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    1. you have committed, can surpass His grace for you

    2. It would take hours of work and would be exhausting for everyone, but the power unleashed would surpass anything that raw vengeance alone could accomplish

    3. It had barely passed five million, in a couple centuries Bhangyon would surpass it since it was now fourteen times as big as it was a century ago, when it was the same size as Sinbara

    4. where we can surpass them

    5. If you are a small company, you can not only compete with, but surpass the big

    6. He was known for his ultra-aggressive nature and is someone you didn’t want to mess with and who was best to avoid contact with at all costs if you planned on finishing out your safari with all your limbs and body parts still attached to their original frame! He had a huge set of sharp teeth with long canines that could be used quite effectively for fighting, coupled with a cranky disposition and unfaltering determination that would surpass that of the best mixed martial arts fighters that take center ring nowadays

    7. In the plenty of good land, the European colonies established in America and the West Indies resemble, and even greatly surpass, those of ancient Greece

    8. The lyrics touched him deeply, and he felt her desire to see him surpass the horror of Salverford, to escape the bitterness of reality

    9. Ruby's accuracy was starting to surpass Joseph's abilities

    10. It was said that the city had been untouched by the war, and although it could not surpass Paris in terms of entertainment; it was a popular tourist destination for American soldiers

    11. determination to surpass the line

    12. material, or I would not surpass 280 thousand units? Or, you probably…”

    13. As I witnessed his assault on my brothers, I could finally see, comprehend why nothing but a werewolf could surpass a vampire

    14. In Roger’s view, they surpass the Getty Museum of Los Angeles, which is

    15. “I have to admit that these feelings led me to try and surpass her

    16. But savage man, living dispersed among other animals, and finding himself betimes in a situation to measure his strength with theirs, soon comes to compare himself with them; and perceives that he surpasses them more in adroitness than they surpass him in

    17. “I think he’ll still surpass me as a caster in a few days though

    18. “If in fact the unique surface texture and crystalline structure are not key to the reflective quality of the stone,” the blue draconian astronomer commented in a throbbing, somewhat sardonic growl, “then the altered piece should not only equal the reflectivity of the unaltered piece, but significantly surpass it, for not only is the sphericity of its shape now perfect, which will allow the many pieces to focus together on a single point, it’s surface texture is now perfectly smooth, which should vastly reduce scattering of the reflection

    19. Then went forth Rebecca to inquire of the Lord and the Lord said unto her Two nations are in your womb and two peoples are in your bowels and the one people shall surpass the other and the elder shall serve the younger

    20. Either he is an imbecile or that stretched super-sized uniform forces his ego to surpass his intellect

    21. And for that to happen, the writing needs to surpass the quality of a journal

    22. failure to surpass the previous impulse wave's extreme signals weakness in the underlying trend, and a sharp reversal usually follows

    23. Our goal is to lose 10lbs in 4 weeks (hence “10 in 4”) and the vast majority of participants surpass this goal

    24. I began doing well and in a matter of weeks it looked as though my new “bizo” would surpass the main “bizo” for profit

    25. Surpass the beauty of any Rembrandt

    26. Discovering and analysing why the coachees could surpass

    27. I don’t think anyone will surpass that or question Aaron’s record of achievement, especially considering the pressure he went through during his baseball days

    28. Yes, she would undeniably be the center of attention this evening—even the symphony could not surpass her popularity in terms of admiration

    29. After some time, Mitchell watched a barrage of rifling shots surpass his head for singles in the middle innings

    30. Its lofty sciences and sound logic surpass all the human sciences

    31. usual and accepted norms, to surpass restrictions of conditioned sentiments, ideas

    32. education and real vocational study and training in high school can well surpass the useful skill set conferred by typical university degrees

    33. However, David could give himself away; he could actually surpass the price of a brand new Ford Focus

    34. The growth rates of children raised on raw milk far surpass those of the children who drink processed milk

    35. And then the result will surpass all expectations

    36. As the years have gone on, I evaluate the objectives set in the plan and guess what? I always meet, if not surpass, all the objectives set out in my plan

    37. The world considers it ethical and constitutional regardless of the disharmony as the job of the world is to surpass the wishes of God

    38. had to surpass you! But I think he just wanted to lead a carefree life!”

    39. "It‘s quite amazing how he was able to surpass everything, Katie," Grace told me after wiping her eyes

    40. erated of character and how can a man surpass these three modes?” In

    41. Technological singularity is when AI surpasses human intelligence and breaks free to a new horizon, a big bang of machine consciousness that will surpass the limits of the human mind and Its, no longer ours, collective consciousness will be the one making the significant choices that will frame the future evolution of Eartheart-GlobalMind

    42. The Muslim friend needs to surpass

    43. The Almighty has sent none of the noble messengers (cpth) but he has spoken in the tongue of his people, that is, he talks with them in their main interest and shows them of the signs what surpass that which they are prosperous in

    44. He did not think of or seek out his Provider by contemplating the creation of the universe, so he forgot the certainty of his own death, and, as his heart had taken to the feelings to which it had been introduced, he did not strive to surpass them in order to reach a higher level of insight into the Godly presence

    45. In reply we say that one of the firm qualities of the human spirit is the tendency to admire and appreciate those who surpass it in some respect

    46. As for our master Mohammad (cpth), he was sent to people at the time when eloquence was everywhere and poets competed to surpass one another in the use of language, and when possessions and the reign of kings had lost the value which they had previously held

    47. promise you, Afghanistan and Iraq will surpass those numbers

    48. history will give the world a new government so profound it will surpass

    49. Promise me you will surpass my legacy…” he violently roared at me and hugged me instantly to console me

    50. I am unpractised and ill at ease, clumsy, limited, in this matter of frank writing about feelings, a matter in which you so far surpass me

    1. In fact, they were often at pains to explain to old Ted that as good as he was with their little garden they had often seen flowers or eaten fruit on their travels that surpassed the specimens he grew for them at home

    2. fruit on their travels that surpassed the specimens he grew for them

    3. George was soon to be surpassed by the girls, and would at last be the shortest in the family, which bothered him not at all

    4. Even when her total surpassed, anything she’d ever done before

    5. The love he felt for her surpassed the thrill of gambling

    6. But there was a limit to what she would ignore, and her mentor had more than surpassed it

    7. Yes, his night vision surpassed that of even the kitty cats and the infra-red-equipped military humans who manage quite well themselves in those tenebrous conditions

    8. They might meet their end upon the jagged edges of Falmer blades, but a death in battle far surpassed a death 217

    9. In the course of a century or two, several of them appear to have rivalled, and even to have surpassed, their mother cities

    10. 'I didn't think you could be surpassed for beauty

    11. First man into space, shortly after Sputnick, thanks to the at that time advanced Soviet technology, shortly surpassed by the efforts of the Eisenhower administration

    12. Amaranthe hurried down the road, certain she had surpassed her luck quota for the week

    13. Recently appointed a Princess, she possessed a remarkable talent as an archer, only surpassed by the purity of her heart

    14. The myriad of “imaginative embroiderings” added during the infinity of oral history’s “twice-told tales” of communication was surpassed only by the wisdom of man superimposed to clarify a message infinitely difficult to understand

    15. So far, it has surpassed expectations

    16. His power surpassed even the combined power of the seven sorcerers, effortlessly turning back their beasts and spells

    17. Then he looked at me and said, “Vydor, you have already surpassed the others with the little bit of power you have learned to use

    18. “All seven of you have surpassed wizards with twenty times your experience; it’s just that your perspective is skewed because you only know high-level wizards

    19. “The blood was taken from Mark within a minute of his death”, alarm surpassed with equanimity

    20. surpassed only by their profound love for

    21. Women have now surpassed men in the number of heart attacks,

    22. The splendor of your lands is only surpassed by the exceptionality and charm of your people

    23. I soon surpassed

    24. 25 Who has gathered here unreasonably removing each from his home those who in fidelity to us had held the fortresses of the country? 26 Who has so consigned to unmerited punishments those who in good will towards us from the beginning have in all things surpassed all nations and who often have engaged in the most dangerous undertakings? 27 Loose loose the unjust bonds; send them to their homes in peace and deprecate what has been done

    25. “So you say, and how easy it is for you to talk of such matters! It is a miracle even that you are alive, and the powers you possess have surpassed all our knowledge and legends

    26. He cried out saying "This was He of whom I said 'He who comes after me has surpassed me for He was before me

    27. In terms of total tonnage in 2003, the Twin Ports of Duluth and Superior surpassed all of the other ports on the Great Lakes

    28. My curse was that my skills and ability far surpassed my fellow knights

    29. I had heard rumours about the Don Jail but reality surpassed all gossip

    30. Until Sony launched the PSP; featuring a wide screen display, graphics that surpassed the original Playstation One and support from a wide range of game

    31. Reddit, who at the time some would call the smaller sister site of Digg, finally surpassed Digg in popularity in August and September of 2010

    32. It seemed as if Leonardo’s head had been accumulating the fumes of his impatience towards my conduct and at this final act he had surpassed the limit of this virtue

    33. He’s probably surpassed the LD-fifty for caffeine about two hours ago

    34. Even though this was world news and held fascination for all that of that era, it became surpassed for the Irish, by the events in Northern Ireland, which the Irish community both at home and abroad took personally

    35. He found himself laughing at nothing; it was a feeling of happiness that surpassed anything he had ever known

    36. Alice had left the podium that they were sitting on to go and inquire the state of things but it seemed Jared's rule over the guards had surpassed even hers

    37. express them in a way that surpassed words

    38. Within weeks I had surpassed my old profits and reached new heights but then something terrible happened

    39. He had already surpassed the ambi-

    40. In the opinion of Homestead’s flight crews, the quality of the meals Vladimir and Stephanie produced far surpassed anything the Federation was producing

    41. ” His airy tone surpassed the song of cicadas that flew about the house

    42. frequency that surpassed the boundaries of imagination

    43. Yanny looked at me hopeful and with a belief that surpassed my own

    44. There were very few who surpassed her skills in oratory, as witnessed by another stellar keynote address at the Democratic National Convention in 1992

    45. numerous nuclear weapons strikes, what they had seen up to now had surpassed their worst nightmares

    46. The Brown family of Wilmington, Delaware, was one clan that may have surpassed both

    47. The Babe hit 60 but was surpassed by Maris with 61

    48. The state of New York surpassed set recycling goals in the latter part of the 1990s

    49. , I had surpassed my threshold of tolerance

    50. Construction on any skyscraper that surpassed that building in height is nothing more than Xtreme work

    1. The poverty of the lower ranks of people in China far surpasses that of the most beggarly nations in Europe

    2. Even among borrowers, therefore, not the people in the world most famous for frugality, the number of the frugal and industrious surpasses considerably that of the prodigal and idle

    3. The ancients say cultivate the golden energy which surpasses lesser energy

    4. Its followers are very numerous ; and as men are fond of paradoxes, and of appearing to understand what surpasses the comprehensions of ordinary people, the paradox which it maintains, concerning the unproductive nature of manufacturing labour, has not, perhaps, contributed a little to increase the number of its admirers

    5. 11 But the love of the Lord surpasses all things for illumination, he who holds it, to what shall he be likened?

    6. But savage man, living dispersed among other animals, and finding himself betimes in a situation to measure his strength with theirs, soon comes to compare himself with them; and perceives that he surpasses them more in adroitness than they surpass him in

    7. The heat in this city by far surpasses the hottest summer in

    8. have seen it! It's a miracle! It surpasses all the great things that he has done through you

    9. surpasses all the things of this earth

    10. God, the peace of God which surpasses all understanding will

    11. God demonstrated the huge immensity of His love for us by sending Jesus to die for us while we were still sinners, and on the road to hell!! He demonstrated that He not only loves us unconditionally, but that He always seeks our highest good by then giving us all things as our inheritance in Christ! This is absolutely amazing! Nothing could be greater than to know this love that surpasses knowledge, it is completely inconceivable without Him! Lord help us to experience the height, width, length, depth, and lowliness of Your love for us, that we may be filled with all Your fullness!

    12. Combined with this is the peace which surpasses all understanding that we receive through the ministry of the Spirit

    13. Usually, demand or the buying pressure surpasses supply

    14. Peace that surpasses all understanding –

    15. The peace that surpasses

    16. It is not possible that God, who takes care of the birds, the irrational animals and the plants of the earth, and whose compassion for human beings far surpasses any paternal bond of kinship ignores us without

    17. series, “and more directly this novel, is comparable with, and at times, surpasses the ‘Vampire Chronicles’ by Anne Rice

    18. Jesus increase our faith in your Real presence in the blessed sacrament, the mystery of faith, that like the disciples who came to know you ‘in the breaking of the bread’ we may come to know you in the Eucharist in an intimate and personal way with deep and living faith that grows to ‘conviction about the things we do not see’ and enables us to experience the sweetness of your love “which surpasses all knowledge

    19. understanding that a mother’s love surpasses any IQ score

    20. Christian fellowship and between Networkers surpasses that of the blood, fellowship that

    21. I believe that a leaf of grass is no less than the journeywork of the stars, and a pismire is equally perfect, and a grain of sand, and the egg of a wren, and a tree-toad is a chef-d’oeuvre for the highest, and the running blackberry would adorn the parlors of heaven, and the narrowest hinge in my hand puts to scorn all machinery, and the cow crunching with depress’d head surpasses any statue

    22. surpasses any that you had previously experienced

    23. divine, however, surpasses knower, known and knowing; it is to be at one with the

    24. What I know and feel is that this guidance was benevolent in nature and what it has put me in touch with far surpasses that of any academics

    25. Wat shows off with his diving, and Cliff surpasses himself with the over arm crawl, completing the pool length in thirty-five seconds

    26. leverage, but the cost of that leverage never surpasses it

    27. growth of the cost of equity surpasses that of earnings

    28. is from the Stank Mine, and I have been told that it surpasses anything in the British Museum

    29. Escaping hell necessarily involves becoming the master of your destiny; becoming one who possesses an inner strength and wisdom which far surpasses that of the masses that follow someone else like sheep

    30. I have found that once His peace starts to flow up into your mind, soul, and emotions, it really is as the Bible says – a peace that surpasses all human understanding – especially when that peace comes in right in the middle of a severe storm cloud that you may be going through

    31. Do you know that our brain is perfect and it surpasses any computer, any supercomputer?! And do you really think that our Creator wants you to die and to lose all this? It is logical to conclude that He wishes eternal life for His righteous men, doesn’t He?”

    32. and to know the love of Christ which surpasses knowledge,

    33. Technological singularity is when AI surpasses human intelligence and breaks free to a new horizon, a big bang of machine consciousness that will surpass the limits of the human mind and Its, no longer ours, collective consciousness will be the one making the significant choices that will frame the future evolution of Eartheart-GlobalMind

    34. One of the techniques of counseling is to present a realistic account that surpasses the mentioned difficulty

    35. This important point we are in respect, which is, appreciation of the spirit and its admiration to another spirit surpasses it in some respect, affects man's behavior and decides his course and his direction in this life

    36. This surpasses all other laws and

    37. in wisdom and virtue surpasses the importance of

    38. In this life, ultimate understanding that surpasses

    39. and when the roles are perfectly performed, deceit surpasses itself,

    40. mother surpasses that of his own suffering

    41. I have a knowledge of these beasts that surpasses that of even

    42. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus

    43. Any difference in one thing from any other thing originates only on the basis of differences in possibilities and methods of functioning of wave structures of the Self-Consciousness of each of the Forms created from the same Energy-Plasma, Which infinitely surpasses all our limited conceptions of Matter

    44. My first impression is that it surpasses the Anchorage Hilton

    45. the significance of what we see surpasses the sense

    46. This is the beauty of love that sooner or later it surpasses its initiator, it gains a decisive control over the lover; it guides the lover to ungraspable dimensions of perfection; love becomes its own mentor, rationale, cause and purpose

    47. Their stubbornness surpasses all reasoning, and hinders any reconciliation

    48. warn you, this surpasses Tarden

    49. It is a conceptual tool that surpasses the functionality of the best expert-

    50. When a fire surpasses the ability of firefighter, and they cannot put out a burning

    1. A genius who would struggle to live as a scientist amongst those who were surpassing

    2. “Stay your hand!”, the Patriarch’s voice boomed deafeningly, matching and perhaps surpassing the authority he was imparted with however impossible that would sound

    3. Nick and Bruce both appreciated this could be a danger surpassing any they had in Brazil, except maybe the bushmaster episode

    4. is among us will aid us; And the surpassing wisdom which is in us will help us

    5. excellency in the righteous surpassing that in the angels

    6. kills all dogs on the spot surpassing 40 with the help of the GNR

    7. 24 For we are all one celebrated people Who have received one law from One and the law which is among us will aid us; And the surpassing wisdom which is in us will help us

    8. 12 Moreover there shall then be excellency in the righteous surpassing that in the angels

    9. 4 O you hater of virtue and of men what have we done that you so revel in our blood? 5 Does it seem evil to you that we worship the Founder of all things and live according to his surpassing law? 6 But this is worthy of honours not torments; 7 Had you been capable of the higher feelings of men and possessed the hope of salvation from God

    10. USCG Station Bayfield, located ten miles north of Washburn (Wisconsin), responded to 174 SAR calls in 1995, doubling the previous year’s tally, and surpassing the annual call totals of the larger Lake Superior Coast Guard stations of Marquette (18) and Duluth (89)

    11. (8) What is more, I consider everything a loss compared to the surpassing greatness of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord, for whose sake I have lost all things

    12. way from yesterday, surpassing the boundaries of unfamiliarity

    13. He wants your okay on surpassing the budget that was set for his team

    14. Even at full speed, there ship was incapable of surpassing the speed of light

    15. Because of the surpassing greatness of the revelations, for this reason, to keep me from exalting myself, there was given me a thorn in the flesh, a messenger of Satan to torment me—to keep me from exalting myself! 8

    16. But she could not help fuddling about on account of her being uncomfortable around her, such was her surpassing beauty

    17. and surpassing the Jones is more important than being concerned or taking

    18. was all quite impressive and so very handsome that Lady Jane considered the possibility of it rivaling and even surpassing the tea services of those elegant hotels in the City

    19. The great paradox is that Adolf Hitler had raised Germany from the humiliation of Versailles and formed an army which proved capable of carving an empire surpassing even that of Napoleon

    20. The great irony is that Adolf Hitler had formed an army which proved capable of carving an empire surpassing even that of Napoleon and had raised Germany from the humiliation of Versailles, only to plunge it into destruction

    21. When affordable computers started catching up to and surpassing the graphics of consoles in the late 1980s, the games' popularity waned in favor of graphic adventures and other genres

    22. By surpassing and suppressing his humanity, Hitler became a distorted version of Nietzsche's "superman"

    23. Connected by threads of boundless friendship surpassing time and space

    24. Psyche and love is at conflict since the latter has the beauty of spirit surpassing physical manifestations

    25. Their own hypocrisy, selfishness, stupidity, sex-mania, and unmitigated greed will grease Slick Willy's already well-oiled escape hatch, matching and even surpassing his

    26. We say, if we explained the meaning of the verse in such way, our Master Adam (cpth) then would not have mounted that standing surpassing all the angels, because he but had told them what they had known and perceived before

    27. planet, surpassing even slavery in the United States

    28. This caused some of the savants to manifest incredible abilities such as being able to function like a human calculator even surpassing modern calculators and computers

    29. their feasts at that moment, so surpassing beauty

    30. They were going in the same direction as ourselves, a tall couple in clothes of surpassing simplicity and excellence

    31. To the goats he had the status of the alpha animal, surpassing even the Nanny and the Billy goats

    32. Technology seemed to be making everything possible, well surpassing any science fiction thriller that was made in the early to mid-part of the twentieth century

    33. started honking and surpassing him, but Judas did not care

    34. Children surpassing the insanity of their elders is not to be allowed… We can’t have human gentle sensitive children weeping over a bunch of no-good Neanderthals, now, can we>? Eh? We can’t have them questioning our parental control and parental authority, now can we, eh? We can’t have them challenging the lies we have sold them, eh? This might upset the entire established order of all the traditions and customs of Modern humans!

    35. the lake had opened Hanor’s world to powers surpassing his wildest dreams, the charge

    36. A house enveloped inflames, and surpassing the ability of the fireman’s force, is an unquenchable fire—fire that cannot be stayed in its course till it has exhausted the material

    37. But Butler was conscious of the appalling magnitude of the subject he had espoused, and that on his hands was a problem of interminal depths, and surpassing all his powers, he saw good to employ the “if” as the mildest necessity demanded by the occasion

    38. The name of Campbell is a monument of glory, his burning oratory, his vast learning, his surpassing eloquence, is the highest tribute we can bestow, and we hope will abide for all time

    39. He bade him, too, turn his eyes upon the beauty of Dorothea and he would see that few if any could equal much less excel her; while to that beauty should be added her modesty and the surpassing love she bore him

    40. Look you, my dears, all the lineages in the world (attend to what I am saying) can be reduced to four sorts, which are these: those that had humble beginnings, and went on spreading and extending themselves until they attained surpassing greatness; those that had great beginnings and maintained them, and still maintain and uphold the greatness of their origin; those, again, that from a great beginning have ended in a point like a pyramid, having reduced and lessened their original greatness till it has come to nought, like the point of a pyramid, which, relatively to its base or foundation, is nothing; and then there are those--and it is they that are the most numerous--that have had neither an illustrious beginning nor a remarkable mid-course, and so will have an end without a name, like an ordinary plebeian line

    41. Some persons might have considered these pleasing liberties as bribes, but Demi didn't see it in that light, and continued to patronize thèthe bear-man' with pensive affability, while Daisy bestowed her small affections upon him at the third call, and considered his shoulder her throne, his arm her refuge, his gifts treasures surpassing worth

    42. " But just as he was about to press forward and break through all, suddenly from among some trees two shepherdesses of surpassing beauty presented themselves to his sight--or at least damsels dressed like shepherdesses, save that their jerkins and sayas were of fine brocade; that is to say, the sayas were rich farthingales of gold embroidered tabby

    43. Harris at four o'clock;--when his assurances, his felicitations on a recovery in her sister even surpassing his expectation, gave her confidence, comfort, and tears of joy

    44. "His regard for her, infinitely surpassing anything that Willoughby ever felt or feigned, as much more warm, as more sincere or constant--which ever we are to call it-- has subsisted through all the knowledge of dear Marianne's unhappy prepossession for that worthless young man!--and without selfishness--without encouraging a hope!--could he have seen her happy with another--Such a noble mind!-- such openness, such sincerity!--no one can be deceived in him

    45. "I want a scented bath," he said, "a richly embroidered habit, a horse surpassing

    46. It may, therefore, be easily imagined there is no scarcity of guides at the Colosseum, that wonder of all ages, which Martial thus eulogizes: "Let Memphis cease to boast the barbarous miracles of her pyramids, and the wonders of Babylon be talked of no more among us; all must bow to the superiority of the gigantic labor of the Caesars, and the many voices of Fame spread far and wide the surpassing merits of this incomparable monument

    47. A wonderful power - equalling and surpassing the marvels that were imagined by the writers of fairy tales and Eastern stories - a power so vast - so marvellous, that it is difficult to find words to convey anything like an adequate conception of it

    48. Albert had proceeded no farther than the door, where he remained rooted to the spot, being completely fascinated by the sight of such surpassing beauty, beheld as it was for the first time, and of which an inhabitant of more northern climes could form no adequate idea

    49. Whence, disappearing from the constellation of the Northern Crown he would somehow reappear reborn above delta in the constellation of Cassiopeia and after incalculable eons of peregrination return an estranged avenger, a wreaker of justice on malefactors, a dark crusader, a sleeper awakened, with financial resources (by supposition) surpassing those of Rothschild or the silver king

    50. As the speed increased, and the Toad could see on either side of him real fields, and trees, and hedges, and cows, and horses, all flying past him, and as he thought how every minute was bringing him nearer to Toad Hall, and sympathetic friends, and money to chink in his pocket, and a soft bed to sleep in, and good things to eat, and praise and admiration at the recital of his adventures and his surpassing cleverness, he began to skip up and down and shout and sing snatches of song, to the great astonishment of the engine-driver, who had come across washerwomen before, at long intervals, but never one at all like this

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