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Superior in a sentence | superior example sentences

  1. He had a superior, M.
  2. She put on a superior air.
  3. His superior pulled a face.
  4. He was superior at crowd.
  5. She smiled a superior smile.

  6. From the more superior tool.
  7. Yes, Heaven is far superior.
  8. I’m at the Superior Hotel.
  9. Jimmy put on his superior voice.
  10. She summoned her superior over.
  11. Because she is mother superior.
  12. She turned to face her superior.
  13. Senses are superior to your body.
  14. But superior numbers counted too.
  15. I am superior and he is inferior.

  16. Through this, when our superior.
  17. They would be the superior beings.
  18. They didn't want to feel superior.
  19. The superior education offered to.
  20. Then he called his superior at CID.
  21. Mother superior Teresa of Calcutá.
  22. Every superior she didn’t impress.
  23. It is superior to the force of arms.
  24. So the yogi is the most superior of.
  25. They, too, produced superior results.

  26. Smith was far superior to Gary Soneji.
  27. The house was rather superior to most.
  28. In his eyes her temper, her superior.
  29. She smiled in a highly superior manner.
  30. Superior said it was the will of God!.
  31. Italian painters were superior to the.
  32. I can talk sense, too, Father Superior.
  33. He has superior style and technique.
  34. He wouldn't have had to tell a superior.
  35. Congress andjudge of the superior court.
  36. Both have systems of superior and slave.
  37. The reason Amazon is superior is simple.
  38. Like you don’t feel superior to him.
  39. This mind is infinitely superior to the.
  40. Get your god-damn superior on the line.
  41. The majority is superior to the minority.
  42. His faith in superior power does the rest.
  43. No religion is more superior to the other.
  44. In fact, humanity is the superior creature.
  45. Any word from his superior in Warsaw?’.
  46. That drew a dubious look from his superior.
  47. In all are superior and inferior qualities.
  48. Which, to him, was a far superior position.
  49. There are superior mines and inferior mines.
  50. There’s nothing superior about this joint.
  51. Adam is superior and more elevated than you.
  52. My superior has reviewed all of my records.
  53. In all ways he was superior to his companions.
  54. His superior, in turn, had to consult further.
  55. He is without fear because He has no superior.
  56. Thus their affection is more superior and true.
  57. Perhaps it's you that is superior and not Ivan.
  58. Dianne's superior face, Punch Satan in the nose.
  59. I understood that the Zorbantans had superior.
  60. A superior may be vulnerable to greater charges.
  61. The Superior Evening Telegram, 30 January 1970.
  62. Hunt was a superior to Sturgis in the hierarchy.
  63. It was worse than useless to try to be superior.
  64. Through superior tactics and sheer bravery, the.
  65. Historically, the flow rates into Lake Superior.
  66. The Superior said: Yes, there are such churches.
  67. Superior is Duluth’s sister port across the Bay.
  68. They had superior numbers, equipment and weapons.
  69. Then the forces of the superior positive decided.
  70. Their superior numbers would be no advantage then.
  71. The slot eyed cultists felt so superior in their.
  72. I could not launch, to those, superior universes?
  73. Livingstone Wade considered immeasurably superior.
  74. It was the turn of the mother superior to hesitate.
  75. But the stranger was superior to all their efforts.
  76. Either of these last two birds is superior to the.
  77. Yet this does not mean that the father is superior.
  78. I've been in this region too long to feel superior.
  79. Shapiro knew that Superior Court Justice Francis X.
  80. Then the superior would see the box in Fred’s car.
  81. They still have something that makes them superior.
  82. The Mayan’s were introduced to superior technology.
  83. She held her tongue because he was still her superior.
  84. We are at the top; let us have a superior philosophy.
  85. He’s felt superior to everyone he ’s ever met.
  86. Clara had always been "ikey", reserved, and superior.
  87. One situation is not superior or inferior to another.
  88. The couch is an adorned bed of superior quality.
  89. At the gate there stood a very superior open carriage.
  90. Superior service combined with technology innovation.
  91. In these close quarters blades are superior weapons.
  92. He could tell a social buddy who could tell a superior.
  93. I have a superior solution to your—to our—problems.
  94. Use my superior night vision, along with this pistol.
  95. He considered himself superior to the local Arab stock.
  96. Dalai Lama has been acknowledged superior to the other.
  97. No! She said that a superior, immaterial being did it.
  98. Another extreme illustration is provided by Superior Oil.
  99. He is estimated to have superior to gifted intelligence.
  100. Lake Superior, Lake of the Woods, Rainy Lake, and the St.

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