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    1. to Mya’s supposition that Brent was the Anointed One’s Right Hand

    2. James’ expression did nothing to support this supposition, a fact which brought a slight smile to the Inspector’s face

    3. situation which lawyers and physicians probably would be in, upon the foregoing supposition

    4. Ten shillings, therefore, containing six ounces of silver, Tower weight, and equal to about thirty shillings of our present money, must, upon this supposition, have been reckoned the middle price of the quarter of wheat when this statute was first enacted, and must have continued to be so in the 51st of Henry III

    5. Even though the quality of the cloths, therefore, should be supposed equal, and that of the present times is most probably much superior, yet, even upon this supposition, the money price of the finest cloth appears to have been considerably reduced since the end of the fifteenth century

    6. This supposition will not, I believe, be found anywhere agreeable to the truth ; but it is the most favourable to the opinion which we are going to examine; and, even upon this supposition, it is utterly impossible that the lowering of the value of silver could have the smallest tendency to lower the rate of interest

    7. They are founded upon the most absurd of all suppositions, the supposition that every successive generation of men have not an equal right to the earth, and to all that it possesses ; but that the property of the present generation should be restrained and regulated according to the fancy of those who died, perhaps five hundred years ago

    8. “Theory number five! This final supposition states that the whole evolutionary mechanism revolves around competition among a great number of individuals—within a species and among species

    9. And sure enough, his supposition would prove correct

    10. Should this be supposed, it would afford the most decisive argument, to demonstrate how unnecessary it is for government to watch over the preservation of money, since, upon this supposition, the whole money of the country must have gone from it, and returned to it again, two different times in so short a period, without any body's knowing any thing of the matter

    11. According to the supposition, that commodity could be purchased from foreign countries cheaper than it can be made at home ; it could therefore have been purchased with a part only of the

    12. This would be the case, even upon the supposition that the whole French goods imported were to be consumed in Great Britain

    13. } may serve as a proof that this is by no means an impossible supposition

    14. Even upon this very moderate supposition, the great body of the people, over and above contributing the tax which pays the bounty of 5s

    15. being eager to venture out into a hurricane to help a ship in danger, but, that is the supposition, and so, we fired one of our cannons

    16. Thirdly, it seems, upon every supposition, improper to say, that the labour of artificers, manufacturers, and merchants, does not increase the real revenue of the society

    17. They based a lot of their proscriptions on untested theory and supposition

    18. That verified Sicarius’s supposition more thoroughly than any words could

    19. It’s all supposition at this point, but some of the names that link most heavily amongst each other could indicate key players in the Forge organization

    20. supposition at which the two young Cratchits became livid! All sorts of

    21. Langdon and his detective colleagues had apparently based their investigation on the reasonable supposition that the actual murder had taken place in the field

    22. As she carefully presented our supposition, her leg was shaking crazily under the table

    23. “And the problem with that supposition is?” Kemp asked as if I was a rookie detective reviewing an old file

    24. effect, than a vain supposition, that religion is

    25. And, 35 years later – it appears there may be some truth to this supposition?

    26. based their prices upon the once-reasonable supposition that they

    27. this supposition itself holds the only deception to be found

    28. in because you decided to despite the weak supposition

    29. If you start doubting reality and follow that thinking to it’s ultimate expression, you end with the supposition that yours is the only consciousness that exists, and that you are hallucinating everything that you experience, and you do not realize this because you hide that truth from yourself to protect your sanity, or perhaps because you are already insane

    30. “Would you agree with my supposition that she just might

    31. womb; this is the underlying supposition that gives rise to a mass mentality

    32. You’ll remember that I began with the supposition that it was I who had the mission to locate and make contact with Theo, the Other, the brother-at-a-distance to my Vincent Van Gogh (and the cousin to Einstein)

    33. All was supposition, a

    34. main interest lies in comment and supposition, something that Tania likes

    35. Such a purely selfish and lustful interpretation would be well exemplified by the supposition of your question

    36. While Nathaniel was slow to recover from his supposition that Jesus had misunderstood the spirit of his question, the others were more than thankful that their philosophic fellow apostle had had the courage to ask such a thought-provoking question

    37. Conan wondered if it was following him, though he could think of no logical reason for such a supposition

    38. "Your supposition is not really correct

    39. Travis was forced to admit to himself that Curran's theory was not just a lucky supposition, but that was the most likely theory

    40. Right?" He stared at the young but very aloof woman, intent on seeing if his supposition had scored any points

    41. It is also my supposition that he carried a bag or rucksack with him, with a pair of replacement shoes inside, so that he could swap his footwear after he arrived back at the house, and committed his lethal crime

    42. ” It was a supposition that was so neat, so convincing that she identified it as a premonition

    43. Amaranta Úrsula was inclined to believe that he was the son of Petra Cotes, of whom she remembered only tales of infamy, and that supposition produced a twinge of horror in her heart

    44. Jim needed to confirm the supposition so he immediately

    45. supposition; we suppose that all things started life with a

    46. Their lies begin with the supposition that since the Nation of Israel rejected Jesus as

    47. It is my supposition that the market is revved up in a sustainable way to produce more product

    48. There was too much coincidence and supposition involved in this for Feltus to accept this scenario

    49. “To that end – and this is supposition, with very little to go on in hard-copy facts – their next

    50. started ‘Operation Inside-Out’ - we talked about a supposition by a scientist at Cal Tech who was

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    supposal supposition assumption conjecture guess hypothesis speculation surmisal surmise presupposition assuming presumption