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Frasi con tone (in inglese)

  1. By the mere tone of.
  2. Trevor in a tone of.
  3. I heard the dial tone.
  4. The C sharp only tone.
  5. A tone goes off and L.

  6. I bristled at her tone.
  7. Is also the note tone.
  8. Of the E tone in our.
  9. It is also the C33 tone.
  10. Aya frowned at his tone.
  11. My tone is morose today.
  12. But his tone was casual.
  14. I don’t like his tone.
  15. In a guttural tone she.

  16. Jealousy was in her tone.
  17. The E tone sound aerials.
  18. Brad heard the dial tone.
  19. Civility is tone of voice.
  20. To improve the tone color.
  21. That is where tone comes.
  22. He knew that tone so well.
  23. His skin tone was lighter.
  24. Probably not the tone he.
  25. But then her tone hardened.

  26. Not just a dial tone, but.
  27. If her tone were any more.
  28. His tone became angry and.
  29. Reacher heard the ring tone.
  30. He used his guttural tone.
  31. She then hears a dial tone.
  32. Her tone was sharp, bitter.
  33. The very tone was different.
  34. In a sentimental tone, Bev.
  35. At last he resented her tone.
  36. Nathaniel said his tone hard.
  37. It was in the tone of voice.
  38. Gould said in a severe tone.
  39. His tone made Sespian pause.
  40. A sharpness entered his tone.
  41. He laughed in a mocking tone.
  42. The Power of Emotional Tone.
  43. I recognized the human tone.
  44. Mike cut in, his tone gentle.
  45. In the tone of her voice I.
  46. His tone of voice startled me.
  47. Rochelle flinched at his tone.
  48. He had taken up a wrong tone.
  49. The Essences of Timeless tone.
  50. You will save a tone of money.
  51. Gould breathed out in a tone.
  52. The tone, the sound, the beat.
  53. I said with the low tone, he.
  54. She seemed shocked by my tone.
  55. His tone was sickeningly sweet.
  56. I reserved that tone for the.
  57. Ryan missed her change in tone.
  58. All he heard was the dial tone.
  59. His tone was one of impatience.
  60. The tone was off-key, on edge.
  61. The witch’s tone grew somber.
  62. His tone acquired a decidedly.
  63. I have even heard of the tone.
  64. Well her tone softened, anyway.
  65. His tone showed his repugnance.
  66. He r tone wa s loud, e xulta nt.
  67. Of the tone sound configuration.
  68. Ray in a very condescending tone.
  69. No muscle tone in the lower back.
  70. He responded in a menacing tone.
  71. But his tone betrayed his words.
  72. The F flat tone recorded in the.
  73. Values of tone drawing, the, 122.
  74. The doubt hung heavy in his tone.
  75. But her tone held little concern.
  76. His tone was still conversational.
  77. Big Guys tone was almost scolding.
  78. Then she said in a solemn tone:.
  79. No, he said, his tone blunt.
  80. Then he spoke, in a subdued tone.
  81. Tina giggled at his tone of voice.
  82. Word Selection and Tone of Voice.
  83. The headline should set the tone.
  84. The dial tone rang and he was gone.
  85. Period she said in a bored tone.
  86. Bernard speaks, in a fatherly tone.
  87. Nah, Kholi said in a slick tone.
  88. Berndt replies in a friendly tone.
  89. He put on his most confident tone.
  90. Brandela in a hushed, serious tone.
  91. Without warning, his tone became.
  92. She said, keeping her tone casual.
  93. Her tone with Sharon was more of.
  94. Does something to her muscle tone.
  95. Waule, with her usual woolly tone.
  96. Edward did not appreciate the tone.
  97. The mocking tone of oh,.
  98. She said, in a calmer tone,.
  99. The Timeless tone of years, days,.
  1. Then, suddenly, all toning stopped.
  2. Nothing wrong with toning those muscles, but have you.
  3. If you eat out more than once a week, toning down your.
  4. These are days of toning exercises with an increase in the.
  5. Pushing and dragging the thing was perfect for toning up my chest and shoulders.
  6. Astringents are the most powerful toning formula, and are intended for oily skins.
  7. Mixing greens with meat, toning soup with sage, cooking turns sustenance into celebration.
  8. He’d been toning his muscles by lifting a chunk of cedar that we sometimes used as a footstool.
  9. Translucent ceilings with fully adjustable toning could offer natural overhead soft lighting for the entire home.
  10. This should not be a problem to women since they are more concerned with toning and shaping rather than gaining bulk.
  11. A big factor in that toning down of the British is the serious heart attack suffered four days ago by Prime Minister Churchill.
  12. Yoga in Slow Motion is recommended for toning up the system after childbirth after a suitable rest period has elapsed following confinement.
  13. The antidote in this chapter is based on toning up the sciatic nerve and the muscles of the lower back to relieve the pain of sciatica and lumbago.
  14. The benefits are many but principally the Half Somersault brings into play the muscles of the back, toning and stretching the whole of the spinal column.
  15. It has the added benefit of toning and strengthening the muscles and organs of the abdomen as well as bringing relief from our two antagonists of this chapter.
  16. The benefits of this exercise, apart from cleansing the lungs and bronchial passages, are the toning up of the whole lung action with highly stimulating effects on the entire body.
  17. In addition to toning and strengthening the abdominal muscles and reducing excess fat this exercise also helps to relieve constipation so it is doubly beneficial to the would-be-slimmer.
  18. For the busy housewife and mother who has little time to spare, these movements act as a time-saving beauty treatment, a toning up of nerves and muscles, and above all a means of relieving her internal disorders.
  19. Now, a doctor who is not over-scrupulous, and he would have to be not over-scrupulous to be here at all, would find a gold mine in the dispensing of drugs and the toning up of drug fiends and others who have been going the pace too rapidly.
  20. In the meantime she spent a great deal of her time at the country club and gymnasium, toning her muscles, keeping her figure in trim and joining a number of other upwardly mobile wives for coffee mornings, hair appointments and tennis lessons.
  21. However, my good acquaintance, Professor Grote, editor of a Moscow psychological magazine, having heard of the contents of my work, asked me to print it in his magazine, and promised me that he would get the book through the "Censor's" office unmutilated if I would but agree to a few very unimportant alterations, merely toning down certain expressions.
  22. It was a subject of regret and absurd as well on the face of it and no small blame to our vaunted society that the man in the street, when the system really needed toning up, for the matter of a couple of paltry pounds was debarred from seeing more of the world they lived in instead of being always and ever cooped up since my old stick-in-the-mud took me for a wife.
  1. He admired his toned physique.
  2. Her olive toned skin naturally.
  3. Adam Quinn’s body had been toned.
  4. He looked at her gym toned arms and.
  5. He toned down his version of Satans’.
  6. He had the toned physique of a police recruit.
  7. My eyes drifted down to her flat, toned stomach.
  8. Now here she was, her body toned and lean again.
  9. Reilly was even toned and confident in the huddle.
  10. Adolf admires his physique, his toned abs, ripped.
  11. The man appeared quite muscular, his body well toned.
  12. These contests are about great physiques with toned.
  13. His muscles were still toned and powerful, albeit shaped.
  14. Her body, toned and voluptuous, probably never looked better.
  15. It was almost as if she could feel his toned body behind hers.
  16. It spoke in a pleasantly toned voice, that seemed to be gibberish.
  17. I look way better naked, LOL! I’m toned overall in my midsection.
  18. Seeing that she was ready and willing to challenge him, he toned down.
  19. She has a muscular back, broad shoulders, and toned arms, especially for a.
  20. Ava let out a satisfied sigh as she sat up and stroked Nic’s toned stomach.
  21. I lifted my head and the first thing I saw was a pair of toned calf muscles.
  22. When toned down again, the unimpeachable patriot appeared in the witness-box.
  23. Like Jared, Sam was toned and fit and had obviously taken good care of his body.
  24. Gospel preachers; but when it is, it is almost always toned down from the Jonathan.
  25. Protein is kryptonite to belly fat, and the building block of a lean, toned ZERO BELLY.
  26. His eyes seemed to bounce between their endearing cleavage and their toned, long legs.
  27. While the storm miraculously and courteously toned down its want to roar and rage to a.
  28. Their minds filling up with images of sexy lingerie, beautifully toned and tanned bodies.
  29. There was a slight feedback that Alex took the remote control and toned down the TV volume.
  30. Thus sluggish kidneys are toned and the posture also benefits a congested liver and spleen.
  31. She was a young woman with pale olive toned skin, long dark hair and a warm radiance of muted power.
  32. He's wearing a t-shirt that shows off his tan and toned arms, and several tattoos of snakes and dragons.
  33. She gazed at his toned, slender body, his long legs that stretched beyond the bottom rail of the futon-bed.
  34. She’d also love to be only 20 to 25% body fat, and have a much more toned torso, and firm hips and thighs.
  35. He was dressed in a pair of casual, low slung jeans and a tight white t-shirt that showed off his toned body.
  36. One can make friends with other singles and workout with these friends to get a well toned and a healthy body.
  37. Did you see the one on the sword to? Asked Kregridor, with a hint of excitement in his deep toned voice.
  38. Drawing on toned paper with white chalk or Chinese white and black or red chalk is another form of mass drawing.
  39. She inched her way to the copper toned stone, at the water’s edge, took a seat and proceeded to watch and wait.
  40. She might be black and blue and covered in blood and dirt, but she had a lean, toned figure, and Rykus was a man.
  41. Seeing his look she toned it down, I am only saying what I have heard from those others who whisper in the wind.
  42. Her once toned body will have lost its original shape and this really won’t help make her feel great about herself.
  43. One of Tony’s dreams, was to possess a physically toned body, something he’d tried and failed at many times over.
  44. He then cornered her near the steps like a silent animal; his aggression and toned body started to make her nipples erect.
  45. Also, his body is toned from a daily regimen of calisthenics and from weekends chopping wood and clearing brush at the ranch.
  46. He appears to lack any kind of professional teaching, and his muscles are not very well toned; even for his age and his species.
  47. He cast his eyes hungrily over her body, tanned and toned, clad in nothing but a thong, fish-net stockings and a come-fuck-me smile.
  48. She closed her eyes squeezing the skin toned peg tighter to her nose, and all of a sudden she was yanked from the ocean beneath her.
  49. Over the laurel bushes and rhododendrons, I could see a long, many-gabled mansion, girdled with ivy, and toned to the warm, cheery, mellow.
  50. Tina saw from the man’s reactions that her subtle message had come across, something confirmed when the policeman toned down his arrogance.
  51. Jo quickly whips out into the hall to see who it is … low toned conversation … Jo comes back in with Katie … poor girl, she’s so pale.
  52. Here I was, laid in bed naked next to the tanned and perfectly toned body of Miles, her recent ex, but things are never as simple as they seem.
  53. What was not in 'common view' were Chloe's tanned and toned forearms and near ideal physique well-covered by the elaborate custom of extensive dress.
  54. I said to Biddy we would walk a little farther, and we did so, and the summer afternoon toned down into the summer evening, and it was very beautiful.
  55. His eyes moved slowly up from the three inch heels to the toned calves and then to the crimson silk border of the dress that was cut above the knees.
  56. White chalk is sometimes used on toned paper to draw the lights, the paper serving as a half tone while the shadows and outlines are drawn in black or red.
  57. In fact, she dropped eighteen pounds before appearing on this set for makeup and costume tests, and as a result her figure was astonishingly young and toned.
  58. There was a low cry, the shuffle of feet across a hardwood floor, the bang of a door closed quickly, and then in a voice toned to sudden insouciance and overdoing it:.
  59. It was their she undressed, to the point of her red lacy underwear, kissing, touching his toned skin, when she saw those watching eyes of a friendly face she knew so well.
  60. His hands ached to caress her skin and feel her toned body beneath his fingers, but he couldn’t risk her casting on him, and he liked how it frustrated her when he held her hands.
  61. Nerves and ligaments of the spine arc subjected to a healthy pull, and the spinal nerve roots and sympathetic system are toned so that this posture beneficially affects the entire organism.
  62. The hospital must have toned it down a bit, though, because he’d forgotten about the glazed plaster Messiah hanging over this altar, its blue eyes gazing mournfully down among drops of ketchupy blood.
  63. I saw by his look, when he turned to me, that they were always written on the air between me and him; whenever I spoke, they sounded in my voice to his ear, and their echo toned every answer he gave me.
  64. Instead, her ears were toned in on what everyone in the halls were saying, and they were all talking about the same thing: who they thought had sent the text that was anonymously sent to everyone at lunch.
  65. She was amazingly toned and had I been a photographer, I'd have positioned her in the exact spot she was standing in — with the sun to her side, highlighting the small dragon tattoo on her inner left thigh.
  66. She wished she had a pair of toned calves and sweetly formed feet that she could have sashayed up to him in a pair of high heels with real fingers to have reached out and felt the texture and warmth of his skin.
  67. Today it is almost never preached or written about by Gospel preachers; but when it is, it is almost always toned down from the Jonathan Edwards type of Hell fire preaching; it is now God, not Satan, who will be doing the tormenting.
  68. Today it is almost never preached or written about by Gospel preachers; but when it is, it is almost always toned down from the Jonathan Edwards type of Hell fire preaching; and it is now God, not Satan, who will be doing the tormenting.
  69. The lights are drawn with white, the toned paper being allowed to show through where a darker tone is needed, the white (either chalk or Chinese white) being put on thickly when a bright light is wanted and thinly where a quieter light is needed.
  70. I’d never felt anyone so close to me before, mortal or not, and losing myself in Ishvara wasn’t exactly hard, his toned body, his rippling stomach, lean biceps, and aristocratic features were as seductive and enticing as a hot chocolate fudge cake.
  71. My eyes started at the gracefully formed toes that led into high feminine arches, as feet turned into delicate ankles which moved upward into sleekly muscled calves that gracefully rounded out to soft knees that blended seamlessly with April’s toned thighs.
  72. The failed armed revolution convinced Hitler to concentrate on winning elections instead of seizing power by force, and to appeal to a broader audience Nazis subsequently toned down some of the rhetoric, putting a less monstrous face on the hate of their black hearts.
  73. When Earth no longer had enough healthy soil and ample water to feed and quench the people, we turned, as we always do now, to our deus ex technologica, praying, 'What will bio-tech provide?' she smiled at Unitito as she toned conversationally to avoid any semblance of emotional instability.
  74. The British, who were quite indignant at first and even threatened war with the United States, have by now toned down their protests as the Americans exposed their role in sending an anonymous commando force to attack the Ramat David Airbase, which is the main base of the American Palestine Interposition Force.
  1. It is all magnetism as tones.
  2. So they have different tones.
  3. The green tones he wore were.
  4. Or at least, tones of monies.
  5. Our skin tones are of course.
  6. Morel, in the same biting tones.
  7. He spoke into it in hushed tones.
  8. The baby’s heart tones were good.
  9. We knew Linton's tones, and entered.
  10. Beeps in a variety of tones rang out.
  11. Is it not truth? in tones suppressed.
  12. The passing tones are shown an orange.
  13. Flat tones and hard edges are avoided.
  14. We knew Linton’s tones, and entered.
  15. Tones, large flat, the effect of, 207.
  16. He had heard those dulcet tones before.
  17. In soft mellifluous tones he told her:.
  18. I hope again to hear the measured tones.
  19. But she wasn’t fooled by his soft tones.
  20. But my tone dampened their tones as well.
  21. He spoke gently but with commanding tones.
  22. Harry in his recently acquired nasal tones.
  23. The other children giggled in hushed tones.
  24. The Saw tones your abs, arms and shoulders.
  25. In flute-like tones of sarcasm she said—.
  26. The tones were doing a dance; intertwining.
  27. As to your heart, continued she in tones of.
  28. They went about their business in hushed tones.
  29. It is imperative that the two tones be played.
  30. A good start, dad, he said in muted tones.
  31. They speak of it in hushed and optimistic tones.
  32. In their place resounded other, marvellous tones.
  33. But her low, intense tones brought his head lower.
  34. Akira cut him off and spoke in the calmest of tones.
  35. This will not do, Tobin said in his deep tones.
  36. Their skin tones were almost a match for each other.
  37. Tell me WHAT? came Em’s voice in rising tones.
  38. The shrill tones of a blues harmonica filled the room.
  39. Mr Dark chanted forth the organ tones from his chest.
  40. The ghoul-trolls spoke to each other in hushed tones.
  41. Nicholas answered in clipped tones, on the first beep.
  42. Myra recognized the give-away tones in Thorne's voice.
  43. Rosamond had never been spoken to in such tones before.
  44. Adding passing tones to guitar scales is a great and.
  45. Kathy nodded her head, and continued in deadened tones.
  46. Hear how the passing tones add extra spice to the sound.
  47. They speak in low tones; they drop their eyes; they toil.
  48. Francis addressed her and her father in tones of protest.
  49. The Breathing Exercise tones your abs, arms and buttocks.
  50. The low gentle tones carried on uninterrupted from within.
  51. The story behind the walkway is spoken of in hushed tones.
  52. A typical example of composition founded on gradated tones.
  53. They were standing close together and speaking in low tones.
  54. She laughed in shrill tones at the antics of the prisoners.
  55. There is the white picture in which all the tones are high.
  56. Salvin, dropping his voice and speaking in quizzical tones.
  57. They filed in and paid Baba their respects in hushed tones.
  58. The two tones used are noted in the right-hand lower corner.
  59. Will you help me, Remy? She spoke quickly in hushed tones.
  60. I tell you, she said as she spoke in low mysterious tones.
  61. Therese stroked their necks and spoke to them in soft tones.
  62. What he can do with words, with tones, and inflections!.
  63. Very well, then, he continued using his gentlest tones.
  64. His staring eye caused those about him to speak in low tones.
  65. Elsa went to him and they spoke in hushed tones for a moment.
  66. With a deep voice full of worshipful tones, he simply said:.
  67. A few dial tones later, his voice was heard on the other end.
  68. This totally safe, drug- free method uses a series of tones.
  69. Against the gold tones of the room, they looked like royalty.
  70. Susan's voice cracked as she spoke in low tones, Its Susan.
  71. She asked in clipped tones if there was something he wished.
  72. There were new voices, and they were talking in excited tones.
  73. From upstairs he could hear occasionally the curt tones of Dr.
  74. In decisive tones, he imparted his revised plan to the others.
  75. Michael had bonded all right with 5000 tones of snow at 80 mph.
  76. The soft tones of different composers floated through the air.
  77. He glanced around, nervously, and spoke in hushed tones when.
  78. Gone were the philosophical tones; it was not a brood, I told.
  79. I could hear them talking in hushed tones about the two of us.
  80. The unechoing tones ceased, and the girls stared at each other.
  81. Immediately the hum of the engines went up two tones, then a.
  82. These were already conversing in low tones with John Dolittle.
  83. Whatever, said the accountant off hand, but in mild tones.
  84. The driver held them back and talked to them in soothing tones.
  85. Are you all right? she asked in her most caring of tones.
  86. Then I heard the warm, soft tones of Astra’s voice in my head.
  87. If listening through speakers, the tones are mixing in the air.
  88. The Professor's voice, as he spoke in clear, sweet tones, which.
  89. Comments: This one tones your back, your abdomen and your thighs.
  90. They have beautiful appearances and delightful tones and warbles.
  91. Attend, Bergdahl said, adopting a tutor’s lecturing tones.
  92. You will notice a change in the room lighting and hear some tones.
  93. In his most courtly tones he says, Loki has read that and more.
  94. He was awoken early in the morning by Mr Abbott’s caustic tones.
  95. The Sea of Ghosts was always relating tales of old in hushed tones.
  96. It was composed of a mysterious, wafting, resonant series of tones.
  97. Axel approached the podium and spoke in hushed tones with the Mayor.
  98. We exchanged our grievances in reasoned, upper-class English tones.
  99. Each of these bursts of images ends with a series of five tones.
  100. We should escort you back to your tent, Eli said in high tones.

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