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Sturdy в предложении (на )

1. It seemed sturdy to me.
2. It was aluminum, but sturdy.
3. The camp was neat and sturdy.
4. The house itself looked sturdy.
5. He was such a sturdy, capable man.
6. It comes with a sturdy handle that.
7. The leg felt sturdy, the body strong.

8. Hed grown into a sturdy ten year old.
9. But there were sturdy rungs on the side.
10. It is a good plane, sturdy and reliable.
11. Arming himself with a small but sturdy.
12. There I dressed in sturdy seafaring clothes.
13. James took it in his and gave a sturdy shake.
14. These are good options for building sturdy.
15. Heedless of all his pranks, the sturdy churl.
16. The box is sturdy, but it's full of sea water.
17. There were high sturdy mountains all around me.
18. The canopy was sturdy enough to break the fall.
19. A hand came through the opening, strong, sturdy.
20. Not so well, Sturdy Rex, replied Taliesin.
21. He wasn’t done evaluating his own sturdy form.
22. It was old and sturdy and even had a gated quay.
23. Argyl wore his heavy black robe and sturdy boots.
24. He was surprisingly sturdy and stubborn, but the.
25. It's sturdy littlenaval vessel with a single mast.
26. The Baron provided quick and sturdy mounts for all.
27. Stand in front of a sturdy chair or a bench, place.
28. The ponies had sturdy bodies and short legs; they.
29. They led her to a small room where the sturdy rock.
30. What’s more, our ships had sturdy masts and sails.
31. I purchased a horse, a sturdy brown cob named Almond.
32. The sturdy man brushed his brown duster back with a.
33. Thankfully, the painting was made of sturdy material.
34. The Maltese is a small, sturdy, white silky haired dog.
35. At graduation, he was given a sturdy Kevlar breastplate.
36. She’d noticed but attributed it to sturdy construction.
37. The sturdy walls were constructed from dirt-filled old.
38. I feared as much, Sturdy Bors, replied the Key Mage.
39. Abraham pointed up at a sturdy low branch of the gum tree.
40. As I entered, a sturdy odor of phenyl wedged me in snout.
41. The Norwegian elkhound is a gray coloured, sturdy, medium-.
42. There were lots of huge sturdy rocks by the water’s edge.
43. I heard my wife's car, a sturdy Volvo, roll up the driveway.
44. The dwellings, from what he could make out, were very sturdy.
45. This is a small, sturdy, compact dog covered in flowing long.
46. Over 30 feet high, the towering gate looked strong and sturdy.
47. His sturdy chest was dressed in a white shirt and yellow tie.
48. With a prayer for her comrades Tress secured the sturdy lock.
49. Merry now had enough sturdy hobbitry to deal with the ruffians.
50. Wise advice, you speak, Sturdy Kin, murmured The Watcher.
51. The Bilbaínos are sturdy and brave, love liberty, and easily.
52. If not in a sturdy structure, evacuate to a hurricane shelter.
53. Astray caught up to the jesterfish and gave him a sturdy whack.
54. The type is an excellent example of the influential and sturdy.
55. Tabby grew into a fine, strong tree, with big, sturdy branches.
56. The colors were warm and rich, the furniture simple and sturdy.
57. The Lykanthros had an innate apprehension of the sturdy beings.
58. Doors in the Palace of the Fireflies were well built and sturdy.
59. After all, he was very sturdy and seemed to have seen horrible.
60. Halirit kicked the other foot and it was as sturdy as the other.
61. His reluctance to talk was seen as sturdy old-fashioned modesty.
62. The pallbearers were sturdy young men about the same age as Hiram.
63. Also the windows were protected with reasonable sturdy grid wire.
64. A sturdy black pony was trotting along the path between the houses.
65. Macleary was given a leather belt with a sturdy dirk attached, and.
66. This is Adrian, she said, motioning to the guy whose sturdy.
67. The last person they passed was a sturdy old gaffer clipping a hedge.
68. The steel bar fence was of a similar sturdy and secure construction.
69. The partition looked sturdy, but this wasn’t a good time to argue.
70. Kay wavered, and Reese’s sturdy arm was behind her, supporting her.
71. A woman who reached her marriageable years was a sturdy woman indeed.
72. The sturdy mansion was constructed of wood and field stone to blend.
73. Her words were as sturdy and unmovable as the walls of the apartment.
74. In their shed they found the ponies; sturdy little beasts of the kind.
75. He managed to swim towards the shore and grab hold of a sturdy branch.
76. The sturdy troll held his hatchet in his hands and bashed it squarely.
77. It may be noted in passing that he was a young man of sturdy character.
78. Each bridge was approximately 300 meters long and appeared very sturdy.
79. An old slave opened the sturdy iron gates that stood between thick walls.
80. Namuchi’s unit also bore aloft a steel crate, mounted on sturdy poles.
81. Once he’d bound my leg between two sturdy sticks, the pain diminished.
82. Nearby and anchored to a sturdy metal post was a large refuse container.
83. His sturdy spirit to bend as it did! Oh! it was sweet beyond expression.
84. She had thought it was a simple, sturdy growth that could stand anything.
85. It's a pretty nice place, not too big but lots of light, good and sturdy.
86. Then with a sob he sank down, a long shaft quivering in his sturdy heart.
87. The wolf-beasts had an innate apprehension of the sturdy spider-creatures.
88. A wise decision you have made, Sturdy Terranoid, answered Restadicus.
89. Luray actually looked pretty sturdy out there, compared to what Desa expected.
90. He was a gray and bald old man of seventy, of middle height and sturdy build.
91. He was an outdoors type, not a lab rat, and sturdy rather than pencil-necked.
92. He pulled a sturdy old workbench over—Gary had said the bench would be there.
93. We'd climbed a sturdy tree, we claimed, and the natives eventually drove it off.
94. The saluki is a very fine-boned sighthound, the sloughi more sturdy, but it is.
95. Are you all right? Is your ledge sturdy? His voice was tight with concern.
96. The cavern floor was a sturdy, rough surface of layers of rock and loose debris.
97. Large metal pots of baked beans sat on the sturdy wooden kitchen serving tables.
98. The other, a short sturdy soldier with a shawl tied round his head, was stronger.
99. A blond man moved into view – graceful, sturdy, his face handsome and weathered.
100. Its sturdy hydraulic feet slid a little as the vessel settled on the loose rocks.

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