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Frasi con validating (in inglese)

  1. Her words were comforting and validating.
  2. This could mean that you are validating al the (false).
  3. I also eventually understood that She was strongly validating many.
  4. Hardin could congratulate himself on validating his bastard Presidency.
  5. This is fine as the volume is validating the price and is in agreement.

  6. Cases validating reincarnation do not just involve adults but children as well.
  7. Manual Approval: Refers to the process of validating an affiliate application and.
  8. Here we have a market which is moving firmly lower, with the volume validating the candles and the overall price action.
  9. For the Bitcoin network to remain healthy, all the participating nodes need to cooperate in validating new transactions and blocks.
  10. The Accounts people would doubtless have been very careful about validating and sending out the cheques that were printed then, but that's their procedure.
  11. We know this because there are no wicks on the candles, as the price moves steadily higher, with the volume rising to support the price action and validating the price.
  12. A piece of research published in the Journal Of Consumer Research, suggests that consumers adopt an averaging approach when validating the value of a product or service.
  13. The pain was a type of connection to his daughter, validating that her life was a great loss, that she was so very important, and that she was special and loved beyond measure.
  14. The sculptures were of gigantic proportion and I feared they had been modeled off like sized individuals in the distant past thus validating the theory that Atlantis had been a kingdom of giants.
  15. When reading the surface text in the original language, one can find information hidden within the text, which provides further validating proof that the Bible was designed outside of our dimensionality.

  16. Essentially, it is exactly the same functionality as the Validating User Input recipe, except that now the CodeIgniter function, set_value(), populates the form element value with the data submitted previously by the user.
  17. Whenever we have an economic release, a statement, a rate decision, or any other item of fundamental news, then the associated volume reaction will instantly tell us whether the market is validating the news or ignoring it.
  18. But at this stage matter was in the relevancy of 50 + 50 in the law of Pythagoras and by validating the triangle that forms in relation to the half circle on the one side of the sun the space in use resembles a factor value of 10.
  19. On this chart, we are looking at an eighteen month period approximately, and we can see that the pair has topped out and rolled over into a nice price waterfall, all confirmed with nicely rising selling volumes, validating the move lower.
  20. For validating time series, an obvious extension of the methods described in the preceding section is to hold back the most recent data points, fit the model to the balance of the data, and then attempt to predict the values held in reserve.
  21. Moreover, if these signals were to appear after a period of sideways price action, then this gives the signals even more strength, as we are then validating our VPA analysis with another technique of price analysis, which is support and resistance.
  22. These are perhaps contemporary miracles validating the reality of the event of the crucifixion and resurrection occurring over 2000 years ago, reminding humans of the humility and compassion of Christ, and the potential reality of human immortality.
  23. If public function delete_user() is being called as the result of a form submission, CodeIgniter will begin checking and validating the user input; in this case, submitted input consists only of the users ID, which is written as a hidden form element in the view.
  24. When a school or university periodically makes the entry of the points of a student’s graduation, automatically it is validating its process to recompose its working capital because it is the responsible for the new students’ graduation, as well as it is responsible for the truthfulness of the occurred fact (graduate students).
  25. Validating my claim that Motorola’s management at both SPD and CHQ in Schaumburg valued my services highly and only laid me off out of pity for Werner’s bedridden wife and five kids after I was notified in March 1971 that I would be laid off on June 30th, I was given a VP’s office at 52nd and McDowell while the other four lawyers moved over the hill to the Government Electronics Division in Scottsdale on Hayden Road.

  26. Using M and V to denote the values, we select for use in estimating and validating respectively,.
  1. What I have validated and.
  2. This makes more validated contacts.
  3. Identify the item to be validated.
  4. It must be independently validated.
  5. Findings of validated statement: ???
  6. That support, as I said, validated my.
  7. This vital detail clarified and validated why.
  8. That series validated their own meaningless lives.
  9. Validated Response is looking for qualified candidates to.
  10. Irish and it is a narrative that is highly validated by a.
  11. Findings of validated statement: Statements always 100% true.
  12. However, subsequent studies have not validated these results.
  13. Nevertheless, utility could be demonstrated and validated as.
  14. A fact they had validated often, all over the house, at every.
  15. It is also redundantly validated in ancient Egypt and elsewhere.
  16. I have verifiably uncovered and redundantly validated the pivotal keys.
  17. Clinical trial in humans have not yet validated this traditional practice.
  18. The software is validated for functional and non- functional requirements.
  19. Again, it must be independently validated and have a cause and effect basis.
  20. Your internal vibration is what is being validated from people and.
  21. Because he has validated their own meaningless existence and their ignorance.
  22. As Robinson read the reply his opinion of Robert Puller was once more validated.
  23. The news has been validated and confirmed by the price action and associated volume.
  24. Therefore, the interesting ones are NOT those validated by volume, but the anomalies.
  25. What I have recovered and comprehensively validated also proves that ancient humanity.
  26. I do not foresee any issue with it being validated, or any political issues from any of you.
  27. Righteousness of the Dead Sea Scrolls has been redundantly validated from multiple historical.
  28. There is some speculation that having W3C Validated code may help slightly with organic search.
  29. Water for Injection, but other technologies or combinations of technologies can be validated as.
  30. The truth of Jesus claims was validated by His Resurrection seen by countless credible witnesses.
  31. While the above validation scheme is not the only way a system can be validated, it contains the.
  32. Requirements Validation: The Requirements captured are validated based on various available methods.
  33. A signal that the price action was being validated by volume, which at this point is above average.
  34. All we wait for is confirmation of the breakout, validated with volume, and then trade accordingly.
  35. The aforementioned purposes of early death have been validated time and again via readings by mediums.
  36. Black box Testing: Testing is based on functionality and the design and code is not validated in this.
  37. As you’ll notice, my Lord, all of the other names on the list have been validated and confirmed.
  38. If you got your exit poll number right, then it was as if your entire election coverage was validated.
  39. Though not visible to the naked eye, this could be validated by the occurrence of certain unusual events.
  40. By incessant repetition the worst that can be envisioned will come to be seen as scientifically validated.
  41. Question: Did we in any way, shape or form read that cremation is being taught, validated or approved? NO!.
  42. The rough breakdown of my emotional response to this information was: 80% validated, 17% humbled, 3% resentful.
  43. If this is the case, then we know the markets have validated the news and the insiders and big money are joining in.
  44. However, Ingo Swan’s claims were validated when the NASA’s Voyager 1 probe confirmed this several years later i.
  45. The armor was endorsed with her mark, which validated his claim on her, proving that she assented to the arrangement.
  46. A long legged doji candle, should always be validated by a minimum of average volume, and preferably high or ultra high.
  47. The first is a long position, validated by VPA or wait for a break and hold below the support region, for a short trade.
  48. It has validated discrimination against white males contrary to the equal protection clause of the Fourteenth Amendment.
  49. He, relieved to have righted what he saw as a wrong; me, uplifted by the proof that my feelings and hopes were validated.
  50. What I have taught for 38 years and what all of my students knew was true through experience was now validated by science.
  51. Both of these have important consequences and send us key signals, all validated with volume, which we will look at shortly.
  52. Once again, not only has volume validated each individual candle, it has also validated the group of four candles as a whole.
  53. If the volume surge has validated the price move, then we can be sure that the insiders are joining in the move higher or lower.
  54. A day before writing this, I went through all of my links pages and validated that all of my link partners were still linking back.
  55. He validated the sending planet’s code and relayed the message, as per the Federation Charter’s agreement with the said planet.
  56. Jeeter looked smugly to Durstan and nodded, as if he had just been validated, and Durstan pressed a finger against the bark of the tree.
  57. Has the prophecy been validated or rewritten? The three armies were present today, but they chose to take the same side to defeat evil.
  58. Second, if we do NOT have a current position, then this gives us an excellent entry signal, once the move away has been validated with volume.
  59. The few who knew what was going on grieved for the stranger, while those who did not know validated Christ's identity through their anguish.
  60. If the price action has moved on the news, but has NOT been validated by supportive volumes, then it is an anomaly and other forces are at work.
  61. It validated once more English writer Leigh Hunt’s 19th century observation that traveling in the company of those we love is home in motion.
  62. The fact that those differences were acknowledged within the body of the Writ and all of the Church’s other histories only validated their integrity.
  63. Finally, there is one further aspect to the breakout, which again I mentioned in an earlier chapter and it is this – the volume has validated the news.
  64. Dreams declare feelings will be respected While praying for a miracle of being accepted With hope that abandoned feelings will be validated and protected.
  65. Pattern… A presupposition is an assumption of something that hasn’t yet been validated as true, and is apparent in our typical language patterns every day.
  66. First, as we have already seen, a breakout from a consolidation phase can be validated with volume, and if confirmed, provides excellent trading opportunities.
  67. The hanging man is validated if it is followed by the appearance of a shooting star in the next few candles, particularly if associated with above average or high volume.
  68. More importantly, when the breakout from this region occurred, it moved higher on a gap up, which is always a strong signal, and then validated by our Volume Price Analysis.
  69. The benefit of using callbacks is that posted data can be easily validated by a custom function you define, and errors, if any, are passed into the error reporting functions.
  70. In retrospect, however, I was trying to re-create my insides by re-creating my outside—getting my life validated on the surface while minimizing the confusion of my inner life.
  71. Given that lack of inconsistencies, validated again and again throughout that enormous body of recorded history, the very concept of atheism had never even existed on Safehold.
  72. We can trade breakouts by defining congestion zones using pivots, then charting the price action using VPA, and finally when the breakout is validated by volume, enter any positions.
  73. SPV wallets, also called thin or lightweight wallets, cannot check whether transactions are valid; rather, they can check whether full nodes, specifically miners, have validated them.
  74. Codes used in the Releasing Fear video began as a series of messages from Spirit in 2003 that have been validated over and over through incredible synchronicities and new scientific.
  75. For this candle to be validated and confirmed we need to see further signs of weakness at this level, or close to this level, which would then increase the significance of the candle.
  76. The next two candles give no clues, narrow spreads with low volume, then the market sells off sharply, as expected, and validated with ultra high volume, as it lurches lower once again.
  77. When I work with such a trader what I almost always find is some type of unmet developmental need, perhaps a feeling of needing acknowledgment or wanting their sense of self-worth validated, etc.
  78. In subsequent opinions over a slow century or so the Court justified slavery, and validated racial discrimination through separate treatment of the black and white races even after slavery had ended.
  79. Men's becoming as women and women's becoming as men have become popular today; and resultantly, adultery has completely spread in all communities while some governments have officially validated the perversion.
  80. If your human needs were never met, then you will constantly try to fill that unfilled emptiness with the only things you have been trained to do: by working as a tool, and being valued, validated, and rewarded for it.
  81. First, if we have a current position in the market, and we see a breakout validated in our direction, then this is a VERY clear signal of a continuation of the move, and therefore gives us confidence to hold the position.
  82. Even with a database, an intuitive, easy-to-learn front end, multiple points of access, and a streamlined process for capturing best practices, the system may lay dormant unless the quality of data stored in it can be validated.
  83. As much of what we have found with this research, earnings can be useful, but only in concert with other variables like how much you are paying for earnings gains and how much the market has validated them with relative price appreciation.
  84. Not only are we seeing a potential support region being built visually, we are also seeing this validated in our volume bars at the bottom of the chart, and when we begin to analyse this with our price spread, a complete story of price action backed by volume is created.
  85. And we must not forget that throughout the centuries throughout the world, the Creator has perhaps allowed miracles – only those legitimate phenomena that have been scientifically tested and validated as authentic - to occur in different forms and in different parts of the world.
  86. By contrast, those who made it through the open door of Reconstruction felt that their faith was being validated; they were leading lodges and churches, some had professional careers, and they were in the forefront of organizations dedicated to black education and black liberation.
  87. When I did that, where would I locate my locus of control when I drove without the pass?� Did I control my driving out of my choice to drive carefully because it was the right thing to do, or did I drive that way only because I feared the punishment of receiving a ticket and all the grief that went along with a ticket?� My control of my driving, the location of that control, would have been in the hands of the law and the conformist dominator model that validated and substantiated the law.
  88. A ―probable‖ law is probable inasmuch as it remains subject to ―proof;‖ that is to say, until it is validated by common practices and/or legal interpretations by legal authorities consisting of nonelected men and women appointed to our nation‘s highest courts who remain unaccountable to the American People; subject to contingent legalities that directly affect them and whose ―definitive‖ arguments are (oftentimes) subject to change as the ideological alignment of the courts may vary thereby overriding legislative authority vested by the people to sanction laws by rendering elastic, interpretations of (uncertain) legal propositions and subsequent laws of the land, thereby setting themselves up in a uncertain manner as supreme arbiters of the law.
  89. In turn this will also be validated by considering the associated volume and price action on slower time frames along with analysing potential support and resistance areas ahead, which might create pause points in any longer term trend,.
  1. The card validates and confirms WOC-.
  2. That validates there may be a profitable market, and some of.
  3. There is an aspect of having these x-rays that soundly validates.
  4. The associated volume is small, and therefore validates the price action.
  5. Court decision validates the fact that evil men with an Arab tribal mentality.
  6. The use of 24 elders, instead of fewer, validates that they purposefully match sidereal time.
  7. If there are many key word searches related to your product, it validates that there is a market for it.
  8. D: -- The Bible even validates itself and states that all scripture was inspired by God and what it should be used for:.
  9. The NGO Brazil and the NGO Haiti only validates its processes in the new Coordenational Structure, because they receive resources for this.
  10. This suggestion is akin to suggesting that God validates the predisposition of predestination in the course of every human action and event.
  11. It validates its reason and senses through observation gained visa vie its reason and senses: in other words it is a classic example of circular logic.
  12. Simultaneously, this act validates its educational activity, also it validates the Activity State of that graduate person to compose its income FIXABLE.
  13. And simple common sense validates the premise that either man or woman must be in charge, since anarchy doesn't work on any scale and no mechanism works when every part is equal.
  14. The nature of communication in every field validates the ingredients of relativity upon a spectrum that inverts whatever had been expressed upon `features` that are common to both ends, after 72.
  15. In other words, here too volume validates the news release, and tells us immediately whether the market insiders are joining in any subsequent price action or waiting on the sidelines and staying out.
  16. When the user submits the form, CodeIgniter validates the form as it would do normally, except that when CodeIgniter comes to validate the user's e-mail, the function, callback_email_check($email), is run.
  17. When more than one of those price points coincide at or near the same levels, it adds credence to and validates the chosen exit strategies and should add to your confidence level in setting those targets/stops.
  18. But whence comes all this vast universe of mathematics without a Master Mathematician? Science may expatiate on the conservation of matter, but religion validates the conservation of men's souls -- it concerns their experience with spiritual realities and eternal values.
  19. The nature of communication in every field validates the ingredients of relativity upon a spectrum that inverts whatever had been expressed upon `features` that are common to both ends, after they had been converted out from a `station` that had transmitted them out in the first place.
  20. The cycle of the production for generation of the wealth with its products and services happens when the organizations utilize the Virtual Coin Real in the transactions of payments with other organizations so that reciprocally each one always validates the process of the another with the intermediation of the payment for the Virtual Bank.

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1. Brown to validate our well-being.
2. Brown to validate our well being.
3. Then come the words to validate it.
4. To validate our belief, we conducted research.
5. Orient, and the East to validate this information.
6. To validate their decision to invest in the product.
7. Rome validate the meaning and accuracy of this symbolism.
8. Each gets $75,000 for a six-month study to validate the.
9. Be Clear on the Criteria Used to Validate the Criticism.
10. Just let me validate what Max has as accurate information.
11. I was brought there in order to validate Credit's dreams and.
12. He needed success and wealth in order to validate his identity.
13. Creator and/or a messiah would validate their adherents over all others.
14. Judaism and the wine of Christianity to validate that both are involved.
15. Image 11 also shows the Papal tri-crown to validate that Christian Rome.
16. Note that you need divergence on only two indicators to validate the play.
17. For example, they may wish to validate the business projections and other.
18. Software, it was necessary to verify and validate all of the data so loaded.
19. This certainly allows sitters to validate her ability and trust her readings.
20. It’s one thing to have him respect you and another to have him validate you.
21. SPV and full wallets can validate transactions by tracking these confirmations.
22. The trend line should extend for some period of time to validate the trend itself.
23. Her genuine interest was something of a fillip to him, it seemed to validate his.
24. Clinical trials in humans are required to validate these preliminary observations.
25. To validate the true meaning let’s return to Genesis and the story of Noah again.
26. There are statistics, reports and studies that reveal such facts and validate them.
27. Validate the tree you built using the predict() function located in the tree library.
28. Without a few to validate your site, some SEs may be hesitant to list you in their 111.
29. Ergo, these two groups of seven angels further validate the meaning of wheels within.
30. So what? Even if it had been introduced, there was no way to validate its authenticity.
31. The only way to validate such a statement is to decisively prove the truth by demonstrating.
32. The first problem we encounter in trying to validate this section of text, as you’ll read.
33. Vervain is a traditional herb for depression; however, there is no research to validate this use.
34. Using this symbolic toolset to validate the truth, it is undeniable that much deception has been.
35. The last thing in the world he wanted was to validate that by benefitting from his dad's mistakes.
36. If his brain volume crossed the fourteen fifty line, I’d have more reason to validate his claim.
37. She wanted to validate her own equilibrium, but quickly realized she would be preaching to the choir.
38. Her cheeks were flushed, and she hoped that her visible embarrassment would help to validate her story.
39. I show that Newton is incoherent and that Newton broke mathematical principles to validate his corrupt.
40. To validate the diet one need check the teeth of the species, which should show a diet of grass and shrubs.
41. It’s satisfying to find that scientific studies now validate what I have discovered to be true in my own life.
42. Install Jetpack and navigate to the Social section to validate your Twitter handle and turn on Twitter cards.
43. If eligible we can validate the populated information to enable an accurate mandatory report to be submitted.
44. In this class, she might have been able to validate the feelings that had been brewing for months prior to her death.
45. It will load the delete confirmation form, validate the input, and pass data to the model for deletion from the database.
46. Callbacks are used when you want to validate data in a way that may not be supported by the CodeIgniter's validation class.
47. Even though he couldn’t hear the creature, couldn’t validate her perception, she respected and admired him for believing.
48. Nevertheless, as traders, this is a key level, and volume will give us all the clues we need to validate the subsequent price action.
49. For Information Set A, we may have current evidence or well preserved historic accounts through which we can validate the statement.
50. For the first meme to produce pleasure in its host, it is dependent upon others' perception of the host – the other must validate, mirror, the host.
51. But the new has no history to validate its promissory claims, only a self-authenticating image and promotional insistence of an imminent metamorphosis.
52. In order to justify and validate consumption as a way of life; means that you must also regard the habits of waste and destruction as completely normal.
53. Turns out, it’s pretty simple to win people over, especially in tense situations, if you’re able to take their perspective and validate their feelings.
54. In paying these market premiums the investor gives precious hostages to fortune, for he must depend on the stock market itself to validate his commitments.
55. The income is continuous because the organizations validate the process of the beneficiary individuals since its birth until the death, without any interruption.
56. The market is preparing to breakout, and all we need to do as traders, investors or speculators is to wait, be patient and then to validate the breakout using volume.
57. We hadn’t known until this moment whether or not Earth was still reachable, as Abby could not validate any information from the beacon array from the underground chamber.
58. These annual results further validate the findings from the entire sample: Long calls are on average losers, whereas the probability of success is much higher for short puts.
59. A full wallet that can access a complete blockchain can quickly validate new transactions, ensuring that it is sending money from a valid and adequately funded source address.
60. They’d done that to prove I had been a good choice for the Hostage Rescue Team, to validate their decision, and to cover up any possible questions about my conduct in Miami.
61. I looked around the perimeter of the village to see if anything could be learned of any possible danger to us that would validate the little man’s fears for the girl’s safety.
62. The annual results further validate the results for the entire sample: Long puts are on average losers, whereas the probability of success is much higher for the short call strategy.
63. For example, suppose we had used observations from January 2000 to January 2004 to construct our original model and held back more recent data from January to June 2004 to validate it.
64. He conjectured that even people with real companions were, in truth, alone most of the time: locked in their little chambers of reality, constantly struggling to validate their worlds.
65. We come together in great rituals like Thanksgiving and Christmas in which we engage in orgies of gluttony and wastefulness to jointly validate our shame, all the while calling it glory.
66. When the user submits the form, CodeIgniter validates the form as it would do normally, except that when CodeIgniter comes to validate the user's e-mail, the function, callback_email_check($email), is run.
67. Financial markets operate with a prevailing bias, Soros writes, that can validate itself by influencing not only market prices but also the fundamentals that market prices are supposed to reflect.
68. The TTM momentum/trigger setup is designed to detect and validate a trend as early as possible and to keep traders on the right side of the market for the primary piece of the trend and pullbacks within the trend.
69. If the markets push higher, I’ve got to see two things in order to validate the move: first, the volume has to be greater than it was the day before, and second, the volume has to be greater than the 50-day average volume.
70. Pre-Audit can be used to validate few aspects of QMS with your auditors and Stage 1 audit is mainly focusing on scope, documentation of QMS and relevant records and Stage 2 concentrate on implementation and effectiveness of QMS.
71. When we reach January 2005, we might refit the model, using the data from 1/2000 to 6/2004 to select the variables and determine the values of the coefficients, then use the data from 6/2004 to 1/2005 to validate the revised model.
72. Estimation: SQA should be aware of the relevant estimation methods and he/she should be able validate the application of the methods, templates, tools and organizational metrics used (standard productivity), etc from the point of view of process.
73. From there will come the inevitable breakout, signalling a trend reversal, or a continuation of trend, and from there, all we need to do is to validate the move using VPA, and of course VAP, which will highlight these areas for us visually on our charts.
74. Next the forgot_password() function will validate the input supplied by the user and if that input passes the validation rules the forgot_password() function will look in the database to see if a row exists in the register table whose e-mail matches the supplied e-mail in the form submission.
75. Won’t the Indian Musalmans’ resentment of the British validate the adage that one’s meat is another man’s poison? It’s another matter though that in hindsight it appears that the Pakistani capital-shift from Rawalpindi to Islamabad was a forerunner into its Islamic disaster!.
76. Every market hiccup seems to trigger what has predictably evolved into wholesale (selling) frenzies under pretexts that (otherwise) appear to validate sporadic selling or profit taking by institutional investors whenever relatively sound (market) economies would (otherwise) dictate staying the course.
77. Proving the validity of the information contained in the book, which relates to our physical world in the present day, as well as to historic events and other aspects, which can be analysed conclusively; we will have a solid foundation from where we can also relate to the information relating to situations, which we cannot validate.
78. Thus acquiesced by the colluding partners to share the spoils of power, she began ruling the country through proxy, and as if to validate William Congreve’s Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned / Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned, she made Mother India pay the price for that ‘indigestible’ political slight by her children.
79. Therefore, the cycle of the utilization of the generated wealth with its products and services happens when the individuals utilize the credited income and received with abundance in Virtual Coin Utilizational to only accomplish transactions of payments with the organizations that render them services so that they validate the process of those organizations.
80. How then should we treat those statements or sections from the Bible which we are unable to verify authenticity? Would it be accurate to assume that if we can prove 100% factual truth in all cases, would it be fair to treat the sections or passages for which we lack the evidence or foresight into the future, with exactly the same attitude? Would it be stretching it too far to think that we can demonstrate scientifically that the Bible as a whole is a supernatural unity and that we can accept with certainty that it contains true information on all aspects - even on subjects that we are unable to validate, due to our limitations? If we know that the information contained in this Book, predicted events that would happen in the future with 100% accuracy and continue to predict future events which we cannot assess from our point in time, should we not pay serious attention to what it says about those future events?