. He immediately regretted stepping outside.
  32. Now IDGU is stepping into it’s 9th year.
  33. Kyle, dont, she said, stepping away.
  34. There, good, she said, stepping back.
  35. Bentley came to his feet, stepping forward.
  36. He shook his head at her, stepping forward.
  37. Love is the true stepping stone to true joy.
  38. But I had no stepping stones to reach them.
  39. Imagine stepping onto the scale and being.
  40. Nguyen said, stepping in front of his wife.
  41. Stepping into the shower, the sparring began.
  42. It involves us plotting stepping stones or.
  43. Stepping through the wide front door into Mr.
  44. Stepping out of the car, I looked down the.
  45. Stepping over it, they found themselves in.
  46. What events? Holland said, stepping in.
  47. Here we are, Jonas said stepping aside.
  48. Sir, said the man, stepping towards me.
  49. That’s a start, he said, stepping in.
  50. Wimp, he said, stepping into the water.
  51. Nem spun around stepping half into the swing.
  52. Wait, said Shannon, stepping around me.
  53. Stepping to targets with hand support nearby.
  54. Moving the leg back and forth while stepping.
  55. He was stepping down the street and into the.
  56. Within minutes we were stepping out into the.
  57. Stepping onto the porch he awaited the knock.
  58. Stepping back from the remains, he turned to.
  59. Felt heavier myself stepping out of that bath.
  60. Stepping out into the busy main road, he was.
  61. Alone, he said, stepping in front of her.
  62. Half stepping, whether in cooking or in your.
  63. Stepping into the tub and pulling the shower.
  64. But thanks for stepping in, said Caramarin.
  65. Cautiously stepping in, she paused in surprise.
  66. Stepping back to view the end result of these.
  67. Bobby sucked hard on his cigarette, stepping.
  68. David returned the gesture by stepping forward.
  69. Sure, she said, stepping toward the chair.
  70. Stepping inside the front doors, he could not.
  71. Better, he agreed, stepping back to reset.
  72. The Holy Days are the stepping stones to Heaven.
  73. Stepping down, Bane led his Kyboe after the Fife.
  74. She’d rolled it stepping off a curb last week.
  75. Nigel paid the bill, then stepping out onto the.
  76. No, replied Mark, stepping out of the cave.
  77. STEPPING ASHORE had an exhilarating effect on me.
  78. He had been stepping on the back of a giant crab.
  79. Stepping to Olivia’s side, Jesse stood staring.
  80. See? he thought, stepping out of the laundry room.
  81. Stepping back, Matthew said, You’re the boss.
  82. Practice stepping forwards to pick up the object.
  83. Was he stepping into a trap? Had they found out.
  84. She was stepping back but it wasn't first enough.
  85. Chev? she asked, stepping out into the room.
  86. The card shows the fool stepping out onto his path.
  87. Neither of them saw Victor stepping into the room.
  88. She braced herself, stepping over the window sill.
  89. Ma would have been stepping over Jesse to skin me.
  90. Chantal, who was just stepping out of the bathroom.
  91. It was like stepping back into the pioneering days.
  92. Stepping backwards to a line with the affected leg.
  93. Stepping into the hall, he saw her crumpled figure.
  94. Practice stepping over the obstacle and back again.
  95. Kevin whispered, I think I’m stepping on a rat.
  96. Is that a threat? Cassidy asked stepping back.
  97. Instead of my mother stepping up to the plate and.
  98. Stepping out to the garden, Mick called Constantine.
  99. Rojan blocked, stepping in to hit Garcia in the gut.
  100. Stepping to her he rested his hands on her shoulders.
  1. I stepped in his way.
  2. I stepped off the bus.
  3. I stepped on his shoes.
  4. I stepped into a smal.
  5. Bo stepped out of the.
  6. I stepped over to the.
  7. He did so and stepped.
  8. On her way she stepped.
  9. I stepped up to the pool.
  10. He stepped closer to it.
  11. I stepped into the surf.
  12. She stepped into my bed.
  13. I stepped out but kept.
  14. He rose and stepped away.
  15. We then stepped over to.
  16. He stepped into the room.
  17. Steve stepped up to the.
  18. They stepped off the ramp.
  19. As he stepped aside for.
  20. I stepped forward to see.
  21. The girls all stepped back.
  22. I stepped in and, with a.
  23. They stepped out into cold.
  24. Then Sue stepped over to.
  25. He stepped into the shower.
  26. They stepped out into snow.
  27. He stepped closer to John.
  28. As he stepped out he was.
  29. We stepped into this area.
  30. He stepped inside the tent.
  31. Ruth stepped by the doctor.
  32. He stepped out of the tent.
  33. One of them stepped forward.
  34. As soon as he stepped 308.
  35. He stepped out onto nothing.
  36. Harry stepped closer to her.
  37. Jack stepped into the room.
  38. We stepped into the hallway.
  39. They stepped out into the.
  40. Tom nodded and stepped back.
  41. She stepped on the brakes.
  42. Then a man stepped forward.
  43. Joe stepped in front of him.
  44. He stepped out in the hall.
  45. A few men stepped forward.
  46. Ajarn stepped into the hall.
  47. Omi had already stepped out.
  48. When he stepped outside to.
  49. She stepped out of the bush.
  50. Sachie stepped into the shop.
  51. She stepped around the tree.
  52. She stepped into the glass.
  53. Gowr stepped onto the Bridge.
  54. MaHt stepped over to Garcia.
  55. Next, she stepped into his.
  56. Rohit stepped off into the.
  57. Donna stepped closer to John.
  58. He signed out, and stepped.
  59. I have stepped into the fire.
  60. Ole stepped back on the dock.
  61. I stepped back outside and.
  62. She gasped and stepped back.
  63. He stepped from behind the.
  64. Kumiko stepped into the house.
  65. Ceder stepped in front of him.
  66. Samsung stepped into the cell.
  67. He stepped into the entryway.
  68. He stepped towards her again.
  69. The veteran Agent stepped out.
  70. A guard stepped forward and.
  71. Tony stepped closer yet again.
  72. Evelyn stepped closer to him.
  73. I stepped close and listened.
  74. He stepped forward and bowed.
  75. She stood up and stepped out.
  76. Youssaf stepped out well in.
  77. Crusher stepped up to Tammas.
  78. She stepped into the kitchen.
  79. Michael stepped over to the.
  80. Padraig stepped into the pool.
  81. Caramarin stepped out the Merc.
  82. Paul stepped off the escalator.
  83. I stepped on a piece of paper.
  84. Then I stepped off the bridge.
  85. Jared stepped into the kitchen.
  86. They stepped into the bedroom.
  87. Slowly, she stepped out of him.
  88. Starret stepped up to the door.
  89. She stepped on the accelerator.
  90. Losira stepped up to the table.
  91. Guinan stepped into the circle.
  92. He stepped on clownish fingers.
  93. The witches stepped aside to.
  94. Ellie stepped in to rescue him.
  95. They stepped around the corner.
  96. Sidney stepped back in disgust.
  97. Nodding, he stepped into the.
  98. Wendy stepped back in surprise.
  99. They stepped into the elevator.
  100. She stepped outside and waved.
  1. I took a few steps.
  2. He paced a few steps.
  3. The 12 steps of AOL.
  4. Just a few more steps.
  5. A man steps into frame.
  6. The rest of the steps.
  7. He steps in, all smiles.
  8. The men take steps back.
  9. In front, on the steps.
  10. Find the next steps at:.
  11. I sat on the steps and.
  12. Follow the first 2 STEPS.
  13. The steps had rotted out.
  14. Steps 1-3 of third task:.
  15. The robot steps over an.
  16. He took a few steps back.
  17. A shout has no rosy steps.
  18. Or just sit on the steps.
  19. I walked down the steps.
  20. With These 2 Easy Steps!.
  21. These steps are what one.
  22. Whoever steps out of the.
  23. Someone steps to the curb.
  24. Aaron steps in front of me.
  25. Steps 1-3 of second task:.
  26. I took several steps and.
  27. William froze in his steps.
  28. She paused every few steps.
  29. Then follow these steps: 1.
  30. Simon laughs and steps back.
  31. He steps out from pages of.
  32. He steps into the sunlight.
  33. Tobias steps into the room.
  34. I moved forward a few steps.
  35. We ran down the steps and.
  36. She took several steps in.
  37. See Eight Steps to Happi-.
  38. Here are some of the steps.
  39. His first steps were uneasy.
  40. The thought sped his steps.
  41. Here are a few simple steps.
  42. They climbed the stone steps.
  43. You can take some steps to.
  44. I heard you on the steps.
  45. Barker backed down the steps.
  46. She stopped a few steps away.
  47. He steps around and faces me.
  48. On the steps he paused again.
  49. He steps closer to the couch.
  50. There are six basic steps:.
  51. There are simply two steps:.
  52. He took a few steps to the.
  53. Darting down the steps, he.
  54. Petr took the steps at the.
  55. She has wisdom in her steps.
  56. With a few more steps, the.
  57. We climb the steps together.
  58. What steps could they take:.
  59. The front steps were angled.
  60. Jaden takes a few steps back.
  61. These steps are called skills.
  62. Haze steps over the threshold.
  63. She came down the steps and.
  64. Diane D steps down the steps.
  65. A hall monitor steps out of.
  66. Aaron steps to the side of me.
  67. It only requires a few steps.
  68. We all took a few steps back.
  69. Here are the steps what you.
  70. She quickly ran up the steps.
  71. Thirteen steps, to be precise.
  72. Those steps are pretty much it.
  73. He took two steps and stopped.
  74. We only have a few steps more.
  75. Then she started up the steps.
  76. As she walked down the steps.
  77. Now, I had to retrace my steps.
  78. She took two steps toward him.
  79. He breaks the kiss and steps.
  80. The steps went down a long way.
  81. I’ll be waiting at the steps.
  82. After she took two steps, she.
  83. As for the steps, or gaits, I.
  84. Behind Bev a few steps was Sue.
  85. Its main steps are as follows:.
  86. The steps were shallow and wide.
  87. There are many steps to health.
  88. Billy steps back on auto pilot.
  89. Then Wiggles took a few steps.
  90. He caught up to her in two steps.
  91. At the base of the steps, they.
  92. A set of steps led up to a door.
  93. He steps back, shaking his head.
  94. He took a few steps toward the.
  95. Why the 3 Steps to Success Work.
  96. At the height of the steps, he.
  97. She takes a few more steps back.
  98. Then He took three steps forward.
  99. You can't - see faith steps out.
  100. The 12 steps of Viagra recovery.

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