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Frasi con substantiating (in inglese)

  1. Substantiating his claim, the debt was confirmed by club records to have existed and been canceled shortly after the paging.
  2. This means that singularity forms the Universe by moving material in terms of singularity substantiating that is because it can move.
  3. The Bible does not provide any substantiating evidence, which would support the theory that God performed any creative work prior to the 6-day creation as described in Genesis 1.

  1. If they weren’t substantiated….
  2. Further substantiated by both Robert Levy and.
  3. If they are substantiated, everything will work out.
  4. The only other person who could have substantiated.
  5. Can this be substantiated? The answer of course comes.
  6. This further substantiated his conclusion that Dan had.
  7. Substantiated by illustration, this knowledge is the sovereign of all.
  8. There is a report that one girl has died but this is not substantiated.
  9. Physics holds the opinion that God cannot be proven or be substantiated.
  10. This conclusion has been substantiated by several comprehensive studies.
  11. The doctor substantiated my advice and put him on Zoloft for depression and.
  12. Rumor holds Adam was not always Fae, although that has not been substantiated.
  13. This substantiated the suspicions about Atzerodt that Booth had already feared.
  14. Miller/Modigliani, which further substantiated their research: in a world without taxes, or.
  15. All of Butler's claims were substantiated with extensive bank records, letters, and witnesses.
  16. When anyone is repeating the information that is passed on as being unblemished factual substantiated.
  17. Elenir continued, If that can be substantiated, here is the most probable initial destination for them.
  18. Many people would argue that the information contained in the Bible cannot be substantiated scientifically.
  19. Crisis produces real change with actions that depend on ideas; simple assertions rarely substantiated by research.
  20. The record-keeping substantiated that the funds had been duly delivered to Equity but had then disappeared in-house.
  21. With the recent demise of Eddie Corton, subsequent to the interview the recorded confession can now never be substantiated.
  22. The requestor would paint the suspect as a traitor verbally to give the hit man personal motive that may not be substantiated.
  23. Some were perusing the article, others making comments and recalling circumstances which substantiated the charges still more.
  24. Your Honor, the information printed by the paper was substantiated by several witnesses, specifically by the wife of Terry Sanders.
  25. She looked behind an easy chair and she pulled out a rolled up picture of a girl in a bathing suit, as if that substantiated her point.
  26. K’VRUCK: Allegedly the most ancient of the Unseelie caste of Royal Hunters—although it is not substantiated that he is truly Unseelie.
  27. We have explored the power of the mind in relation to believing in particular ‘beliefs’ that are not substantiated by evidence-based proof.
  28. Although it wasn't substantiated for the entire night, so far, they had been unable to discover any long period when he wasn't vouched for by someone.
  29. I further request that this be investigated further with the creditor, and that unless substantiated, these entry be deleted and removed from my report.
  30. This theory was substantiated by such giants as Xerox, IBM and General Motors where the purchase of stock escalated into a return of 100-fold and more.
  31. Its chemotherapeutic value has not been fully substantiated and the mode of action of its bioactive compounds against diseases has no yet been established.
  32. They had nothing to do but prefer their complaints before the proper authority, and, if they were there substantiated, they would obtain redress of their wrongs.
  33. While Maltz’s theory wasn’t really substantiated in scientific research, it did spark a lot of interest in the subject of habit formation and behavioural change.
  34. We listen to people’s ideas and views about subjects - you have also considered my personal views in this book - but in the end you need to know whether the information that is presented by someone else can be fully substantiated and/or trusted completely.
  35. Thereby, He substantiated his mission in order that people may glorify their messenger and follow him, and then their spirit accompany that pure and virtuous spirit and rise with it to their Creator where they witness the Godly Perfection and see the realities by that Godly Light.
  36. Faith --- Will be used in context of confidence/trust in a person, in their ability; as belief not based solely on proof --- more likely a hypothesis that is substantiated by fact; and or doctrines or teachings of a system of religion, such the Christian faith --- the Jewish faith.
  37. In Merger and Acquisition negotiations, due diligence work is necessary before a deal is completed to ensure that claims made by either party are substantiated; during the deal-making the parties agree which issues will be examined and where the red lines are, beyond which the deal is off.
  38. I should like to conclude the chapter with the above appeal, but cannot, owing to my anxiety to repel a charge often made against whalemen, and which, in the estimation of some already biased minds, might be considered as indirectly substantiated by what has been said of the Frenchman's two whales.
  39. And hence not only at substantiated times, upon well known separate feeding-grounds, could Ahab hope to encounter his prey; but in crossing the widest expanses of water between those grounds he could, by his art, so place and time himself on his way, as even then not to be wholly without prospect of a meeting.
  40. Maslova declared that she did go to the Hotel Mauritania, as stated, for the purpose of fetching some money for the merchant, and that opening the trunk with the key given to her by the merchant, she took only forty rubles, as she was directed, but took no more, which fact can be substantiated by Bochkova and Kartinkin, in whose presence she took the money and locked the trunk.
  41. When I did that, where would I locate my locus of control when I drove without the pass?� Did I control my driving out of my choice to drive carefully because it was the right thing to do, or did I drive that way only because I feared the punishment of receiving a ticket and all the grief that went along with a ticket?� My control of my driving, the location of that control, would have been in the hands of the law and the conformist dominator model that validated and substantiated the law.
  1. George, I’m sure the inspector has more evidence that substantiates his claims.
  2. But his correspondences with the Finance Secretary substantiates that he was defend-.
  3. I’ll also be contacting the evening papers to tell them that I have material which substantiates the image of you that emerged in connection with your assault on Renata Kapusinski.
  4. The American Psychological Association also substantiates this by saying that 1/3 of Americans are living with extreme stress and that 48% believe stress has risen over the last five years.

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1. And you claim to have assay reports that substantiate your.
2. I couldn’t find any collateral declared to substantiate this loan.
3. Further research is underway to substantiate these findings (20 mg at.
4. It didn’t substantiate anything, but it kept me flipping through more pages.
5. We can only report what we can substantiate, but there's tons more that we can't.
6. Unfortunately for Gould though his argument had little or nothing to substantiate it.
7. These observations further substantiate the notion that hitting the mark is ordinarily.
8. So I made a few inquiries about those allegations but found nothing to substantiate them.
9. What we see is not merely the truth and it requires reasoning to see the truth and substantiate.
10. In doing this he brings the work of art to nature, so as to substantiate or correct his impressions.
11. My name is Lieutenant Wickland, he replied as he slowly removed his badge to substantiate his claim.
12. He is expected only to substantiate his mental illusion, though contradictions galore arise in the process.
13. The drug screen would have provided solid evidence to substantiate his story, but as we discussed, it can’t be used.
14. This paragraph obviously means that he had abstained from such an insinuation because he was unable to substantiate the fact.
15. Sometimes vacations are supposed to be like that, Faye stated though the tone of her voice did not substantiate her claim.
16. The documents lately furnished by the Secretary of State, if carefully examined, will serve very much to substantiate this fact.
17. The twins' father had disappeared, and there were rumors he had murdered his mother, but no one was able to substantiate the reports.
18. And to further substantiate what I have pointed out here Eron and another professor returned to this same county in 1982 some years later.
19. Here is an extract7 from the Maine Family Court document, which was to substantiate what I was finding out about the children‘s disposition.
20. For the sales negotiator expect the buyer to ask the detail behind your offer and be prepared to substantiate it with logic, reason and credibility.
21. His lack of tensile strength made it difficult to attack or substantiate relevant areas of concentration, including intoxication from frivolous cases.
22. All the while, the captain took pictures with a camera through his periscope, to substantiate his victory claims and document the end of the Japanese ships.
23. The window? Feltus inquired curiously, his voice laced with disappointment yet his eyes filled with ardent interest in the possibility that could further substantiate his ledge theory.
24. It is not every American writer who can afford to place his verse on the stand as his witness; and it is not every American writer whose verse will substantiate what he is so desirous of proving, viz.
25. It is also worth mentioning that analysts and traders have considered the volume and changes in volume to be extremely important around these areas, but I have been unable to substantiate those claims in my own work.
26. And while the testimony of jailhouse snitches was generally considered suspect or useless, Yuki was hoping that the virtually identical statements of these three women would together substantiate Junie Moon’s confession.
27. He says: I have carefully avoided drawing conclusions which did not necessarily follow from the premises advanced by me, and least of all should I think of uttering an insinuation where I was unable to substantiate a fact.
28. He could substantiate what he said, showing that different parts of the Bible were written by different authors, and that some of the texts of these same authors hadn’t bee n put in the Bible because they were pure fantasy.
29. We possess a great deal of knowledge, mental power, and capacities, which have never been drawn forth from the realm of the subconscious into objective usefulness; anyone who has watched the effect of Meditation upon the beginner will substantiate this statement.
30. You will find that, in my correspondence with you, I have carefully avoided drawing conclusions that did not necessarily follow from the premises advanced by me, and least of all should I think of uttering an insinuation, where I was unable to substantiate a fact.
31. His passionate account of his experiences in the field hospitals would further substantiate his stories, though he undoubtedly found time to devote to true missionary work, and conceal his activities behind charitable pretenses that would not be questioned by the most astute individuals.
32. Captain Davis, who lay with his head on a gun, was thrown out of his cabin! Lionel then goes on to impute the shock to an earthquake, and seems to substantiate the imputation by stating that a great earthquake, somewhere about that time, did actually do great mischief along the Spanish land.
33. If that was the case, he would need to seriously weigh everything she said before making any rash or unwise decisions that he could not substantiate in court with irrefutable, unprejudiced facts; otherwise, any such controversial case would be immediately dismissed on circumstantial evidence and would leave a scar on his reputation.
34. And as to taking advantage of the ignorance and simplicity of working men and trying to mislead them with nonsensical claptrap, it would have been more to the point if Mr Grinder had taken some particular Socialist doctrine and had proved it to be untrue or misleading, instead of adopting the cowardly method of making vague general charges that he cannot substantiate.
35. Jackson concludes in the words which are said to contain this offensive repetition of the imaginary insult: You will find in my correspondence with you, that I have carefully avoided drawing conclusions that did not necessarily follow from the premises advanced by me, and least of all should I think of uttering an insinuation where I was unable to substantiate a fact.
36. Erskine, knowing that he had no authority to make it, and after the peremptory asseveration "that Government had no such knowledge, that with such knowledge no such arrangement would have been made," and "that no such insinuation could be admitted," he replied, "that he made no insinuation, without being able to substantiate a fact, and in that I must continue;" thereby persevering in the charge of falsehood in the Administration for which he was dismissed.
37. Is not this mass of evidence sufficient to substantiate the facts upon the existence or non-existence of which the constitutionality of this measure depends? I put the question to the candor and good sense of gentlemen, whether they are not satisfied, in the language of the constitution, that a National Bank is necessary and proper to effectuate the legitimate powers of the National Government? If they answer in the negative, I can only say, he who will neither regard the suggestions of experience, nor believe the report of the great political disciples who have gone before us, would not believe though one were to rise from the dead.
38. Oh and please don’t forget, every single on of the 30,000 denominations are correct and the other 29,999 are most probably going to hell because they have a different conviction, even if it is a small difference, but each of these reads and studies the same bible! How is this possible? How could all this come from ONE SPIRIT of ONE GOD? The only possible answer I can derive is that the bible is reduced to a mere piece of clay or putty which I can shape how, when and where I want, to suit myself, to create a god that serves me and nobody dares judge me! The problem of course when one does this is that you are busy with your own religion, which you cannot support, nor substantiate from scriptures.