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Frasi con verification (in inglese)

  1. An easy verification for the.
  2. Please place palm for verification.
  3. Centuries Of Verification And Its Tasty.
  4. As an inbound live operator verification.
  5. But we knew he was on the verification team.

  6. Time verification is done by different means.
  7. It’s the study and verification of a process.
  8. Reynolds was part of that verification team.
  9. What? Get a verification on that, immediately.
  10. Access to the flats always required verification.
  11. At the end of the verification process, Polonchuk.
  12. The credibility is in the verification that the new.
  13. There was a verification which they had had together.
  14. Thus your financial intuition will need verification.
  15. As further verification of that conclusion, look at.

  16. But it had to do with the START verification program.
  17. This verification would be completed within a period.
  18. Worms? I asked, in verification of what he meant.
  19. VoiceLog is the #1 provider of third party verification.
  20. The caption says this was the START verification team.
  21. I never objected to his requests for verification of my.
  22. Verification of 1440 by Joseph’s dream of Eleven Stars.
  23. What questions will the creditor ask me for verification?
  24. Such verification should be done irrespective of whether.
  25. Maybe ever since her days on the START verification team.

  26. After four hours of verification Admiral Carter was finally.
  27. You have yet to place the verification on any of these claims.
  28. The woman sat at the table and started the verification process.
  29. Verification of the terms and conditions is of utmost importance.
  30. Tobias for verification of who she was would surely mean ultimate.
  31. That his dad was ticked off at some guy on the verification team.
  32. They should have sent at least one more individual for verification.
  33. Furthermore you have failed to provide the method of verification as.
  34. Also look at these verses for verification that Cain is Satan's son:.
  35. But, it was at least a small verification Hamilton had told the truth.
  36. The only line that confused him was the one about Interpol verification.
  37. I want voice verification that they’re all present and accounted for.
  38. Division of MHA would cause a verification to be conducted by the State.
  39. Read the following verses of Isaiah for verification of this symbolism:.
  40. He was sure this wasn’t a dream, but any verification seemed out of reach.
  41. State laws vary greatly concerning the kind of verification that is required.
  42. He talks without evidence nor detailed verification to prove what he is saying.
  43. This verification process lasted almost a year and included reviews of various.
  44. For our verification, we confirm the type of the variable by simply printing it.
  45. I have expertise in WMDs from when I worked on the START verification program.
  46. In fact, the revealing and verification of this wisdom delivers truth and justice.
  47. We also had no demographic information or traffic audit verification for the boards.
  48. Read the following verses of Isaiah for verification of this symbolism: Isaiah 1:13.
  49. Dreams and intuitions need more verification on the 11th before they are acted upon.
  50. Here we have redundant verification of the true purpose and meaning of this symbolism.
  51. For further verification that the seven candlesticks are the Seven Spirits of God, read the.
  52. Independent verification is appropriate and preferable whatever the objectives of your model.
  53. Furthermore, this provides redundant verification that these signs and their associated math.
  54. Furthermore, the numbering of chapters and verses serve as symbolic verification of the topics.
  55. We had an amusing verification that his essence radiated unusual energies when he was channeling.
  56. Thirdly, the verification of the truth is found within the symbology, its symbol categories and.
  57. In verification of the Dagonite Captain’s words, cylindrical columns rose from the body of water.
  58. Independent verification can be used in conjunction with either of the two other validation methods.
  59. Verification of the proper time and context were necessary first steps to establishing a trustworthy.
  60. As a further verification, the release from Babylonian captivity also occurred during the tenth cycle.
  61. Splitting the sample (using one part for calibration or training, the other for verification or testing).
  62. Component/Unit Testing: This is the lowest level of testing and it concentrates on lowest unit verification.
  63. Verification was carried out to confirm that the task completion will result in the project goals attainment.
  64. Internet sites should comply with applicable State requirements concerning verification of prescriptions for.
  65. So troubling it was hard to even ask God for verification of what I was beginning to surmise within my spirit.
  66. But he also had experience in nukes, otherwise he wouldn’t have been on the verification team, pointed out Knox.
  67. However, there was no way using normal accounting standards that KPMG, who did the verification, could account for this.
  68. Independent verification can help discriminate among several models that appear to provide equally good fits to the data.
  69. Many readers did not see the need for investigation, second source verification and filling in deliberately left out facts.
  70. Changes in the health regime need more research after the 7th and diagnoses and tests done after the 7th need verification.
  71. There was another password verification to go thru on this one and mother's father's name to fill in before he got to see it.
  72. One problem with full payment verification wallets is that they are very resource-intensive and take a long time to initialize.
  73. Because the closing price is near the low for the day and the market actually traded much higher, verification is most important.
  74. Reviews are considered as Static Verification and Validation method, whereas Testing is dynamic Verification and validation method.
  75. Verification: In the evening Alice invites me to watch an adventure film on video, together with her children and her new boyfriend.
  76. Address verification The address verification procedure checked to see whether another workstation on the ring had the same address.
  77. I would strongly caution the press and social media outlets against promoting and publicizing such rumors without proper verification.
  78. Common with most single- and double-candlestick patterns, it is important to wait for verification, in this case bullish verification.
  79. Glenelle could do some data entry and verification, but she was not going to help with updating the foundations of the virtual universe.
  80. Typically reviews are used as part of Verification activities, however based on the context and purpose they can be validation method also.
  81. We have since received verification from the Swordsmen of what little information we could glean from your ships’ logs at your prevous stop.
  82. This verification provides an efficient way for a single node to check whether transactions in its copy of the blockchain have been tampered with.
  83. However, using normal accounting standards there was no way that the accounting firm of KPMG that performed the verification could account for this.
  84. Fortunately, there is a way to make only a slight compromise in trust but in return achieve more computationally efficient transaction verification.
  85. When time is not a factor, we still would want to split the sample into two parts, one for estimating the model parameters, the other for verification.
  86. A fresh installation of a full payment verification Bitcoin wallet program can take several days (depending on bandwidth) to download the entire blockchain.
  87. Adding some verification to back up what you say from your delving into the subject matter by way of reading, lends more credibility to what you put on paper.
  88. For laptops and other home devices, running a full payment verification wallet may be merely inconvenient, but for some mobile phones, it is simply impossible.
  89. And, as she had mentioned when he was in her home, many years ago she had been part of a START verification team for nuclear arms reduction with the Soviet Union.
  90. In other studies, verification of the model’s form and the choice of variables are obtained by attempting to fit the same model in a similar but distinct context.
  91. Where the main activity of a complicated task is work of a continuing or repeating nature, you need some method to create smaller portions for verification purposes.
  92. Checking the quality of testing is often difficult, however the process of testing can be controlled, test case coverage, verification of test cases can be performed.
  93. Release process consists of verification of relevant items available for release (source code/programs/packages/user manual/installation manual/support documents/etc).
  94. Belief without an attempt at verification is like a person on a springboard who refuses or hasn’t bothered to check on whether the pool contains water, or how deep it might be.
  95. The rural underground Church in China relies upon and even expects that when the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ is declared there will be verification at times with great signs and wonders.
  96. Verisign offered a very compelling Internet-related concept as a company that offered electronic verification and security products that enabled safe, secure online transactions to take place.
  97. The round object in the middle of the device is a camera lens, probably connected to the central processing unit of the timer and used for visual verification when anyone tries to operate the device.
  98. But at that instant a nobleman of Sergey Ivanovitch’s party said that he had heard that the committee had not verified the accounts, considering such a verification an insult to the marshal of the province.
  99. This topic exhibits the evaluation way in 4 types of approaches in the form of figure below (Figures: 08, 09, 10 and 11) with its indicators and means of verification: process, result, impact and presuppositions.
  100. However, it is the ‘Decommissioned Adult’ in the Musalman that shows a total lack of interest in contrary inputs that leaves no opportunity for processing the Parent-Child data for verification of its veracity.

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