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Frasi con story (in inglese)

  1. It is a long story.
  2. This is my own story.
  3. To cut a long story.
  4. It was an old story.
  5. I told them my story.

  6. The story of my life.
  7. Leo took up the story.
  8. Tel ing me its story.
  9. To read a story for.
  10. I want my story told.
  11. It's a story of love.
  12. That was a good story.
  13. The story of The Nunn.
  14. Amos took up the story.
  15. It was a tragic story.

  16. It was a strange story.
  17. The rest of the story.
  18. She looks at the story.
  19. But not the true story.
  20. Now, it was story time.
  22. That is a long story.
  23. It's part of his story.
  24. Give us the real story.
  25. The vimmen is a story.

  26. What will my story be?
  27. I was to write a story.
  29. It had only been a story.
  30. The story is told that.
  31. Of the story being told.
  32. The story goes this way.
  33. And… I needed a story.
  34. Chris takes up the story.
  35. I heard the whole story.
  36. And now my story is told.
  37. You tell them the story.
  38. Well, you know the story.
  39. Thank you for your story.
  40. I mailed out a story and.
  41. That is a story Melissa.
  42. He'd just read the story.
  43. The story of our lives.
  44. Now back to the story.
  45. The picture tells a story.
  46. That is a very good story.
  47. Back to the story at hand.
  48. Upon hearing a story of.
  49. It’s a sad story to see.
  50. I only learnt the story.
  51. This is his secret story.
  52. Another Small Story for U.
  53. To cut a long story short.
  54. There is always a story.
  55. If they believe our story.
  56. I’m doing a story arc.
  57. The boy’s story was an.
  58. Her story revealed a lot.
  59. The Story Behind the Book.
  60. Imagine a story or theme.
  61. Life weaves me a new story.
  62. We all have our own story.
  63. This is the story, live it.
  64. There is more to the story.
  65. Close to her story anyway.
  66. See, a story can end well.
  67. But that is another story.
  68. Finish the story arc with.
  69. I told him the whole story.
  70. It’s a good story though.
  71. My story started at my job.
  72. The story goes as follows:.
  73. David: It’s a funny story.
  74. But to return to the story.
  76. Let me tell you a story.
  77. I’d have a powerful story.
  78. He began to tell his story.
  79. Our love story was simple.
  80. Its script and story were.
  81. The owner tells the story.
  82. So Nathaniel told his story.
  83. Balthasar took up the story.
  84. But that’s not the story.
  85. The Story of Rick and Dave.
  86. And a new story to live in.
  87. A story retold only after.
  88. Li-Li how about a story.
  89. But Dad is another story.
  90. No one picked up his story.
  91. And you? Your life story?
  92. Love - the story book kind.
  93. Same story you cooked up.
  94. I know the story, doctor.
  95. KNOW what the real story is.
  96. She listened to the story.
  97. Everyone has their own story.
  98. True facts about the story:.
  99. The story he told his wife.
  100. You know the story, I guess.

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  1. To classic realms of storied pomps and show.
  2. Never before in the storied history of the RKU has a.
  3. A few lights were sprinkled amongst the low storied buildings.
  4. Elowen stared at the sign of the two storied inn, a huge boar.
  5. The magnificent storied skyline of late 19th century London stood out.
  6. A very large, two storied prefabricated building sat on a long stone ledge.
  7. The picture showed a large, two storied, house with a huge tree to one side.
  8. Joe pulled up outside an end of terrace two storied dwelling that was known as 31, St.
  9. Back at the RV, Chuck was laughing at the storied history of his family’s alma mater.
  10. The house was a narrow three storied building, wedged at the rear of the dole building.
  11. He spoke with the weight and wretchedness of veterans of storied conflicts from decades past.
  12. Riordan of the Warhounds, one of the few men in that storied company who'd been a friend to him.
  13. He gave me a discerning look, Thought you were the only one with a storied past didn’t you.
  14. Japanese candlesticks have been around for more than 1,000 years and have a great and storied history.
  15. Pierce, perhaps the oldest in the group, in his early forties, had a storied career, having taken our.
  16. It was created by a storied ad agency and promoted by a top-tier PR firm, at a cost of nearly $1 billion.
  17. While this might seem like a rather esoteric mathematical tidbit, it has profound implications and a storied history.
  18. They skirted the green to tread down a lane laid with red brick and two storied cottages that were part business and part residential.
  19. The Intercollegiate Rowing Association’s regatta at Poughkeepsie was a storied institution, with roots deep in the history of American rowing.
  20. Those who believe in Hell do not believe any belongings from this life can be taken to Hell; those who believe souls of the dead are storied in a chamber do not believe they have their weapons.
  21. The founder of the firm was storied as the number-one South African tennis player when he was a teen and built his firm around the principles of transforming high-level tennis players into traders.
  22. I had the privilege of sitting down with Swensen at his Yale office, and before I ventured up the hallowed halls of that storied institution, I did what any good student would do: I spent the night before cramming.
  23. After my Chicago years, my bosses at Salomon Brothers’ storied Bond Portfolio Analysis Group let me balance research and market roles, always stressing the value of conveying complex ideas as intuitively as possible.
  24. For me, Nkandla has always been about an extraordinary history and an extraordinary people; a semi-secret, almost sacred place at the centre of one of our country’s greatest stories, and of one of our most storied peoples.
  25. There was to be a lot more to happen in their lives, a steady spiraling downward of events at an ever increasing tempo, before I would be engaged in an even more active role than I had been in the years I have storied so far.
  26. There it was, too, that most of the deadly encounters with the white whale had taken place; there the waves were storied with his deeds; there also was that tragic spot where the monomaniac old man had found the awful motive to his vengeance.
  27. He liked the way it opened doors for him, the way it made people happy to see him, not because he was William Hamilton-Sweeney III, the wastrel heir, or Billy Three-Sticks, front-man of the storied Ex Post Facto, but because, he felt, he was himself.
  28. As we have elected you as our leader, as once the great patriarch of your family was during the long years of his lifetime, it is only fitting that the oldest of the relics that have been passed down to us from our much storied past should go to you.
  29. It's former rural setting was slowly being gobbled up by rows of semi-detached middle income estates of two storied houses, pretending to blend into the countryside behind clumps of trees, that the developers in their wisdom had not obliterated, completely.
  30. Dimmesdale encountered the eldest female member of his church; a most pious and exemplary old dame; poor, widowed, lonely, and with a heart as full of reminiscences about her dead husband and children, and her dead friends of long ago, as a burial-ground is full of storied gravestones.
  31. As she continued to look up at the twenty-five storied skyscraper, and taking in the sign above it’s entrance, Kathy recalled some information she’d gleaned about Garland Crest Productions, from an article she’d read about the rock group and the productions company they’d founded.
  32. Or what is there apart from the traditions of dungeoned warriors and kings (which will not wholly account for it) that makes the White Tower of London tell so much more strongly on the imagination of an untravelled American, than those other storied structures, its neighbors—the Byward Tower, or even the Bloody? And those sublimer towers, the White Mountains of New Hampshire, whence, in peculiar moods, comes that gigantic ghostliness over the soul at the bare mention of that name, while the thought of Virginia's Blue Ridge is full of a soft, dewy, distant dreaminess? Or why, irrespective of all latitudes and longitudes, does the name of the White Sea exert such a spectralness over the fancy, while that of the Yellow Sea lulls us with mortal thoughts of long lacquered mild afternoons on the waves, followed by the gaudiest and yet sleepiest of sunsets? Or, to choose a wholly unsubstantial instance, purely addressed to the fancy, why, in reading the old fairy tales of Central Europe, does "the tall pale man" of the Hartz forests, whose changeless pallor unrustlingly glides through the green of the groves—why is this phantom more terrible than all the whooping imps of the Blocksburg?
  1. All five stories of it.
  2. Stories are all we have.
  3. He spun me stories, sir.
  4. Stories told by a stork.
  5. No two stories are the.
  6. It was all in my stories.
  7. I like stories like that.
  8. And you hear the stories.
  9. And so the stories went on.
  10. Then the stories got weird.
  11. I hope these stories are.
  12. It is the stories, she said.
  13. But, the stories rang true.
  14. Not all stories end happily.
  15. The stories I have hear-.
  16. Stories would just come out.
  17. The stories she could tell.
  18. For her stories, of course.
  19. Some stories are just not.
  20. Why you should tell stories.
  21. But those are their stories.
  22. It was twelve stories below.
  23. Negative slant - 58 stories.
  24. I enjoy telling you stories.
  25. That’s how the stories go.
  26. You can imagine the stories.
  27. No two stories are the same.
  28. Have some stories to share?
  29. He told me a million stories.
  30. The Writer and Other Stories.
  31. These are only cover stories.
  32. Stories about them had been.
  33. There are only cover stories.
  34. It contains only two stories.
  35. Here below the two stories:.
  36. The major stories of the day:.
  37. From the news stories he was.
  38. Alas, not all stories are true.
  40. Stories of fleshy armed women.
  41. The stories of Aaron’s Rod.
  42. Put it in the form of stories.
  43. And it ends as human stories.
  44. I will not make up stories.
  45. In al of these stories, most.
  46. He was looking at news stories.
  47. This includes the stories of.
  48. There are stories of soldiers.
  49. Remembering one of the stories.
  50. He knew all of the old stories.
  51. He had heard a lot of stories.
  52. Cry ‘Havoc series of stories.
  53. The spectre of ghostly stories.
  54. For more stories like this one.
  55. No stories about how nice the.
  56. He read my stories in the paper.
  57. The stories about you are crap.
  58. They began to exchange stories.
  59. And both stories would be true.
  60. I have heard the stories too.
  61. Are those stories true? Zem.
  62. Beasts Within series of stories.
  63. We have our own stories to tell.
  64. Let’s go back to these stories.
  65. Where did I get these stories?
  66. It was at least four stories up.
  67. They were only stories after all.
  68. A number of news stories followed.
  69. My mother told stories about her.
  70. Such stories were told about him.
  71. I wanted to write my own stories.
  72. The stories were always the same.
  73. A Song for Lya and Other Stories.
  74. Indeed, many stories would seem.
  75. Without you giving my stories a.
  76. Two stories tall, it was not as.
  77. With stories about you, milady.
  78. We had come down several stories.
  79. I’m so tired of long stories.
  80. I’ve heard stories about them.
  81. Two stories high, it was easily.
  82. This was how stories were earned.
  83. You’re full of weird stories.
  84. At other times, the stories are.
  85. Mikael: There are stories but….
  86. The stories of Jesus, Paul, and.
  87. Then get your stories straight.
  88. Dramatise the stories, songs, etc.
  89. They tell us the stories of long.
  90. All the stories I’ve read lead.
  91. The stories and legends were true.
  92. Many of these stories and teach-.
  93. The stories of the world,.
  94. Good stories will be told,.
  95. I’ve heard stories of teens,.

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