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Frasi con supposition (in inglese)

  1. And his supposition was correct.
  2. Of course that is supposition.
  3. Your supposition is not really correct.
  4. I am ashamed to allude to such a supposition.
  5. You frightened me into the supposition, said.

  6. The last supposition was probably the correct one.
  7. I will illustrate my general idea by a supposition.
  8. And sure enough, his supposition would prove correct.
  9. So the majority thought and acted on that supposition.
  10. Jim needed to confirm the supposition so he immediately.
  11. I have formed no supposition on the subject, sir; but.
  12. Would you agree with my supposition that she just might.
  13. They have no leads on the chief’s death, just supposition.
  14. Still he said nothing, even though her supposition was wrong.
  15. Precautions were taken by the Consul on the latter supposition.

  16. The next question from Shanandar only reinforced that supposition.
  17. They based a lot of their proscriptions on untested theory and supposition.
  18. That verified Sicarius’s supposition more thoroughly than any words could.
  19. He had probably wiped and ditched the gun there, but that was a supposition.
  20. Your supposition that all this was going on at the same time is almost correct.
  21. And, 35 years later – it appears there may be some truth to this supposition?
  22. Bartholomew of mandarins, if my philosopher's supposition could grow into a truth!.
  23. If normal speech contradicts Newton, then it is his task to prove his supposition is.
  24. Their lies begin with the supposition that since the Nation of Israel rejected Jesus as.
  25. As she carefully presented our supposition, her leg was shaking crazily under the table.

  26. But before we go charging off in different directions just yet, this is all supposition.
  27. Our revenue now, upon a supposition that commerce is restored, is about sixteen millions.
  28. It is my supposition that the market is revved up in a sustainable way to produce more product.
  29. Besides, your supposition that I would bring the letters here in a notebook is entirely mistaken.
  30. Besides, your supposition that I would bring the letters here in a note-book is entirely mistaken.
  31. There, is nothing extravagant in the supposition that a single nerve cell has many potentialities.
  32. There was too much coincidence and supposition involved in this for Feltus to accept this scenario.
  33. Juvenal Urbino with her love potions, and from that supposition sinister conclusions had been drawn.
  34. If normal speech contradicts Newton, then it is his task to prove his supposition is correct and the.
  35. To that end – and this is supposition, with very little to go on in hard-copy facts – their next.
  36. Not meeting any sufficient response, he went on, "Is it possible that I have erred in my supposition?".
  37. Conan wondered if it was following him, though he could think of no logical reason for such a supposition.
  38. This supposition is confirmed by the fact that all the German pedagogues and their followers, among them Mr.
  39. And now, with all these people …? She figures the ER must be understaffed—a supposition the medics confirm.
  40. And the problem with that supposition is? Kemp asked as if I was a rookie detective reviewing an old file.
  41. Such a purely selfish and lustful interpretation would be well exemplified by the supposition of your question.
  42. Even in China this is a mere supposition, and in our own Christian land we have never so much as dreamed of it.
  43. Claire looked up only when the confirmation of her first physical supposition brought out a curious half smile.
  44. Right? He stared at the young but very aloof woman, intent on seeing if his supposition had scored any points.
  45. You say an exterminating angel appears to have devoted that house to God's anger—well, who says your supposition is.
  46. But such a supposition did by no means involve the remotest suspicion as to any boat's crew being assigned to that boat.
  47. What if the Masses don’t want it? The OWG never un-mandated the thought because the supposition was so outrageous.
  48. But gentlemen object to this reasoning on the supposition that in such a case our sailors would all engage in privateers.
  49. James’ expression did nothing to support this supposition, a fact which brought a slight smile to the Inspector’s face.
  50. They seek confirmation of their own doctrine in the Gospel, on the supposition that the two doctrines are really the same.
  51. This would be the case, even upon the supposition that the whole French goods imported were to be consumed in Great Britain.
  52. Narratives of survivors do not bear out the supposition that the final hours upon the vessel's decks were passed in darkness.
  53. These facts would induce the supposition, that the coal was deposited in a bed, near the centre of which Heth's pits were sunk.
  54. It was this, in his opinion that formed the whole basis of the police case; everything else was supposition and circumstantial.
  55. To verify this supposition, we have to analyze (directly) the relationship between the call-to-put ratio and market volatility.
  56. Travis was forced to admit to himself that Curran's theory was not just a lucky supposition, but that was the most likely theory.
  57. Ah! Victor, be assured that your cousin and playmate has too sincere a love for you not to be made miserable by this supposition.
  58. The supposition on the tongues of Santa Barbara that all these men made love to her he had not believed—could not have tolerated.
  59. This finding supports our supposition that the shape of the optimization space influences the effectiveness of optimization greatly.
  60. Did you give this advice to your American correspondents, upon the supposition that America would acquiesce in the Orders in Council?
  61. Even upon this very moderate supposition, the great body of the people, over and above contributing the tax which pays the bounty of 5s.
  62. However, such a supposition is as strange and obviously false as the supposition that calculation cannot settle any mathematical questions.
  63. This was a rule indeed which only added to the satiric effect of my being plied with the supposition that he might at any moment be among us.
  64. This was not mere supposition, she saw it distinctly in the piercing light, which revealed to her now the meaning of life and human relations.
  65. Satan really proved the truth of his supposition about some of his followers when he made them believe that they had reached that professed rank.
  66. I can answer these questions and objections only on the supposition that the geological record is far more imperfect than most geologists believe.
  67. We shall, however, treat this passage on the supposition that the Greek was the original, and that Matthew wrote what we find in these expressions.
  68. John saw that they were walking back to the same spot where they had met up with Venarya, so he assumed that his initial supposition had been correct.
  69. And, analogous to the fiction in the action of ejectment, we shall have to suppose its existence, and then bottom our proceedings upon that supposition.
  70. I proceed at present on the supposition of a perfect impartiality in our Administration towards both belligerents, so far as relates to the embargo law.
  71. Though this plan had been drawn up on the supposition that Moscow was still in our hands, it was approved by the staff and accepted as a basis for action.
  72. The best scheme of temperament for the changeable scale, on supposition that all the concords were of equally frequent occurrence, is investigated in Prop.
  73. It’s all supposition at this point, but some of the names that link most heavily amongst each other could indicate key players in the Forge organization.
  74. On coming into the room, Seryozha, instead of sitting down to his lessons, told his tutor of his supposition that what had been brought him must be a machine.
  75. Trumbull and every one else, whose appearance, however, led to the supposition that he might be a relative of the horse-dealer's—also given to indulgence.
  76. The supposition of those who manned the Titanic was that the engineers, working below, were the first to know the desperate character of the Titanic's injury.
  77. Langdon and his detective colleagues had apparently based their investigation on the reasonable supposition that the actual murder had taken place in the field.
  78. His own proud reticence had prevented him from ever being undeceived in the supposition that Dorothea had originally asked her uncle to invite Will to his house.
  79. I was keenly on the alert, therefore, for whatever would bear out this supposition, and I examined the room narrowly for anything in the shape of a hiding-place.
  80. But it did answer and could not possibly have failed to do so, for we could not but follow Alphonsine on the barest supposition that what she said might be true.
  81. Thirdly, it seems, upon every supposition, improper to say, that the labour of artificers, manufacturers, and merchants, does not increase the real revenue of the society.
  82. The point is a simple one, but the Inspector had overlooked it because he had started with the supposition that these county magnates had had nothing to do with the matter.
  83. The experiment which led to this result was induced by the supposition that the venomous liquid might be an acid, which opinion was, in some degree, justified by the event.
  84. And now, suddenly, every one was positive that Nikolay Vsyevolodovitch was betrothed to one of the count's daughters, though nothing had given grounds for such a supposition.
  85. Her most cheerful supposition was that her aunt Bulstrode had interfered in some way to hinder Lydgate's visits: everything was better than a spontaneous indifference in him.
  86. But I maintain that he is not cunning, not practised, and probably this was his first crime! The supposition that it was a calculated crime and a cunning criminal doesn't work.
  87. Speaker, let us make a very strange and very false supposition, that the Berlin and Milan decrees were actually repealed, and did cease to have effect on the first of November.
  88. But I never said a word about the Emperor! said the officer, justifying himself, and unable to understand Rostóv’s outburst, except on the supposition that he was drunk.
  89. But I maintain that he is not cunning, not practised, and probably this was his first crime! The supposition that it was a calculated crime and a cunning criminal doesn’t work.
  90. Moreover, Lizaveta Nikolaevna was sitting there too, and though he did not once glance at her, her presence seemed to over-excite him terribly; that, however, is only my supposition.
  91. The Baptismal Service uses these expressions in the charitable supposition that those who use the Service, and bring their children to be baptized, are really what they profess to be.
  92. Amaranta Úrsula was inclined to believe that he was the son of Petra Cotes, of whom she remembered only tales of infamy, and that supposition produced a twinge of horror in her heart.
  93. There is none that is more powerful in leading feeble minds astray from the straight path of virtue than the supposition that the soul of the brutes is of the same nature with our own.
  94. The inconsistency of three entries held his attention and a problem shared with Ken could have been a problem halved, but not today with a lot of supposition leaving them none the wiser.
  95. According to the supposition, that commodity could be purchased from foreign countries cheaper than it can be made at home ; it could therefore have been purchased with a part only of the.
  96. Theory number five! This final supposition states that the whole evolutionary mechanism revolves around competition among a great number of individuals—within a species and among species.
  97. That supposition was so seductive that he began to think about her with more intensity than he thought about Fermina Daza, ignoring the evidence that this recent mother lived only for her child.
  98. But the Positive Philosophy accepted by the crowd, based on an arbitrary and incorrect supposition, was by itself too ill-grounded, and therefore too unsteady, and could not be sustained by itself.
  99. Now, as always, interference made him angry, and he felt sorrowfully at once how mistaken had been his supposition that his spiritual condition could immediately change him in contact with reality.
  100. The invariable moisture of my hair, while plunged in deep thought, after six cups of hot tea in my thin shingled attic, of an August noon; this seems an additional argument for the above supposition.

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