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    1. ’ Kara said, grateful for this more sturdy ground

    2. Luray actually looked pretty sturdy out there, compared to what Desa expected

    3. ' On a sturdy wooden table stood a Singer sewing machine, 'And this, of my wife

    4. She was a solid, sturdy lady wearing the local no-messing headscarf, boots of leather and layers of heavy clothing

    5. As she rode out of the coastal village on the back of the sturdy little animal, she thought of Gordon’s Lamp

    6. ‘Big woman she was, strong and sturdy … would have made a good farmer’s wife in a previous century

    7. A large square in front of them was ringed with the sturdy railing she had seen workmen putting up the day before

    8. He managed to swim towards the shore and grab hold of a sturdy branch

    9. It was old and sturdy and even had a gated quay

    10. “It stands up like this,” and Hipolyta and Titania raised it on one end where it stood balanced and sturdy

    11. The picnic table looked as though it been there forever, but it was still sturdy

    12. Oh bless! There’s some sturdy green points sticking up through the soil … you’d forgotten all about those bulbs

    13. She’d noticed but attributed it to sturdy construction

    14. calculating faster than Pick could flip the slick sturdy cards

    15. Under a sturdy arch there were two big vats in here with little firebrick hearths under them and chimney shrouds around them

    16. Her body was attractive and sturdy, her skin a nice dusky-tawny color in the lantern light

    17. An old slave opened the sturdy iron gates that stood between thick walls

    18. It's a pretty nice place, not too big but lots of light, good and sturdy

    19. What’s more, our ships had sturdy masts and sails

    20. Shadr would still be out of horses to sell, but the Guild had a very loyal breeder for a contact, one who never seemed to lack reliable and sturdy steeds

    21. I am optimistic that, unless she can acquire another sturdy hog to carry her to my door, I will have seen the last of her

    22. It was a sturdy little house that boasted a front porch, a wood floor, and windows

    23. From the cabins we took a nice windowed bookcase, a beautifully crafted wood dresser, a large sturdy trunk, a world globe, game boards, books, clothes, shoes, pistols and sabers, towels, blankets, pillows, soaps, lanterns, lantern oil, matches, a clock, pocket watches, writing paper, pens, ink, and wine skins

    24. By the time its four sturdy landing feet thudded onto the rocks, Jenny had to cover her mouth and shield her eyes from the swirling dust

    25. Its sturdy hydraulic feet slid a little as the vessel settled on the loose rocks

    26. Its noisy turbines churned up clouds of grey dust, as the shuttle gently lowered the mysterious stone block onto a sturdy metal stage they had built for the purpose

    27. He"d grown into a sturdy ten year old

    28. Some houses weren’t sturdy

    29. Kay wavered, and Reese’s sturdy arm was behind her, supporting her

    30. “It is all I want,” she added, staring along its sturdy lines, looking up to the top floor where her sister slumbered peacefully

    31. She moved along the wall, striking as she went, and in most places the wall was sturdy, the noise dying out almost instantly

    32. Also the windows were protected with reasonable sturdy grid wire

    33. Kay pushed herself to her feet, wincing against the pain, but sturdy for the first time in a day

    34. Then a blur of black horses pulling a sturdy wagon blazed past them, heading on a direct collision course with the keep’s main stairs

    35. A blond man moved into view – graceful, sturdy, his face handsome and weathered

    36. A hand came through the opening, strong, sturdy

    37. When they were set, Kay took in a deep breath, then approached the sturdy wooden door

    38. The cavern floor was a sturdy, rough surface of layers of rock and loose debris

    39. “Are you all right? Is your ledge sturdy?” His voice was tight with concern

    40. A sturdy grip, as steady as the strongest oak tree, caught hold of her arm, holding her in place suspended above the pit, and Reese was there hanging on the edge of the pit by one arm, the other arm drawing her up again

    41. The keep’s main doors, freshly hung and sturdy, stood open and glowed on either side of her

    42. A woman who reached her marriageable years was a sturdy woman indeed

    43. He was a short but sturdy man, thick red mustache and a slightly bald scalp that gave off a friendly, jovial image

    44. Small, minute, tall, sturdy, large, thin, swift and delicate were all represented

    45. He traded five packs of cigarettes for a battered but sturdy leather suitcase at the shoemaker’s shop where he had purchased his Leica camera

    46. "The box is sturdy, but it's full of sea water

    47. Perched high within the trees, above the path, was a hanging branch sturdy and thick

    48. The flow was too wide to reach the branch from either side without wading, but it looked sufficiently sturdy that they wouldn’t be swept away

    49. In a few moments, he was outside the airlock, a pair of safety lines snapped onto sturdy, recessed stanchions outside the door

    50. Argyl wore his heavy black robe and sturdy boots

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    sturdy tough inflexible uncompromising hardy stalwart stout determined firm persevering indomitable unyielding unconquerable rugged brawny powerful strong strapping muscular