substantiation frasi

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Frasi con substantiation (in inglese)

  1. Better yet, it wouldn’t hurt if a reporter had some other substantiation.
  2. To find substantiation one has to find the manner in which light connects to singularity because everything connects to singularity.
  3. Instead, collectively, they form an important substantiation of the Writ’s historical accuracy and conclusively attest to the fact that the events they describe did, in fact, transpire.
  4. Appendix 1 section 1 disputes single bullet and the anatomy drawings that follow show the difference between the neck and the back shots to provide additional substantiation that the magic bullet did not occur.
  5. The Titanic disaster is a complete substantiation of the agitation that our guild has carried on for nearly twenty years against the scheme that has precluded practical seamen from being consulted with regard to boat capacity and life-saving appliances.

  6. So the statement "…And Adam disobeyed his Provider" is not a substantiation of Adam's disobedience, nor is it a confirmation of infringement, yet, it describes the state of our Master Adam and reveals his senses and spiritual perception of falling under disobedience due to forgetting the Godly Advice.

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