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    1. In recent years it has become clear that not only does interest and capacity for sex continue well beyond menopause, but that many women report an increased enjoyment of sex because worries about unwanted pregnancy are no longer a concern

    2. "I saw something scary in a news report," Ennin said

    3. Couple this loss of needed activity with the dietary habits of modern man, and constipation, along with numerous other problems, is the likely result! In fact, today, it is common for people to report to hospital emergency rooms with terrible back and sciatic pain, only to be told that they are constipated and given a laxative, which frequently alleviates the back or sciatic pain

    4. Kick Start Cart gives you seven different sales report options

    5. “Have you found that sales report yet, Clinker?” his boss boomed

    6. Maybe he shouldn’t have yelled quite so loud? Maybe he shouldn’t have said anything at all? Maybe he should have come in early to give his computer a head start in booting up? What was he supposed to be doing again? Looking for the sales report!

    7. Underling say he needed this report? Henry could picture it now

    8. Underling was probably at the front of the room stalling for time, waiting for Henry to swoop in and save him with the report

    9. Underling and slide him the report without anyone noticing

    10. Well? Well what? What was Henry doing here again? He looked down at his hand and saw the sales report clutched in a shaking, life threatening grip

    11. “The sales report!” he cried in relief as he held up the papers which were in danger of being crumpled up in his hand

    12. “Yes, here is the sales report,” Henry tried to say with an air of authority as he put the slightly crumpled papers in Mr

    13. “Oh no, this is last month’s sales report,” Henry stated with fear

    14. “It is last month’s and last year’s sales report!”

    15. Henry had just delivered a sales report to his boss that was over a year old

    16. ’ I said, shaken by the report on the radio

    17. ’ The reported said, finishing off the report

    18. They will be happy to provide a lab report you

    19. (adverb - in different directions) The report is about the weather

    20. "If he was to report to one this would be the place to do it

    21. The report Ava's radio had picked up from Sol said New Dallas had been destroyed within a half hour of releasing their first rock

    22. "Report a crime? A Crime? What crime? Mr

    23. ‘I’ll have to report your attitude to the agency, you know

    24. I shall certainly be giving them a report on this interview

    25. Stephen goes off to answer it while I watch the tail end of the report

    26. A CNN report plays on the TV:

    27. Cable news report: A NEWS ANCHOR sits in front of a photo of a wrecked plane with the caption: Arababian Moonshine?

    28. A minute or so later she received the data and forwarded it to Kandhi's You, with commands to begin the sweep and report on contact

    29. The Haadij began with a summary military report

    30. I sent off my report as requested but haven’t heard anything from Brenda other than the information that I shall be required at the meeting at a certain time along with directions of how to find the place

    31. ‘Your report was very comprehensive, Miss Osborne, and made very interesting reading

    32. "The Chief doesn’t need to find out about Wambach," Tig said "I don’t want to report him

    33. The low menace in his voice reminded me of my father on report night, and for the first time in my life I sensed the difference between love and hate

    34. "Give me a status report on the control systems," she said

    35. Then I should report it and watch the others kick the crap out of both of you

    36. They gave us a good asteroid traffic report for our course

    37. "I learned something new and frightening in Alan's latest report yesterday," Alfred told her before she could pick up her book

    38. At meetings and dinners with nothing from biology to report, that avatar might fool them for years

    39. And it is this pride got home—because that neighbor would call to report what of ancestry from which an oppressed or subjugated people he or she saw that child do

    40. "Months ago Al, two months since I took that last report before he ran away, a month since I've heard his voice

    41. It is with regret that we report the death of Karalintze Thwaite, Ambassador for the Republic of England to the Meh-Teh of Nepal

    42. ‘Ercolano has been reburied under a pyroclastic flow, it is still steaming according to the latest report but the volcano is still erupting, so the final toll isn’t known yet

    43. its report an orphan child leading the pack

    44. Yes, I want to report it

    45. SAM: I will read from my report

    46. After making sure that there were no surprises left in the air, Jake dispatched Rah to hunt down a scout that he knew would be there to observe and report back

    47. ‘Just the usual request for a progress report and asking when you want the kaht sent

    48. Eventually, armed with the address printed in the rent book, the police handed the kids over to a lady from social services and filed their report, a copy of which was sent to the local police station where Kirk and Ruby lived

    49. “So will you report Ava to the captain?” Alan asked, “or use it to extort me to stop seeing her?”

    50. Sir John Gladstone went to the rather tastefully decorated office where the two word-smiths were beavering away at their task, and as he perused page after page of the report he became more and more agitated

    1. Excessive alcohol consumption and side effects from medications can lead to falls, but ongoing problems with instability should be reported to a physician

    2. Although this is the first study to show that laughter has such an effect, Miller had previously reported that people with heart disease generally responded to everyday life events with less humor than people who were healthy

    3. And Harvard University researchers have reported that people with an optimistic outlook also have a reduced risk of heart disease

    4. It is reported to cause adverse gastrointestinal and central nervous system effects, and damage to red blood cells

    5. ’ The reported said, finishing off the report

    6. He found that there were now reported to be two electric ghosts haunting Narrulla's tear

    7. ’ I said wearily to Molly as we resume our cleaning of the kitchen cupboards once I have reported on Stephen’s call

    8. ‘No … the guy who reported it said that there was no-one about when he got there, though the Inspector is pretty sure it was Dan Sadler

    9. The discoveries reported by Brazil agreed with data the Christial's had reported for a time early during their stay

    10. He reported to the Haad via Diam, many, many levels up, so Diam legally had access to this space, but the chance of him finding it was about as great as his doing the nanocontrol of the ship's reactor manually

    11. He thought someone should notice he hadn't reported for duty by now

    12. All worked for The Learned Hiram Al-Mosquta, Seer of Technology, who reported to Diam Al'Hassad, commandant of Astrophysics

    13. Normally if anyone had this happen to them it would be reported and the Council would make everyone produce a backup and go over those backups looking for control of the scene Bahkmar had experienced

    14. Til Thom reported, she didn't need to interact with the other ship, she could devote herself to other investigations of this communication system

    15. She pursued ancient error messages who's original usage had long been forgotten and tried to understand the intent of the code they were reported in

    16. There are no survivors reported

    17. You said that Michael reported Lady Jennie might have found a hatching ground

    18. Rah reported to Jake that she was gone

    19. It was widely reported in the leafier lanes of suburban south London that after the local church’s recent summer fete Miss Jones had sampled the sherry and become extremely eloquent on the subject

    20. The great politician’s faithful private secretary paid close attention to everything the men said so that he could repeat it all verbatim when he reported back to his master, which he did directly

    21. When old Ted reported back to his employers they were quite stumped for an answer

    22. "As has been reported earlier, I have found good evidence for the presence of significant amounts of condensates in these bodies, and what I believe to be signals transmitted among the entangled particles

    23. “Captain,” began Tarak, “have any of the other Holds reported any more raids?”

    24. It was, of course, impossible that anyone had reported Alan missing, with the only two people who knew about the boy’s unnatural disappearance being complicit in the cover up

    25. “You! But… but they said… you were reported dead ages ago

    26. Their endeavors are reported briefly in the current

    27. widely reported in the leafier lanes of suburban south London that

    28. But when the man reported what happened, he was killed; much to his surprise I might add

    29. have reported these symptoms from the beginning,

    30. heart transplant recipients have reported new food and

    31. She reported that her neck pain was long gone

    32. verbatim when he reported back to his master, which he did

    33. It was reported that Naria did not take offence but instead complimented him on his moral fortitude

    34. The police have reported false abuse of their selves to give right to their power

    35. Police abuse is to be reported to the appropriate authorities: the PEOPLE

    36. Five minutes later two strapping warriors marched into the study and reported to Kai

    37. When old Ted reported back to his employers they were quite

    38. Altera returned to the Queen’s Hold and reported directly to Naria

    39. Although in the throes of death he reported to his people that the

    40. reported Alan missing, with the only two people who knew about

    41. In particular, one of the workers at Fourways drop-in centre has reported that a number of regulars, both male and female, haven't been seen for over a week

    42. devastation that had been reported in the newspapers afterwards

    43. that, when anything unusual was reported, the Guardians should enter

    44. The motorbikes had been reported stolen in the last six months, in

    45. At the time, it was reported that the breakdown

    46. He had been noticed for that, even though he had never been close friends with the committees he reported to

    47. ‘It’s been reported stolen, sir

    48. It had been a bloody stupid mistake on his part to think that Tracey wouldn’t have reported the credit card missing … especially after he’d abandoned her like that

    49. ‘All I have to go on is the fact that she reported the card as stolen so when it was presented at the bus ticket office, it flashed up a warning

    50. She knew Bethai had spoken with Athnu, he reported it when Kulai returned from the Kassikan last evening

    1. You’ll always know just how well you’re doing with this kind of reporting

    2. As senior citizens this is an area that can be tackled by reporting all cases of injustice, corruption (both giving and taking), flouting of rules and so on

    3. Of course the Government should have a framework for taking action on such reports without discouraging those reporting such cases

    4. "He could be off reporting to someone for all we know

    5. There were seven hundred fifty six soldiers aboard the Al-Harron, about evenly divided between intelligence and astrophysical engineers with all the specialties reporting thru one or the other

    6. To me they were just names, but Menachem had spent two years reporting on events in England prior to being taken hostage and he visited many of the cities and towns in this part of the country during that time

    7. Torbold had maintained a close watch on the cottage, reporting after dark when it was safe, and also taking advantage of the opportunity to use the bathroom facilities

    8. Her avatar had been programmed to think she had an Avatar on Biology Base reporting to the real Ava with the expedition

    9. No doubt he wouldn't be reporting in now

    10. fly on the wall, instant reporting,

    11. Unlike the almost universal acceptance of Miss Jones in the media, however, some of the reporting that related to the young man tended towards the dark side

    12. She told her mother that the women in this group were lying and reporting only female births; keeping the males hidden from the eyes of the Elders

    13. media, however, some of the reporting that related to the young

    14. Grinly insisted on reporting the

    15. Even so, he had to remember that there was some chance she was not on his side in this, after all, she was reporting to Delurna

    16. since the press in England could not avoid reporting the presence of

    17. reporting on all the nothing we have found

    18. He didn’t mind that, he’d just as soon wait till he found something he thought was interesting and not worry about reporting in all the time

    19. He thought briefly of the ship and something about reporting in

    20. He remembered reporting it and remembered that the crew didn’t actually believe it

    21. While he was reporting all this and Victoria was having these thoughts, Alfred joined the channel

    22. I'm looking at a very large envelope with lots of postage on it which obviously meant I sent my wonderful honey bunny a nice Christmas card for 1982 the card is in the air but the envelope is so I'm reporting what I find over and out

    23. She still spent an hour or two a day at mail, reporting results (strongly edited of course) and asking for small talk

    24. He should have many nursemaids, both wet and dry, reporting to him

    25. For example, he worked as an accountant in a large national company and on numerous occasions, due to the complexity and detail-oriented nature of his work, the numbers simply didn’t add up when the periodical reporting time came around

    26. He realized that Kurt wasn’t in his office area, but many times “Kurt would be in another part of the system for a day or so without reporting in to me”, is how he put it

    27. we are reporting that Alumni Day is this

    28. The police had to make a personal appearance after the reporting of the visitor who apparently knew her

    29. Yet, with nothing recorded, the risk of reporting may appear as evidence only of an unbalanced mental state

    30. Another illusion, of course, fed into him by the wealth of telemetry regarding its state, reporting any abrasion to the primary plating

    31. “All three are reporting engine problems

    32. “The habitat’s communication system was reporting massive interference

    33. “Pte Lamb reporting back after being on convalescent leave”, and I pulled my orders from my pocket and put them on the counter

    34. “I tried to run out but as I was leaving he said to me don’t even think about reporting this or telling anyone or I will tell the police you came here and charged me money for what we did

    35. over with the latest newspaper accounts reporting that General

    36. The reporter had been careful not to be caught up in the emotion, only reporting the facts and the reactions of others

    37. No shots could be fired without reporting to the duty commissioned officer whether someone was killed, wounded or not

    38. If you had more bullets, or had your own bullets you could get away with firing shots without reporting them

    39. There is a disturbing tendency in (the) news media of interpreting rather than properly reporting (the) news

    40. After all, everyone is entitled to his or her (own) opinion provided that what the viewing audience understands as reporting (the) news is correctly distinguished from ―spinning‖ or interpreting (the) news and that this distinction is properly conveyed to that audience

    41. Private interpretation(s) should be secondary to reporting (the) news

    42. There was a tendency, much to our disgust, where the Station policemen would attempt to get a head-start on us by reporting the serious complaint a few minutes later than what they should have done to give their own lads a fair chance to get there first and claim the criminal

    43. Suspicious ‖suicides‖, in particular, do not seem to make much of an impression on liberal journalists eager to protect one of their own by glossing over the legal and ethical failings of their favorite sons and daughters (which is putting it mildly) and reporting them on page 23 of the Washington Post or the New York Times; that would otherwise have discredited a Republican Administration and brought it down to its knees

    44. I can still see that Dog Unit car spinning off with the crew reporting to ROMEO that unfortunately their windscreen was shot out and they will kick it out before continuing with the chase which they did within seconds

    45. Those reporting the news, however, (generally) are!

    46. Though it may happen in very isolated instances I just cannot see the other handlers not reporting it or intervening directly

    47. transgressions oftentimes involved adolescent boys (girls, with few exceptions, are seldom mentioned) between the ages of nine and fourteen when most were likely to serve as altar boys? I wouldn‘t expect accurate reporting from the media and other members of the liberal community unlikely to risk a political fallout over the question of ―gay‖ (that sacred cow) priests although most people on the other hand would generally agree that Pedophilia is abominable and should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law

    48. Thus the newspaper report is told with much mirth and used as an example of long hair liberal reporting by sticking to half-truths only and not reporting the whole story

    49. O’Keefe, more used to concise reporting, not just editing, picked up the story

    50. I have in mind, rather, the reporting of news, which in that same environment requires consistent impartiality

    1. Of course the Government should have a framework for taking action on such reports without discouraging those reporting such cases

    2. “Don’t worry about that, I’ve got it,” Henry said as he went back to comparing the different reports in his hand

    3. It also produces a constantly updated compendium of current environmental reports providing an essential tool toward understanding the battle against -and alternatives to - polluting chemicals, which is available for free to ClubIG members on his website

    4. Surprised, he hesitates, hands her the reports

    5. ‘I left all my personal stuff … school reports and the like … in a trunk locked in the roof there

    6. The Al-Harron's construction began in 2354 when reports of Brazil's discovery in this system began to come in

    7. Bahkmar knew their enemy, he had learned Portugese, again, to know the enemy, and had read their reports

    8. What they knew about the planet was evil to be sure, but there was so much culture and history hinted at in the reports that it seemed a shame we don't gather some data first

    9. The reports agreed that the planet was old as well as big and heavily populated

    10. The Kassikan obviously has the wherewithal to observe that asteroid, there were many other observatories on the planet that had published reports on their data network

    11. A starship she could understand, they were common enough in fiction and some unsubstantiated reports said they actually existed back in the Energy Age

    12. "Admittedly it's not, but she is a mentor to him also, you've taken those reports yourself

    13. The occasional reports I see in the Readersein about the Himalaya and the Yeti specifically speak volumes for what you are achieving, Karal

    14. ‘The reports of the eruption are horrifying

    15. "I suspect you won't find any reports of a meteor strike," he said, "because this picture was taken the following Garibivlast using the weather scope

    16. over and the use of statistical reports that enable one to keep a track on who has been sending

    17. 1 few reports and picked up another

    18. The government keeps hiding those reports

    19. There were some reports he should go over instead of staring down between his feet at Sol and the trouble they were descending into

    20. His reports were lacking any important information at all

    21. His reports on her were very positive; he noted that the warriors held her in high regard

    22. He reports that Joan is defiantly proud of the fact that she sent the letters; he goes on to ask if I want to press charges

    23. of sanitised news reports, of ineffective debates and the inevitable

    24. Reports said thousands may be dead

    25. Gordon stared at the commander and found him to be a truly honest man, just as the reports had described him

    26. She was vaguely familiar, like one of his direct reports had used this personification as a cherub once or twice

    27. 'We are still getting reports

    28. He now asks for progress reports whenever he sees me and his wife has offered to come with me when I next visit the home

    29. “Sonia reports that Lady Rayne stopped an arrow meant for Lord Tarak, and then went after the shooter

    30. The airport was as she’d seen in reports

    31. There were seven souls at the meeting the captain called, Kelvin himself, Saint O’Conner, Glayet, Heymon, Elmore, Alfred, and her, all Kelvin’s direct reports by the military chain of command

    32. I expect they’ll be on to me fairly soon once Chris reports on our visit yesterday

    33. “Oh, it was described as an exploratory raid in the official reports,

    34. The police officer reports that a second unit is on the way

    35. No, that would be silly after they had got so far … those reports of Andy’s seemed to show that they were pretty close now … it would be a pity to waste all their effort

    36. Leona and Bex are the subject of two Incident Reports alleging illegal substance misuse and detailing the actions taken by the medical teams

    37. I saw from the daily reports that you and Dave dropped in on them yesterday

    38. More requests for reports on Ava’s body had come in from other committees, he could be a new-hire on a foot-mission to hand-deliver another

    39. dispatches” in the formal reports sent to the Boards of Control in both

    40. Belle not only encouraged this behavior but had them make reports, synopses and essays over the information, concepts and conclusions drawn from their readings

    41. He knew that, and wasn’t going to tell Kemberra that she was caught up in the trouble herself, or that he was helping her, or about the reports he’d had to fill out concerning this

    42. He is facing the main serving area at the entrance to the room and tries to lose himself in the football reports, but he’s never really followed any one team

    43. The words in the match reports merge together and he can’t remember the scores

    44. Billy should have kept on reading the football reports

    45. advisory role, collating reports from our agents and other visitors to

    46. wanted first-hand reports on the progress of the War, so that they

    47. “And I would later arrange for my reports to be communicated back

    48. “Father,” Bram piped up, “You know those reports that some

    49. offices on the top floor of the old house, poring over reports, and

    50. He narrowed his eyes seeing again the reports he’d read through earlier – from what he recalled, this one wasn’t terribly bright

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