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    1. We can be more expressive as we are now free to say what we think rather than be afraid of superior or colleague’s reaction

    2. “After you two bungled acquiring the Super Chip, I put my superior intellect into action trying to pinpoint its new location

    3. “I told you, I used my superior intellect,” Ackers said with a straight face

    4. I am superior and he is inferior

    5. Senses are superior to your body

    6. Mind is superior to the senses and intellect is superior to mind

    7. Your soul, that is a replica of me, is superior to all these

    8. His faith in superior power does the rest

    9. vanced knowledge, but then he has to wait while the superior power

    10. Schools of spiritual development are no different to the army: They teach you how to fight but never for your personal interest; it is always for a supposedly superior authority

    11. He would probably hear about it from Ahmed Eisep, his superior, but there was no way to blow in enough parallelism in time to avoid it

    12. church are identical! God's respective roles for men and women are based on their nature as God created them! It is not a question of one sex being either superior or inferior to the other

    13. Almonds are also high in vitamin E, a nutrient which helps to Their superior antioxidant content means walnuts are useful improve the condition and appearance of your skin

    14. He had to find some way to get her to understand that he wasn't sticking to Desa because he thought Desa was such a vastly superior person, it was because of the Christial monogamy conditioning

    15. And these were not ordinary students; each was superior in different fields of the sciences

    16. Benton Fingerel, one of those majors in mechanics and Pace's superior officer added, "I think the point is, we need some way to get a closer look at one of the impactors

    17. ” Naria slammed her fist on the arm of the chair, “He thinks he comes from a superior line, better than everyone else, and he alone should be on the throne

    18. Those in the vale were superior to those in that parking garage when the parking garage was built

    19. By now Ava guessed that she must be the Mother Superior of this convent or whatever it was

    20. Mother Superior eyed the one who tossed her skirt and pressed her lips, but went on with her lecture

    21. Dianne's superior face, Punch Satan in the nose

    22. He watched as the young men he had trained for so long were cut down by a superior fighting force

    23. He is left to stew in the perverse juices of random fate while the detectives consult their superior

    24. It’s strange to me that humans see themselves as being the superior species, even though you wouldn’t last a week without plants and animals to eat, others to keep you company, others to fear

    25. But he still looked as smug, superior and holier-than-thou than ever

    26. There is wisdom from heaven that is far superior to ours and the listening ear will hear it

    27. Cults are always run by someone who claims to be the ultimate authority and claims to have superior knowledge that nobody else has

    28. The workmen, accordingly, very seldom derive any advantage from the violence of those tumultuous combinations, which, partly from the interposition of the civil magistrate, partly from the superior steadiness of the masters, partly from the necessity which the greater part of the workmen are under of submitting for the sake of present subsistence, generally end in nothing but the punishment or ruin of the ringleaders

    29. Many who had been bred in the superior classes, not being able to find employment in their own business, would be glad to seek it in the lowest

    30. Want, famine, and mortality, would immediately prevail in that class, and from thence extend themselves to all the superior classes, till the number of inhabitants in the country was reduced to what could easily be maintained by the revenue and stock which remained in it, and which had escaped either the tyranny or calamity which had destroyed the rest

    31. The quality of grain depends chiefly upon the quantity of flour or meal which it yields at the mill ; and, in this respect, English grain is so much superior to the Scotch, that though often dearer in appearance, or in proportion to the measure of its bulk, it is generally cheaper in reality, or in proportion to its quality, or even to the measure of its weight

    32. Emily was the shorter of the two, standing just under 5 feet tall, while Tetloan was a couple inches her superior

    33. greater than what is sufficient to compensate the superior expense of their education

    34. workmen, not only of equal, but of much superior ingenuity, on account of the precious

    35. Though their skill and dexterity are much superior to that

    36. being accustomed to consider a greater variety of objects, is generally much superior to that of

    37. both the rank and the wages of country labourers are said to be superior to those of the greater

    38. labourer's, therefore, supposing them to have been constantly employed, were much superior

    39. always to have enjoyed a degree of consideration much superior to any of the like profession

    40. In some particular local situations it is quite otherwise, and the rent and profit of grass are much superior to what can be made by corn

    41. This superiority, however, will seldom be found to amount to more than a reasonable interest or compensation for this superior expense

    42. It seems, at the same time, however, to indicate another opinion, that this superior profit can last no longer than the laws which at present restrain the free cultivation of the vine

    43. The rent and profit of those productions, therefore, which require either a greater original expense of improvement in order to fit the land for them, or a greater annual expense of cultivation, though often much superior to those of corn and pasture, yet when they do no more than compensate such extraordinary expense, are in reality regulated by the rent and profit of those common crops

    44. If such violent methods are necessary to keep up the present price of tobacco, the superior advantage of its culture over that of corn, if it still has any, will not probably be of long continuance

    45. The food produced by a field of potatoes is not inferior in quantity to that produced by a field of rice, and much superior to what is produced by a field of wheat

    46. Gold, too, is much more liable to be smuggled than even silver; not only on account of the superior value of the metal in proportion to its bulk, but on account of the peculiar way in which nature produces it

    47. If new mines were discovered, as much superior to those of Potosi, as they were superior to those of Europe, the value of silver might be so much degraded as to render even the mines of Potosi not worth the working

    48. They would be the superior beings

    49. Had he been hurt enough to tell a superior about it? He reported to Heymon directly now, but they weren't socially close

    50. He wouldn't have had to tell a superior

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    superior superscript lake superior higher-up superordinate master victor higher-ranking ranking better elder preferred exceptional higher over excellent premium