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Frasi con stridently (in inglese)

  1. Stridently, Mitchell interrupted, clenching his fists.
  2. Longleaf! It was a woman’s voice, spoken stridently.
  3. He was already changing the rules he so stridently adhered to in the past by speaking to her.
  4. I was stridently stunned as the local weathercaster announced the temps on the 6 PM broadcast.
  5. Then suddenly, unexpectedly, the outer door, all but invisible in the shadows, clanged stridently.

  6. Muslim-majority nations that stridently embraces Shariah and seeks to legitimate and promote its advance around the world.
  7. He could hear the sounds of feet shuffling stridently like hoofs in the hallway as the others excitedly came into the bedroom.
  8. The raven above him cawed stridently, and he cast an involuntary glare upward, grinding his teeth in a spasm of nervous irritation.
  9. And then the professor’s voice had cut through their whispered conversation, stridently calling her name as he asked a question about the Glorious Revolution.

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